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How herbs can heal with herbalist Laura Ash

Find out from Laura Ash of Scarlet Sage Herb Company in San Francisco how herbs act as an alternative solution or adjunct to traditional pharmaceutical medication. Dr. Rose discusses with Ms. Ash how to integrate herbs into your everyday lifestyle to holistically support an existing condition or supplementing traditional western modalities for well-being and optimal wellness. CLICK TO FIND OUT MORE AND SEE INTERVIEW


Cure Your Health & Disease with Ayuredic Medicine’s Holistic–Mind/Body Approach

Dr. Rose interviews physician Dr. Ramkumar Kutty about the ancient science of Ayuredic Medicine and surgery–one of the oldest existing bodies of knowledge on the healing process today. Learn how treatment can benefit you as a Curative or Rejuvenative patient or as a guest at the Vaidyagrama Punarnava–a natural Ayurveda Healing Village & Hospital. Vaidyagrama (, an Ayurvedic eco-village provides...


How Chinese Medicine can impact Patient Wellness

Watch this interview by Dr. Barry Rose to hear how Rebecca helps people with Chinese Medicine. She shares about her background and how integrative healthcare has been an inspiration for her practice.


Learn How Cancer Patients Holistically Cope with Lymphedema

Dr. Barry Rose interviews Bettina Neumann, founder of Rising Sun Physical Therapy to discuss The Mind, Body Connection in The Treatment of Lymphedema When the circulatory system is not functioning properly a swelling condition can arise called lymphedema. This condition is often caused by cancer treatment surgeries or radiation as it was in Neumann’s condition. She was motivated as a breast cancer survivor after having to personally cope with an onset of lymphedema to work with cancer...


How Traditional Allopathic Physicians Can Incorporate Integrative and Alternative Medical Modalities

This month Dr. Barry Rose, board certified orthopedic surgeon and author of "The Cutting Edge of Compassion", interviews Dr Katharina Johnson (, a Medical Intuitive, family practitioner using healing arts in coordination with traditional Medical modalities. Utilizing Orthomolecular medicine–a form of alternative medicine–she aims to maintain human health through nutritional supplementation.


How Herbs And Medicinal Botany Improve Health With Jane Barlow

Herbalist Jane Barlow–Making Your Health Better, talks about the changing role of the health professional and how it requires a new relationship with patients and the appreciation of functional health practitioners and healers. In this episode you will meet Jane Barlow who carries on the work of her botanist & herbalist father, helping people change their health for the better. Learn how Medicinal Botany and herbal medicine–natural healing techniques combined with western traditional...


Do You Need a Healthcare Advocate?

Dr. Rose reflects from the other-side of healthcare, sharing personal stories from his life as a physician and as a cancer patient. In this episode you will learn how to advocate for yourself and how to select an advocate, whether a family member or someone you trust. “A serious change has happened in the last 10-15 years of healthcare that I’m not happy with. It is one of the primary reasons why I wrote The Cutting Edge of Compassion. It has become more important than ever to have a...


Why The Physician-Patient Relationship Requires Compassion

Hear why Dr. Rose wrote the Cutting Edge of Compassion, besides telling his story was to fulfill a promise to a mentor who inspired his medical career in healthcare and healing. Find out how compassion develops trust in the doctor-patient relationship, by looking outside of the box and opening the doors and conversation on how to approach disease with experts from East and West healing traditions. In this episode learn how we all can bring compassion into the healthcare industry to conquer...