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We are in a race to make health value work. Join Dr. Eric Weaver and Daniel Chipping of the Accountable Care Learning Collaborative as they interview top executives, physicians, and entrepreneurs leading the transformation to health value.

We are in a race to make health value work. Join Dr. Eric Weaver and Daniel Chipping of the Accountable Care Learning Collaborative as they interview top executives, physicians, and entrepreneurs leading the transformation to health value.


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We are in a race to make health value work. Join Dr. Eric Weaver and Daniel Chipping of the Accountable Care Learning Collaborative as they interview top executives, physicians, and entrepreneurs leading the transformation to health value.




The Truth Agenda: Overcoming Tribalism for a Better World and the Superiority of Medicare Advantage for Value-Based Care, with George C. Halvorson

George Halvorson is a retired American healthcare executive who served as CEO of six health plans over the last 30 years. From 2002-2013, he was the CEO of Kaiser Permanente and was listed several times on Modern Healthcare‘s “Most Influential People in Healthcare”. During his tenure at Kaiser Permanente, he led the nation's largest nonprofit health plan and hospital system, which is also a leader in the adoption of technology to advance community health outcomes and reduce health...


Speaking for Those Who Can’t: The Role of Nurses in Advocating for Vulnerable Populations, with Sharrica Miller, Ph.D., RN

This week is Nurses Week – a time for all of us to reflect on the contributions that nurses make to our society. During this important time of observance for one of our most valued professions in caring for those most in need, we invited Dr. Sharrica Miller to join us for an important conversation. Dr. Miller is a Cal State University, Fullerton nursing professor who teaches several nursing classes, including pediatrics, writing, research, and mentoring. But she brings more into her...


Transforming “Sick Care” to Health Care through Lifestyle Medicine, with Dr. Sean Hashmi

As leaders in the value-based care movement, we must think about the synergism between lifestyle medicine and traditional Western medicine. The tenets of lifestyle medicine force us to think more holistically about medical treatment and prevention. Under this construct, “Sleep is Medicine” because poor sleep is linked to obesity, heart disease, stroke, cancer, and dementia. “Exercise is Medicine” because of its impact on a healthy heart, mind, and body. “Love is Medicine” because mindfulness...


Leveraging Autonomous AI to Close Care Gaps and Improve Quality and Equity, with Dr. Michael Abramoff and Seth Rainford

Have you ever had an idea that you just had to make real? No matter what it took… no matter what obstacles were in your way… no matter how many times people told you no… you just couldn’t stop until it existed? Well, this is one of those stories. It begins with an idea in 1988 and leads to the first-ever autonomous AI to be approved by the FDA for diagnosis without physician input. Dr. Michael Abramoff, MD, Ph.D. is the Founder and Executive Chairman of Digital Diagnostics, the autonomous AI...


Private Equity Investment for Value Transformation: Magnificent or Mephistopheles?, with Don McDaniel

The impact of investment activity on our industry cannot be overstated, with the velocity of capital pouring into the health sector reaching stratospheric proportions. The valuation of private equity deals in the US health care sector is nearly $100 billion dollars—a twentyfold increase from 2000 (when it was less than $5 billion). Before COVID-19, we were already seeing mass provider consolidation, expansive funding in digital health, and significant M&A activity…and the appetite for...


The Moral Determinants of Health: Physician Culture and the Power of Sacred Healing Relationships, with Dr. Faisel Syed

ChenMed is a family-owned, physician-run organization that was created to better serve low-moderate income elderly patients. Starting in 1985, Dr. James Chen created ChenMed as a one-stop shop where physicians are held accountable for their patients, and now ChenMed operates over 100 senior health centers across the US. The full-risk, capitation model of ChenMed aligns economic incentives where preventative value based care is the foundational framework. However, what really allows ChenMed...


Celebrating 100 Episodes of the Race to Value, with Dr. Eric Weaver and Daniel Chipping

We have reached a milestone moment, as we are celebrating 100 episodes of the Race to Value – the nation’s leading podcast on value-based care transformation in the country! In this special episode, Dr. Eric Weaver and Daniel Chipping conduct a countdown of the Top 10 episodes so far, playing select clips from the most downloaded Race to Value episodes. They also discuss the recent launch of the Institute for Advancing Health Value (formally known as The Accountable Care Learning...


The Long Road to Health Care Transformation: Aligning the Public and Private Sector in Value, with Jeff Micklos

Jeff Micklos is the Executive Director of the Health Care Transformation Task Force, an industry consortium that brings together patients, payers, providers and purchasers to align private and public sector efforts to clear the way for a sweeping value transformation of the U.S. health care system. Under Jeff’s leadership, the Task Force provides a critical mass of business, operational and policy expertise from the private sector that, when combined with the efforts of the Centers for...


The Enablement of Localized Solutions to Improve Care Outcomes, with Dr. Tim Peterson and Kendall Cislo

The Physician Organization of Michigan Accountable Care Organization (P.O.M. ACO) is a statewide ACO in the Medicare Shared Savings Program that has saved the Medicare Trust Fund more than $199 Million to-date. It is a physician-led partnership in operation since 2013 that supports more than 5,000 providers serving approximately 60,000 Medicare beneficiaries. P.O.M. ACO aligned with the University of Michigan Health System, whose Faculty Group Practice participated in a Medicare...


Analyzing the New ACO REACH Model, with Rick Goddard and Joe Satorius

On February 24th, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) revealed the highly-anticipated fate of the Innovation Center’s (CMMI) Direct Contracting model options, announcing a redesign of the Global Professional Direct Contracting (GPDC) Model and the permanent cancellation of the Geographic Direct Contracting (“Geo”) Model. The revamped and rebranded GPDC model—now called Accountable Care Organization Realizing Equity, Access, and Community Health (ACO REACH)— aims to better...


Breaking the Rules to Reshape Healthcare in the Post-Pandemic Era, with Dr. Robert Pearl

This week, we have as your guest the legendary Dr. Robert Pearl, a Stanford University professor, Forbes contributor, bestselling author and former CEO of The Permanente Medical Group. Coming off of his bestselling book, “Uncaring: How the Culture of Medicine Kills Doctors and Patients” and a series of articles in Forbes about “Breaking the Rules of Healthcare”, Dr. Pearl describes the key economic and cultural forces that will reshape healthcare in the post-pandemic era. He highlights the...


Solving for Population Health: The New Era of Consumer-Centric Care Delivery, with Dr. Clive Fields

Joining us on the podcast this week is Dr. Clive Fields, the Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer for VillageMD. Dr. Fields is a leader of high influence in the value economy, having been named to Modern Healthcare’s lists of the 50 Most Influential Clinical Executives and the 100 Most Influential People in Healthcare. His company, VillageMD, is a leading, national provider of value-based primary care services that partners with physicians to deliver high-quality clinical care and better...


Unlocking the Digital Front Door: Patient Relationship Management in Driving Value-Based Outcomes, with Dr. Anil Jain and Alex Lennox-Miller

Patient Engagement is of paramount importance in value-based care. Healthcare organizations are increasingly turning to solutions that promise more targeted patient outreach, more coordinated care management, and more potential for patient self-support in between care episodes. These solutions fall under a broad umbrella that can be described as patient relationship management, or PRM – and despite its name, it’s much more than a rebranding of customer relationship management for healthcare....


NAACOS Health Policy Update and the Cancellation of the GPDC Model, with Allison Brennan

Allison Brennan is the Senior Vice President of Government Affairs for the National Association of ACOs (NAACOS) in Washington, D.C. where she helps develop and advocate for policies to benefit ACOs. In this special bonus episode, she provides an extensive update on health policy and directly addresses the critics of the Global and Professional Direct Contracting (GPDC) Model. This episode was recorded and released on February 16, 2022 in order to address the alarming concerns related to the...


Culturally Competent Leadership to Eliminate Disparities in Healthcare, with John W. Bluford, III, MBA, FACHE

This week we are honored to have as our guest, the legendary John W. Bluford III. Mr. Bluford is a nationally known healthcare innovator who has been recognized by Modern Healthcare and Becker’s Hospital Review as one of the Most Influential People in Healthcare. Mr. Bluford is the Founder and President of the Bluford Healthcare Leadership Institute (BHLI) – a nonprofit organization focused on value-based care leadership to eliminate health care disparities. BHLI provides an intense...


“Health Equity by Design”: Recasting a Vision for Health IT and Interoperability, with Micky Tripathi

Our guest this week is Micky Tripathi, the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, where he leads the formulation of the federal health IT strategy and coordinates federal health IT policies, standards, programs, and investments. As the Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) chief, Micky Tripathi is advancing healthcare interoperability to support value-based payment and improved health equity. Before taking the helm of...


Genocide by Bureaucracy: The Healthcare Plight of Native Americans, with Dr. Terry Knapp

This week on our show we have Dr. Terry Knapp – Founder, Director, and Chief Medical Officer of CareSpan Holdings, Inc. Dr. Knapp has a storied 50-year record of achievement in health care and business. His company CareSpan provides a comprehensive, integrated digital healthcare “Clinic-in-the-Cloud” solution by creating unfettered access to care for the underserved, with an emphasis on the care of chronic illness. Dr. Knapp has devoted his life to working with native peoples throughout the...


The Crusade for Global Health Value: Insights from a Trusted Healer and ‘Godfather’ of the PCMH Movement, with Dr. Paul Grundy

In a career focused on improving global health value through systems transformation, relationship-based primary care has been at the heart of Dr. Paul Grundy’s crusade. Dr. Grundy is a data transformation advocate, active writer, social entrepreneur, speaker on global healthcare transformation, humanitarian, diplomat, and trusted healer. He has traveled the world more than any other physician that has ever lived and seen how other country’s deliver health care. Dr. Grundy is such a...


A Legacy of Leadership in Value-Based Care and Competency-Based Education, with Michael O. Leavitt

This week we have the great honor of hosting one of the most respected American political leaders over the last few decades, a visionary who ushered in a new era of value-based care in our country during his tenure at HHS. Someone who is known for a strong track record of building collaborative relationships that achieve measurable results, who also is an entrepreneur at heart. Of course, we are talking about no other than the legendary Michael O. Leavitt! As the former Secretary of Health &...


Driving Health Value Transformation: A Strategy for the CMS Innovation Center’s Second Decade, with Elizabeth Fowler

As it is entering its second decade, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) has launched a bold new strategy for achieving equitable outcomes through high quality, affordable, person-centered care. To achieve this vision, the Innovation Center has organized around five objectives: Drive Accountable Care, Advance Health Equity, Support Innovation, Address Affordability, and Partner to Achieve System Transformation. Over the last decade, CMMI has been the driving force for...