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A podcast about dedicated and motivated amateur runners who are working hard to get better and achieving inspirational results.

A podcast about dedicated and motivated amateur runners who are working hard to get better and achieving inspirational results.


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A podcast about dedicated and motivated amateur runners who are working hard to get better and achieving inspirational results.




#288 - Stefanie Flippin: From Last-to-First in a 100 Mile Race in 5 Years

In 2013, Stefanie Flippin ran her first ultra. She didn't make the last cut-off and was pulled from the course with 6 miles to go. She cried herself to sleep that night and vowed to never be so unprepared for anything again. In 2015, she whined her way through my first 100 miler, begging her husband and parents to just let her drop. She came in DFL (dead f'ing last) but learned at the finish why no one would allow her to give up. During those years and beyond she watched in awe as the...


#287 - Elysha Omoomy: Positivity Personified

Elysha Omoomy is back, she was also featured in episode 126, after yet another paradigm shifting performance. I was going to write-up shownotes, per usual, for this show but decided to simply copy and past Elysha's Instagram post from November 16 because it hits her positivity, relentlessness, and dedication on the head: "From 5:21 12:17/mi to 3:04 7:03/mi, my message to you: NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS! I’m no different than you. I learned how to run back in 2010 and kept at it. It was...


#286 - Jay Hewitt, Returns! From Brain Cancer to IRONMAN

Jay is one of the most remarkable people I have spoken with and I am sure you'll agree once you hear this episode. Jay is a pastor at Friends Church in southern California, husband, and father to a little girl, multiple brain tumor survivor. this was a trying moment for Jay and everyone who knew him. Jay and I spoke about his amazing athletic, health, and spiritual background in episode 252. These experience created a massive shift in Jay's perspective. He has a desire to enjoy a deep...


#285 - Mastering 40, Ep. 6

The new Mastering 40 episode is here and it details my wildest week yet. Last weekend I was able make up for my 10k DNF six weeks ago with a strong effort. In fact, the final 5k was faster than the 5k I ran three weeks ago. Yes! Then, mere hours later I was hobbled by an ankle injury. First coach James McKirdy breaks down 10k, the differences between racing scared or confident, and how the injury could dovetail nicely with a planned decompression in the training schedule. In the second half...


#284 - Molly Gutt: Champion Fighter to Endurance Athlete

Molly Gutt has one of the most unique athletic backgrounds that we've ever had on the show. Cheerleading and gymnastics as a teenager gave way to aerobic kickboxing in her 20's. From there, she was eager to test herself against other fighters and moved to Muay Thai - a combat sport that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques. A short time later, Molly proved herself as one of the best around. She is two-time national amateur Muay Thai Champion at 112 lbs. and 119...


#283 - Amanda Asaro

Unlike so many of us, Amanda Asaro just completed a fall race season as an elite amateur runner for Central Park Track Club. That's right, you read that correctly - a fall race season. Amanda is a New York City based personal trainer, group fitness instructor at Barry’s, and a decorated college runner. Barry's is an internationally-known HIIT workout gym that focuses on strength, speed, and aerobic exercise. At Gettysburg College, Amanda set several college records on the track. She is a...


#282 - Peter Bromka: The Effects of Stress (election edition) and Upcoming Major Races

Peter Bromka is back on the show to talk about something that has effected so many people over - running during a stressful/emotionally draining period of time. This is something that has effected runners since time immemorial and especially over the last week given the uncertainty of the Presidential election. In the second half of the episode we dive into the recent elite half-marathon hosted by the Hansons and the upcoming elite Marathon Project. Both races are showcasing some of the best...


#281 - Danielle Turk-Bly

In this episode of the Rambling Runner Podcast we are joined by the wonderful Danielle Turk-Bly. It was an honor to have Danielle on the show as she is a 2:47 marathoner, accomplished yoga instructor and owner of Lunar Lotus Yoga, home-schooling mother of three boys, and high-level junior alpine skier. She also just successfully finished Des Linden's Run Destober. This grueling challenge involved running a mile for each calendar date in October, ending with 31 miles on October 31. That's 496...


#280 - Ramblings on the Run with Ali & Matt

Ramblings on the Run with Ali & Matt is back and we are so excited. Ali Feller, host of the Ali on the Run Show, and I dive into what we are loving right now, looking forward to, our current running situations (spoiler: Ali is killing it!) We also answer a series of fun questions from the listeners. We had a wonderful time discussing all of these things, and more, and we also drop a couple of things we have on the horizon that we haven't shared publicly. Sponsors: Previnex is a...


#279 - Runners Alliance ft. Latoya Shauntay Snell and Taylor Dutch

The Runners Alliance is a solutions-based initiative from the editors of Runner's World and Women's Health in partnership with HOKA ONE ONE aimed at altering perceptions about what it means to run as a member of a community that experiences high levels of harassment, including women, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and more. It's aim is to provide all runners and communities across the nation with the tools and solutions needed to stay safe on the run and advocate for their fellow runners. In this episode...


#278 - Mastering 40, Ep. 5

The new Mastering 40 episode is here and it details some major variances in performance and mindset. First, Adrienne Langelier, my sport psychologist, and I talk through a recent poor performance in a 10k workout that was a complete mental failure. From there we discuss how I should mentally plan out to my 5k race effort (a model that worked exceedingly well). Finally, we take a deep dive in my lifelong habit that has been killing my potential. This is a topic that we will talk about several...


#277 - Lindsay Nelson

Lindsay Nelson's journey from elite college runner to elite marathoner has taken some wild and dangerous turns. From the highs and lows of a turbulent time at Arizona State University, two extremely difficult pregnancies, a miscarriage that almost threatened her life, to running in the Olympic Marathon Trials. Lindsay's story is vastly different than many of her running peers but one that many amateur runners can relate to and understand. Up next for Lindsay is the stacked Marathon Project...


#276 - Jereny Rivera

Jereny Rivera is a classic example of ignoring limits and just running for running's sake. Five years ago Jereny had never gone for a proper run. In fact, she had been fairly inactive from an athletic standpoint. Then, in an effort to expand her social circle, she joined the Track Shack running group. At that moment her future changed forever. Five years later Jereny is kicking butt and taking names. In fact, a couple weeks ago Jereny set her 5k PR with a blazing 19:07! In this episode we...


#275 - Lindsey Hein: Why is Everyone Yelling?

I'm excited to have my good friend Lindsey Hein on the show to do discuss her amazing new show Why is Everyone Yelling? A parenting podcast that features some of the most creative and innovative people in the development, education, and spaces. A mother of four rambunctious boys, Lindsey often shares the coming and goings of her spirited family. Follow Lindsey: Lindsey is also the host one of the most popular running podcasts in the world, I'll...


#274 - Mastering 40, Ep. 4

And here we go! My quest to break 40:00 in the 10k next summer at the age of 40 took a big step forward in recent weeks. My mileage is now approaching 30 miles a week and legit workouts have begun. The running hasn't been perfect but steps are being made. Most importantly: I'm still 100% healthy. Thank goodness. Coach James McKirdy, founder of McKirdy Trained, and I discuss all of this and talk about what the next 6-8 weeks will look like. I also speak with Adrienne Langelier, my therapist...


#273 - Jon Lugbill & In-Person Marathon Innovation

For so many of us, this fall running season has taken the wind out of our sails. Cancellations one-after-another during a time when we hoped racing would return. While that feeling is real and pervasive, I'm happy to report that we are starting to see some real in-person options and creativity. Jon Lubgill joins me in this episode to talk about what he and his staff at Sports Backers have done to create a real and appropriate in-person experience for the Richmond Marathon, Half-Marathon,...


#272 - Buddy Perdue (Boston Marathon Virtual Series 4 of 4)

What do Buddy Perdue, myths, and wine all have in common? They all get better with age. Buddy began running at age 44. After few brief challenges he took to it quickly. After years as a cyclist he was able to transition his fitness and aerobic capacity to his new endeavor. Over the next five years he kept improving before reaching a plateau. Undeterred, Buddy reached out to coach James McKirdy with a simple goal: break three hours in the marathon. He was 48 at the time. Nearly four years...


#271 - Felicia Chen (Boston Marathon Virtual Series 3 of 4)

Felicia Chen's ability to combine a holistic view of competition and sport with desire to achieve at a high level is nearly unparalleled. For that, and for so many other reasons, I was elated to have Felicia on the show. In this episode, Felicia talks about running not one but two virtual Boston Marathons on each side of 3:00, giving up running for nearly a decade and coming back stronger than ever, and the mindset needed to handle a myriad of challenges. Sponsors: Previnex is a...


#270 - Marquis Bowden (Boston Marathon Virtual Series 2 of 4)

Marquis Bowden is making some serious moves. The former college basketball player bounced around west coast colleges looking for the right fit. It never came. Little did he know that the journey would lead him to the perfect place to begin his running career. In 2017, Marquis began running and he was hooked. Not only did he pick up the sport quickly but the sense of community in his L.A. group runs hooked him for life. In the last few years he debuted in the marathon with a blazing 3:09...


#269 - Alexis McCoy (Boston Marathon Virtual Series 1 of 4)

Today's episode with Alexis McCoy is the first in a series of episodes with folks who competed in the Boston Marathon Virtual Race. Alexis has the Boston Marathon in her bones. She has been in love with the race, and everything it stands for, for years. While she has now run 17 marathons, Boston holds a special place in her heart. This former small-school college runner gave up the sport at the age of 20. Her love of running returned several years later when she was basically tricked into...