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Looking to get out of the rat race and live a simpler, more self-reliant lifestyle? For many years, Nick & Lisa Meissner have been helping folks get out of the city and into country living, where they can become less dependent on "the system" for their basic necessities. The Ready Life podcast walks you through the steps you need to take to pull this off. Choose a location and property, live with off-grid solar power, grow and raise your own food, set up a water system that isn't dependent on utilities, heat your home with a renewable source, and much more!


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Looking to get out of the rat race and live a simpler, more self-reliant lifestyle? For many years, Nick & Lisa Meissner have been helping folks get out of the city and into country living, where they can become less dependent on "the system" for their basic necessities. The Ready Life podcast walks you through the steps you need to take to pull this off. Choose a location and property, live with off-grid solar power, grow and raise your own food, set up a water system that isn't dependent on utilities, heat your home with a renewable source, and much more!




#41 - The Dark Side of Solar Power...

In this week's episode of The Ready Life Podcast, we're diving into the challenges of shade on solar power systems. We'll explore practical solutions to ensure your solar panels get the most sunlight, from strategic placement to tree management. And our focus is on doing a solar shade analysis. Join us for some insightful tips on optimizing your solar setup for peak performance. See you in the video! The Ready Life Academy (don't miss the upcoming Off Grid Solar Design Accelerator): Apps Mentioned: Theodolite App: Dioptra App (Android):


#40 - How To Craft Sauerkraut: A Homestead Essential for Delicious Self-Sufficiency

In this eye-opening episode of The Ready Life Podcast, we dive into the world of sauerkraut, an ancient superfood that's making a modern comeback. Discover the incredible benefits of this simple, yet powerful fermented food and learn how it can enhance your health, boost your homestead's sustainability, and provide a delicious gateway into the world of food preservation. Whether you're a sauerkraut skeptic or a fermentation fanatic, this episode is packed with insights, tips, and a dash of controversy to get you thinking differently about what's on your plate. What You'll Learn: Join The Ready Life Academy: Ready to dive deeper? Explore our Ready Life Academy for hands-on classes, including an exclusive sauerkraut-making session led by Nancy Meissner. For more information: Subscribe for More: Don't miss out on our weekly discussions on self-reliance, homesteading, and living a more independent life. Hit the subscribe button and turn on notifications!


#39 - Kids Edition: Starting your Own Garden Plants from Seed

Join Nathan and Heidi in this special episode of The Ready Life Podcast: Kids Edition! These green-thumbed siblings spill the beans on why they're crazy about starting their own seedlings and why you should be too. Tune in as they dish out the dirt on the benefits of DIY seedling projects and share their top tips for success. So grab your gardening gloves and be inspired to start your own seeds this spring. Join our Seed Starting Class by signing up in The Ready Life Academy:


#38 - Is Your Country Home Making You Sick? Our Story of Poison and Purity

In this episode, we share a deeply personal story of how environmental toxins can affect your health, and surprisingly, they can be right inside your home. We discuss the harmful effects of environmental chemicals, and Lisa's personal struggle with environmental toxicity from living in a modular home. Our story starts with inexplicable illness and the discovery that that a new home was making her sick. Join us as we dive into the world of environmental toxins and the steps you can take to make your home a safer place as well as equip your body to detox. Lisa’s e-book (referred to): EPA article referenced: Make your home as independent, safe, and prepared as possible, with The Ready Life Academy:


#37 - Propane Showdown: Is It Your Achilles Heel or Off-Grid Lifesaver?

In this week's episode of the Ready Life Podcast, we explore the use of propane in off-grid living. We tackle common questions about independence when relying on a non-renewable energy source and weigh up the costs of propane versus electricity. We discuss how treating propane as a convenience can balance independence with off-grid cost-effectiveness and a comfortable lifestyle. We also touch on the subjects of above-ground versus underground tanks and owning versus renting propane tanks. The bottom line is to use propane when it makes sense, but never depend on it for necessary tasks. Get the details and support you need to be successful off-the-grid, in The Ready Life Academy:


#36 - An ER Doc's Tips For How To Handle Homestead Medical Emergencies

In this episode, we are joined by Dave Pruett, MD and his wife Beth, who together founded AMP-3. Pulling from Dr. Dave's 28 years of emergency medicine experience, they discuss key medical emergency preparedness techniques, tools, and training necessary for people living in rural or remote areas. They share personal experiences and practical advice on handling common emergencies such as severe bleeding, fractures, and potential allergic reactions. They also stress the importance of regular practice, having a plan, and acquiring necessary equipment and training. This is one episode you can't afford to miss! Check out the Pruett's website at: Also, don't miss Dave's YouTube channel at: Don't let your family be dependent on "The System" when the powers that be use the next emergency to make another power grab. Make your family as independent as possible, and be supported each step of the way in The Ready Life Academy:


#35 - 🥶 -24°F Chaos: The Crazy Stuff No One Thinks About

Brace yourself for a chilling adventure in this episode of the Ready Life Podcast. We're sharing our story during a -24°F (-33 in some places) Arctic blast in the rugged mountains of North Idaho. From battling frozen pipes to ensuring our animals' safety, it's a real-life winter saga. Tune in to find out how wood heat became our hero and saved many people in the midst of power outages and natural gas shortages. Learn valuable lessons on resilience, self-reliance, and the importance of being prepared for extreme weather. Learn all about heating with wood (and a lot more!) in The Ready Life Academy:


#34 - Efficient Off-Grid Refrigerators: Turning Your Home Into a Power-Saver

In this episode of the Ready Life Podcast, we provide sound advice on choosing the most energy-efficient refrigerators and freezers for off-grid living. We explain why energy efficiency is pivotal for off-grid living and delve into how the most unassuming lifestyle changes can significantly reduce power consumption, eventually slashing thousands (or 10,000s) of dollars off the price of an off-grid power system. This episode also explores other off-grid refrigerator options. If you're off the grid or planning to be off grid soon, this discussion is an invaluable tool for an optimized off-grid lifestyle. The Ready Life Academy For greater detail on this and the other popular appliances in your home, you need The Ready Life Academy, which has an entire learning module on this very topic (not to mention an amazing community and vast learning library).


#33 - Store What You Eat, Eat What You Store: Food Storage Made Simple

In this episode, we dive into the topic of food storage. It's an aspect often overlooked, but important for everyone regardless of where you live or what your financial status is. This is NOT another "buy a year's supply of freeze dried food for your bunker" approach. It's a rare but practical method of food storage called the "Rotating Pantry Method" which works on the principle of "Store what you eat, eat what you store." Here's our personal method for balancing food security with ease of use and saving money. If you like this approach, don't miss our Food Storage Accelerator in The Ready Life Academy. It's starting tomorrow and you can still get in at:


#32 - Jumpstart your 2024 plans and dreams with this method

In this special '2024 Plan for Preparedness' edition, we're diving deep into our personal strategies for success and clarity in the coming year. We'll walk you through six pivotal steps that have revolutionized our approach to homesteading preparedness, offering insights and tips that you can apply right away. Whether you're a seasoned homesteader or just starting out, this episode is packed with actionable advice to help you thrive. Tune in now and start your journey towards a more successful and clear-headed homesteading life in 2024! We walk with you through this process in The Ready Life Academy:


#31 - Preparedness with a Heart: 10 tips for when your family’s not on board

In our special Christmas episode, we delve into a topic close to our hearts: balancing preparedness with family unity. Over the years, we've observed the challenges of aligning preparedness or homesteading goals when not everyone in the family shares the same enthusiasm. In this episode, we share 10 practical tips based on our experiences, aimed at fostering understanding and togetherness. While we work to prepare our family, let's celebrate this festive season with a focus on what truly matters: faith & family. The Ready Life Academy Are you concerned about the fragility of "The System" that supplies your basic necessities like water, food, heat, and the power that makes these things work? Or are you concerned about the powers that be making another power grab when the next crisis occurs, and using your dependence on their systems to enforce it? You know you need to become more independent, but you're held back by lack of time, money, and knowledge. Am I right? The Ready Life Academy starts with helping you: assess your current situation, determine what your problem areas are, prioritize them, make a plan to improve your situation, learn what you need to know to do it right the first time, get your questions answered, gain friendly accountability to make it happen, and have a community of like-minded friends to cheer you on and share their collective experience with you. And it's all so you can make consistent progress and be far more prepared by the end of 2024 than you are now. The Ready Life Academy:


#30 - We're turning over a new leaf

In this episode, we share the journey of 20 years to get to a new beginning that will help you reach your new beginning! The Ready Life Academy:


#29 - 9 Money Hacks That Helped Us Pay Off Our Homestead Early

Discover how we successfully built our solar system without incurring debt, even during the lowest earning period of our marriage. We're excited to share the strategies that not only helped us manage our finances effectively but also empowered us to achieve our homestead dream of owning our place free and clear. Join us for this episode packed with actionable tips and inspiring stories, perfect for anyone on their path to financial freedom and homestead independence! CLASS - 2024: The Last Best Year To Get Ready?


#28 - Designing an Amazing Solar Power System That Fits Your Life

It's the thing that almost no one does but everybody should--design your solar power system before buying anything. Why? And what could happen if you don't? Tune into this week's episode to find out. We share experiences from homes that incorrectly sized their systems, and the challenges they faced as a result. The point is to make your power system fit your lifestyle, rather than the other way around. Messing this up could result in your off grid power system failing miserably or in you spending WAY too much money on it. We also mention an upcoming webinar and share details on how you can register for it. In the webinar, we'll discuss why we think 2024 is the crucial year for becoming as independent as possible and our 6-step process for making sure 2024 becomes your year to declare independence. Upcoming Webinar - Register Free:


#27 - Squanto's Secret: A Thanksgiving Tale of Preparedness & Sharing

In this episode, we're diving into the Thanksgiving story, bringing out the lessons of the pilgrims and Squanto and how they tie into our own mantra of 'prepare to share'. Join us for a mix of storytelling, practical tips, and a bit of Thanksgiving warmth. We’re all about learning from the past to better our present, embracing gratitude, and really living out that 'prepare to share' way of life. Hope you'll tune in and share this journey with us! Show Notes:


#26 - Growing Fresh Veggies Year-Round In Snow Country with Dawn Trammell

Dive into an extraordinary tale of winter gardening in one of the most challenging climates in the continental US. Our special guest, Dawn Trammell, shares her inspiring journey of transforming a snow-covered backyard into a productive garden. It's not just about defying the cold; it's about redefining the conventional gardening calendar. This episode is a must-listen for anyone intrigued by the resilience of nature and the ingenuity of a dedicated gardener. Join us as we explore the unique tips and strategies that make gardening viable, even under several feet of snow. Get ready to be inspired and perhaps start your own winter gardening adventure! Connect with Dawn at Northwest Homesteader to claim your copy of her in-depth video class on winter gardening: Check out our gardening content at: Show notes:


#25 - When Water Worked Wonders: The Spanish Flu & Hydrotherapy's Triumph

Step back in time with us in this eye-opening episode as we dive into the health preparedness lessons learned from one of history's deadliest pandemics, the Spanish Flu of 1918. Discover how a simple yet powerful hydrotherapy remedy known as fomentation treatment offered a beacon of hope during this global crisis. We'll explore the astonishing results people achieved with resources they had at home and discuss how these time-tested methods can be part of your health toolkit today. Join us to unearth the secrets of past generations and arm yourself with knowledge that stood the test of time! Download the fomentation video and booklet: Show Notes:


#24 - Gaza, a lesson in why dependence is dangerous

Leaving aside the politics, civilians living in Gaza are in a mess right now. Little to no water, food, power, or sanitation. Believe it or not, our situation in America could be very similar if the right (or wrong) things happen. In this episode, we unpack some lessons we can learn from one of the most fought-over places on earth. And as usual, we've got some solutions to propose. Help Us Help You! Take a quick questionnaire so we know how we can best help you on your journey to independence: Show Notes:


#23 - Our Favorite Applesauce Tradition: The Apple Doesn't Fall Far

It's one of our favorite times of year--applesauce time! Here's what we're up to... Show Note:


#22 - Feeding Freedom: Building Your Home Grocery for Self-Reliance

Picture a grocery store and all the various departments. Now picture what those departments could look like in your home grocery. It's an exciting thing! On this episode, Nancy Meissner joins us to discuss what it looks like to have a well-rounded plan for food security. Food Planning Calculator: Show Notes: