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We discuss anything and everything health and wellness. We aim at bringing humor and making the show entertaining as well.


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We discuss anything and everything health and wellness. We aim at bringing humor and making the show entertaining as well.



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Captain Smith finds his new ship, and she sails like a dream!

Transitioning from a career in the military to one in the normal world can be brutal and sometimes tragic. My guest Ben Smith is all-too-familiar with this struggle, but is blessed enough to say that he not only landed on his feet, but he his tap dancing with a big smile on his face. Jois us as Ben walks us through that journey and delights in his current mission, which also involves leading, protecting, and guiding people. You won't want to miss this one! Check out Ben's training app here. Connect with Ben on Instagram.


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We must remain vigilant in these toxic times.

I sit down with Rebecca Wolf to discuss the toxicity of our modern world, relationships with food, some trippie stuff, and more. Learn about her journey from a toxic relationship with food to a wholesome, blissful one.


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Seeing the wood for the trees.

Alison Smith joins us to discuss her quirky, fun approach to helping people figure out what it is they need to become "unstuck" when they are feeling overwhelmed. She uses nature for all its many metaphors and lessons it can teach us. Join us for this jaunty conversation!


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Re-releasing Jane into the wild.

Jane Barlow joins the show as she periodically does to share about her recent knee replacement surgery, personal hiking Renaissance, some news about her older sister, and some other neat stuff. Please enjoy!


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Grant Kruhly shares his wisdom.

Grant Kruhly uses several modalities including Deeksha, Kinesiology, Aikido and several more to help release stuck emotions, remove cognitive dissonance, and help people live up to their true potential. Check out Grant's website here.


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Nutrition facts aren't just for meals and snacks.

Many of us are very conscious of and selective about which foods and drinks are good for us and will end up making the cut and entering our bodies, but are we being discerning enough when it comes to what our eyes and ears are eating? You know, music, TV, movies, social media, books, podcasts, magazines, online news articles, newspaper articles, etc, all that stuff. Are we ingesting mostly high quality content that improves us, informs us, or at least doesn't have negative effects on our minds and physiology? Join myself and Alex Fink, a Silicone Valley ex-pat, as we discuss having a healthy media diet. Enjoy! Check out Alex's Otherweb here


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A stick of gum and a question can go a long way.

Dallin Candland is dedicated to Christ, and he strives to be Christlike, especially in the area of compassion. He believes it is somewhat of a lost art, and he is on a personal mission to meet as many people as possible and brighten their day with a small guesture. Join us as he regales us with some whimsical conversation and some valuable take-aways. Check out Dallin's podcast here. Take a peak at his website. YouTube Instagram


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FDN required ASAP

In this episode I connect with Falyn Morningstar, a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner who fell in love with the practice after it greatly helped in her own health quest. We discuss how the SAD (Standard American Diet) is well, sad because it left her with poor health and loads of frustration. Luckily she found FDN and was able to restore her health and vibrancy while allowing others to do the same through her works. Please enjoy our discussion! Check her out on Facebook here. Click here for Instagram.


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Hearts of Steel create Iron men.

Jai Bazevski has a cool name and a heart-racing story. His heart has survived intense physical challenges, but also emotional ones, as he leads his family out of the big city and must face saying goodbye to a gym he built from the ground up, as tight government regulations suffocated the tribe him and his wife built together. As tough as that was, his new life is even better, let Jai tell you why! Cheesy rhyme was on accident, I swear!


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Aight den coo late: A chat with cousin Jesse about health, good times, and his tendency to acquire canines.

Jesse Barlow Conger, AKA Baby Jesus (you'll have to listen to satisfy your curiosity on that one) graces us with a chat and we just a get to shootin' the breeze. We spent a lot of time together as youngsters and have maintained a great relationship over the years. We have a casual chat about our history together, dogs, Jesse's personal health habits, and more.


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Star Power is taking on a whole new meaning these days!

Tom Paladino is interested in stars, chiefly harnessing the immensely powerful energy they contain. Tom has dedicated his life to capturing and utilizing Scalar light, a source of energy Tom believes is used by God, or a creator of some sort, to create and manage the Universe. Jois us for this fascinating conversation! Learn more about Scalar Light here.


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That's not a muscular butterfly living in your neck: It's your thyroid, and it's important.

She'll put needles in your face and offer you some goat dairy, and she will help guide those who are struggling with thyroid issues and autoimmunity. Acupuncturist and Functional Diagnostic Coach Whitney Morgan shares her personal journey to her current position of helping guide people through health journeys that can be often confusing and intimidating. Join us as we discuss thyroid health, Celiac's disease, and goat cheese. Check out Whitney's website here.


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Get your drums, rattles, and smoke ready, it's time to Shaman Up!

Yours truly, Big Brian C, has joined forces with Jane Barlow, CVO of Barlow Herbal Specialties, to bring you a nutrient-dense resource for locating, identifying, harvesting, and processing wild and domestic plants for medicinal and health use. Jane is my mother and we are proud and excited to be carrying on the legacy that was started by Dr Max G. Barlow, her father, my grandfather (obviously), by taking on projects that allow us to spread the word and be stewards for a healthier, more wholesome planet. Check out "Be Your Own Shaman: A field guide to utilize 94 of the world's most healing plants ", it's got tons of great info on 94 hand-selected powerhouse plants, chosen by Jane and I carefully. Enjoy the episode! Buy the book here!


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Facing our stuff to reduce our face-stuffing: A discussion on emotional eating.

Renee Jones stops by to discuss the real, root issues that keep many people stuck in unhealthy eating patterns and attempts to break those unhealthy patterns, often with extreme answers that are unhealthy as well. Join us for this interesting chat on emotional eating and more. Check out Renee's website here.


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Kiss your crippling nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug addiction goodbye: Discussion with a Headache and Migraine Specialist.

Jono Taves, AKA Dr Jono, decided to specialize in cranial discomforts after attending physical therapy school, helping many people overcome chronic headache and migraine issues. Join us as we have a neat discussion about common causes of headaches, some not-so-common causes, and what the heck we can do about it. Check out Novera Headache Center here.


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Unleashing your inner-Alpha Dog while maintaining The Spirit of the Puppy

Minnesota goes hard and Native Son Jason Skeesick gets no waivers. A former military man turned CrossFitpreneur, he's got a lot of interesting things to say about the value of finding a healthy tribe, having success as an entrepreneur and in life with a "military mindset" while maintaining a playful, youthful spirit in the process (that whole puppy spirit thing). Check out Spear and Clover here.


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The Cannapreneur's Dilemma

Join Cannapreneur Terrie Yuzon and I in a discussion about the challenges of the budding Cannabis industry, different types of THC, and other related topics. Grab your favorite Cannabis product and enjoy the episode! Check out Terrie's online store here.


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Sex, intimacy, modern dating, and more.

Nicole Schafer is a Counselor and Sex Coach, helping people be more comfortable in their own skin, realizing their attachment styles, and so much more. Check out Nicole's website here.


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A salt of the Earth conversation.

Ian Clark feels like most people are doing water all wrong. He believes plain water actual robs our bodies of vital minerals over time and that we should all be drinking salt water, or "electrolytic solution", using a rich sourse of trace minerals, such as Baja Gold Sea Salt, which has about 40% sodium chloride and the rest is other trace minerals! Check out Ian's awesome supplements here. Buy Baja Gold Sea Salt here.


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Story-telling is an art, and Steve is something of a Picasso.

Steve Gallegos has a rich resume showing discipline, structure, and justice, and wants to help as many people as possible become the best communicators and story-tellers they can be. Although he is a former US Marine, Police Officer, and Trial Lawyer, he has a strong fun side, as he also is an Emcee, Singer-Songwriter, and a Rule-Breaker (in a good way). Get your complimentary ebook here! Check out Steve's website here. Facebook Instagram