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Navigating Chaos: Spiritual Awakening with Grandmother Threecrow

Join us for a heartfelt and enlightening interview with Grandmother Threecrow, where we delve into various profound topics surrounding spirituality, inner peace, and unity in a divided world. Below is an outline of the key topics covered in this conversation: The Journey to Inner Peace Grandmother Threecrow shares her personal journey towards achieving inner peace and discusses the spiritual discipline required to attain it. Understanding Our Purpose Exploration of the vital question, "Why are we here?" and the importance of discovering one's own truth and purpose in life. Navigating a World of Division Strategies and wisdom on staying connected and maintaining peace amidst strong opposing beliefs, whether political, religious, or social. Self-Doubt and Unconditional Love Insights into overcoming self-doubt and realizing the unconditional love from the creator, and how this realization transforms our personal journey. Spiritual Battle and Prophetic Timelines Discussion on the spiritual battles we face, the duality of our reality, and ancient prophecies that speak of our current times and the transition to higher dimensions. Relationship with Nature and Creation The importance of reconnecting with nature and understanding the sentient consciousness and spirit within all aspects of creation. Role of Faith and Collective Prayer Grandmother Threecrow emphasizes the power of faith, prayer, and collective intention in transcending chaos and contributing to global peace. Balancing Action and Spiritual Practice Insightful discussion on balancing spiritual practices with action, especially in times of conflict and harm, and the importance of prayers coupled with meaningful actions. This interview is a profound exploration of spiritual wisdom and practical guidance for anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of themselves and the world around them. Watch now to be inspired and uplifted by Grandmother Threecrow's timeless teachings.


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The Sacred Wisdom of Water

Join this channel to get access to the perks: Join Angell Deer and Marita One Who Catches Lightning in this captivating episode of "Wisdom of The Jaguar & The Deer" as they dive into the mystical realm of water in "Earth (Working with the Elementals)." Explore the deep, interconnected nature of water, its spiritual significance, and the lessons it offers for balance, healing, and emotional freedom. Main Topics Explored: 1. Introduction to the Element of Water: The duality of fire and water and the complementary roles they play in traditional teachings.The role of men as fire keepers and women as water protectors in various indigenous traditions. 2. Water in Various Kingdoms: The wisdom of animals like elephants and camels, and plants like the cactus, in relation to water.How different beings have been in relationships with water for longer than humans and what we can learn from them. 3. Human Connection to Water: The importance of recognizing our own body's water and how it supports our brain function and life.The significance of emotional water—grief and tears—in cleansing and clarifying our vision. 4. Water’s Cycles and Movements: Understanding water as a connector that transcends various states and realms.The cosmic journey of water from space to Earth and how it carries the memory of the universe. 5. Practical Tips for Connecting with Water: Simple practices to honor and connect with water daily, such as mindful drinking, swimming, or listening to water bodies.The importance of allowing water to move freely in nature and within ourselves for emotional and spiritual health. 6. Water and Grief: The role of collective grief in healing societal wounds and the importance of moving emotional waters together.Reflections on the current ecological crises and the necessity of returning to a respectful relationship with water. 7. Creating from the Unknown: The concept of creating from primordial waters and embracing the unknown.The invitation to sit with the unknown and allow water’s wisdom to guide us in our spiritual and daily lives. Immerse yourself in this enlightening conversation that explores the sacred relationship with water and its profound impact on our lives. Perfect for spiritual seekers, nature lovers, and anyone looking to deepen their understanding of elemental forces. Don't forget to like, subscribe, and share this episode with others who seek to honor and connect with the waters of life.


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From Corporate to Connected: How to Embrace Ancient Wisdom to Experience Fulfillment in your Life

In this enlightening episode, we dive deep into a transformative journey with Angell Deer, a wisdom keeper and spiritual guide. Discover how Angell transitioned from the corporate world to a life of deep connection and fulfillment by embracing ancient wisdom. Learn practical tips and profound insights that you can apply to your own life to find greater peace, purpose, and joy. Tune in and start your journey from corporate to connected! As the founder of The Sanctuary, a revered Shamanic Healing Center nestled in the heart of the Catskill Mountains, New York, Angell has spent over nine years fostering a haven for individuals seeking connection with nature and ancient wisdom teachings. Additionally, Angell serves as the Founder and Executive Director of The New York Bee Sanctuary, a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of bees and wild pollinators. Through his advocacy, research, and education initiatives, Angell has championed the cause of bee conservation on both local and global scales. Angell's career, however, began in the corporate world - with over two decades of experience in leadership roles within the luxury retail and sustainability industries. Angell reached the pinnacle of corporate success, but this was accompanied by a profound realization that the life he had built was lacking meaning. This inner calling led him to embark on a deeper exploration of spirituality and holistic wellness. Drawn to the ancient wisdom of Andean Cosmology and Norse Shamanism, Angell immersed himself in the study of these traditions, ultimately embracing his purpose as a shaman, mystic, and healer. Connect with Angell Deer: ⁠⁠The Sanctuary - Shamanic Study & Healing - Callicoon, NY (⁠⁠ Connect with Kelly:⁠ Dr. Kelly Kessler is a licensed physical therapist, transformation coach, host of the globally ranked podcast Rewiring Health™, the owner of Optimal You Health and Wellness, LLC and a mom of two boys. Kelly helps high-achieving women recognize and heal from dysfunctional patterns of abandoning themselves and feeling unrelenting stress. Through nervous system regulation and subconscious mind reprogramming, Kelly guides her clients through a personal transformation to step into their own power, reclaim their worth and honor their health and inner peace. Inspired by her own journey of self-abandonment including perfectionist beliefs and people-pleasing tendencies, Kelly has healed from an eating disorder, chronic back pain, and panic attacks, Kelly helps high-achievers harness their profound ability to shift from survival mode to thriving. Kelly has been featured in Authority Magazine, DailyOM, The Everygirl, and Thrive Global.


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EARTH (Working with the Elementals - Part 1 of 4) - The Wisdom Path (The Jaguar & The Deer) - Ep.13

Welcome to a transformative episode of "Wisdom Talk of the Jaguar of the Deer," where Angell Deer and Marita One Who Catches Lightning embark on a mystical exploration titled "Earth (Working with the Elementals)." Dive into the profound connections between humans and the Earth elementals, unraveling the essential teachings that guide us to live in harmony with our planet. Join this channel to get access to perks: Main Topics Explored: 1. **Introduction to Earth Elementals:** - Understanding the deep-rooted connection between humans and Earth elementals. - Insights into cosmologies and traditions that revere the Earth as a mother. 2. **Astronauts’ Perspective:** - William Shatner’s life-changing experience in space and the realization of Earth’s preciousness. - The profound contrast between the vast, lifeless space and the vibrant, living Earth. 3. **The Prayer of the Belly:** - Stories and teachings from Andean cosmology about the "blue belly." - The concept of humans being nurtured in the belly of Mother Earth and the call to care for her. 4. **Practices for Earth Connection:** - Simple techniques to reconnect with the Earth, such as grounding and walking meditations. - The significance of walking with intention and humility on the Earth’s surface. 5. **Wisdom of Elders and Babies:** - Observations of elder and baby movements as metaphors for our journey with the Earth. - The return to a four-legged state, symbolizing a deeper connection to the Earth. 6. **Engaging in Earth-based Rituals:** - Using tools like walking sticks and grandfather flutes to honor our connection with Earth. - Practical tips for slowing down and integrating Earth’s wisdom into daily life. Join us in this enlightening discussion that encourages a profound reconnection with the Earth element. Perfect for nature lovers, spiritual seekers, and anyone looking to deepen their understanding of our planet’s elemental forces. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and share this episode with others seeking to ground their lives in Earth’s wisdom. #ConnectingWithElementals #EarthElementals #SpiritualJourney #NatureMagic #ElementalWisdom #AngellDeer #MaritaOneWhoCatchesLightning #EarthGuardians #EnvironmentalHealing #SpiritualEcology #MysticalEarth #GroundingPractices #EarthRituals #IndigenousWisdom #CosmicJourney


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From Darkness to Light: The Shaman’s Wife Mystical Journey and Transformational Healing

Join Angell Deer as he interviews Alicia Rodriguez in "The Shaman's Wife, A Mystical Journey of Surrender & Self-Discovery." Dive deep into Alicia's transformative journey and spiritual awakening, guided by the mystical teachings of her shamanic partner. Explore themes of resilience, self-discovery, and the mystical path of surrender. Main Topics Explored: 1. **Alicia’s Cultural and Spiritual Foundations:** - Growing up in a Colombian household in the United States, rich with spiritual sensitivity and cultural traditions. - Early mystical experiences and the challenges of integrating these with a Western upbringing. 2. **Career and Spiritual Integration:** - Alicia’s journey as an executive coach and her seamless integration of intuitive insights into her professional life. - The deconstruction of her conventional life and the emergence of her spiritual path. 3. **Meeting the Shaman:** - The life-altering encounter with Ecuadorian shamans, Carlos and Napoleon ("Napo"). - The profound connection and beginnings of Alicia’s relationship with Napo. 4. **Transformative Years and Loss:** - The seven years of personal and professional challenges that acted as a catalyst for profound transformation. - The role of spirituality and shamanic guidance in navigating through grief and loss. 5. **A New Path in Ecuador:** - The shift from a conventional life in the U.S. to embracing a spiritually enriched life in Ecuador. - Building a retreat center and combining shamanic practices with personal development. 6. **The Shaman’s Teachings:** - Deep lessons in energy management, spiritual communication, and embodying true potential. - Navigating life as a shaman’s partner and the mystical journey of mutual growth and discovery. About Alicia M. Rodriguez: Alicia M. Rodriguez is a gifted Latina writer, author, and executive coach. She has a unique ability to explore themes of culture, spirituality, storytelling, and magic, influenced by her Colombian roots and extensive travels. Alicia’s memoir, "The Shaman’s Wife" (September 2024), details her introduction to spiritualism and self-discovery. Her other works include "Everyday Epiphanies" and "Manage Your Life Before Life Manages You." Alicia has written for Thrive Global, Tiny Buddha, and Medium. She resides in the Algarve, Portugal with her dog, Sophie. Embark on this compelling narrative of Alicia’s mystical journey and uncover profound insights into resilience, self-discovery, and the sacred relationship with spirituality. Perfect for anyone seeking to understand the deeper dimensions of life and personal transformation. Join this channel to get access to perks:


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Sacred Foraging & Relationship with Plants - The Wisdom Path (The Jaguar & The Deer) - Episode 12

Join Angell Deer and Marita One Who Catches Lightning in this captivating episode of "Wisdom Talk of the Jaguar of the Deer" as they delve into the profound and sacred practice of foraging. Titled "Sacred Foraging, Sacred Relationship with Plants," this talk explores the deep connection humans can cultivate with the plant kingdom. Main Topics Explored: 1. **Sacred Foraging:** - Understanding the spiritual practice of foraging beyond just gathering plants. - The importance of asking permission from the land and plants before foraging. - Developing a reciprocal relationship with plants, ensuring to give back to the land through songs, prayers, and offerings. 2. **Personal Experiences and Ancestral Wisdom:** - Marita shares insights on how plants reveal themselves to us when we listen and respond to their calls. - Angell recounts a powerful lesson from a Lakota elder about the importance of seeing plants as living beings with spirits. 3. **Intuition and Communication with Plants:** - How to discern true plant callings from fashionable trends. - The significance of listening to plants and verifying their messages through direct engagement. - Understanding the deeper relationship plants have with humans and how they communicate their presence and needs. 4. **Plants as Healers:** - Recognizing plants' ability to preemptively grow in abundance before an illness strikes. - The holistic healing process involving plants, touching mind, body, and spirit. 5. **Respecting Plant Kingdoms:** - The shift from a human-centered approach to foraging to one that centers plants' perspectives. - Embracing humility and service in our relationships with plants. Immerse yourself in the rich dialogue and gain wisdom on how to forge a sacred and respectful bond with the natural world. Perfect for nature enthusiasts, shamanic practitionners, healers, herbalists, and anyone looking to deepen their connection with Mother Earth.


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Ancient Shamanic Wisdom to Climb up the Internal Career Ladder with Angell Deer

🎙️ Welcome to a truly inspiring episode of The Art of Slowing Down Podcast! Today, we have a special guest, Angell Deer—a remarkable individual dedicated to holistic wellness, environmental conservation, and spiritual enlightenment. 🌲 Angell is the founder of The Sanctuary, a renowned shamanic healing center located in the serene Catskill Mountains, New York. For over nine years, he has created a haven for those seeking to connect with nature and ancient wisdom teachings. 🐝 Angell also serves as the founder and executive director of the New York Bee Sanctuary, a nonprofit organization focused on the protection and preservation of bees and wild pollinators, championing bee conservation on both local and global scales. 🌍 In this episode, we delve into Angell's extraordinary journey—from his early connection with nature and becoming a veterinarian to his successful corporate career and eventual quest for internal fulfillment. Angell shares insights from his travels and teachings with masters in India, Nepal, the Amazon, and beyond. 💬 With profound reflections on the purpose of life, the essence of true wealth, and the importance of community and connection, Angell's wisdom is a beacon for those feeling misalignment in their lives. Learn how ancient teachings and a life of service can lead to lasting happiness and fulfillment. ✨ Get ready for an enriching conversation that explores deep concepts of happiness, external success versus internal fulfillment, and the timeless wisdom of ancient cosmologies. 👉 Tune in now and discover how you can climb the internal career ladder with ancient shamanic wisdom!


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Creating from the Unseen & the Unknown - The Wisdom Path (The Jaguar & The Deer) - Episode 11

In this enlightening talk, Marita One Who Catches Lightning and Angell Deer explore the profound wisdom of creation from diverse cultural cosmologies. They delve into the sacred Andean and indigenous perspectives, contrasting them with Western approaches to creativity. Learn how to connect with unseen realms, the womb of creation, and the importance of humility, dreams, and ancestral knowledge in the creative process. Discover the transformational power of the unknown and the magic of deep relationships with all beings. #WisdomPath #JaguarAndDeer #MaritaOneWhoCatchesLightning #AngellDeer #IndigenousWisdom #CreationFromTheUnknown #SpiritualJourney #AndeanCosmology #SacredRelationships #AncestralKnowledge #DreamsAndVisions #CreativeProcess #CulturalContrasts #HolisticCreation


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Community (Stepping in...) - The Wisdom Path (The Jaguar & The Deer) - Episode 10

Welcome to "The Wisdom Path of the Jaguar & the Deer," where Angell Deer and Marita One Who Catches Lightning dive deep into the essence of "Community." In this enlightening talk, they explore the traditional and contemporary perspectives of community, the challenges of forming genuine connections in the modern Western world, and the profound lessons we can learn from indigenous ways of life. Join us as we discuss the cultural, spiritual, and practical facets of building and maintaining strong, cohesive communities. 🔍 **Key Topics:** - The meaning of community from ancient and modern perspectives - The role of rituals, values, and protocols in traditional communities - The challenges of creating community in a transactional society - Insights into the spiritual and practical aspects of community life - Reflections on conflict resolution and the non-human centric view of community 📌 **Tags/Keywords:** Community Building, Indigenous Wisdom, Traditional Practices, Spirituality, Cultural Connections, Modern Society Challenges, Rituals and Protocols, Conflict Resolution, Land Stewardship, Angell Deer, Marita One Who Catches Lightning Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more enriching discussions on traditional wisdom and modern life integration. 🌿✨ #Community #IndigenousWisdom #Spirituality #CulturalConnections #AngellDeer #MaritaOneWhoCatchesLightning #TraditionalPractices #ModernSociety #ConflictResolution #LandStewardship


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Animals as Wisdom Keepers - The Wisdom Path (The Jaguar & The Deer) - Episode 9

In this episode of "The Wisdom Path of the Jaguar and the Deer," Marita One Who Catches Lightning and Angell Deer delve into the profound topic of animals as wisdom keepers. The discussion centers on the invaluable lessons humans can learn by connecting deeply with the animal kingdom. From the smallest insects to the largest predators, Marita and Angell explore how each creature carries unique wisdom through its life cycle, behaviors, and interconnectedness with the natural world. The hosts emphasize the importance of building relationships with animals, not just through superficial knowledge, but by truly understanding their ways of living, procreating, and surviving. They reflect on the reciprocal nature of predator and prey relationships and consider how animals inherently respect the balance of life, something humans can aspire to embody. Through personal anecdotes and spiritual insights, such as the lessons learned from a possum's death on the land or the patience of a spider, Marita and Angell illustrate how even the most overlooked creatures contribute to the tapestry of life. They challenge listeners to question their perceptions of power and strength, urging a deeper respect for all beings, regardless of size or perceived importance. Join Marita One Who Catches Lightning and Angell Deer in this enriching conversation that invites us to honor and learn from the wisdom that animals so generously offer.


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Challenging New Age Myths: Authentic Shamanism (Hosted by Bram from Ayahuasca Alchemy)

In "Challenging New Age Myths: Authentic Shamanism," we explore what true shamanic practices entail beyond the surface of contemporary New Age interpretations. Hosted by Bram from Ayahuasca Alchemy, the podcast features an enlightening conversation with Angell Deer, the caretaker and founder of The Sanctuary, located in Upstate New York. Conversation Highlights: Healing Through Understanding: The interview discusses the transformative power of compassion and understanding in healing. Angell Deer poignantly describes how many individuals are often seen and treated as broken, leading to issues such as addiction and violence. Through a compassionate lens of love and humanity, he emphasizes that healing comes from understanding and embracing all parts of oneself rather than viewing individuals as fundamentally flawed or broken. Introduction to Angel Deer and The Sanctuary: Angel Deer introduces The Sanctuary, a center that teaches shamanic studies. The space supports multiple traditions and protocols and hosts retreats and trips to places like Peru. Angell elaborates on his background, primarily influenced by Andean cosmology, along with including Native American traditions, which have enriched his learning over the past 15 years. The Andean Cosmology: Angell Deer delves into the unique aspects of Andean cosmology, primarily from the coastal traditions of Peru. He clarifies how different regions in Peru, such as Chavin and the coastal areas, contribute diverse shamanic practices characterized by oral traditions, nature-based prayers, and altars. Unlike the mountain-based Queros traditions, many are familiar with, the coastal practices offer a distinct perspective on sacred rituals and spiritual journeys. Plant Medicine Practices: The discussion extends to using plant medicines such as Huachuma. Angell clarifies that, in traditional Andean teachings, plant medicines are not frequently used. Instead, they are reserved for specific ceremonies to ensure proper integration of their powerful effects, similar to infrequent vision quests. He emphasizes the grounded nature of these practices, which involve deep, land-oriented engagements like farming and community-based rituals over routine plant medicine use. Western Influence and Cultural Integrity: A critical topic addressed is the impact of Western influence on Peruvian practices. Angell shares insights on how Western stimuli, like information overload and commercialization, lead to an overemphasis on dramatic experiences with plant medicines like ayahuasca and Huachuma. He advocates for more subtle yet profound interactions with nature and traditional practices often overshadowed by the more "loud" spiritual experiences favored by visiting Westerners. Embodied Practices: To truly embrace and embody shamanic teachings, Angel Deer conveys the importance of patience and deep connection with the natural world. He reminisces about his teacher's foundational lesson about planting and nurturing corn, which symbolizes a sacred bond with nature and the slow, contemplative journey of spiritual learning. This hands-on engagement fosters a genuine understanding and transformation, far from the quick fixes sometimes sought in Western spiritual practices. Integration and Application: For those seeking to learn at The Sanctuary, the challenge of integrating profound teachings within the constraints of modern Western life is recognized. Angel discusses the educational approach of providing foundational shamanic wisdom and practical applications, helping individuals plant and nurture "seeds" of learning that will grow in their everyday lives. This method encourages continuous personal growth and connection, regardless of professional or urban lifestyle. Through this enriching dialogue, the podcast "Challenging New Age Myths: Authentic Shamanism" seeks to illuminate the rich, nuanced, and often misunderstood world of shamanic wisdom. It underlines the timeless relevance of ancient practices...


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Grounding & Belonging - The Wisdom Path (The Jaguar & The Deer) - Episode 8

In this episode of "The Wisdom Path with the Jaguar & The Deer," titled "Grounding & Belonging," Angell Deer and Marita One Who Catches Lightning explore the profound concept of grounding and its significance in our lives. They delve deeply into what grounding means and discuss personal practices, philosophies, and ways of being grounded. Key Topics Covered: - Connection to the Land: Angell shares how being a land caretaker ties him back to the earth, making grounding synonymous with presence and being in the moment. - Cultural and Political Dimensions: They discuss how the fast-paced, western, capitalistic world tends to be ungrounded, and why grounding can be seen as a revolutionary and political act. - Emotional Awareness: Grounding is also about facing and processing our emotions, which often surface when we slow down and turn inward. - Wisdom from Nature: Marita brings in the imagery of birds and how they ground even when they are flying, suggesting that grounding is about knowing who you are in your core being. - Lessons from Animals: They share stories of turkeys and pigeons, often overlooked as wisdom keepers, highlighting their roles in teaching us about grounding and caretaking the land. - Historical and Cultural Stories: Discussions about the cultural implications of being "grounded" and historical narratives about animals and their symbolic meanings. Through this rich conversation, Angell and Marita invite listeners to reframe their understanding of grounding, seeing it as an essential practice for cultivating mindfulness, presence, and deeper connections to the earth and each other.


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Listening to the Moon - The Wisdom Path (The Jaguar & The Deer) - Episode 7

In the video "Listening to the Moon" from "The Wisdom of the Jaguar & The Deer," Marita One Who Catches Lightning and Angell Deer delve into the profound connection humans can cultivate with the moon. They share insights on how to sync with the lunar cycles, emphasizing that the moon's influence is not limited to its full phase but extends through its entire cycle. The discussion highlights the Apache moonwalker tradition, which sees the moon as a daily guide. It explores the significance of the new moon in birth and regeneration, contrasting it with the peak experiences often celebrated in Western spirituality. The speakers also touch upon the interconnectedness of the moon's phases with land and life cycles and the importance of fostering a continuous and deep relationship with the moon. They conclude by inviting viewers to discover their own moon cycles and listen to the moon's wisdom, integrating it into their daily lives. Key points explored in the video include: - **Holistic Moon Practices**: Emphasizing the importance of engaging with all phases of the moon, not just the full moon, to foster a continual relationship. - **New Moon Significance**: Highlighting the role of the new moon in representing birth, beginnings, and unseen potential, advocating for a balanced approach that values all phases equally. - **Interconnected Life Cycles**: Discussing how the moon's phases influence natural processes and rituals, and its historical role in the evolution of life on Earth. - **Inclusive Traditions and Cycles**: Stressing that moon cycles are experienced by all genders and describing cultural practices that elevate inclusivity and broader participation in lunar traditions. These points underscore a profound and inclusive understanding of the moon's role, encouraging a deep, ongoing relationship with its cycles for personal and ecological harmony.


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Beyond the Known: Welcoming Mysteries, Becoming Whole

In this episode, we sink into some important depths of the human experience, honoring life's transformative trials and tribulations along the journey toward wholeness. Join us as we tenderly traverse the terrain, uncovering invaluable qualities forged amidst adversity and exploring the distinction between mere knowledge and embodied wisdom. Together, we reflect on the sacredness of mystery and the profound humility that accompanies genuine understanding and healing. Amidst our contemplations, we revere nature as a primary teacher, acknowledging its ancient laws and its vital role in our collective healing journey. This dialogue invites us to welcome life's mysteries and envision a new collective dream rooted in love, curiosity, and gentleness. Let us be guided by the wildness of the heart and the boundless wisdom of the unknown. Thematic Show Notes Below Connect with Angell: Website: Instagram: / thesanctuary.angelldeer Book: Facebook: / angelldeer1 Online Class: Connect with WHR: WHR Website - Instagram - / wild.heart.revival Coyotei Counsel Instagram - / coyotei.counsel Email -


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Surrender (Tool for the Spiritual Practice) - The Wisdom Path (The Jaguar & The Deer) - Episode 6

In this enthralling episode titled "Surrender," hosts Angell Deer and Marita One Who Catches Lightning delve deep into the dynamic concept of surrender, exploring its active essence contrary to common belief of passivity. The dialogue opens with a vibrant touch, setting the stage for a profound discussion that redefines surrender as an immensely alive state, requiring full presence and acute awareness. Marita initiates the conversation by challenging the conventional views of surrender, depicting it not as a defeat but as a powerful engagement with life. She eloquently discusses the transition from self to interdependence, highlighting the importance of being supported by Mother Earth and moving beyond competitive or dominant Western practices. Angell complements this by describing surrender as being fully present and active, rather than passive like a “jellyfish dying on the beach.” Both speakers weave personal insights with spiritual teachings, emphasizing that surrender involves acknowledging the need for help and embracing every aspect of oneself, both the good and the bad. They discuss the somatic and beyond-mind experiences of surrender as moments of true presence, like holding a newborn or witnessing a sunset, where the world fades away, leaving only a profound connection with the moment. The episode also touches on the social and spiritual responsibilities of surrender. It’s depicted as a method of engaging in life actively without running away or losing one's sovereignty. Discussing scenarios from real life to metaphorical and cinematic examples, such as the movie "Don't Look Up," they illustrate how surrender can lead to beautiful moments of community and connection, even in dire circumstances. This discussion not only unpacks the layers of meaning within the word "surrender" but also invites listeners to redefine their approach to personal challenges and life itself. By the end of the episode, surrender is shown not as giving up, but rather as a courageous acceptance of life’s flow, a stepping into mutual co-creation with the universe, and a gateway to awe-inspiring moments of clarity and connection.


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Patience (Tool for the Spiritual Practice) - The Wisdom Path (The Jaguar & The Deer) - Episode 5

In a thoughtful discussion between Angell Deer and Marita, the topic of patience—particularly as a vital skill on the spiritual path—is extensively explored. They open by acknowledging the pressure our modern culture places on speed in almost every aspect of life, from food delivery to education and transportation, highlighting how these expectations alter our perceptions of time and accomplishment. Marita recognizes that our impatience is partly fueled by an existential anxiety tied to our mortality and a deep-seated reluctance in believing that there are forces besides ourselves influencing our lives. This insight segues into discussions about patience as a form of deep relationality and connection—not just with other people, but with the land and broader cosmic rhythms. The conversation delves into how impatience can restrict possibilities, foster disconnect, and create unrealistic expectations that ultimately lead to dissatisfaction and a constant feeling of inadequacy. Angell illustrates this with personal experiences, such as the slow, inevitable growth of a walnut tree, which symbolizes a surrender to natural processes and timelines that cannot be expedited. They also talk about the inherent wisdom of the body and nature, which modern society often overlooks or tries to dominate through hurried schedules, reflecting a broader societal impatience that can also manifest as violence towards the self. The dialogue ends with a call for a more present, contemplative stance toward life. By slowing down, we permit ourselves to co-create with the universe, embracing the vast range of possibilities that patience can offer. This idea is encapsulated in the sentiment that urgent times require us to slow down, suggesting a profound cultural shift that could lead to deeper, more grounded forms of wisdom.


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Discipline (Tool for the Spiritual Practice) - The Wisdom Path (The Jaguar & The Deer) - Episode 4

Join Angell Deer and Marita One Who Catches Lightning for an enlightening conversation in "Discipline, Skill for the Spiritual Practice." In this discussion, they delve into the often misunderstood concept of discipline, exploring how it's more than just a set of rules or restrictions—it's a path to aligning with your true essence. Marita shares insights on the natural laws that govern all of life, from the cosmos down to the cycles of water and trees. She illustrates how discipline is mirrored in nature, particularly through the consistency of trees like the oak, which, without fail, grows towards the sun and nourishes the ecosystem around it. Through the metaphor of the disciplined oak tree, Marita emphasizes the importance of regular spiritual practices as a means to maintain alignment with one’s essence, regardless of the external circumstances. They discuss the negative associations linked with discipline—confinement by societal norms, parental expectations, or academic pressures—and contrast it with the discipline needed to stay true to oneself and one’s spiritual journey. Discipline, as Angell and Marita describe, isn't about limitation but about committing to practices that enhance interdependence and connection with the world. This dialogue invites you to reflect on how you engage with discipline in your life and encourages you to cultivate practices that support your spiritual growth and alignment. It's a call to recognize and honor the discipline inherent in life itself and find your place within it. Whether you’re seeking guidance on your spiritual path or simply curious about integrating more discipline into your life, this video offers profound perspectives on how disciplined practices can lead to freedom and fulfillment. 🌿 **Watch, reflect, and grow with us. Discover how discipline can be a liberating force in your life.** 🌿 [Consider subscribing for more enriching discussions on spirituality, personal growth, and understanding the laws that bind us all.]


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Intuition, Channeling, Who is really speaking to us? - The Wisdom Path (The Jaguar & The Deer) - Episode 3

In this evocative episode of "The Wisdom Path of The Jaguar & The Deer," hosts Marita One Who Catches Lightning and Angell Deer dive deep into the realms of intuition and channeling to explore the essence of spiritual communication and the discernment required in distinguishing between genuine guidance and misleading entities. Their conversation sheds light on the nuances of human interaction with the spiritual world, balancing the wisdom of ancient traditions with contemporary practices in spirituality. The discussion begins with a foundational question: What is intuition? Both hosts agree that intuition, often described as a gut feeling, is an essential aspect of human perception linked to the soul's wisdom beyond the limited self. They emphasize the importance of questioning and refining one's intuitive senses through connection with the body, engagement with spirit guides, and identifying whether impulses arise from true guidance or mere reactions to external conditions. Marita and Angell then navigate the complex topic of channeling, cautioning listeners about the responsibilities and risks involved in opening oneself as a conduit for spiritual entities. They discuss the potential for channelers to inadvertently become mediums for essences that may have unfinished business in the material world, highlighting the importance of conscious agreement and critical questioning of the spirits we engage with. The hosts highlight the significance of grounding spiritual practices in relation to the earth and nature. They advocate for a deep, reciprocal relationship with the land to ensure a firm foundation for any spiritual work. This connection serves as a safeguard, enabling individuals to verify spiritual messages and align with authentic paths of growth and learning. Throughout the episode, Marita and Angell emphasize the diversity of spiritual experiences and the personal nature of intuition and channeling. They remind their audience of the crucial role of teachers, elders, and lineage in providing guidance, support, and accountability on the spiritual journey. Concluding on a note of profound wisdom, the speakers encourage listeners to question everything, cultivate deep connections with the earth, and seek guidance from trusted mentors. This episode of "The Wisdom Path of The Jaguar & The Deer" illuminates the intricacies of intuition and channeling and offers valuable insights for those navigating the rich, sometimes daunting, landscape of spiritual exploration.


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Why We Need to Be Wild, You Are Still a Hunter Gatherer!

Join Angell Deer in an enlightening conversation with Jessica Carew Kraft, the author of "Why We Need to Be Wild: One Woman’s Quest for Ancient Human Answers to 21st-Century Questions," as they delve into the essence of rewilding our modern lives. This interview unravels the time-worn tales of human connection with nature and challenges the conventional narratives presented in reality survival shows and modern culture. Theme Highlights: **Rewilding Parenting:** Rethinking child-rearing with nature at its heart. **Community vs. Lone Survival Myths:** Debunking the image of the isolated wild man with historical truths of communal living. **Reality of Survival Shows:** Discussing what popular TV gets wrong about the real skills and spirit of survival. **Access to Wilderness:** Advocating for universal access to wild spaces and skills crucial for personal and communal growth. **Living with Stone Age Technology:** Insights into contemporary individuals who harness ancestral skills to navigate the modern world. **Personal Rewilding:** How anyone can start rewilding their lives, regardless of location or background. **Critique of Civilization:** Exploring the notion that many of today's personal and societal issues stem not from individual failings, but from the very structure of modern civilization. **Technological Skepticism:** Jessica shares insightful critiques on how today's technological advancements, while beneficial in some areas, often fail to address deeper human needs and can create an additional disconnect. **Egalitarian Societies:** Discussion on the inherent equality within hunter-gatherer societies and how this contrasts with today's hierarchical structures. **Mythological Implications of Rewilding:** Unpacking the myths and romanticism often associated with returning to a 'simpler' or 'more authentic' way of living, and what rewilding realistically looks like in the modern context. **Digital Detoxification:** Emphasizing the benefits and methods of reducing digital overload in our lives to improve mental health and interpersonal relations. About Jessica Carew Kraft Author and independent journalist, Jessica brings a rich background in anthropology to the fore, exploring pressing contemporary issues through the lens of ancient wisdoms. Lifelong learning led her from the tech-centric atmosphere of Silicon Valley to the wild expanses where she practices and teaches ancestral skills. Also an editor and ghostwriter, Jessica has worked with influential figures in the wellness and sports sectors.In-Depth Discussion Points: - Jessica’s transformative journey from a high-tech lifestyle to embracing a reconnection with nature. - The importance of community over isolation and how modern survival shows often miss this aspect. - The practicality of ancient skills in the modern era and how they offer robust alternatives to the fragility of contemporary technology-reliant lives. - Rewilding as an inclusive, voluntary return to nature-rich living rather than a forced abandonment of modern conveniences. - The role of community building in both rural and urban settings to foster deeper, meaningful connections. This interview promises a deep dive into rewilding as a survival tactic and a profound, fulfilling lifestyle choice that reconnects us with our human roots and offers a more sustainable, joyous approach to living. Tune in to uncover how integrating ancient skills and mindsets can invigorate your daily life and community interactions. **Read More:** Jessica's book is available at major retailers for those captivated by the discussion and eager to delve deeper. It is a compelling read filled with rich anthropological insights and personal anecdotes. Join us as we explore how embracing our "wild" roots can address many of the existential and practical challenges facing us today.
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Exploring Shamanism & Environmental Stewardship with Angell Deer

In this episode, we dive into the extraordinary journey of Angell Deer, a beacon of holistic wellness, environmental stewardship, and spiritual enlightenment. Join us as we explore Angell's transformation from a corporate leader in luxury retail to a revered shaman and mystic, founding The Sanctuary, a haven for spiritual seekers nestled in the serene Catskill Mountains. Discover how his profound connection to nature and ancient wisdom led him to establish The New York Bee Sanctuary, advocating for the protection of bees and wild pollinators on a global scale. Here’s what you will discover in this new podcast episode: 1. The Importance of Putting Teachings on the Heart and Allowing It to Break Open 2. The Struggle with Entrepreneurship and the Pressure to Succeed 3. Creating Bee Sanctuaries 4. The Importance of Pollination and Decline of Honeybees and Its Impact on Ecosystems and Food Production 5. Shamanism as a Practical Way of Connecting to Nature Tune in to uncover the wisdom of a modern-day mystic and gain valuable insights into conscious living, environmental stewardship, and spiritual awakening. This is a replay from The Conscious Living Podcast at