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Healing and Transformation | The Soul Frequency Show #46

Have you ever noticed there is a frequency to every conversation? Some conversations are at a frequency that almost everyone would easily understand and would not feel resistance to integrating it. Then there are conversations that carry some higher frequencies. Conversations about consciousness, transformation, the way we live life, emotional intelligence, and various levels of healing; conversations like this cause some people to either tune out, be in resistance to listening, or literally...


The Toxic Home Transformation | The Soul Frequency Show #45

We are going to be talking about ways we can have a toxic home transformation. The coolest thing is that you may have heard of a few tips, but we are going to share some surprising details that you probably have never heard of, but really need to. It is no mystery that there are a lot of toxins in our environment, but wholly moly there are some scary ones in our homes! My podcast guest today is not only building a non-toxic home right now from scratch, but you are going to find out why...


Speaking To Spirit | The Soul Frequency Show #44

I have a lot of gratitude for what today’s guest is about to share with you. She is going to be sharing about speaking to spirit, calling on greater guidance, and how we can be more connected. The reason I feel so grateful is that life has it’s fair share of ups and downs, opportunities for growth, and times we get called up to trust ourselves or something greater than ourselves. Things aren’t always easy. You might find a few new perspectives on life and even some things you may have or...


Dance and Transform | The Soul Frequency Show #43

My own life story makes me think that it is very natural to move our bodies to the music, but sometimes the structure or expectation gets in the way. Today, we are talking about our bodies, dance and how it can help heal the past while opening up new levels of joy. It is time to reclaim our bodies, dance and transform the way we move, and start feeling empowered and free! This week, I had dance and transformation expert, Christine Garvin on the show. Christine is a graduate of UNC Chapel...


The Grounded Mind | The Soul Frequency Show #42

Have you ever tried to meditate and had your mind go wild? Do you ever feel like you are not quite sure you’re doing it right? I am sure most of us have felt that way. If you have experienced either of those you are going to love this absolutely refreshing perspective on grounded mind meditation; and how my guest’s work ties in a whole other level to this conversation. I had the founder of Grounded Meditation, David Gandelman, on the show. David is a meditation expert and host of the...


Intuitive Eating | The Soul Frequency Show #41

Have you ever been on a diet? I bet at one point or another, you have in some form. Did it make you feel excited, happy, free, joyful and self-loving? Well, if it did you may want to stick with that. If your experience was not all of those things, we are going to talk about how we can listen to our own intuition about food and what our individual bodies actually want as we practice intuitive eating. This week, I had Nurse Practitioner and Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Katie...


Universal Healing Tao Medical Qigong | The Soul Frequency Show #40

Have you ever felt been plagued by some physical ailment or had a mystery pain that won’t seem to subside? Sometimes the health of our physical body eludes us and finding the root cause can seem out of reach….enter medical qigong. This week, I had Medical QiGong educator, practitioner and consultant, Sarina Stone on the show. Sarina’s story with quigong begins with meeting Medical QiGong Master, Mantak Chia. He taught Sarina that her emotions produced energy and that energy affects...


Archangels and Ascended Masters | The Soul Frequency Show #39

Have you ever felt alone and unsure of what choices to make? We often feel like everything is on us and we have to navigate this life on our own. What if there are angels and ascended masters that want to help? It feels pretty good to feel like – hey – I don’t need to do this myself – there is an abundance of support ready and waiting. All you have to do is ask. This week, celebrity psychic, Laura Powers joined me on the show. She has been featured by Buzzfeed, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX,...


The Rainbow Diet: Healing With Color | The Soul Frequency Show #38

How colorful are you? Are there colors that you would never wear? Are there colors that you would never eat in your diet, or you just don’t find yourself eating in your diet? Prepare to have your mind blown on today’s episode when you dive into color, how different colors are connected to different organs in your body, the rainbow diet, and how color is an integral part of your being. This week, health educator, researcher, and author, Dr. Deanna Minich, was on the show with me. Dr. Minich...


How To Lean Inside | The Soul Frequency Show #37

I have always believed that if we could talk face-to-face, share our hearts and listen to the experience of one another with an open mind that we would find commonality. That is how we truly transform in the most important ways. How we resonate more with love, kindness, and truth. Understanding yourself, learning to lean inside, and being open to understanding others is the most important gift to this world. This only happens when one person makes a choice, then another person, and...


Biofield Healing | The Soul Frequency Show #36

Do you understand that energy is information? The frequency of that energy is associated with our experiences in life. Let's learn about biofield healing and how it can help with chronic health problems. WHY DO I STILL HURT? How is it possible, after everything you've tried, that you're STILL dealing with the same old pain and symptoms? Learn how to Remove Your Pain and Get Your Energy and Life Back on track with the founder of The Biofield Healing Institute™. This week, founder and...


Healing With Homeopathy | The Soul Frequency Show #35

Have you heard about homeopathy? They are natural remedies that have been used since the late 1800s and are much more than supplements and herbs! This week, I had Naturopath, Licensed Acupuncturist, Functional Medicine™ expert, and Homeopath, Dr. Carol Lourie on the show. Carol has over 30 years of experience in providing integrative health care. Her proprietary process - The Lourie Process - helps people reclaim their health by looking back to the roots of their illness. They create a...


Inclusion, Empathy and Racial Equity | The Soul Frequency Show #34

Ever had someone offend you or treat you like an outsider? Sometimes feeling like an outsider could be from an intentional action made by another. Other times we are made to feel this way unintentionally, but by virtue of the blind spots of another. As human beings, we literally can’t see ourselves fully and don’t always realize that our actions may be making others feel uncomfortable or even causing them to be offended. This week, seasoned facilitator, executive coach, consultant, and...


Self Empowerment | The Soul Frequency Show #33

What makes someone feel self-empowered? This is a huge question and one that many times goes unanswered. Knowing exactly where self empowerment comes from can seem elusive, yet we are going to dive into the links between childhood trauma and how it relates to self-empowerment. There is great research on how our physical body and brain responds to the early imprinting we receive, and the probability of certain experiences occurring as a result of it later on in life. This week,...


The Five Elements Of Chinese Medicine | The Soul Frequency Show #32

What did the ancient cultures know about health that we might be missing today? One of those things was the natural flow of energy in the body and how to free up our energy for better health. Today, we are specifically talking about the five elements of Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine reaches far beyond physical health to look at emotional health, how we live our lives and how we are relating to nature. This week, Licensed Acupuncturist, board-certified herbalist, Chinese Medicine...


Deep Love Rocking Relationships | The Soul Frequency Show #31

Who wants a rocking relationship and soulful sex? Well, this is a super simple one to answer! Who doesn’t want to have more fulfilling, connected and loving relationships? We live in a time of increasing disconnection due to the distractions of technology, the pace of life and so much more. We literally need a guidebook on how to reconnect first with self and then with others - along with how to make those connections deeper and more meaningful. This week, I had motivational speaker,...


Awakening Your Greatness | The Soul Frequency #30

What is an awakening experience? This is a tough one to answer, as it can look different from person to person. The common through line of awakening to your greatness is a change in perspective on life and an increase in self-awareness. I don’t know about you, but I am of the opinion that greater perspectives and more self-awareness is the exact evolution that the world needs right now. This week, I had the founder of H&DF Magazine, Matt Gottesman on the show. Matt is inspiring a movement...


Sensation Based Mindset Training | The Soul Frequency Show #29

Do you need a new shift and perspective? Then you'll want to learn about sensation based mindset training! If anything is in your way of living your best life and you want to create a new mindset, this is your lucky day, my friend! There is no scarcity of fears, past hurts, or beliefs that can trip you up on your way to becoming your best self. Everyone on a path of growth knows that you have to have great tools to keep you moving forward, growing, and expanding. Today, we are diving into...


Essential Oils For Abundant Living | The Soul Frequency Show #28

Do essential oils help you to live the abundant life? The answer is, yes, and they are pretty powerful! Essential oils are nature’s gift to humanity. Their powerful healing properties have been used since ancient times and yet, it is always important to learn to use them safely and properly. They can be used in many ways and we are going to dive right into the uses of essential oils for abundant living and how they can make a positive impact on your physiology. Plus, this episode has so...


The Frequency Of Your Name | The Soul Frequency Show #27

Does your name have an energy frequency? The answer is yes! It most certainly does. When we are born we are given a name that has an energy frequency to it. We also have a birth date that has it’s own energy frequency, and a day of birth that has yet another frequency. There is an energy imprint that happens when we are born that can help us understand what we will come to experience in this lifetime. We carry these numbers with us through our lifetime. It's our name frequency. This week,...