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#20 Josh Perrault Keto Actor and Body by Bacon - The Tactical Kitchen Show

Joshua Perrault isn't just all about bacon. We had the best time getting to know him in this podcast. He's an Actor, former chubby kid, an athlete and a Bacon Nerd who used to live in his van! You'll learn some awesome keto hacks to make life simple from this cool bacon lovin' dude. Listen close, because he drops some nuggets of knowledge along the way. While he pursues his acting career he works with Pederson's Natural Farms and has helped them develop a KETO BOX! That's right. A KETO BOX...


#18 Dr. Ken Berry Uses a Keto Approach to Change Lives - The Tactical Kitchen Show

In this weeks episode we are chewing the fat with Dr. Ken Berry! Dr. Berry is a straight shooter from Tennessee who tells it like it is when it comes to your health! Like he says, If you like it limp-wristed and sugar-coated then you should probably look somewhere else.~~Ken Berry, MD If you're not currently subscribed to Dr. Berry's YouTube that now! Just click that link...he keeps 'em short and to the point. It's everything you could possibly want to know about Keto in one...


#17 Keto on a European Vacation - The Tactical Kitchen Show

There is bread every where you go! We are sharing triumphs and failures from our 10 day European trip to Germany, France and Luxembourg in this episode! It's not easy being in an unfamiliar place and keeping your dietary needs met. Especially when traveling abroad. So hang out with us for a few minutes as we share the ups and downs of travel. And how we got back on track when we got home! There are some important lessons we have learned in our Ketogenic Journey. We are sharing a few pics...


#16 My Junk Doesn’t Work: The Hormone Episode - The Tactical Kitchen Show

In this episode we are tackling another taboo topic! Those SEX Hormones! Ladies and Gentlemen, cover your kids ears and let's talk about what's going on in your nether regions! Sexual Health issues can often be traced back to what's going on in our diet, digestion, gut health and stress levels! Most sexual health issues begin with the relationship between food and stress! Issues like PMS, erectile dysfunction, low testosterone, low libido, infertility, and irregular periods, and much much...


#15 Breaking Free From Sugar and the Power of Mindset | Maida Ference, NTP - The Tactical Kitchen Show

We missed you guys last week! Steve and I took a MUCH needed weekend trip to Austin, Texas to decompress. Which brings us to this weeks "more than just food" episode. Today it's about finding YOU! The mind is a powerful tool in your health journey. In this episode we are chatting with fellow Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Maida Ference of Nuanced Nutrition. Her passion also resides in being a 21 Day Sugar Detox coach. Through this well known program developed by Diane Sanfilippo, Maida...


#14 The Keto Diet and Mental Health - The Tactical Kitchen Show

This is a delicate subject. If we are going to successfully address the epidemic of Depression and other Mental Health issues we simply must address Diet and Digestive Health! The last couple of weeks you may have seen or heard the celebrity news. Two fairly well know people in our culture took their own lives. This brings a lot of attention to a dark subject. We are familiar with this topic around our own home. Steve is a 21 year USAF Veteran and you probably know the statistics of...


#13: Using the Keto Diet to Optimize Body Composition and Performance– KetoSavage Robert Sikes - The Tactical Kitchen Show

You can't build muscle without Carbs!---WRONG! Today we chat with Robert Sikes creator of Keto Savage! We had such a great time discussing the Keto Diet approach and all of the health benefits, mental clarity improvements as well as the ability to just do life better! .... But Dude! Seriously look at how it can increase your performance!!! Whether you're an endurance athlete, competitive bodybuilder, or you just want to get better at LIFE in general, this is a NO BRAINER! Give your body...


#12 Dave Feldman | The Ketogenic Cholesterol Whisperer - The Tactical Kitchen Show

Episode 12- We Chewed the FAT with Dave Feldman. The Ketogenic Cholesterol Whisperer! Dave is an Engineer. Engineer's have this amazing ability to think in systems, to see patterns and to question how something works. But what does that have to do with cholesterol? Dave's personal journey has led him to devote his life to the understanding of cholesterol. In this episode you'll hear Dave's personal story and the different experiments he's conducted. He has shifted his cholesterol more than...


#11 Dr. Ryan Lowery on Ketones Athletic Performance Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s and TBI - The Tactical Kitchen Show

This week we chat with Dr. Ryan P. Lowery! Ryan is one of the kindest humans you will ever meet. He infuses his exuberant positivity into everything he does. He is co-author of The Ketogenic Bible, which is the authoritative guide to ketosis and packed with practical information and all the best research at your fingertips. As President of ASPI, The Applied Science and Performance Institute, he has honed his skills not only with Athletes, but in the arena of Neurodegenerative Diseases such...


Dr. Benjamin Bikman Insulin, Protein and Disease–Episode 10 - The Tactical Kitchen Show

Today we speak with Dr. Benjamin Bikman from Brigham Young University! We know you're going to love this! Try to keep up as we talk about Protein, Insulin Resistance, Brown and White Fat, Human Fertility and what the heck is Glucagon and how can I get some!!!??? Dr. Bikman, who prefers to be called Ben, is an Associate Professor, researcher and a very curious Human! His Twitter bio reads... Endlessly fascinated by the scope of diseases caused by insulin resistance and what to do about it....


Keto to Carnivore: PTSD and a Broken Femur-Episode 009 - The Tactical Kitchen Show

What does a Stunt Man and an Equestrian Coach have in common? You'll find out in this episode! Today we chat with Charlie and Beth Parrish about their personal journey from a Keto Diet to a Carnivore Diet. Listen in to find out how these changes have made an impact on their health and in their personal lives. What does diet have to do with stress, anxiety and PTSD? What happens with severe injuries and inflammation? Their story is pretty amazing and you will definitely want to hang out...


Dr. Peter Ballerstedt- Keto and Where We’ve Gone Wrong-Episode 008 - The Tactical Kitchen Show

In this episode we speak with Dr. Peter Ballerstedt of Grass Based Health. Dr. Ballerstedt is an Agronomist who is seeking a Ruminant Revolution! With his expertise in Forage and Ruminant Animal Agriculture you'll learn about his passion to bring the world of the Consumer and Producer to a better understanding of one another. He's not only an expert on how Ruminants eat and live, but he has also spent many years studying the Human Diet and Health. Like many of us, his own health crisis...


Calories on Keto-Why You Should STOP COUNTING: Episode 007 - The Tactical Kitchen Show

This is the question we are asked most often! How many calories should I be eating everyday to lose weight? We address this hot topic in Episode 007! Does this look like your Digestive System? The Bomb Calorimeter is at the heart of Calorie Counting. Would you believe that the idea of Counting Calories has something in common with the Cholesterol Diet Heart Hypothesis? Listen to Episode 007 to find out what that "Something" in common is! SERIOUSLY! Do Calories matter? Isn't it just your...


Carnivore Did We Give Up?–Episode 006 - The Tactical Kitchen Show

All good things must come to an end. --Chaucer In Episode 006 find out if we called it quits on the Carnivore Diet! My whole life has been an experiment! We are in this to find what works for us and think you should do the same. Don't be Carnivore, Keto, Low Carb, Zero Carb or Paleo just to say you are. Experiment to find your optimal health. We have some more Weird Nutrition Facts to share this week. We talk about Cornflakes and Gorillas! Do I get vitamins B1, B2, B12 and K when I'm not...


The Carnivore Diet and Detoxing-Episode 005 - The Tactical Kitchen Show

This week in Episode 5 we talk about some strange things that happened on our Zero Carb-Carnivore Journey! This week it's all about weird nutrition happenings! There's Arsenic in Your Rice WWII Propaganda Carrots #PropagandaCarrots You can't make this stuff up! We have learned that sometimes things get worse before they get better when you're striving to improve your health. You know that saying "No pain, No Gain!" What weird things happened to us? We share a few of our experiences that...


Carnivore Experiment: 10 Things We Learned- Episode 004 - The Tactical Kitchen Show

This week in episode 4 we share the TOP TEN Takeaways after more than 70 Days on a Zero Carb Carnivore Diet! This is our experience of eating a diet comprised of primarily beef, pork, eggs, butter, and yeah a little coffee. We're talking about food and guilt! Find out what Melody ate that's not made from an animal. We'll share how it has impacted our gut health, sleep, energy, workouts and even our hair, skin and nails. Did we get scurvy? Listen to find out. Are we still eating a Carnivore...


Keto and The Digestive Mousetrap- Episode 003 - The Tactical Kitchen Show

Have you ever played the game Mousetrap? In this weeks episode Steve and Melody discuss the fundamentals and foundations of Digestion and how it can be just like that *cool game of the 1970s...Mousetrap! *Disclaimer: Steve thinks the game Mousetrap is super lame! Find out how the whole digestive process is supposed to work and what can happen when food gets trapped! What's that? You're wondering if we talk about poop again? Of course there's some talk about poop. Listen in for some simple...


The Carnivore Experiment Episode 002 - The Tactical Kitchen Show

In this episode Steve and Melody share their journey on an all animal kingdom, zero carb, ketogenic experiment.We explore what it's like to live without the Ketogenic "good guy" carbs by cutting it all out. No Fruits! No Veggies! No Carbs! Period! We have spent the last 60 days eating a diet of all animal products. Our lab values were taken at day 32 and we share those results with YOU here, along with some other information about our journey. Here are some of the questions we address in...


The Tactical Kitchen Intro to Keto – Episode 001 - The Tactical Kitchen Show

What happens when a retired Special Operations Combat Controller and Chef change career paths? In Episode 001 find out who Steve and Melody are and how they changed their life by simply changing what they eat! ​ Who are Steve and Melody? Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet Is the Ketogenic Diet right for you? Favorite Fats The most important supplements for a Keto Beginner Click the link below to find out how you can have your voice heard by the USDA in regards to the upcoming 2020 USDA Dietary...