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#35 The Upside Down World of Don’t Eat Red Meat

Listen Up! Some dietary advice that's given must have come from a game of Telephone...It's just hearsay! Doesn't it feel like the World has just gone Mad sometimes when this is acceptable... But this is Not! Eating has become a religion to some and with that common sense gets thrown out the window. We are chatting today about the Upside Down World we live in when it comes to diet! We believe in a common sense approach to assess some of the routinely recommended dietary restrictions that come...


#34 Keto Rantisode|BioAvailability of Nutrients, Cellulite, Pregnancy on Keto

It's our Keto Rantisode! We are chatting about these issues! Bio-Availability of Nutrients: Plants vs. Animals Cellulite and the Ketogenic Diet Is Keto safe while pregnant? What about Keto for Kids? Starting a Keto Diet- The Basics To listen to Episode 5: The Carnivore Diet and Detoxing go Here! Did you hear the part about the Keto Chocolate Silk Pie? Want the recipe? Go Here! Until week... EAT FAT AND PROSPER! Steve and Melody


#33 Keto for Veterans and Melody’s Veggie Experiment

It's Veteran's Day Weekend and Steve is the subject today. Steve spent his 21 year career as a USAF Combat Controller. We chew the fat about diet and how it impacts the modern Warfighter. Link to Steve's article in the Dallas Morning News Free Consultations Here! Exogenous Ketone Information To schedule Steve and Melody to speak at your event go here.


#32 Taking the Wrong Magnesium and How to Avoid Holiday Stress

If you asked any random person on the street which one of these has more magnesium, the steak or the broccoli? It's very likely that the answer would be the plant based food. Why is that? Is it because beef doesn't contain Magnesium or that broccoli provides so much more of this essential mineral? We are chewing the fat today about some of the biases surrounding the information on the interweb when it comes to getting proper information concerning the nutrient content of foods. Is there a...


#31 Do We Supplement and Recovery From Halloween Treats

We get asked about our Supplement Protocol every week! Today we are sharing what we take, why we take it, how we take it and if you should take it too! We are also chewing the fat about what to do if you eat Halloween Treats! How to get back into Ketosis What supplements will be beneficial after falling off the wagon Should you Fast or just Workout hard! Now get ready for another unique intro to the podcast because Steve broke out his Spookiest Halloween Welcome! Info about Exogenous Ketones...


#30 Carnivore and Nutrient Deficiency

We are chewing the fat about Nutrient Deficiency! Should you supplement? Is that still considered Carnivore? We are hitting several topics surrounding vegan, fruitarian, carnivore and autoimmune disease today. Eat Fat and Prosper, Steve and Melody To get personalized training and health coaching go here. Our Favorite way to eat eggs: Go here!


#29 Carnivore Update Erections and Orgasms

Today we are laying it out there. People ask us about so many personal issues. The big one seems to almost always be about poop! But... We know that you want to ask us about this! Some of you have! But maybe some of you guys feel like it's stepping over the line. Well, we are taking the pressure off and letting you know what to expect on a Carnivore-Ketivore Diet. Sexual health is directly related to your health in general...which is totally related to your dietary choices. It's not rocket...


#28 Joe Rogan Nutrition Wars

Who Won? We are chewin' the fat today about all of those JRE Podcasts! The last couple of weeks we have see a veritable who's who parade on the JRE. What happened? We are going to try and quickly break it down and give you some highlights. So drop the cupcakes and slap in those earbuds. We promise it's not 4 hours long. We're hitting some highlights and throwing in our two cents and personal experience on the topics of Carnivore, Vegan, Sugar, Vegetables, Fiber and a few other hot topics....


#27 Kristin Rowell Uses Keto for Marathons and Bodybuilding

We have a treat for you this week! This episode isn't just for athletes. It's not just for women. It's for anyone who has encountered an obstacle and made that obstacle the way! We had the opportunity to chat with Kristin Rowell this weekend. Get ready! After chatting with her we were so inspired and ready to conquer this week and we know you will be too! Kristin isn't your typical Marathon runner! She is also a Pro-Card carrying Natural Bodybuilder. This is what we have termed The Mythical...


#26 Carnivore Update and Focusing on Better

It's Episode something or another! And we are chewing the fat about chewing the steak! Come hang out with us today while we share our Carnivore Update. It's been 10 months with a few bumps in the road...but we are back to a stricter version of this "Crazy" way of eating! Also in this episode: When someone calls you Fat on your YouTube channel call them out. Duh. We are hitting the topic of weight loss and expectations. We know everyone is out to shed a few pounds even if you came here...


#25 Carnivore and Fatigue

I am so fcking tired...Is it my Diet? We all have high expectations when it comes to a Ketogenic or Carnivore Diet. Maybe you thought these diets would come packaged with limitless energy or that you would never get sick again! Let's set expectations today! It's all about Rest and Recovery! Growth and Healing require R&R every bit as much as some good protein and fat! So come on...let's chew the fat with Steve and Melody Learn more about Online Coaching from The Tactical Kitchen here! Eat...


#24 What’s the Third Leading Cause of Death | Questioning Keto

Today we are causing all kinds of trouble. Come on in and stay for a while. Let's chew the fat about the third leading cause of death in the United States and if you should question your doctor. To find out more about Steve and Melody go to Follow us on Instagram to see us in our natural habitat. Eat Fat and Prosper Steve and Melody


#23 Carnivore and Working Out

Come hang out with us today and chew the fat about working out! ...of course that fat is in a big juicy ribeye! Today's episode is a discussion on physical fitness and how it is NEVER too late to begin this journey. There are some major components to a good workout program and we are sharing the MOST undervalued component of any workout routine. We hope you feel inspired today to start something new. Working out can be a little intimidating for some of us...especially when you're over 40!...


#22 Low Carb StudyMageddon | Is Saturated Fat Poison?

Some of the most ridiculous nonsense we've heard in a good while came out recently in the guise of Scientific Research...ya know...Studies. You probably heard about the study which claims to prove that a "Low Card Diet Leads to Early Death." Here is the link if you have time to waste on this sh*tty crappy no good "research." The Lancet:Dietary carbohydrate intake and mortality: a prospective cohort study and meta-analysis Join us in this weeks session of Chewing the Fat where we discuss this...


#21 Carnivore Hot Topic at LowCarb USA

In Episode 21 we bring back some highlights from Low Carb USA San Diego 2018! Check out how you can get tickets to the next event at this link: Get the free videos from the conference here! Now come join our conversation and get the scoop on what's happening in the Keto World as we discuss protein consumption, plant toxins and the hottest topic of the weekend...CARNIVORE! EAT FAT AND PROSPER Steve and Melody


#20 Josh Perrault Keto Actor and Body by Bacon

Joshua Perrault isn't just all about bacon. We had the best time getting to know him in this podcast. He's an Actor, former chubby kid, an athlete and a Bacon Nerd who used to live in his van! You'll learn some awesome keto hacks to make life simple from this cool bacon lovin' dude. Listen close, because he drops some nuggets of knowledge along the way. While he pursues his acting career he works with Pederson's Natural Farms and has helped them develop a KETO BOX! That's right. A KETO BOX...


#18 Dr. Ken Berry Uses a Keto Approach to Change Lives

In this weeks episode we are chewing the fat with Dr. Ken Berry! Dr. Berry is a straight shooter from Tennessee who tells it like it is when it comes to your health! Like he says, If you like it limp-wristed and sugar-coated then you should probably look somewhere else.~~Ken Berry, MD If you're not currently subscribed to Dr. Berry's YouTube that now! Just click that link...he keeps 'em short and to the point. It's everything you could possibly want to know about Keto in one...


#17 Keto on a European Vacation

There is bread every where you go! We are sharing triumphs and failures from our 10 day European trip to Germany, France and Luxembourg in this episode! It's not easy being in an unfamiliar place and keeping your dietary needs met. Especially when traveling abroad. So hang out with us for a few minutes as we share the ups and downs of travel. And how we got back on track when we got home! There are some important lessons we have learned in our Ketogenic Journey. We are sharing a few pics...


#16 My Junk Doesn’t Work: The Hormone Episode

In this episode we are tackling another taboo topic! Those SEX Hormones! Ladies and Gentlemen, cover your kids ears and let's talk about what's going on in your nether regions! Sexual Health issues can often be traced back to what's going on in our diet, digestion, gut health and stress levels! Most sexual health issues begin with the relationship between food and stress! Issues like PMS, erectile dysfunction, low testosterone, low libido, infertility, and irregular periods, and much much...


#15 Breaking Free From Sugar and the Power of Mindset | Maida Ference, NTP

We missed you guys last week! Steve and I took a MUCH needed weekend trip to Austin, Texas to decompress. Which brings us to this weeks "more than just food" episode. Today it's about finding YOU! The mind is a powerful tool in your health journey. In this episode we are chatting with fellow Nutritional Therapy Practitioner Maida Ference of Nuanced Nutrition. Her passion also resides in being a 21 Day Sugar Detox coach. Through this well known program developed by Diane Sanfilippo, Maida...