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The Ketogenic Diet is the most effective weapon in the battle for your health.


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The Ketogenic Diet is the most effective weapon in the battle for your health.






#102 We have BIG news!

On today's show we have a big announcement so make sure you hang with us until the end! I'm posting a surprise link below! Be sure and take a peak! Get a SNEAK PEAK here! Get our FREE Carnivore Chicken Crust Pizza Recipe here! Eat Fat and Prosper! Steve and Melody


#101 Are You Being the Change?

We have lost some very important people to us over the last few months. Losing someone important seems to result in self-reflection. Over the last several weeks we have, again, asked ourselves if we are the change we want to see in the world. In today's episode we are chatting about that topic. It's a good question to ask. Am I being the change? Our book Carnivore Diet Cookbook: 6 Weeks of Meal Plans and Recipes to Reset and Achieve Optimal Health is going on sale May 11, 2021! We will keep...


#100 Where We’ve Been and How to Start Anything

It's been a while. During the holiday season life took a severe turn and I (Melody) lost one of the most important people in my life. We appreciate your patience as we took a very long hiatus to allow me to get my self together, finish writing a book, grieve, and just have some time uncoupled from a few extra this podcast. Sometimes you have to let things go and just regroup. That's exactly what we have done. Thank you so much for being here. Our first time back in the...


#99 The Virus Vaccine

...Oh and we are talking about sweet potatoes. Sounds a little like we're all over the map right! We are just two health advocates sharing our journey and how we navigate the carnivore lifestyle. So join us while we discuss sweet potatoes and vaccinations? We mentioned the KetoMojo in the show. If you want an easy way to purchase just go here.


#98 Get Off the Hamster Wheel

Every holiday season we hear the stories from friends, clients. and even our own personal experiences, about getting stuck in a rut on the proverbial hamster wheel. How do we stay on plan during this time of year? Especially this year, because 2020 has been a real challenge! With gyms being closed for some and stay at home orders that can even interfere with outdoor activity it's difficult to get on a program and make it stick. The holidays are a time when it's easy to get derailed in our...


Activating The Immune System

Check out today's episode where we discuss ways to activate your immune system that have nothing to do with food. We provide a few simple tips to boost your overall well being which can be incorporated regardless of your fitness level or where you live. Take a moment today and leave us simple review on iTunes. We make every effort to share our honest experience of incorporating the ketogenic and carnivore diet for individuals over 50 years of age. Well, at least one of us is over 50. Follow...


#96 Carnivore, Dairy and Dawn Phenomenon

We are back to posting episodes each Monday! This has been such a strange time in the world and we need some consistency. We are hitting a few topics that continually come up within conversations with clients today. Can I have dairy?What should I test my Blood Glucose?Why is my Blood Glucose high in the morning?How to best take advantage of the "Dawn Phenomenon" I mentioned an article that contains a study associated with the consumption of dairy and viruses. Specifically respiratory...


#95 We’re Back on High Fat Keto

It's been a while! How are you guys? We appreciate all the inquiries about the podcast during our hiatus. It has been a strange year for us all. Let's just talk about how much fat we are eating! That's much more fun. If you don't already follow us on Instagram head over to our page and check out our Instagram Stories. That's where I'm posting daily about ketone and blood glucose readings (using my KetoMojo) along with over sharing about food and workouts. You'll get a high fat daily dose of...


#94 Keto Kids and Questions

This is a little personal for us today. We are talking about our grandsons going on a Keto Diet. We also answer a couple of questions brought up by our last episode about Keto Basics. Thanks for tuning in and hanging with us! Eat fat and prosper! Steve and Melody To schedule a 15 Minute Complimentary Consult go here!


#93 Keto Basics

Ya Basic! Sometimes we just need a little refresher. Today we are sharing how we initiate some easy steps for a Keto Newbie. We learned the hard way about throwing too much information at someone at once. Let's keep things simple! Stick to the BASICS! The big changes. Those micro changes will come in time. But if you've been living this high fat lifestyle for a while, this is still for you! We all need a little encouragement sometimes. If you're looking for extra support on your health...


#92 Recovery and What Protein to Fat Ratio is Correct?

Today we have two topics that go together quite nicely. When is it time to take a recovery week or rest days? How do you structure a recovery week?What are the benefits of rest and recovery?How much protein and fat should I be eating?How does my protein and fat ratio relate to my activity and recovery?Why doesn't Melody follow her own rules? To set up your Complimentary Consultation go here! Eat fat and prosper Steve and Melody


#91 Eating for Health vs Eating for Weight Loss

Weight Loss is one of the top concerns my clients put down on their intake paperwork. But when I look at the paperwork I typically find a myriad of health issues. Some are actually very serious. But weight loss is the number one concern. Is that wrong? No it's not wrong. But this may be the wrong focus. We all want to be healthy. But in all honesty we REALLY want to see a certain number on the scale or we want to fit in a certain pair of jeans right! Today we are talking about how we shifted...


#90 Maybe it’s the Menopause

Hey guys! We are all still living that quarantine life. We hope today's podcast finds you healthy and happy! Today Steve and I are chatting about getting back to one of the key basic Keto Principles. When you've been doing something for a while there comes a time when you just need to get back to what made it work at the beginning! We are talking about getting back to our deliciously fatty keto roots. And of course we will be talking about workouts, dietary strategies and a new topic for...


#89 Should You Be Fasting So Much?

Don't get me wrong. Fasting is a beneficial tool in the war on Metabolic Disease and other health related issues. But it isn't always prudent for everyone to do it consistently for long periods of time. I'm not talking about planned extended fasts that are designed to reset the immune system. I'm talking about continuous Intermittent Fasting. That's one of our main topics today. Should you be fasting so damn much? We know this is a difficult time in all of our lives and we appreciate you...


#88 Metabolic Flexibility During Coronavirus Quarantine

This has been a surreal few weeks guys! Today Steve and I wanted to just show up and chat with you about some of our experiences during this Covid19 quarantine. Much of the world's population have been instructed to stay in their homes and most non essential businesses are closed. Yet many others who are essential workers are giving everything they have to take care of the sick during this crisis, or to keep the country stocked up on toilet paper. Seriously who knew toilet paper would be...


#87 Social Distancing and Creating a Plan to Stay Sane!

We are sharing some of our ideas, thoughts and plans for this period of time that we are all being asked to practice Social Distancing. I know some of you have been doing this for years! But in all seriousness there are some key things to discuss about this topic. Join us for this chat and let us know what your plans are and how you're navigating this interesting time in our world. We appreciate you for taking the time to subscribe and leave us a review on iTunes! Check out some of our...


#86 The Spring Forward Mentality

Spring Forward has come and gone. But the effects may linger for a few days. We are talking today about Springing Forward in your health journey. Is it normal to go through periods of time feeling highly motivated and then experience time periods where everything just feels like a struggle? Join us today as we talk about motivation, or the lack of motivation. To get more information on how we serve our clients health needs through Personalized One on One Nutrition and Training visit our...


#85 Coronavirus and What We Plan to Do

We are sharing some of our strategies today for staying healthy and being prepared. Check out our newly revised website! Are you looking for some additional support for your health journey? Unsure if Functional Nutritional Therapy is right for you? We offer Complimentary 15 Minute Consultations. Let's chat and see if our services match your needs. Eat Fat and Prosper Steve and Melody


#84 Is Dietary Variety Necessary

We are chatting today about the push for dietary diversity and if it's actually something that's necessary for optimal health. Do you need a rainbow of variety from around the globe to actually be healthy? Does our gut microbiome need bananas from Guatemala and Mango from the Caribbean or South America? How about depending on Kale for gut health if you live in North Dakota in the winter? Let's peel this topic back like a Vidalia Onion from Vidalia, Georgia and see what happens. Check out our...


#83 Type II Muscle Fiber and Aging

This is something we haven't discussed before! The role of Type II Muscle Fiber and aging in conjunction with a Low Carb, Carnivore or Keto diet approach to eating has some very interesting implications for those of us in the 40 and above crowd. Listen up and let us know what you think! We also continue the conversation about sleep disturbances and some things you can do to get a handle on the situation. We appreciate every time you guys have liked, shared and left a review for us on iTunes...