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Dr. Bill Bailey, Ph.D., MH, ND, CNHP, CTN discusses issues in the Natural Health field and how to protect your personal health freedoms.

Dr. Bill Bailey, Ph.D., MH, ND, CNHP, CTN discusses issues in the Natural Health field and how to protect your personal health freedoms.


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Dr. Bill Bailey, Ph.D., MH, ND, CNHP, CTN discusses issues in the Natural Health field and how to protect your personal health freedoms.








The Traditional Naturopath Podcast - 68

You need a 'tune-up' of your natural immune system! What can you do to make improvements to your body's ability to fight off pathogens?


The Traditional Naturopath Podcast - 67

A new shortcut URL for the Traditional Naturopath blog, DrBill.Live! Health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV,) natural ways to maintain beautiful, youthful skin; how to deal with sleep debt; drink more water for your health; follow me on Twitter! (@DrBillTN)


The Traditional Naturopath Podcast - 66

'Vaping' can adversely impact your immune system, and increase inflammation, the effects of Wheat Gluten and other wheat proteins in your gut, The Keto Diet: five proven benefits for your health!


The Traditional Naturopath Podcast - 65

Dr. Bill discusses the results of gluten sensitivity, what gluten is, and how it can effect anyone, not just those that are gluten sensitive. These proteins can attack the body and cause inflammation, leading to many health issues.


The Traditional Naturopath Podcast - 64

Dr. Bill shares his personal testimony of being raised out of his death-bed through the use of nutrition combined with prayer to effect a healing in his life. He also covers the implications of severe Celiac disease, and what can be done to fight it!


The Traditional Naturopath Podcast - 63

Dr. Bill shares about GlycoX 500 and Benfotiamine, two supplements that are beneficial in the area of diabetic natural health support. Also, a soapbox discussion of critical thinking with regard to pharmaceutical commercials!


The Traditional Naturopath Podcast - 62

High-dose vitamin C injections have been shown to annihilate cancer, but Big Pharma doesn't like it! There are natural sweeteners, like Stevia, that are safe, and beneficial, to use rather than sugar. Peppermint: an aromatic, healing herb you should use.


The Traditional Naturopath Podcast - 61

The benefits of homeostasis and building the immune system, natural health as a lifestyle, not a 'quick fix,' Cocoa Powder and Spirulina is effective in combating dementia, join me on Twitter! - @DrBillTN - Recent ginseng research backs user's claims!


The Traditional Naturopath Podcast - 60

Vitamin and mineral use cuts down on cancer deaths according to a recent study, 'tearless' onions that are related to garlic, may be good for your heart! Natural methods to boost your body's immune system health!


The Traditional Naturopath Podcast - 59

Dr. Bill discusses plant extracts that control blood sugar and fight fat! He also gets into his personal 139 lb. weight loss (so far!) How did he do it? Also, the aronia berry is bursting with antioxidants! Check out what we call 'chokeberries' in NC!


The Traditional Naturopath Podcast - 58

The benefits of the humble fruit - lemon! Also, a long list of benefits from a long list of natural, healthful herbs! Join Dr. Bill as he reviews some findings of studies in the field of herbal remedies!


The Traditional Naturopath Podcast - 57

The FDA says plain walnuts are drugs! The FDA adds a warning for statin drugs. Thyme, a good treatment for acne, NC threatens to arrest a blogger! Vitamin D lowers blood pressure, Raspberry Keytones may reduce fat cells, Black Tea may be heart healthy!


The Traditional Naturopath Podcast - 56

Chomping on carrots and celery could ward off colon cancer, Melatonin, Sleep, and Alzheimer's Disease, dealing with Adipose tissue (body fat.) Tumeric and Curcumin offer powerful anti-Cancer health benefits naturally!


The Traditional Naturopath Podcast - 55

A letter from a listener! Coconut Oil health benefits, Vitamin D supplementation cuts your Flu risk by 50 percent, Barley grass extract improves health in type 2 diabetics and reduces bad cholesterol, Raspberry Keytones may reduce fat cells.


The Traditional Naturopath Podcast - 54

Antibiotics come with side effects, the effort by 'Big Pharma' to stop the use of herbs and supplements, your daily coffee habit protects against cancer and other diseases, and Green Tea supplements prove to be MUCH better than a flu vaccine!


The Traditional Naturopath Podcast - 53

The unique nutritional properties of Mushrooms, an example: Why Government control of health issues is a recipe for failure: the EU declares water un-healthy! Orthomolecular doses of B vitamins halves the rate of brain srinkage in older people with MCI.


The Traditional Naturopath Podcast - 52

The 'food police' attack local organic growers in Southern Nevada, the importance of enzymes in food, which can be destroyed by processing. Coconut water reduces high blood pressure, a high fiber diet and colon health, the benefits of pure, clean water!


The Traditional Naturopath Podcast - 51

The difference between traditional naturopathy, and some modern 'twisted' types. Yoga beneficial in the treatment of lower back pain. Ginger root reduces digestive inflammation to lower colon cancer risk; new reasons for supplementing alpha lipoic acid.


The Traditional Naturopath Podcast - 50

Spirulina, packed with protein, B12 and iron; the benefits of Aloe Vera; what is Traditional Naturopathy? Psyllium for cleansing the colon; the benefits of Green Tea, including reducing body fat! Daily coffee may lower your skin cancer risk.


The Traditional Naturopath Podcast - 49

Olive oil is heart healthy, Betulin lowers cholesterol. Green tea and dementia. Benefits of Magnesium. Aerobic exercise and memory, dietary fiber, Vitamin B and Alzheimer's, the FDA and your right to Vitamins and Herbs. Lemon grass eases muscle cramps.