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Episode #016- Finding Your Gravitational Pull with Jeanette Grace

Jeannette Grace is the CEO and founder of Expressive! Communication Consulting and Training. She helps organizations and their people exceed expectations. As a training and development expert since 1995, Jeannette develops and delivers actionable training focused on improving skills needed in every business, in every industry, and at every level in every company. Her aim is to produce results by customizing training centered on your company or project goals. To help in your success, she uses...


Episode #015- A High Healthy Fat Diet, Sciadonic Acid, and Entrepreneurship with Dr. Alvin Berger

Dr. Berger is the CEO of Sciadonics. Sciadonics distributes Sciadonic acid, which is a unique, anti-inflammatory, eco-friendly, fatty acid derived from conifer species of plants, consumed by indigenous populations and in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It was removed from Western diets during industrialization. Dr. Berger has spent the last 30 years studying SCI. Over the course of 22 studies in various rodent- and animal cell models of oral- and topical inflammation, SCI decreased...


Episode #014- The Superpower of Choice with Lorie Marsh

On today’s show, my guest is Lorie Marsh. Lorie has 25 years of experience as a serial entrepreneur, indie filmmaker, and story developer. She has worked as a creative producer, writer, developmental editor, director, and script consultant on all kinds of content: narrative films, documentary films, screenplays, novels, plays, websites, educational programs, and multi-platform storyworlds (you can find out more about that on Lorie’s website). Lorie has expertise in intuiting stories and...


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Episode #012- The Intersection of Purple Tea, Frugal Innovation, and Well-Being

Terry Danielson joins as my guest on today’s show. Terry is the CEO and founder of Simmer Down Tea. Terry also works as a legal investigator and is an adjunct faculty member at the University of St. Thomas where he teaches a course entitled “Frugal Innovation Developing Products for the Developing World.” Terry travels the world and partners directly with farmers to bring his customers not only the freshest of teas but also to promote sustainable agricultural practices by using frugal...


Episode #011- Get Social with Your Brand featuring Lucy Stange

On today’s show I interview Lucy Stange, Founder of My Social Drive. Lucy is a brand and social media photographer in the Twin Cities and surrounding area. My Social Drive helps tell others’ brand story through photography services and content. Lucy helps other to engage with on a deeper level with your brand. My Social Drive recently opened a new location in Northeast Minneapolis and I had the pleasure of recording this podcast in their new studio! Lucy and I discuss how to reflect...


Episode #010- Helping Cancer Patients Thrive featuring Cathy Skinner, CEO and Founder of Thrivors™

Cathy’s vision is to connect precision medicine, life style behaviors, and technology to improve outcomes for cancer patients. The Thrivors™ platform addresses secondary side effects of cancer treatment where they impact patients the most and where they can go unrecognized - beyond the clinical setting to improve adherence, outcomes, and healing. Common complications during and following cancer treatment include pain, fatigue, lymphedema, neuropathy, osteoporosis, and psycho-social...


Episode #009- The ROI on Reciprocity featuring Paul Claxton

On today’s show I interview Paul Claxton, CEO and Founder of Reciprocity ROI. Paul is an entrepreneur, technology executive, and honorably discharged United States Marine who has a well-versed knowledge base in a variety of business environments. He uses this expertise to help our customers with a variety of small to mid-sized projects where they have been able to increase operational efficiency and top line revenues. Paul has been involved in some form of athletics for over 20 years. He...


Episode #002- Creating a Healthy Joyful Living with Melissa Smith

Founder of Healthy Joyful Living, Melissa Smith, walks us through her journey to elevated well-being sharing helpful tips and wisdom along the way. Melissa also talks about how she decided to start giving back and helping others through her role as a Certified Health Coach. She worked for many years on the care side of health and decided that she wanted to transition to help people prevent chronic illness and poor health. Melissa provides a wealth of tangible advice as she speaks on...


Episode #001- Introducing the Twin Cities Wellness Collective Podcast with Alex Morrall

Welcome to the Twin Cities Wellness Collective TM Podcast. This episode explains the purpose of this show.