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Dedicated to providing quality fitness and business information to help fitness professionals grow their nutrition and personal training businesses and help their clients with their transformations.

Dedicated to providing quality fitness and business information to help fitness professionals grow their nutrition and personal training businesses and help their clients with their transformations.
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Dedicated to providing quality fitness and business information to help fitness professionals grow their nutrition and personal training businesses and help their clients with their transformations.






EP 087: How to Create a Digital Product & the Mistakes to Avoid

Click Here to join our free community and build momentum today! Interested in creating digital products, programs and courses? Digital products have the ability to be so beneficial, extremely profitable and a fantastic business model. But… they can be created and executed incorrectly, with the wrong intention and completely miss the point. Today we uncover the good, the bad, and walk you through the exact process you should take when you want to create and launch a digital product. Take...


EP 086: How To Get Rid Of "Hustle" Once And For All | #GIRLTALK w/ Kelly Collier

Click Here To Join Our Free Community! On the show today, Laura begins her new #GIRLTALK series with good friend and fellow nutrition coach, miss Kelly Collier. Like many of our friendships these days, theirs began on Instagram and slowly grew as they discovered just how alike they really were in their view on business and on life. Today they go hard on the bullshit mentality of "hustle", how this no longer serves us, and how to deal with struggle so that we come out powerfully on TOP. They...


EP 085: The Health of Your Business is a Direct Reflection of You

Click Here to join our free community and build momentum today! The health of your business is a direct reflection of how healthy you are mentally, physically, and spiritually. No one seems to be talking about this and we see a major need to bring awareness to this. Ever notice how when someone’s business is crushing it, they are taking care of themselves and doing awesome in their personal life to support their growth? But what we also notice is that when people are struggling in their...


EP 084: How to Model Successful People & High Achievers

Click Here To Join Our Free Community! Today we discuss modeling! No, not that kind. We’re diving into the modeling that occurs both consciously and subconsciously from the people we’re in close proximity with. You’ve likely heard that you are the sum of your 5 closest friends, but have you ever thought of why? It’s because we model the behaviors of those around us. We can leverage this in a positive way to surround ourselves with the success we aim to create or model the behaviors of...


EP 083: Eric Balance on Pursuing Purpose Over Profits

In EP 083 Landon interviews Eric Balance. Eric is on a mission to help people discover their passion and he guides them down the road of sharing it with the world. After going through his own personal struggles including addiction, Eric began to find success in business. However, even in surface level success he knew there was something more. After pivoting multiple times, he went through a massive transformation where he found his purpose. He has gone from addiction to speaking on stage...


EP 082: Can You Provide Too Much Value For Free?

Click Here To Join Our Free Community! In EP 082 Landon and Laura dive into a controversial topic of how much value to provide for free. Some experts say to give it all away for free, some say not to give too much because they might not need your help. Tune in and listen to what The Unfiltered Coaches think, and their exact approach to building their business. Take our free 5 day training so you can activate your voice, unleash your “why” and build your ultimate foundation for success....


EP 081: Stop Getting Distracted, Increase Productivity & Stay Focused

Click Here To Join Our Free Community! Is your phone the first thing you reach for in the morning? Do you wish you were getting more accomplished in a day? Over the last few weeks we’ve had the pleasure of guiding a lot of new online coaches on the first steps of starting their business. This has brought to light a number of the hacks we’ve personally used to avoid distraction and remain focused. In EP 081 we discuss the biggest distractions inside of your day, how to increase productivity...


EP 080: The Reason You Won't Succeed...

Click Here To Join Our Free Community! Who is the person you must become in order to be successful? In EP 080 Landon and Laura explore the changes and evolution that must occur to step into the success you seek. You are where you are because of the person you are today. To get where you're going you must grow, and you must evolve. What keeps getting in your way? What is causing you anxiety? What false beliefs must you let go and what qualities must you step into to achieve what you're...


EP 079: We Have Bad Days Too: Here's How To Bounce Back

Click Here To Join Our Free Community! Today Landon and Laura dive into bad days!! Coming off the end of a weekend filled with work they both experienced the dreaded "bad day", plural, and share the details of what led up to these events, why they occurred, and how they bounced back. The truth is that it does not matter if your new or experienced, established or in hustle mode, you are going to experience bad days. What's important is how you bounce back and what measures you put in place...


EP 078: Customer Retention Strategies & Adding Value Through Customer Experience

Click Here To Join Our Free Community! In EP 078 Landon and Laura dive into the lost art of Customer Retention! The truth is that coaches are getting hyper focused on acquiring new clients and completely forgetting about servicing and retaining their existing clients... Leaving money on the table. Today, they outline the 3 ways to grow your business and how you can increase your profits without having to acquire a single new client inside of your business. In addition they discuss how to...


EP 077: How Laura Generated 300 Qualified Leads (In 60 Minutes)

300 qualified leads in 60 minutes?!?! It sounds like a complete of those ads that pop up on your Facebook feed you scroll right past because "Psshhh ya right..." But in today's episode Landon and Laura give you the EXACT strategy they use time and time again to massively expand their reach, their email list, and ultimately their LEADS in a way that is both ethical and predictable. They want you to share a piece of the pie with you, so listen up and take notes. You won't want to...


EP 076: How We Overcome Self Doubt & The 6 Strategies We Use To Feel Confident

Every coach, no matter what stage of the game they are at, struggles with one major self-limitation at some point (or at many points) throughout their career. Self-doubt is one of the biggest blockers to our success - and ultimately our happiness. In today's episode Landon and Laura tackle this from two very specific angles, both of which are necessary to overcome, move past and bulletproof ourselves against it once and for all. Laura dives into the top three internal strategies she has...


EP 075: The First Steps To Starting Your Coaching Business After Getting Certified

"I'm certified!! what..." is a common feeling for many coaches as their feelings of excitement quickly turns into a flash of panic. In fact, I think everyone has this big scary thought right after they get launched into the online coaching world, told to go forth and conquer without a whole lot of guidance (never-mind a road-map) on what to conquer or how the heck to do it. On today's episode, Landon and Laura discuss what they wish they would have done years ago to grow their business...


EP 074: Jill Coleman: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome & Scarcity Mindset

On today's episode, Laura interviews Jill Coleman - the massively successful mentor to hundreds of fit pro's looking to make the leap into the online world of impact and freedom. Laura and Jill dive into the struggle we all face around arguing for our own limitations where the excuses we make for inaction ultimately leave us feeling stuck, fearful and like an imposter. They uncover the root of this, how to overcome the most common mindset pitfalls new coaches fall into, and ultimately how to...


EP 073: 3 Steps To Building Momentum In Your Business

Building a successful online business comes down to three things...building a strong foundation to grow upon, establishing daily clarity and developing resiliency. On the show today Landon and Laura dive into the idea of building momentum in your business and the power of taking your business growth one step at a time in order to achieve all three. If you ever feel completely overwhelmed and paralyzed by everything that you need to do, and you are never able to escape the mile-long...


EP 072: Business Coaching Real Talk – What To Avoid & Who To Trust

Mentors, mentors everywhere! How do you know if you need one, if you're ready for one and WHO is the right one for you? On the show today Landon and Laura dive into the modern day mentorship conundrum that many new coaches are struggling with. In the age of high pressure sales and incentive based marketing strategies, hiring a business coach is a messy playing field. But should the fear of being pitched hold you back from seeking the right person for you? Landon and Laura believe that...


EP 071: Should You Post On Facebook OR Instagram?

In EP 071 we answer the question: Facebook OR Instagram? And, we dive into how the experts are finding their ideal clients using social media. Specifically helping you identify which social media platforms you should spend your time focusing on. Online Coaches and Personal Trainers area always asking “Should I post on Facebook or Instagram”, but this is the wrong question. You must ask “Where is my ideal client hanging out”. Laura and Landon walk through the process they use to find their...


EP 070: Libby Crow: The Entrepreneurial Journey From Internal Struggle To Spaciousness

On today's show, Laura connects with Libby Crow, a global mentor for entrepreneurs helping them grow their businesses and their minds. She is the founder of LC International, a marketing strategy company for digital consultants, and Co-Founder of The Daily Shift, a personal development company for aspiring and accomplished entrepreneurs alike. Laura and Libby explore the common entrepreneurial journey from internal struggle to a place a spaciousness. They explore how leaning into...


EP 069: Tim Lyons: The Current State Of Fitness Marketing In 2019

In EP 069 I interview Tim Lyons, owner of Pulse Fitness, published author, a highly sought-after marketing consultant and owner of ProFit Marketing Solutions. Tim has two 2 Comma Club Awards, and has devised industry-specific marketing strategies to help other gym owners get better results for their businesses. On the show today we discuss the current state of fitness marketing in 2019. We dive into subjects such as video marketing, what’s required to be successful, repurposing content and...


EP 068: Opportunities vs. Distractions In Your Business

In EP 068 on The Unfiltered Coach Podcast we talk about learning the different between an opportunity and a distraction in your fitness business. It’s easy to view everything as an opportunity but this an lead to inaction, stress, and burnout. They outline how important it is to identify where you’re at, and what the primary focus is, and use this as your north star to decipher between what’s moving your business forward and what’s purely a distraction. If you're looking to refine your...