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How Running Saved My Life with Terence Gerchberg

This weeks guest is Terence Gerchberg, a New Yorker who Ana and I were lucky enough to meet one day whilst eating at The Organic Grill in NYC. Terence is an extremely kind person, with an incredible personal story. He is currently working for an organization called Back On My Feet, who do amazing work for people combating homelessness. They help to get them active, set goals, find jobs and find homes. Prior to his work with them, his life has taken a few twists and turns, including a...


The Importance Of Trusting Your Gut with Tanya O'Callaghan

Tanya is an amazing human being! She has been an activist for animals from a very young age, which blew me away, making the connection before your 5th birthday and having the confidence to stick by your decision is something special. In addition to Tanya's tireless dedication to animals, she is a professional bass player, currently touring with ex Guns N Roses drummer Steven Adler. We hear how she cultivated this passion of hers into a career, ultimately making the move from Ireland to Los...


Travel, Entrepreneurship, Relationships: The Journey To Authentic Self-Expression With Aliza Strock

Aliza is the creator of, where she is helping people create amazing plant based food that will get them through the week, through her meal prep service. She is also offering a private home cooking service for parties and events that are held at your home. This conversation is a deep dive into Aliza's story, from growing up just outside of Boston to having a relationship witha Non Vegan Human, her boyfriend Ben who actually lives in Australia and how we navigate other...


Re-Shaping Our Food System With David Benzaquen

On this weeks episode, I was lucky enough to get some time with the CEO of Ocean Hugger Foods and also Plant Based Solutions, David Benzaquen. Over the past couple of decades David has evolved from a young vegetarian at the family dinner table to a CEO re shaping our food industry. I hope you enjoy the podcast and I promise you'll hear more about the problems with today's fishing industry and how David's company is providing a delicious solution!


Running Against The Grain With Garrett Kenyon

Now for episode 8 of the pod with professional distance runner Garrett Kenyon. He's a fantastic dude and we dig much deeper than just his running career to date. We speak about his balance of Music, athletics and academimcs at University in Omaha, Nebraska. Struggles with his college when adopting a whole foods plant based diet. Activism on campus and continuing that on his travels. Living in line with his values and also living minimally. Hope you enjoy it guys, see you on the other side!


Battling Brain Cancer and Adopting a Plant Based Diet With Bobby Nagelberg

This week on The VedgeTalk Podcast, I speak with brain cancer survivor and owner of Pleasant Petites, Bobby Nagelberg. We chatted at his place on Long Island, New York about being diagnosed with brain cancer at 21 and what his experience was like throughout that battle. Bobby went through some extremely challenging times over a 3 year span. We will hear about his experience with the modern day medical system, how he managed to clear the remaining brain tumor after surgery and why he started...


Fast Food Genocide with Dr. Joel Fuhrman

n this weeks episode of The VedgeTalk Podcast we sit down with Dr Joel Fuhrman. Dr Fuhrman is a family physician, specializing in nutrition and has been practicing for over 30 years. He is currently 64 years of age and there is no doubt that his nutritarian lifestyle and regular exercise have a big part to play in his health. Truly a living exmaple of the power of Whole Foods. We cover a range of topics in this episode, from mental illness to athletes adopting a WFPB diet. It was amazing to...


The Power Of Choice With Edna Guevarra and Nelson Costa

On this weeks special episode of the VedgeTalk Podcast , we speak with Nelson Costa and Edna Guevarra. They are two plant powered athletes, Edna is an ultra marathoner and Nelson is an ironman triathlete. We recorded this podcast 100% on the fly, after Vlad, the owner of organic grill connected us. The restaurant turned into a podcast studio so please bare with me if the audio is not up to usual standard. It was an opportunity I couldn't turn down, was a lot of fun and connected me with two...


Life As A Zero Waste Vegan Chef With Max La Manna

On this weeks episode, I will be speaking with Zero waste vegan chef, Max La Manna. We discuss Max's life growing up in Connecticut, the reason for his switch to plant based living and also what it's like to produce zero waste in New York City and how we can all adopt simple daily habits to produce less waste. Max is currently in London and will be traveling through Europe in the coming months, so be sure to follow him AT eating with max on instagram, facebook and his website. Hope you enjoy...


Body Image, Working For Yourself & Life With Ana Alarcon

Hello my veggie mates! On this weeks episode, we sit down with my incredible partner in crime, Ana Alarcon. She shares her life story with us and we discuss the important topics of female body image and eating disorders. Later in the episode we hear about some of Ana's most difficult struggles. Life has not been easy for her in the past few years, and these stories are ones she rarely shares. This conversation in one very close to my heart and I hope you enjoy it.


Healing The Body Starts In The Kitchen With Carlos Bobadilla

Healing The Body Starts In The Kitchen With Carlos Bobadilla by Matthew Davey


Taking Career and Life To The Next Level With Pat McAuley

Episode 1: On this week's episode of The VedgeTalk Podcast, we'll be hanging out with Pat McAuley. Pat is an entrepreneur from the South Shore of Massachusetts and is about to open the first plant based beer hall in the USA. We talk about Pat's journey and how a change in his diet has become his secret weapon.


Introduction Episode: How my perception of aging changed.

In this episode, Matt, the Vedgetalk host, gives insight into his journey to veganism and how his perception of aging changed in an instant.