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16: How to avoid purple pushing

So often, ladies will feedback to me that they “did not know how to push” or that they they were told that they were “doing it wrong.” I am always dismayed when I hear these stories because pushing is instinctive when you work with your body and what you are feeling. You will use the same muscles and techniques as you do when you pass a stool and nobody has ever told you that you are doing it wrong and I am certain that you know exactly what you are doing when you go to the toilet every day....


15: Top 10 FAQ about labor

Every day I get asked questions about labor so I thought it would be a good idea to make a podcast of the top 10\. Please join me in the [Virtual Midwife Cafe]( where I get to chat about these in more detail and where we have weekly live chats for me to answer your questions or if you have any other burning questions. * What to do if you lose your mucus plug. * How to know how far dilated you are. * How to know the difference between...


14: Breech Relaxation

If you are 34+ weeks pregnant and your baby is in breech position, this meditation is for you. While there is still plenty of time for your baby to move, this guided visualisation will help to focus your thoughts. I recommend using it together with exercises from [Spinning Babies]( to loosen and ease the muscles and ligaments to allow for movement. As always, this does not replace sound medical advice and should be used in conjunction with medical care. Here are just...


13: Elective C/Section

Regardless of whether you are having an elective c/section out of choice or circumstance, it gives you an opportunity to prepare yourself for an exact date. This guided visualisation will fast forward you in time to the day your baby will be born and imagine how you might be feeling, visualise what will happen and mentally prepare yourself so that you are able to go into surgery feeling calm and connected to your baby. Use the time to prepare yourself AND your baby for the journey ahead. I...


12: Placenta Previa

It is always a concern if you have been diagnosed with placenta preavia, especially if you are hoping to have a natural birth. This guided visualisation will help you to harness the power of your mind to imagine your placenta gradually moving up and thus allowing your baby to move into the perfect position for birth. Your mind does not know the difference between imagination and reality which is the essence of using visualisation for change. I recommend listening to this daily if you are in...


11: Ancient Art Midwifery

Midwifery is a sacred art and through it we honour those who came before us. Our generation did not invent the right to give birth where and with whom one chooses, and we revere the instincts that facilitate healthy non-medical births all over the world. [Ancient Art Midwifery Institute]( is fundamentally dedicated to the promotion of midwifery as more than a contemporary profession. We want to be known as someone who held space and provided resources for...


10: Real Food for Pregnancy

Real Food for Pregnancy [Lily Nichols](, takes prenatal nutrition advice out of the dark ages and provides an easy-to-follow guide for making the best food and lifestyle choices during pregnancy. Most prenatal nutrition advice is either outdated or not evidenced-based. In [Real Food for Pregnancy](, Lily Nichol’s debunks a LOT of prenatal nutrition myths. Misconceptions of conventional prenatal nutrition: macronutrients, salt,...


9: Kiersten Miller - Bellies Abroad

[Bellies Abroad]( was created because becoming a family can be daunting enough – doing it in another culture can be very overwhelming. When women become mothers, we are full of fears and doubts; we do not need the medical community exacerbating this for profit or indolence. [Kiersten]( has been a trailblazer in bringing about change in her community as well as having already worked with the UK...


8: Why do Babies Cry?

Listening to your baby cry can be frustrating and worrying. Is your baby crying because something is wrong or because they need something? In this episode I talk about the importance of learning to listen to your baby and tuning in, rather than shutting down or turning to outside sources for guidance. You will learn about the biological response of a mother to her baby as well as the inherent nature of crying as communication. I have included a short meditation to help you quieten your mind...


7: Childless not by Choice

While this is a podcast for pregnant women there are just as many women who want to be pregnant and cannot, or who are with a partner who does not want (more) children, or who have a chronic illness, or who are not able to find a suitable partner. The list of reasons is endless and as a women without children myself, and in a position where I work with women having babies daily - this is of particular interest to me. Jody Day is both a thought leader and a change maker and an advocate for...


6: Technology in Midwifery - Enemy or Ally

This episode is a bit different as it is a recording of my presentation at the [Sensitive Midwifery Symposium]( in JHB, South Africa. Embracing technology has been hard for me but a couple of years ago I realised that I if I was to remain true to my calling to change birth practices and improve women's experience of birth then I had to change the way that I was disseminating information and literally get comfortable with apps,...


5: Trust Meditation

This is a meditation for anyone who is experiencing fear during pregnancy or fear of birth. While a fear of the unknown is normal and expected, fear can very easily grow and get out of control. The antidote to fear is trust. During this meditation you will be guided to find what trust looks, feels and sounds like to you, and to find ways of feeding your sense of trust in yourself, your body, your baby and your support rather than feeding your fear and insecurity. I recommend listening to...


4: Knocked Up Abroad

[Lisa Ferland]( is the editor and publisher of the [Knocked Up Abroad]( Series, and she helps other woman tell their stories by self-publishing and crowd funding their books on platforms like Kick starter and Indiegogo. In this episode she shares her 2 vastly different birth stories (first baby born in hospital in USA and 2nd baby born (accidentally) at home in Sweden) and goes on to share how this prompted the Knocked Up Abroad series. Lisa is a...


3: Rhythmic drumming

A powerful sound meditation to use during labor. The steady drumbeat is accompanied by positive affirmations to connect with your baby as you flow with the surges of labor. Breath sounds, soothing chants and gentle reminders to work with your body and your baby. Drumming courtesy of [Calm Whale]( Vocals Karen Wilmot.


2: Congratulations! You are pregnant.

A short meditation to set you up for a healthy pregnancy and tune into the immense changes your body is undergoing. Stay present and enjoy every moment with the knowledge that your body is incredibly capable. Learn to connect with your baby through the heart and womb energy and to trust your inner knowing. Karen seamlessly combines her study of yoga, breath work and hypnotherapy with the principles of childbirth. She understands the challenges of working in a technocratic policy based system...


1: Preparing for Birth

A 20 minute relaxation to listen to in the last weeks of pregnancy when you are torn between excitement to meet your baby and apprehension about how giving birth will feel. This meditation will guide you to create a protective shield of self assurance as you allow your subconscious to show you alternatives you may not have considered. Karen seamlessly combines her study of yoga, breath work and hypnotherapy with the principles of childbirth. She understands the challenges of working in a...