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Quality information for the public hosted by Antony Lo The Physio Detective and Marika Hart from Dynamic Strength Physiotherapy.

Quality information for the public hosted by Antony Lo The Physio Detective and Marika Hart from Dynamic Strength Physiotherapy.




Quality information for the public hosted by Antony Lo The Physio Detective and Marika Hart from Dynamic Strength Physiotherapy.






054 - Kieran Richardson - What Is The Future Of Physical Therapy and Evidence-Based Practice?

Today we have the pleasure of speaking to Kieran Richardson. Kieran is a Specialist Physiotherapist and the Director of Global Specialist Physiotherapy, a consultancy company providing Professional Development, Formal Mentoring and Non-surgical opinions for patients. Kieran and his team of academics, expert clinicians and researchers consult to multiple clinics and health care professionals in Perth, Western Australia, and well as nationally and internationally via online platforms such as...


053 - Dr Adam Culvenor and Dr Andrea Bruder - How do we prevent and manage ACL injuries in women and girls?

We're excited that today we have a dynamic duo on the podcast: Dr Andrea Bruder and Dr Adam Culvenor. Adam is a Physiotherapist and Research Fellow at the La Trobe University Sport and Exercise Medicine Research Centre, Australia. He has combined a clinical career in sports medicine together with research investigating prevention, management and long-term outcomes of sports-related injuries, and life-span osteoarthritis. He has a particular interest in anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)...

052 - Molly Galbraith - Strong Women Lift Each Other Up

We are again blessed to have the amazing Molly Galbraith on the podcast! Marika and Antony have both had the pleasure of getting to know Molly over the past 5 years and are thrilled to talk to her about her new book, Strong Women Lift Each Other Up. Molly Galbraith, CSCS, is the cofounder of Girls Gone Strong (GGS), the world’s largest platform providing evidence-based, interdisciplinary health, fitness, nutrition, and pregnancy education for women and the health and fitness professionals...


051 - Marika and Antony - Catching Up and Kicking Off 2021

A quick chat between Marika and Antony just catching up. Antony's courses can be found at The Peak Simplicity Masterclass -


050 - Dr Clare Minahan (PhD) - What Are The Unique Physiological Differences Of Female Athletes?

FIFTIETH EPISODE SPECIAL!! Antony and I were thrilled to talk to Clare Minahan, PhD Scientist and champion for women in sport. Clare Minahan is an Associate Professor at Griffith University, Queensland Australia, and has led the Griffith Sports Science group since 2002. Clare’s interests are in the advancement of human performance with a key focus on the determinants of performance in female athletes. She has documented unique responses to exercise in female athletes including muscle...


049 - Amanda Thebe - The Menopocalypse Is Coming For You!

On this podcast, we chat to Amanda Thebe, fitness professional and author of the book Menopocalypse: How I Learned to Thrive During Menopause and How You Can Too! Amanda has over twenty years of experience in the fitness industry. She is a popular guest on podcasts and online summits, and her health and fitness tips have been featured in media outlets like Shape, Prevention, Healthline, and Global News. She lives in Houston, Texas. In this episode we talked about: Resources...


048 - Dr Julie Granger - Are Teenagers Children or Adults?

In this episode we have a fantastic conversation with Dr Julie Granger all about adolescent health and well being. You may remember Julie from our previous episode (#20 "Do you have a hormonal teenager?") Julie educates and mentors physical therapists and health professionals to eliminate the awkwardness that comes with helping teens — to instead confidently and expertly guide them and their families toward healthy lives in adolescence and adulthood. She also helps entrepreneurial physical...


047 - Dr Jo Milios - The Nuts and Bolts of Men's Health

In this episode, we finally manage to grab Dr Jo Milios back on the podcast. We spoke to Jo for over an hour this time last year...and sadly the technology let us down. all got wiped. So thankfully Jo does not hate us and she kindly agreed to come back on the podcast! Dr Jo Milios is a physiotherapist based in Perth, Western Australia. She is passionate about helping men with urinary incontinence, Peyronie's disease and pelvic pain. Here are some of the topics that we discussed...


046 - Amy Dawes - Birth Trauma Awareness Week

****Apologies - this episode was released quickly on social media but Antony forgot to release it here. Enjoy!**** This is just a super quick episode to give you the heads up about Birth Trauma Awareness Week (6th-12th September 2020). You can help by: - donating money or buying a t-shirt - raising money while doing a 5km walk - sharing your story - signing the petition to help women around Australia get access to postnatal pelvic health physiotherapy care Please see the links below for...


045 - Dr Jane Foster - What Does It Mean To "Take Emotional Responsibility Now"?

In this interview, we talk to Dr Jane Foster, educator and creator of MYTERN - a program designed to help people change their language around emotion and regain control! TERN = Take Emotional Responsibility Now. As an educator, she was concerned about the false narratives that were, and still are, embedded in our culture, disrupting people's lives and even ending them. She wanted to create a simple, every day language that could be used by everyone to build new positive narratives,...


044 - Dr Sallie Sarrell - What is Endometriosis and What Is The Gold Standard Of Care For It?

Wow, this episode is a doozy! We think EVERYONE should listen to this episode, whether you are a medical /fitness professional or general public....this information is so important. After 23 years of misdiagnosis, Sallie embraced her struggles with endometriosis to forge a new pathway for all who suffer from the disease and its associated conditions. She is a practicing pelvic physical therapist specialising in endometriosis and subsequently occult hernia who has gone on to found The...


043 - Inemesit Graham - What does the #BlackLivesMatter movement have to do with diastasis, body image and women's health?

In this interview, we talk to Inemesit Graham, fitness professional (and all-round incredible woman!) based in Yellowknife, Canada. This was a fantastic conversation that touched on so many topics, including: - her experiences moving to the UK from Nigeria and growing up in a predominantly white neighbourhood - her journey as a child having surgery for abdominal hernia and the trauma associated with that experience - how after her second child she struggled with body image issues related...


042 - Amy Dawes - ABTA - Let's Start The Conversation About Birth Trauma

In this interview we talk to Amy Dawes, founder of the Australasian Birth Trauma Association (ABTA). ABTA is a national charity committed to reducing the instance and impact of birth-related trauma whilst supporting affected women, families and health professionals. Amy discussed: - her birth experience and diagnosis of pelvic organ prolapse 16 months later. She talked about how this diagnosis affected her psychologically and impacted on her quality of life. She became scared of doing any...


041 - Vicki Webber - How Does A Mother Of 4 Cope With Competitive Crossfit And Running A Gym?

In this episode we talk to Vicki Webber - CrossFit Competitor and Box owner. Vicki shares with us - how she fell in love with CrossFit and went from being someone who never really did much lifting to being an international competitor - her pregnancy and birth experiences... and how different number four has been in comparison to the first three! - her recent postnatal experience including difficulties with bladder control and heaviness in the perineum - her experiences returning to CrossFit...


040 - Professor Peter O'Sullivan - How Has Pain Management Evolved?

In this interview, Marika and Antony talk to Professor Peter O'Sullivan. Peter is a clinical researcher at Curtin University and specialist physiotherapist at Bodylogic Physiotherapy, Perth WA. With his team, he has published over 250 peer review articles on MSK pain and its management, His passion is empowering people disabled with pain to get back to living again. In this interview, we discuss - how COVID-19 is resulting in more anxiety and how this is showing up in clinics - helping...


039 - Antony and Marika - Neurodiversity

Ok, so this podcast is slightly different to our usual! In this episode we talk about neurodiversity...and in particular, Antony discusses his personal experience living with ADHD. We reiterate that we (Marika and Antony) are NOT neurologists, psychologists, psychiatrists etc - and we are definitely NOT experts in ADHD or other neurodevelopmental disorders. We just wanted to have a chat about - some of the difficulties associated with living with ADHD - in particular organisation/planning,...


038 - Heather Edwards - Wait! Genitals Don't Equal Gender!?

In this interview with Heather Edwards, Antony and Marika learn a lot about gender, sex, sexuality, BDSM and more! Heather has been a pelvic physical therapist since 2003 and is one of only a few AASECT (American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists) certified sex counselors in the world. As an artist, she has a line of coloring books the blend gender-inclusive genital anatomy with fun and approachable designs. As a producer and host, she created a sex-ed-in-a-bar event...


037 - Teresa Waser - TIIPPSS-FC On How To Help Your Female Athletes

In this incredibly practical episode, we interview Teresa Waser and ask her for her top tips for helping female athletes. Teresa is an Orthopaedic and Pelvic Health physiotherapist, operating within a non-traditional model. She works at RX Physiotherapy, her clinic located within a CrossFit gym in Leduc, Alberta, Canada where she has also coached running clinics and CrossFit, particularly in older adults. She also has a special interest in pregnant and postpartum athletes. When not in the...


036 - Molly Galbraith - Ask Me Anything! - Part 2

Today we talk to Molly Galbraith, Woman-in-charge at Girls Gone Strong (GGS). The GGS movement is dedicated to: We put the ball in your court and took questions from the community! Here are some questions that we asked: Resources: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Facebook Groups: Health and Fitness Professionals:...


035 - Molly Galbraith - Ask Me Anything! - Part 1

Today we talk to Molly Galbraith, Woman-in-charge at Girls Gone Strong (GGS). The GGS movement is dedicated to: We put the ball in your court and took questions from the community! Here are some questions that we asked: Resources: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Facebook Groups: Health and Fitness Professionals:...