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Career transitions, dream manifesting & life as a New York yogi - these lessons and more from my mat to yours. Welcome to The Yogi Lawyer Podcast!

Career transitions, dream manifesting & life as a New York yogi - these lessons and more from my mat to yours. Welcome to The Yogi Lawyer Podcast!


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Career transitions, dream manifesting & life as a New York yogi - these lessons and more from my mat to yours. Welcome to The Yogi Lawyer Podcast!




Manipura: Solar Chakra Meditation

Welcome to part 3 of our chakra journey! This week, we explore the vibrant sun in our bellies...Manipura. This guided, visual meditation will help us to see the infinite possibilities that exist in this power source, and help us cultivate a practice of observing this same light in every person, animal & being we meet along the way. Namaste. If you would like to explore the first two chakras - Root and Sacral - please listen to the previous two episodes at your leisure. These guided...


Svadhishthana: Sacral Chakra Meditation

This week we venture up from our roots to the glistening, citrine stone in our sacrum. This part of the spiritual body, known as Svadhishthana or Sacral Chakra, governs our innate abilities to experience passion, joy & abundance in everything we do. Through this guided water meditation, we will explore the power of this chakra & release any tensions or blockages that may stand in our way of experiencing limitless joy. Namaste. This week's episode is part 2 of a special, 7-part meditation...


Muladhara: Root Chakra Meditation

Welcome to the first of a special 7-part meditation series! This week, our focus turns all the way to our roots with Muladhara, or Root Chakra. Join Elizabeth on this guided journey where we will explore our own divine connection with the Earth, and awaken with a sense of groundedness and purpose. Each week, The Yogi Lawyer Podcast will release a new meditation specifically crafted to bring awareness to a particular chakra. This journey will last for 7 glorious weeks as we venture from...


My Not-So-Wild, Wild Adventure

This week, Elizabeth shares her hilarious, relatable & soul-filled adventure camping at Sat Nam Fest in the Berkshires. From scarfing down brownies in her one-person tent to realizing the very serious lack of diversity we have in the yoga community, this trip changed Elizabeth to her core...just certainly not in the ways she expected. Listen now for a good laugh, a good cry & some good take-aways!


Waking Up Your Own Power Source: Solar Chakra and Beyond

This week, Elizabeth shares some personal losses that have touched her family and life. She has learned that, by walking through these losses and fears, she is able to more fully experience everything this crazy life has to offer...and get out of her own way in the process. This is a heartfelt, raw episode that discusses our universal lessons from loss and is one you won't want to miss.


Seeking a Life of Self Love

This week, Elizabeth discusses the importance of prioritizing our own needs and desires in the form of practical, daily self care. Sharing some of her own self care routines - big and small - she hopes to inspire you to start doing the same in your own life. We all have 5 minutes to begin caring for ourselves each and every day...all we need to do is listen.


Navigating Self Care in the Corporate World with Joel Merchant

This week, Elizabeth is joined by her favorite guest - her partner Joel Merchant! During this thoughtful conversation, Joel shares his perspectives about finding a work/life balance as a New York lawyer and opens up about what has worked (and hasn't worked) in his own personal self care routine over the last few years. From social media to "Google Culture" - this is an episode you won't want to miss!


OCD: Bridging the Gap Between Yoga and Western Medicine

After a mental health hiatus, Elizabeth is back with a fresh new episode of The Yogi Lawyer Podcast! This week, she opens up about the hurdles she faced after being diagnosed with clinical OCD, anxiety and depression, particularly as a yoga teacher and wellness professional. If you or someone you love is struggling with mental health, please visit the National Alliance on Mental Illness at to find resources in your community.


The 2 Hour Rule: Prioritizing Alone Time

In this week's episode, Elizabeth shares her intentions for the new year and how spending some time alone has helped manifest those goals. From learning to voice your innate need for alone time to a spouse or friend to accepting your personal discomforts with the idea of being alone, she boils it down to one simple rule: carve out 2 hours every single day for yourself. That's right, two hours. Every. Single. Day. Listen for practical tips about beginning this practice as well as the many...


Coming Back Into Alignment

In this week's episode, Elizabeth shares the ways in which she's personally fallen out of alignment (spiritually, emotionally & physically) over the past few months and some of the lessons she's learned along the way. Coming back into alignment and arriving back here, right now, has been a tremendous learning curve but, once you stop to listen, magic can start to happen!


Guided Meditation: 5-Minute Reset

In this guided meditation, Elizabeth shares her quick, go-to tool for coming back into the present amidst stress, anxiety, or just a bad day. Listen to this meditation anytime you need a little mental reset and notice how coming back into the present moment can easily turn your day around.


Moving, Coping With Stress...and Maybe a Wedding?

In this episode, Elizabeth is joined by her fiancé Joel! Together they share their experiences moving to New York City at a moment's notice, working through a spring and summer of loss, and the (maybe?) possibility of planning a wedding in the near future. Along with a few jokes about early 2000's rom-com's and puppies, this episode has the fixings to be a longtime classic!


Guided Meditation: Loving Kindness

In this 20-minute guided meditation, Elizabeth shows us how to tap into the innate source of love and compassion that lives within each of us. She also guides us through a compassionate practice of extending this source of divine love to various people in our lives and, ultimately, to the entire world.


Mindful Tools for Coping with Anxiety

In this episode, Elizabeth discusses her own experiences with anxiety as well as the mindfulness tools she has collected over the years to combat this debilitating struggle. From yoga to volunteering and everything in between, she shares some of her favorite ways to stop anxious thoughts in their tracks and return to the here and now. For more information and to find resources in your own communtity, please visit the Anxiety and Depression Association of America today.


Guided Meditation: Yoga Nidra

In this 35-minute guided meditation, Elizabeth introduces the magic of Yoga Nidra and takes us on a creative journey through the mind. Expect to leave this meditation feeling refreshed and renewed, both physically and emotionally!


Silencing Your Ego

Welcome to The Yogi Lawyer podcast! In this premiere episode, Elizabeth discusses the many ways that her own ego has attempted to deter her from her dream of becoming a writer and how, over time, she's learned to silence this inner critic.