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This is a show about connections. Connections to your self, your spirit, your feelings and your story. One of the most powerful healing tools we have is our connections. Connect to your intuition and explore your AHA moments. Discover how we get in our own way and how we can overcome obstacles to move on. How we think, what we think, what we believe, and our attitudes define how we experience our life. The fascinating idea that we shape our reality to what we believe it should be, in our minds. How we connect to our families, our aging family members and slowly we become caregivers, not caretakers. Embracing the reality of aging, not into senior citizens but living the archetypal Elder, the Wise One. Living the Spiritual idea of being of service but not being someone’s servant. As we explore the many roads of the human journey with our guests, we will connect to each other by embracing many of the mysteries of life and there we arrive at things worth considering.


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This is a show about connections. Connections to your self, your spirit, your feelings and your story. One of the most powerful healing tools we have is our connections. Connect to your intuition and explore your AHA moments. Discover how we get in our own way and how we can overcome obstacles to move on. How we think, what we think, what we believe, and our attitudes define how we experience our life. The fascinating idea that we shape our reality to what we believe it should be, in our minds. How we connect to our families, our aging family members and slowly we become caregivers, not caretakers. Embracing the reality of aging, not into senior citizens but living the archetypal Elder, the Wise One. Living the Spiritual idea of being of service but not being someone’s servant. As we explore the many roads of the human journey with our guests, we will connect to each other by embracing many of the mysteries of life and there we arrive at things worth considering.



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Time Out

On January 3, 2019 – the first episode of Things Worth Considering premiered. A talk show looking at Connections in our lives and to our self. Just over a year on-air, a new respiratory virus, Covid-19, was declared a world-wide pandemic. Thus began 2 years of mask wearing, lock-downs, work from home and social distancing. The irony would be that the various methods of containing the spread of Covid-19 are all ways that we connect. The masks obliterated the lower part of faces, and we didn’t know if someone was smiling or scowling. So we learned to smile with our eyes. Lockdown in our homes and not allowed to socialize with anyone with whom we did not live, we watched our connections diminish. Some technically astute individuals found ways to stay in touch and even host cocktail party’s via Zoom. Clever and maintaining some contact, even if digitally, it would have to suffice, but it was not the same as face to face. Connections were changing to digital and if it is in person, the touching of our forearms would have to compensate for handshakes and hugs while masked. In spite of Covid-19 and with the help of Zoom, we have interviewed amazing people from all walks of life who helped us to connect to our self in spite of physical distancing from each other. Connecting to our passions, visions and dreams, we explored the possibilities of living our life differently. We have aired 147 hours of original programming during the last 3 years and 13 weeks. The time has come for Things Worth Considering to take a time out. This is our final show until the future invites a return. Our library of 147 episodes will be available at soon. Join us for our farewell show Thursday at 8 PM eastern/5 pm Pacific.


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Letting Go

How often have you been told to let it go? Or how many times have you told others they need to let go and move on. We humans do not let things go easily. Our natural tendency to attach to people, places and things makes letting go seem counter-intuitive. Yet it is our attachments that cause so much pain and suffering in our life. Buddhism’s Noble Truths states so clearly that our human suffering is in direct proportion to our attachment and the value we place on those attachments. In this episode, Alexia and Gord discuss ideas around letting go, how we can move on and the positive outcomes that can be associated to letting go: if only we understood what that really means! Join us tonight – LIVE at 8pm Eastern/5 PM Pacific.


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Encore Shamanism - Between Worlds

Have you wondered what is involved with Shamanism? If you went to a Shamanic Practitioner, what do you imagine would take place? While Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition and is a way of life, it is also gaining greater recognition in the Western world. The word shamanism can be used to describe the ancient spiritual practices of many cultures, worldwide. It is a way to connect with nature and all of creation. One could view shamanism as the universal spiritual wisdom inherent to all indigenous tribes. As all ancient spiritual practices are rooted in nature, shamanism is the method by which we as human beings can strengthen that natural connection. Shamanic practices tap into the power Mother Earth has to offer and the healing powers of the Spiritual Beings in our parallel world. The ancient teachings are derived from the simple truths of nature. It is not only concerned with the health of the individual, body, mind and spirit but also with the health of the entire community. This includes all people, plants, animals, and all of life. Daily spiritual practice allows for the continued growth of both body and soul. The goal is to create internal and external harmony with all creation. Learning to approach and connect with sacred places is an intrinsic part of shamanism. By honouring natural wonders such as rivers, lakes, mountains, and caves, we reawaken and invigorate the energy of the land. Ceremonies to honour the spirits of nature and the Spirits of the next world, help to promote harmony and balance. The path of shamanism never ends. It is believed that so long as these ceremonies continue, the world will go on. Join us Thursday at 8 PM as we explore Shamanism and how it might benefit our Life in mind, body and Spirit.


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Encore Astrology- A Universe of Archetypes and Metaphors

Do you believe in astrology? It is 1,000’s of years old and exists in most cultures worldwide. It is likely the oldest symbolic language we humans have. Astrology reflects the social realities of the times in which it is practiced. It morphs with culture. The language of archetypes and mythic reality which astrology is all about allows us to make meaning out of our experience, and this is done with a kind of grace. Astrology is not a tool for hard-line predictions but rather it is one to use for navigating whatever comes our way. In this particular year of pandemic and pandemonium, that 2020 has turned out to be, astrology has been most helpful. Astrology has never been more eloquent in allowing me to see the road we are on than it has been in 2020. Although I am horrified, the same as all of us, by things which are happening, on account of astrology I am not surprised. To be honest, I saw it coming. On account of that I have a sense of where it’s going which is helpful.


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Encore Now What?

Over the last 2 years we have been moved from one crisis to another, seemingly more anxiety producing than the one before. Staying connected, and not to the television, becomes more difficult. This episode Alexia and Gord discuss what is going on in our world from a spiritual perspective and how to continue to walk through our global events. Join us at 8 PM eastern.


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It was the Best of Times…

After 2 full years of pandemic unpredictability, we are now subjected to watching insanity exerting itself onto the planet. The energies of control, ownership, wealth and entitlement are destroying millions of people. Perhaps not through out right death but through trauma and fear. Every empathic individual on the planet is feeling the unsettling vibration being created by the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. Tonight’s guests, both mediums, will be discussing how we can protect our self from the energies that are disturbing so many people. How can we stay grounded and centered in order to stay functioning and healthy? What role spirit can play in our lives when it feels like we are losing our way? My guests are 2 excellent mediums who amongst many talents teach empathic individuals how to harness their energy and connect to the world of Spirit. This episode is Live at 8 pm eastern/ 5 pm Pacific. Hope you can join us.


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Hypnosis - Our Mind Knows

Have you ever considered being hypnotized or are you considering it in the near future? If so, then tonight’s episode will give you some sound information to help you make that decision. Hypnosis is actually very old, ‘Hypno’ is from the Greek word ‘to sleep’, and it has had a number of different names, with the current name being derived from neuro-hypnosis, so named by Scottish Physician James Braid in 1841. If we go back a hundred years before Dr. Braid, we meet Franz Mesmer, a physician who discovered and worked with the ideas of energy and magnets, his work being named ‘animal magnetism’. Now Two Hundred years later, Hypnotism is used for a great many problems from anxiety, nervousness to depression and substance abuse. Contrary to a popular misconception, that hypnosis is a form of unconsciousness resembling sleep, research proves that when in hypnotic trance people are fully awake with focused attention and a corresponding decrease in their peripheral awareness. There is an increased response to suggestions. It is regulated through Hypnosis Guilds which not only certify practitioners but provide on-going education and research. Join us Thursday Feb 24 at 8 PM on Voice America, it will be a hypnotically mesmerizing interview.


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Encore Here’s to Life

In case you missed this episode- we are proud to present an encore of an amazingly talented soul who will leave you smiling and singing the rest of your day.Have you ever spent time reflecting on how you got to where you are today? What longing, yearning desire, probably unnamed, has been driving you forward? The connections along the way, the detours and dead-end streets, yet here you are, ready and waiting to blast into life. This is an interview with a remarkable woman, who has done the reflecting and connecting the dots and has blasted into her Life doing exactly what she wants and the empowerment she experiences. Her connection to her own soul, uncovered step-by-step, connects us to her authentic self. This is about a creative journey of singing, musicals, high fashion, art, advertising and numerology. And this is about a dynamic woman who is soulfully led to serve others, to extend her hand helping others reach their own life’s journey and blast them into why they are here in the first place. You don’t want to miss our guest, who is making a couple of very generous offers to our listeners, but you have to be listening to the show to be able to benefit and she will be honouring us with a song. Join us Thursday February 10 at 8 pm eastern and 5 pm Pacific here on Things Worth Considering.


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February is to Celebrate

February is Black History month and while it is a celebration of the history of Black people, it is a chance to look forward to a future of accomplishments and recognition of Black and BIPOC persons fully integrated into society. Tonight our returning guest, Jennifer Drummond, talks with Gord about Black History Month and how culture is such an important factor in integration. We take a look at the hopes and aspirations that this North American month-long event inspires.


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Encore Strengthening your Spiritual Connection

This is a repeat of last week’s live show as Alexia Georgousis steps down as the co-host of Things Worth Considering. She has been with me for the last 2 years. This was our topic of conversation.Have you noticed that as situations in life become more harried, indecisive, even scary, we stop doing the good things we may have been doing for our self. We will sleep less, eat more junk food , spend less time exercising and gradually watch our mental state become less clear, if we even notice. In this episode Alexia and Gord are discussing the necessity of strengthening our Spiritual connections. What practises, while they may not be able to turn the situation around, does allow us to continue to take care of our self? Find out how they help us to respond to issues so that we may be able to move through them, without losing our connections. Listen in Thursday at 8 PM


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Ritual Connections

Maria Galle joins Gord Riddell in discussing the role of Ritual in our lives and their importance. Although we tend to think of rituals as being tied to religion that is not always the case. Religions understood the role of rituals on the human psyche and many centuries ago adapted and created them as a binding belief and behaviour amongst its adherents. Rituals in our modern life are substantially less in number than in years gone by. Weddings and funerals are the 2 most dominate ones that stand out for us all, but rituals are much more numerous in our lives than we may imagine. This episode we will discuss the power of ritual, and why ritual is important for us. Does ritual create connections both internally and externally? How to tell the difference between habitual behaviours versus rituals. What is the difference between a ceremony and a ritual? How to create personalized rituals that are significant to you. Join us Thursday at 8 PM as we discuss Ritual Connections.


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2022 - Looking Back, Going Forward

Our first episode of 2022, Linda Kuschnir and Gord Riddell ask what we may have learned throughout the last two years. There has been lots of talk about fear and the dramas we have all ensued, but can we identify what we are learning, or have learned? It is said from so many places that this is a spiritual crisis that the planet entered into. Most of us have seen and heard the reactions to the changes, inconsistencies and political involvement however, if this is an intended spiritual crisis, how are we responding to the pandemic? Where are we going with what we may have learned? Some things we are considering, are, mob mentality, how fear is very divisive, how fear separates us from our intuition, our ability to listen and our ability to come from the heart. Our egos definition of our mortality and our existence. Even so far as what does it mean to be human? Ultimately, how do we reconnect to the parts of our self that still cower in fear, but we must bring back the connection we so desperately need to move forward. We are Live to air this Thursday January 6th at 8 pm. Join us for Things Worth Considering.


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Encore: Religion and Medicine

Modern medicine as we know it today is about 200 years old. Some medical traditions like Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine date back 3,000 and 4,000 years. Medicine and science are not stand-alone entities, as some may portray, but are intricately connected to our religions and spirituality. As modern medicine was in its fledgling years, many people are unaware that the 1800’s experienced a very active spiritual renaissance. A number of religions were founded, many of which, in today’s world are not mainstream religions, but most held strong beliefs around health, medical practices and rituals. As medicine has grown so too has the influence of religions and their conflicts beliefs and technology. The upcoming US Supreme Court challenge of the 1973 Roe vs Wade decision giving women the right to choose to have an abortion, is a perfect example of the influence of religion in medicine. While science informs and defines medical practices, it is religion which defines the practitioner as caring, serving humanity, selfless, even sacred. Bio-ethics is concerned with human life and well-being and grapples with beliefs and theories around such areas as doctor-assisted suicide and family planning, while they seek to honour the many faith traditions of the patients, the medical practitioners’ beliefs and the myriad of religions found in our cities. Join us at 8 pm for this stimulating episode of where medicine and religion intersect, and they are Things Worth Considering.


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Mysticism’s Rich History

Mysticism holds a fascination worldwide. Every major religion has a tradition of mystical experiences and individuals who are ultimately viewed as Mystics in their own right. However the institutionalization of the great religions has controlled just how much information would flow out regarding mysticism. Christianity before 1,500 CE. , in other words before the Reformation, was an immensely powerful institution. One cannot study European history without studying the Church which is the history of Europe. Yet hidden amongst the politics and the power struggles to control is a history of mystical tradition that in many ways is secretive. Yet it can boast a long-held mystical tradition, men and women who experience deeply personal encounters with the “Living Presence” of their God. However, such experiences have not always garnered positive responses. The heavily structured and patriarchal Church holds such personal mystical encounters suspect. Still, the wisdom gained through Christian mystical experience persists as offering valuable insights for the spiritual journey. This episode will look at the Christian mystical experience and relate it to the psychological and spiritual development of everyday men and women. Does the wisdom of the Christian mystical tradition have anything to teach us about ourselves? Join us Thursday at 8 PM for insights into the mystical traditions worth considering.


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Bullying - Part 2 - Adults

Last time in Part 1 of our series on bullying we talked about childhood bullying. The four different types of bullying: emotional, physical, relational and cyberbullying. The devastating effects it can have on children from low self-esteem, not sleeping or eating, failing grades, substance abuse and even suicide. Tonight’s episode is about adult bullying. We discuss the personality types who target others but not without a group of other people surrounding them and asserting the power of the bully. Why would people allow bullying of others but what draws them into this toxic group of people? There is a fine line between bullying and abuse. Many adults who are bullied as adults were bullied as children, and often the opposite can be true that the adult bully was a childhood bully. How can they allow themselves to be bullied again? What has been discovered is the bullied person drops back into being that young child, feeling and experiencing exactly as they did when they were age 8. 10 or 12 years old and suffering through bullying. But so to does the bully regress back to when they bullied as a child with all the feelings of inadequacy, powerlessness and attempting to feel in control. Join us on Thursday December 10 at 8 pm as we discuss adults who bully.


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Bullying - Part 1

Bullying is defined as mean, hurtful behaviour that occurs repeatedly in a relationship with a perceived imbalance of power or strength. It takes many forms — name calling, beating up, relationships, and internet. Although schools are doing more to deal with bullying, parents are still the key to empowering kids to prevent and stop it. Bullying is not just one kid to another. It can be a parent to child, or a teacher or coach. Verbal bullying, using cruel spoken words, ongoing name-calling, threatening, and making disrespectful comments about someone's attributes (appearance, religion, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, etc.). Physical bullying includes aggressive physical intimidation, with repeated hitting, kicking, tripping, blocking, pushing, and touching in unwanted and inappropriate ways. Relational bullying, can include exclusionary tactics, by deliberately preventing someone from joining or being part of a group, whether it's at a lunch table, game, sport, or social activity. Cyberbullying, the new kid on the block, using the internet to harangue someone by spreading mean words, lies, and false rumours through e-mails, text messages, and social media posts. Sexist, racist, and homophobic messages create a hostile atmosphere, even when not directly targeting your child. All forms of bullying are destructive and hurt a child deeply. A child bullied can develop anxiety, depression, begin to do poorly at school, substance abuse and even suicide. It is something we all need to be aware of and stop.


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Encore: Non-violent Communication

Disagreement, tension, stress, and conflict are part of all relationships and communities. There’s no magic pill to make it go away. But, we don’t have to suffer so much. There are ways to get through disagreement, dignity intact. It’s possible to respectfully hear each other across deep divides. The people around us may have all kinds of different beliefs, ideas, and cultural practices but, as primates, we share the same underlying needs. Non-Violent Communication (NVC) is a way to bridge the gaps through assertive honesty and compassionate listening. Marshall Rosenberg, the founder of NVC, was inspired by Gandhi, influenced by Eric Fromm and worked with Carl Rogers, while developing break through communications around segregation and racism. NVC strengthens independence AND interdependence: it increases our ability to stand up for ourselves without hurting others, AND care for our interconnected world without harming ourselves.


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Live and Love Again

ACT 1- Imagine going along in your life and being quite sure that all is well. You live in the belief your long-term marriage is ,well, long-term. Three talented children you adore, and a very lengthy career which encompasses the very things you love, in two of the most well-known food companies, developing delicious recipes in their test kitchens. Then it hit – the pain. Excruciating pain which was not treatable, and relief was next to nonexistent. Your world was turning upside down. Culminating in a near death/ out of body experience which sees you emerge with strong mediumship abilities, with an intuitive sense so very connected to this world and the next. ACT 2 – What do you do with all this? First, our guest worked intensively in a 5 seminar and cured herself of the disorder causing all the pain. She discovers how powerful our minds are in creating all levels of our reality. She discovered in her massive out of body experience that life goes on, it does not end at a place we on the physical earth call, death. Today she is divorced, is deeply connected to her children and grandchildren, and has moved from the Midwest to the Pacific Northwest coast surrounded by Nature. She is a singer, a composer and an exceptional medium including past-lives. Join us Thursday November 18 at 8 pm as we introduce you to an extraordinary woman and how she learned to move forward when the universe totally changed her direction.


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Remembrance 11:11

The 11th day of the 11th month at the 11th hour, the Great War came to an end through the signing of the Armistice Agreement. On this day each year throughout the Commonwealth, we stop and remember those that lost their lives through the aggression of nations or power-hungry men looking to expand their country, resources and personal fortunes. In America, the same date is observed but with a different name, it is called Veterans Day. On November 8th, we commemorate our Canadian Indigenous Veterans. It is with sadness and gratitude we remember the men and women willing to fight in far off lands for the freedoms we enjoy today and will tomorrow. A great many families have been touched by the wars. Although the November 11 date was specific to World War 1, it has been expanded to included World War 2, the Korean War, the Vietnamese War, Iran Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. The November 11 date is of interest as 11: 11 holds much mystical meanings. The choosing of that date and time had to have been for reasons we are not privy too, but it is doubtful that this date was used because there was an opening in someone’s calendar! The number 11 is a master number in numerology. It signifies new beginnings and new energies. It can signal angelic communications, or a spirit presence. But many see it as an indicator of an increasingly powerful ‘call to consciousness’ that is occurring all over the planet. The depth of the 11:11 connection would appear to be synchronized to our level of awareness and understanding of how fundamental the connection that exists between the physical and spiritual worlds. There are many interpretations of the 11:11 phenomenon but all agree that it is always a positive outcome whatever the interpretation.


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Free Association

Have you noticed when you connect with someone and things like trust kick in, you experience another part of yourself. A part that is more open, more curious, perhaps softer. When we connect with others, who we enjoy, we enter into a flow, a here and now experience. Our defences gradually lessen, there is a back and forth in our communication. Our internal editor begins to relax as we begin to show-up and be seen. Be seen for who we are, and how we experience our life as opposed to our guarded self who shows only what we want you to see and experience about our self. This flow idea scares the hell out of people and yet most of us have already had someone at some point in our lives with whom we flowed. Join us on Thursday at 8 pm for our Free Association episode and experience what the flow may be like.