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How to Have Healthy Relationships with All the Men in Your Life – 036

Men—we work with them, date them, marry them but do we know how to get along with them? Part of being a strong woman is appreciating the prospect of having healthy relationships with the men in our life. But in today’s climate, it seems like that’s a challenge! When did men get such a bad rep’ anyway? Whether we’re talking friends, coworkers, neighbors, family or every other dude you do life with; we want to learn to have good connections with them. We respect and appreciate guys for who...


How to Face the Impossible with Grit and Grace – 035

“I could never achieve that...” or “I can’t do it because of X, Y, and Z...” or “This feels impossible” These are phrases we all have spoken to ourselves when faced with a challenge or offered an opportunity. Today you can begin to change your thinking and by doing so, make a difference. Are you considering building a business, a career change, does your marriage feel hopeless, have a wayward teen or an unexpected health concern? This episode explores the line between impossible and...


To the Working Mom: Stop Feeling Guilty – 034

If you're a working mom you're likely juggling too much, not including massive amounts of guilt and pressure. First, know this: you are not alone, in your work or your fears. The truth is most moms work these days, and they all feel like they're failing at one job or another from time to time. But take heart, Darlene (who has walked this road and launched two adult daughters), and Julie, (who's in the thick of it with you) share encouragement, honest struggles and how they deal, all while...


Hope: What Easter is Really All About – 033

Easter is packed with overflowing baskets, Easter egg hunts, and fashionable attire, yet this day is so much more. We don’t want to let the fun activities become the essence of this holiday. If we do, we’re missing it. Taking a few moments to reflect on “the big day” of their faith, Darlene and Julie share personal thoughts, what it means to each of them and the hope this day can provide for all. And yes, they do throw in their favorite Easter traditions, too! You might want to review some...


When Is Your Teen out of Control and What Do You Do? (with Dr. Zoe Shaw) – 032

Are you afraid your teen may be out of control? Or, is their behavior typical teenage boundary-pushing? When do you know that enough is enough and things have to change? These questions often consume the mind of a mom with a pre-teen or teenager. To determine when to draw a line, Darlene and Julie brought back our trusted friend and Licensed Therapist, Dr. Zoe Shaw. This family therapist of 16 years discusses when you need to give your teen room to make mistakes to learn from them, or how...


Great Friends: 9 Qualities to Be One and Find One – 031

Looking for a friend, or even better, a really good one? We need people who will love us throughout the highs and lows of our lives, encouraging us when we're strong, carrying us when we're weak. What kind of friend do you want to be? What kind of qualities make a friendship meaningful and strong? Darlene and Julie, girlfriends who cross generational lines, talk about relationships they cherish and why, and practical ways you can be this kind of friend. Viewing in an app? Full show notes...


6 Qualities that Make a Female Strong with Leadership Expert Jenni Catron – 030

How can a woman lead in every area of her life? Do you feel like you make an impact? Is leadership only for the workplace? We know that all women have influence in every area of their life, so we brought in Author, Leadership Expert, and CEO Jenni Catron. From the day she got her first job (her boss was none other than your co-host Darlene Brock), Jenni has proven that she has the formula for leadership... Darlene and Julie interview her about the six characteristics you may not even know...


How to Be and Deal With an Introvert or Extrovert – 029

Are you like Julie, a card-carrying extrovert or a completely comfortable introvert? Maybe you’re a bit like Darlene, the self-diagnosed extroverted-introvert? Not sure where you land, introvert or extrovert? Consider taking this test from Psychology Today! Probably like most of us, when it comes to these labels we just feel lost. This week we’re talking about how each trait is different, the pros and cons of both, and ways to interact with every personality in your life. We’re also...


Can You Really Leave Your Past Behind You? – 028

There are days we love remembering wonderful moments that have passed. But there are other times the past invades our lives, affecting how we live and react today. We find our grit and grace when discovering how to determine our future while learning powerful lessons from our past. In this episode Darlene takes a little time to talk to Julie about a past that could have determined the course of Julie’s life but did not. You may have come to relate to our outspoken, bubbly and transparent...


Happy Valentine’s Day from Your Two Favorite Galentines – 027

Are you a Valentine’s Day lover or hater? Can’t wait for the presents even if you may think it’s over-commercialized (what holiday isn’t?). Or does it trigger feelings of loneliness, an unnecessary reminder for those who are single (enter Galentine’s Day - our new fave)? Whether you plan to celebrate or not, Darlene and Julie spend a little bit of time to find the good in this day of love. Offering a fresh take on gifts to give and get, dates to enjoy with lovers (or your gal-pals) and of...


Mom Hacks: Help You Need in Every Stage – 026

It’s the Mom juggle - work, activities, shopping, cooking, tantrums and mood swings to manage (yours and your kids! Ha!). Keeping up with all.the.things... How can one woman do it? Darlene (Mom to two grown girls and Nonie to a grandson) and Julie (recent single mom to a “threenager”) share helpful hacks that will save you time and sanity. We all agree, “mommin’ ain’t easy” but it is rewarding! Let this episode entertain and inspire you with a few shortcuts and remember that you got this,...


The Benefits of Optimism in the Grit and Grace Life – 025

Want to live longer? Research tells us that optimism holds the key, and it also says that our gender is the most optimistic. So, are you a glass-half-full or glass-half-empty kind of gal? In this episode Darlene and Julie remind each other how important it is to look for the good, even when you’re facing difficult circumstances. They take a little time to explore some practical ways you can do that for yourself and when needed, be that voice in the lives of your friends. Because, hey,...


When to Leave an Unhealthy Relationship With Your Man (with Dr. Zoe Shaw) – 024

So, men can be pretty great, until they are not. Has the man in your life crossed a line that you just cannot live with? Are you dating and seeing signs that he’s not the guy you thought he was? Or are you married, and at an impasse, disagreeing at every turn? When you find yourself compromising your principals, your morals, your self-esteem perhaps it’s time to tell him “enough is enough?” To discuss this difficult situation, we brought in trusted friend and Licensed Psychotherapist and...


To the Working Woman: A How-To Guide for the Workplace – 023

Are you looking to enter or re-enter the workplace, is it time for a change or are you looking to make the most of the job you have? With a 50% increase of women in the workplace in the last 10 years, there’s a good chance you are one of them, arriving every day with a woman’s unique blend of grit and grace. If you’re looking for tips on how to land that new job or get ahead at the job you already have, you will not want to miss this episode. Darlene shares insights from her years of...


Simple Hacks for You to Get More Done and Feel Less Stressed – 022

A woman's life is stressful. There are never enough hours each day to accomplish all of the items on our list. Juggling family, home, schedules and even being so daring as to add something for just us, the list never gets done. But have we ever stopped to consider that maybe we write down too much to begin with? Hear us out! On this episode Darlene and Julie talk about simple life hacks to save you time, money and sanity as you work to simplify this year. They will even encourage you that...


Don’t Start the New Year Stuck in a Rut – 021

Yes, it’s 2018! You may have ended the year behind us really excited for this fresh start or perhaps you find yourself struggling, feeling stuck in an impossible rut. Every woman’s life is filled with so many transitions and challenges, that oftentimes we believe that rut has no end, there is no hope of getting out any time soon (ice cream in the closet, anyone?). In this episode Darlene and Julie talk about common things that can cause our setbacks: like job loss, toddler development,...


Closing the Year With Grit and Grace – 020

As we find ourselves at the close of 2017, we realize that for some this has been a great year, for others, it was filled with challenges. In this heartfelt episode, show hosts Darlene Brock and Julie Graham reminisce on the highs and lows of their personal lives this year, including the unexpected death of Julie’s husband. As they discuss their favorite content from dozens of The Grit and Grace Project writers from all over the world, they hope you too, will find encouragement. That you...


Shaking Off the Pet Peeves That Get Us Every Time – 019

Are you annoyed by the little things? The irritants we fondly refer to as pet peeves; we all have them. The problem is, we're usually just as guilty of doing the things that make us cringe as the next gal. In this LOL episode, Darlene and Julie are taking a break from the busiest season of the year to encourage us to laugh at ourselves, extend grace to those around us and offer a simple "me too" to the things we all do without even realizing it. Viewing in an app? Full show notes here We...


Does Your Self Confidence Need a Boost? – 018

By the time we hit middle school (and arguably, well before) women tend to have an on-going struggle with their self-worth and often lack confidence. We focus more on our shortcomings than our strengths. We zero in on our flaws forgetting to celebrate what we’re good it! Can you relate? Do you wonder why this is? Even more importantly, how do we stop this crazy struggle and gain the self-confidence we should all possess? Darlene and Julie hash this out, admitting their own distorted views...


You Are “Mom Enough”: How to Stop Feeling Like a Failure – 017

Your first case of motherhood insecurity may have started when you decided you wanted to be a mom, or when you found out you were pregnant, or maybe the day you took that baby home for the first time. And it doesn’t stop, right? When you finally master one season in your child’s life, you are thrown into the next. You worry you’re not feeding them, teaching them, disciplining them, encouraging them or loving them ‘enough’. Mom, you are not alone! In this episode Darlene shares her advice...


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