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Regret: All the Ways It Can Actually Serve You – 058

Regret: such a short word that can carry massive weight! Do you know the feeling? Is there something you wish you had done or not done that still lingers on your mind—days, weeks, months, or even years later? Sometimes we can find ourselves contemplating the adverse effects of regret, and we reflect on the past with a significant amount of sadness. In this episode, Darlene and Julie discuss some of their regrets, and they discuss how letting them propel you forward might be the perspective...


Women and Judgment: Why We Do It and How to Stop – 057

Have you ever been unfairly judged? Were some things said or believed about you that wasn’t true? Or perhaps you’re hesitant to admit that you could be the one doing the judging. The struggle is real, and every one of us has experienced both sides of this coin, probably not very long ago. Whether we like it or not, women are quick to judge, and we have a hard time not letting the opinions of others determine our self-worth. On this episode, Darlene and Julie discuss the common areas we tend...


Single Again? How to Know When to Date After Death or Divorce with Ashby Duval – 056

Single again and confused about what’s next? Are you ready for another relationship or is it too soon? Since our co-host Julie Graham is in this place we invited fellow widow and one of our most popular writers at The Grit and Grace Project online magazine, Ashby Duval, to share her story. Ashby, while pregnant with their first child, faced her husband’s unexpected passing and speaks to us with vulnerability and hope. She honestly shares her journey as she navigated grief and the world of...


We’re 1! A Look Back on Our First Year of This #GritandGraceLife Podcast – 055

This Grit and Grace Life podcast turns ONE today! We’re like a wobbly toddler who’s just starting to get her stride. Since it is our birthday, we are throwing a party! Your co-hosts, Darlene and Julie, laugh, cry, and reminisce on what they’ve learned from a year of recording their conversations for you. This reflecting led Julie to provide an answer to an inevitable question, “People are asking how I’m doing. Being a part of The Grit and Grace Project and starting this show has been healing...


How Can You Raise Great Girls? Darlene’s Daughters Tell All – 054

Are you trying to raise confident, capable daughters but feeling unsure about how you’re doing? Every mother feels that way! Darlene Brock, in her new book, Raising Great Girls, takes a look back at the years she raised her two daughters. By breaking down the roles, this mom took on doable jobs, and she shares what she learned. Since today is the official book release date, we wanted to celebrate by inviting her daughters to join us for this fun episode. You will hear firsthand from Darlene...


Why Moms Love Evereve, a Unique Fashion Experience – 053

We’re having a party! On August 21 at the Evereve store, a contemporary fashion and styling company for women in Franklin, Tennessee, we are celebrating the release of Darlene’s new book Raising Great Girls! Combining Evereve, which provides a unique shopping experience for moms who want to feel good about themselves, with a book about moms raising confident and capable daughters felt like the perfect fit. To give you a little preview of what you will experience at this event, Darlene and...


Practical Ways Women Can Thrive in the Workplace – 052

Did you know that the majority of women in America today are in the workplace? Of course, you did; you’re probably one of them. Something you may not know is, there’s a difference between how the genders approach challenges at work. How can we thrive as women in the workplace? What does it look like when we apply both grit and grace? With these thoughts in mind, Darlene and Julie discuss the common issues we face in our jobs, as well as, how to find the balance between work and home life....


This Is What Every Mom Needs for Back to School – 051

Suddenly summer ends. Faced with the start of the new school year, relief and anxiety collide as the transition begins. Your to-do list multiplies with shopping, meetings, reprioritizing your schedule, and dealing with the stress of your student(s) entering a new classroom. How can you handle it all without losing your mind? Darlene and Julie talk about saving money on back-to-school necessities, how to talk to your kids about the emotional changes they’ll face, and even give you some ideas...


A Therapist’s Practical Advice for Blended Families with Dr. Zoe Shaw – 050

Since nearly 50% of new marriages are remarriages, it should come as no surprise that many women are blending families. It doesn’t take long after making those marriage vows to discover combining families can be complicated. It can also be beautiful. How? We brought in our most reliable expert, psychotherapist, and relationship counselor, Dr. Zoe, to share a balanced and a realistic view of how to blend these separate families into one unit with equal parts grit and grace. Darlene (married...


Hardship Hit This Singer’s Life and She Chose to Fight! with Cameron James Pt. 2 – 049

Cameron James’ moving story of hardship and hope continues in this second installment. She first joined us on episode 048 when she shared her heartbreaking and inspiring journey of learning about her daughter’s ultra-rare disease. In part 2, she discusses the next season. As life became manageable and her daughter made progress (which seemed so unlikely when first diagnosed), she once again found herself in an all-out war with her husband in the crosshairs. This war led to her standing in...


Hardship Hit This Singer’s Life and She Chose to Fight! with Cameron James Pt. 1 – 048

Have you ever experienced hardships that felt insurmountable? Have you been tested on every side, not even sure you would survive? Our guest has been there. A few times. Singer/songwriter and mom of two, Cameron James, shares her moving story that began the day she discovered her daughter had an extremely rare disease. In this episode, she recounts her journey from devastation to hope and belief that miracles can still happen even in the midst of fear. James has learned to keep fighting,...


Miss Independent: Can You Be Healthy, Strong and Dependent? – 047

What does it mean to be an independent woman? Is this description only for the single, carefree women with no man or children in tow? Or does every woman need to master self-sufficiency in all our relationships? Whether we are a girlfriend, wife, or mother, it’s essential to be able to stand on our own as well as mastering healthy dependence. In this episode, Darlene and Julie reflect on culture’s definition of Miss Independent and The Grit and Grace Project’s take on being healthy, strong...


A Fresh Take on Resolutions You Need to Try – 046

With half of the year already behind us, we're wondering how you've done with all those New Year’s resolutions? Did you keep one, two, or any? Yeah, same here... Statistically, only 8% of us ever do. So, let’s all breathe a collective sigh of relief and remember that we care about progress, not perfection, and always—give ourselves a little bit of grace! But let’s not entirely leave resolutions behind; let’s apply a little grit and see if we can think of a few ways to maximize the rest of...


Stop the Mommy Wars: Every Mom Is Doing Something Right – 045

Moms want to put a label on everything, including themselves. Are you a crunchy mom? Free-range mom? Do you practice attachment parenting or grace-based? What do these even mean? In this episode, Darlene (who raised her daughters a couple decades ago) and Julie (in the thick of it now) poke fun at themselves as they try to figure out what their styles would be called while they highlight the great parts of each style discussed. But no judgement here—we believe all moms are doing the best...


Skillet’s Jen Ledger Shares Her Faith, Her Fear and Her Strength – 044

What happens when an incredible opportunity comes your way? Fear? Anxiety? Belief that you aren’t qualified? Well, you’re not alone; that is precisely where today’s guest found herself. Drummer, Jen Ledger, joined the multi-platinum, world-touring rock band, Skillet, at 18 years of age, all the while struggling with feelings that she didn’t have what it takes. Now a decade later, she’s facing her fears again with the release of her first solo EP “Ledger.” In this episode, Jen shares how her...


What Makes a Woman Beautiful (Might Surprise You) – 043

It’s amazing what women will do to feel beautiful. From crazy beauty tricks through time to what truly sets a woman apart, we have all gotten caught in the trap. There’s a multi-billion dollar industry thriving on our desire to be attractive. The products we “need” fill our drawers but are soon discarded for the next must-have to get just the right look. In this episode, Darlene and Julie will discuss hilarious beauty hacks from the past (and ones we still try today), then dive deeper into a...


Vacation Ideas: Why We Want to See These Unique Places Now – 042

What’s your plan for your summer vacation? Are you looking for unusual, or exotic destinations, or ways to make whatever trip you’re planning a little less painful? This week we discuss them all. From crazy must-see vacation spots across America to Darlene and Julie getting a little carried away as they ponder where they'd want to go, ”if money were no object!” Whether you're planning a road trip, staycation or dream vacay with your people anytime soon, you'll love this lighthearted chat. Of...


Do You Have to Be a Feminist to Be a Strong Woman? With Dr. Christina Hansen – 041

Each week we celebrate what we believe—women are strong, it’s demonstrated in who we are and all we do. But it seems in the current culture a woman’s strength is often considered synonymous with feminism. In the midst of the potentially confusing platforms we just have to explore this topic. What is a feminist today, anyway? Is there value in the movement, what have we learned from it and where do we go next? Has feminism lost the respect for and appreciation of the strength of a man? This...


5 Things a Woman Must Do for Success in Life – 040

Do you have a purpose in your life? Or avoid the subject because you feel that you don’t? Women who are living this #gritandgracelife can accomplish so many things, but we are often set back by fear or worry, or we compare ourselves to others. In this episode, Julie explores Darlene’s life journey. Sharing five life tips that she followed to get where she is now: having several successful careers, a rich multi-decade marriage, as well as launching two grown daughters into fulfilling lives of...


Dear Mom! Be Encouraged on Mother’s Day (and Beyond) – 039

Mommin’ ain’t easy, friends! The days can be long while the years are incredibly short. There may be days you feel like you’re not doing it “right” (really, who is?). Or that you’re the reason your kid(s) are going to be messed up (not true!). Just give us a few minutes to remind you that you’re not alone and you are without a doubt, doing it well. Darlene shares insight as a mom of two grown daughters while Julie, recently a single mom, confesses some of her mom guilt. We also take some...