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Julie Graham’s Untold Story of Heartbreak, Healing and Hope – 101

Every woman’s story is unique. So is the road she's traveled while discovering her inner strength, her grit, and her grace. We don’t always tell these stories, perhaps the hurt is still present or we fear what others may think. But sharing is what often encourages others and offers hope to them when they, too, find themselves in hard places. That is why, this week, our bubbly, quick-witted co-host, Julie Graham, shares the full story of one part of her life. You’ve heard a bit of her...


10 Truths for Every Strong Woman’s Grit and Grace Life – 100

This Grit and Grace Life is 100 strong this week! To celebrate, we are chatting about the most important topic: what makes you a strong woman! You are a one-of-a-kind woman with a personality, talents, and life experiences that no one else has. On this episode, cross-generational co-hosts Darlene Brock and Julie Graham share 10 truths that will remind you how to be a tenacious-yet-gentle woman, full of grit + grace. Struggling with self-doubt? We have an answer for that. Want to make sure...


Tips for Your Grit and Grace Life – 099

Darlene and Julie are ramping back up. With summer behind us, it’s time to go full steam ahead with new episodes. But to get ready, they spent a little time chatting about their favorite ones that might help all of us get back into our regular routines—balancing family, friendships, work, hobbies, your health, and even self-care. If you’re feeling a little off, we know this is a great way to give yourself a restart; it was for us. You will get tips from real women facing the same struggles...


Victorious Women of Grit and Grace With Korey Cooper – 098

Think you have nothing in common with the guitar slaying, multi-platinum, international touring artist Korey Cooper from the band Skillet? She joins Darlene and Julie for a candid conversation where you may be surprised that in reality, you do! She’s wife to band’s front-man John, a mother to two teenagers, and working in a man’s world as a performer, songwriter, and producer. The women discuss subjects we all deal with—insecurity, parenting, faith, relationships, and respect between...


Get It Girl! How Self-Respect Can Change Your Life – 097

We all want to be respected by others, but we must first respect ourselves for that to happen. So, what does this look like? Women don’t always consider what our actions communicate; what we do, say, and how we carry ourselves will tell the world whether or not we believe we are worthy of respect. In this episode, Darlene Brock and Julie Graham discuss how we can earn respect in all areas of our everyday lives: at home, work, in our friendships and romantic relationships, and, most...


How to Be a Grace-Filled Friend in Hard Times – 096

Do you want to be a friend who doesn’t run when life gets messy? The person who stays, offering her time, support, and love—sometimes without saying a word. This life is full of ups and downs. We all have our share of challenges, and when disappointment, disaster, or disruption happens, what we need most is a grace-filled friend. Off mic, Darlene and Julie have had these conversations when people they love need them. Knowing what to do or say when a friend or a family member is facing hard...


What Are the Unexpected Gifts of Depression? With Melissa Maimone – 095

Can depression be a gift? Is there something to be gained from those dark and hard places in life? If you or someone you love live with this battle, you’ve probably also felt the shame that seems to accompany the intense pain and feelings of hopelessness. The current estimates state that 15% of adults will experience this growing challenge—depression—at some point in their lives. With this in mind, co-hosts Darlene Brock and Julie Graham interview Melissa Maimone, author of The Radiant...


What Today’s Dating Scene is Really Like – 094

Are you dating or do you have a friend who is? If you haven’t been in the dating world for the last decade, the cultural shift that has hit will leave your head spinning. For those who are currently single, we realize you’re going to face challenges your married friends may not understand. In this episode, co-hosts Darlene Brock (happily married for several decades) and Julie Graham (widowed after 11 years of marriage to her college sweetheart....and currently dating) talk through some of...


What Makes a Great Dad? How Can You Encourage It? – 093

Many men can be a father, but a dad, that’s so much more. He holds a special place in a child’s life—a different one than mom, and that’s a good thing. When daddy does things his way, our kids are better for it. But, what is it that makes a good dad? What qualities does he offer our children that we may not? How can we encourage his relationship with our kids? With Father’s Day approaching, Darlene Brock and Julie Graham take this episode to discuss those things and celebrate the unique...


Catch up on This Grit and Grace Life Podcast

Summer has arrived, and with it the shift from school busy has been replaced by summer busy. Hopefully, you’re going to get some time to relax, even a vacation in the schedule too! With this in mind, we’re going to change our podcast publishing rhythm and release a new episode every other week to give us a break. Also to give you time to catch up on any shows you may have missed while living your grit and grace life! In this short episode, Darlene and Julie recap some of their favorite...


Are You the Proverbs 31 Woman? Should You Be? – 092

A catchphrase often used among the Christian community "a Proverbs 31 woman" is thrown about with underlying expectations. It can bring with it inspiration, but also pride, fear, and even insecurity. This passage is referenced when discussing "how we should live" as women of faith and even the way it begins, the "wife of noble character" can be intimidating. Can you be like her? Should you even try? Co-hosts Darlene Brock and Julie Graham (both Christian women who have been in church for...


Can Women Do It All? With Christy Wright of Business Boutique – 091

“A lot of women treat everything in their life as equal, so when push comes to shove and you’re needed in two places, you don’t know what to choose.” That quote from this week’s guest resonated with your co-hosts, Darlene Brock and Julie Graham. It probably does you too! To discuss this struggle and offer possible solutions for most women’s busyness, we brought in an expert on the subject. Meet our new best friend; Author, Business Coach, Ramsay personality and busy wife and mom, Christy...


Girl Code: Secrets From Our Unofficial Rule Book – 090

“Girl code,” you know what we’re talking about! Those unofficial rules that every member of our tribe understands, the code of behavior that governs female friendship. We have guidelines (even if we don't say them out loud) on everything from dating to clothing, keeping secrets, and how we mother each other’s children. In this episode, cross-generational friends and co-hosts, Darlene Brock and Julie Graham, give real-life examples of how women live by this set of rules. When we do, our...


This Is How to Handle a Hard Relationship With Your Mom – 089

Every mother-daughter relationship is unique. While some inspire the prose written in a Hallmark card, others can be much more challenging. Knowing this (and having their own complicated mother-daughter stories), Darlene Brock and Julie Graham devote this episode to the woman who might not have that picture-perfect relationship. Daughters, if your mom can be harsh, distant, controlling, neglectful, or absent, this episode is for you. In this real-life discussion, you'll learn how to set...


Overcome These 5 Struggles and Live a Grit + Grace Life – 088

A life of grit and grace sounds like a great plan, something every woman wants. Right? But certain roadblocks just keep rearing their ugly heads! These struggles keep us from feeling strong: we have poor self-esteem, we’re riddled with shame or guilt from our past, or we feel the need to be perfect at everything. These plus a few more are the barriers that keep us from the life we all want to lead. In their relatable banter, your co-hosts Darlene Brock and Julie Graham admit to facing these...


How to Raise Responsible Kids: Tips for Every Age – 087

Isn’t every parent’s goal to raise happy, well-adjusted, and, yes, responsible kids who can find success in life? Even comedienne, Phyllis Diller said, “I want my children to have all the things I couldn’t afford...then I want to move in with them.” We may not want to live with them, but we do want them to be able to build a life for themselves. In this episode, single boy mom Julie Graham asks all these questions and more of Darlene Brock, who literally wrote the book on raising great...


7 Lessons From Easter That Matter Every Day – 086

Who doesn’t love Easter—another opportunity to eat candy, decorate our home, create new family memories, and, of course, the dress. But at the core of this holiday lies the pinnacle of our Christian faith, so we wanted to take this opportunity to address what it is that we hold so dear. Since we couldn’t just do it the obvious way, Darlene and Julie spend this episode unpacking seven lessons discovered when looking at Jesus’ life—focusing in on the time before His death and resurrection....


How to Find Your Own Voice, With JJ Heller – 085

Has your life taken an unexpected turn after experiencing disappointment? Perhaps it’s left you feeling like you’re not good at what you thought you were, or worse, not good at anything at all. This week’s guest, JJ Heller, will inspire you. Her unlikely journey from basketball player to recording artist entailed many unexpected turns. She admits that “finding her voice” (not just musically, but figuratively) took time, tweaks, and listening to valuable feedback from others. It also required...


Keep Your Love Alive: Avoid These Relationship Mistakes – 084

Most women are looking for a healthy, secure, and romantic relationship with the man in their life. Sometimes we do things that, instead of making it better, are killing it. Now, we know that men can be relationship killers too, but we will leave that for another discussion. So, we're asking you, are you making these common mistakes that undermine the foundation of the relationship you hold so dear? We all do them, but if we don't have a bestie who tells it to us straight, sometimes we don’t...


5 Philosophies You Need for Your Grit and Grace Life – 083

What makes a woman able to live This Grit and Grace Life? The desire to be strong and secure in her worth. A woman who loves people well and is confident in her talents, demonstrating tremendous character. That’s true, too. You see it in how a woman carries herself in her relationships, whether at home, at work, or in her community. With this goal in mind, our fearless leader, (Co-Founder of The Grit and Grace Project) Darlene Brock, took an inventory of the life philosophies that she’s...