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A lifestyle podcast with guest interviews, books, finance, beauty, health, parenting and more!

A lifestyle podcast with guest interviews, books, finance, beauty, health, parenting and more!
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A lifestyle podcast with guest interviews, books, finance, beauty, health, parenting and more!






Ep 15: Melissa Leong’s Money Advice, Giving Public Compliments plus Book Recos

Finance expert and writer Melissa Leong answers all our money questions, why you should give public compliments, and nonfiction from Michelle Obama and Molly Bloom. You can find Melissa Leong on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and her website. Her fantastic new book is Happy Go Money: Spend Smart, Save Right and Enjoy Life. My book recommendations: Becoming by Michelle Obama Molly's Game by Molly Bloom Thanks to my editor Lukas Wojcicki!


Ep 14: Guest Meredith Kirk, Reading to Big Kids and 6 Ways to Simplify Life

Meredith Kirk chats about interior design (she gets the credit for my big reno), real estate, parenting, faith and celebrity gossip culture (she's also the sister of retired NHLer Mike Fisher and sister-in-law of country singer Carrie Underwood). Plus I share six ways to simplify life (I'm all about simplifying!) and reasons why we should keep reading to our big kids - with book suggestions! You can find Meredith Kirk on Instagram and Facebook. If you want some first-person (i.e., not...


Ep 13: Sleep Expert Alanna McGinn, dealing with lice, social media cleanouts and my heated vest

Sleep consultant Alanna McGinn answers all your questions, from newborn sleep right through tips for adults. I share advice for handling head lice, as well as how I do a social media cleanout every once in a I talk about my new heated vest! For more information on Alanna McGinn: Good Night Sleep Site, Instagram, Facebook This Girl Loves Sleep Podcast Here's my full post about How To Treat Head Lice The apps I use to clean out my social media accounts are Crowdfire for Twitter...


Ep 12: Eating Out with Kids, Abandoning Books and a Jam-Packed Ask Me Anything (Season Finale)

Eating out with kids, abandoning books and a jam-packed ask me anything! Listeners sent in their questions related to education, beauty, organization, podcasting, TV and more...including my most embarrassing moments! The season finale of This Mom Loves is the most personal one yet! Important links mentioned in this episode The book I recommended: Watching You by Lisa Jewell 10 Commandments For Eating Out With Kids Where Kids Eat Free In Canada Microneedling Facials: My Review The Hosts of...


Ep 11: Entrepreneur Jenna Herbut, Frock Box and Giving Back with Kids including The Shoebox Project

A chat with entrepreneur Jenna Herbut, I fill listeners in on the Frock Box subscription box, and tips for getting kids involved with giving back, including The Shoebox Project. You can find Jenna Herbut at her site and on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Jenna's excellent new book is Make It Happen: The Creative Entrepreneur's Guide To Transforming Your Dreams Into Reality. The clothing subscription box I talked about is Frock Box. Remember to use code THISMOMLOVES (uppercase) to save the...


Ep 10: Time management expert Laura Vanderkam, great nonfiction and “the first 5 minutes” parenting hack

Laura Vanderkam (time management researcher and writer) shares her expertise, and I talk about a parenting hack I call "the first 5 minutes" as well as two great nonfiction books. Laura Vanderkam's latest book is Off the Clock: Feel Less Busy While Getting More Done. You can find Laura on her website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. My book recos: I'll Be There For You: The One About Friends by Kelsey Miller Educated by Tara Westover My parenting hack: You'll have to listen to the show to...


Ep 9: Debbie Travis, 10 Ways To Simplify Christmas and Medi-Pedis

Debbie Travis talks about her new book Design Your Next Chapter: How to Realize Your Dreams and Reinvent Your Life, and I share 10 ways to simplify Christmas and why I love medi-pedis! Debbie's fantastic book (which also includes lots of space for your own notes and ideas) can be found here: Design Your Next Chapter: How to Realize Your Dreams and Reinvent Your Life (By the way, her last book, perfect for moms from birth to empty nest, is called Not Guilty.) You can also find Debbie on her...


Ep 8: Favourite Things Special – Beauty & Cleaning Products, Books, Kids’ Apps & Netflix Bingewatches

In this episode I'm sharing a whole show's worth of favourite things: beauty products, cleaning products, books, kids' apps and Netflix bingewatches! Favourites include: Maybelline eyeliner Norwex glass cloth, floor mop system and BacLock kitchen cloth set I Know You by Annabel Kantaria The Good Liar by Catherine McKenzie Apps - ABC Alphabet Phonics, Sight Words by Photo Touch, Alphabet Tracing Free, Rocket Speller, IXL, Big Math Flash Cards, Eye Spot Thanks to my editor, Lukas Wojcicki!


Ep 7: Allison Bell on resilience after infant loss, infertility, PPD & cancer

Special guest Allison Bell shares her experiences with resilience in the face of infant loss, infertility, postpartum depression and cancer, including the strategies that worked for her, and dos and don'ts for those who want to be supportive. You will be completely drawn in by Allison's story, and her insights will hopefully be helpful to many suffering through similar trials, or loved ones wanting to support them. Feel free to reach out to Allison (full disclosure: she's one of my BFFs)...


Ep 6: Jessica Holmes on Mental Health, Use Tech to Declutter Paper and Don’t Interview For Pain

Jessica Holmes (comedian/actress/writer/mental health advocate) is my special guest, I share how I use tech to declutter paper (for me and the kids) and why you shouldn't interview for pain. In addition to sharing her experience with depression (including her totally underwhelmed reaction to being asked to emcee for Oprah and how she talks about mental health with her kids) Jessica and I also discuss our shared self-identification as introverts, whether she ever regrets being so open about...


Ep 5: Etiquette expert Lisa Orr, School Day Breakfasts/Lunches & A Subscription Box Tip

Etiquette expert Lisa Orr answers all your questions, I share advice to make school day breakfasts and lunches easier, as well as a subscription box tip and another great book. It's a jam-packed episode! Important links: The Home For Unwanted Girls by Joanna Goodman FabFitFun (I do get rewarded if you order through this link, you can save $10 off your first box with code Fab10) Lisa Orr/Orr Etiquette: Website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram **** Now, here's where I open up to you a bit. I am...


Ep 4: The Child Whisperer, Birthday Party Ideas & How To Help Your Struggling Student

The Child Whisperer Carol Tuttle, birthday party ideas and a book for parents and teachers of struggling students. The book I strongly recommend for all teachers and parents of children who struggle in school: Helping Your Child with Language-Based Learning Disabilities by Daniel Franklin A link to all of the birthday party themes mentioned, plus more (includes my post-pinned Pinterest post of all time, the Amazing Race Party): Ultimate Kids' Birthday Party Theme Roundup Carol Tuttle, The...


Ep 3: Talking Meghan, Kate & Media with Amanda Dishaw, Saving Money on Bills & a Fave App

A royal chat about Meghan, Kate and more with Amanda Dishaw, a great tip for saving money on bills, and an app I adore! Listen to Episode 3 of This Mom Loves using the player above, or use any of the links under it to listen in your favourite spot (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc.). Please rate, review, subscribe or spread the word as you see fit! Some helpful links: Texture (the magazine app I raved about) Our House by Louise Candlish Ooma (the $5/month VOIP phone service) My London travel...


Ep 2: Cynthia Loyst, Gel Nails, Get-To-Bed Tips and Girl, Wash Your Face

Cynthia Loyst from The Social, gel nails, get-to-bed tips and a review of Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis. You can listen to Episode 2 of This Mom Loves right here in the player above, or click on any of the links under it to listen in your favourite spot (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc.)! Please rate, review, share...I appreciate anything you can do to spread the word! Important notes and links: The type of manicure I was talking about is called a gel manicure. Love them! Book...


Ep 1: Kortney Wilson, Closet Organization, Books by Reese Witherspoon & Emily Giffin

This week I'm talking to Kortney Wilson from Masters of Flip, sharing books by Reese Witherspoon and Emily Giffin, and talking about closet organization tips! I'm so excited to say that Episode 1 of This Mom Loves is now live and available on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher...or right here in the player at the top of this post! I'd love if you would subscribe, review, share, tell your friends...anything to help spread the word about this new project! As promised, here are all of the details from...