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A lifestyle podcast with guest interviews, books, finance, beauty, health, parenting and more!

A lifestyle podcast with guest interviews, books, finance, beauty, health, parenting and more!


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A lifestyle podcast with guest interviews, books, finance, beauty, health, parenting and more!






Ep 58: Jennifer Singh, CEO of She’s Newsworthy Media

My special guest this week is Jennifer Singh: former TV reporter, current CEO of She's Newsworthy Media where she offers PR strategy and media coaching. We talk about her career pivot, the impact of COVID-19, working from home, how women can step up and use their voices (in business or otherwise), allyship and inclusive marketing...and more! You can find Jennifer Singh and She's Newsworthy Media on the web, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and you can also join the She's Newsworthy Media...


Ep 57: The Juggling Mother Author Amanda D. Watson

Amanda D. Watson, author of The Juggling Mother: Coming Undone in the Age of Anxiety, is here to discuss her area of expertise! We talk about media representations of juggling mothers (in TV, movies, commercials) and who's left out of them, plus I ask Amanda about her own little ones, her thoughts on all of the "mommy needs a drink" memes, the role of influencers in both normalizing and easing the burden on moms (plus she shares one of her favourite accounts to follow) and the impact of...


Ep 56: Carolyn MacKenzie of Global’s The Morning Show

This week I'm chatting with Carolyn MacKenzie, cohost of Global's The Morning Show - who is usually the one asking me the questions! We talk about pivoting to do the show from home during COVID, her recent rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis, how her kids are doing back in school, what insider info she can give us about her cohost Jeff McArthur, how she handles social media negativity, women in broadcasting that she admires, and she even surprises me with a future career dream! Also in this...


Ep 55: Dr. Liza Egbogah, Celebrity Body & Posture Expert

It's impossible to share all of Dr. Liza Egbogah's titles in the same breath: chiropractor and manual osteopath, designer of Dr. Liza shoes and bags (both comfortable and gorgeous), clinical director of the[fix] in Toronto (her "Face Fix" treatment is on my wish list)...oh, and she's a mom too. In this interview we talk about some of her celebrity clients (the ones she's allowed to mention), her beautiful bags and shoes (I own two pairs), how she became an expert contributor for TV, and even...


Ep 54: Erin Flynn of Cladwell

This week I'm chatting with Cladwell cofounder and CEO Erin Flynn - I have the Cladwell personal styling app and use it all the time! We discuss purging closets (she took hers from 450 items to 75!), shopping intentionally (and how "planned obsolescence" and "perceived obsolescence" keep us shopping), the impact of COVID-19 on business, how to make the most of Cladwell and more! Also in this episode I recommend two controversial books that I enjoyed (and delve into some of the controversy):...


Ep 53: Melissa Grelo of The Social and marQ Designs

This week on the podcast Melissa Grelo, cohost of The Social and cofounder of marQ Designs, is here talking about filming the show from home, the post-COVID future of TV, her experience as a woman of colour, anti-racism allyship (genuine vs performative), why she left her teaching career for television,what's coming next for her gender-neutral kids' clothing line, how The Social has changed over seven seasons, her pandemic puppy...and more! Also in this episode, I recommend three great...


Ep 52: Finance Expert Pattie Lovett-Reid

We're back from our COVID-19/summer hiatus and starting out strong with a conversation with the very kind and gracious Pattie Lovett-Reid, Chief Financial Commentator for CTV News. In this chat we cover a huge range of topics: COVID real estate, investments, setbacks and supports; choosing charities, talking to kids about money, her role with CTV and the (sometimes self-imposed) pressure on women in television plus embracing her natural curls this summer! Pattie also answers listener...


Ep 51: Traci Costa of PK Beans on Kids and the Importance of Play

PK Beans founder Traci Costa is here today talking about her kids' clothing business, their fun and educational new subscription box and working at home with her husband and daughters during COVID-19, plus we have a big conversation about kids and the importance of play. What does free play really mean? What is the role of parents, and are they too cautious when it comes to letting kids be outside and explore risky play? Also in this episode: Red Letter Days by Sarah-Jane Stratford Love...


Ep 50: Mabel’s Labels Maven and Mom of Six Julie Cole

It's episode 50 and Mabel's Labels maven and mom of six Julie Cole is here! We cover a lot of ground in this conversation: the celebrity customers that her multimillion dollar business has attracted, parenting (before and during COVID-19, including how she mobilizes the older kids to help the younger ones learn at home); organizing schedules, paperwork, clothes, toys and all the "stuff" that comes with a big family; plus being a special needs mom (her oldest child has autism), and I ask her...


Ep 49: Psychotherapist Kelly Bos helps us through COVID-19 Stressors

Psychotherapist Kelly Bos is here with help for our COVID-19 stressors: working from home, physical distancing, parenting/schooling, health-related anxieties. and more. Also two book recommendations, and on the lighter side of things, how celebrities are handling the "learning at home concept" - HELLO! Canada magazine even asked me for my expert input! Kelly Bos can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and her website; Talk Therapy Podcast is on Instagram. Book recommendations: The...


Ep 48: Lindsay Sealey on Teen Girls, plus more book recos and a home workout app

Lindsay Sealey, author of Rooted, Resilient, and Ready: Empowering Teen Girls as They Grow is here talking about the big issues: appearance, mental health, phones and social media, friendships, peer pressure...we cover it all! Also in this episode: This Mom Loves x Hidden Gems By Raquel for every bracelet purchased between now and April 24 we will be donating $4 to the food bank - and you're probably going to be shopping online for Mother's Day! In Five Years by Rebecca Serle (the April pick...


Ep 47: Marcy D’Alessandro with Fundraising Tips and Tricks

Marcy D'Alessandro, Chair of the PRHC Mombassadors, is here sharing fundraising ups and downs, tips and tricks and a pile of ideas that might help you raise money for your cause! We're also talking about a couple of fun upcoming events for the Mombasadors, including their Girls Night Out: A Night in Nashville ( Peterborough!) Marcy is also the unofficial Prime Minister of the This Mom Loves fan club...a longtime supporter! We talk about more personal connections in our chat too, and you...


Ep 46: Raquel Paulo on the Small Business Side Hustle

Raquel Paulo of Hidden Gems By Raquel is sharing all her tips and tricks for running a successful business while working a day job and raising kids! We talk about her highs and lows and everything in between, and of course also discuss our brand new bracelet collaboration, This Mom Loves x Hidden Gems by Raquel! Also in this episode: Followers: A Novel By Megan Angelo - this one is the March pick for the This Mom Loves Virtual Book Club. Interested? Come join us! and I recommend a fabric...


Ep 45: Special Needs Parenting with Kate Wells and Jane Fitzgerald

Kate Wells and Jane Fitzgerald, each the mom of a child with special needs, are here sharing everything they want other moms to know, and answering a pile of listener questions: how to interact with a child with special needs, how to include them in activities like birthday parties, how all kids can benefit from inclusion and how to answer when your child asks in the grocery store (loudly of course) "What's wrong with him?!" - they're sharing all their thoughts! I love the interviews that I...


Ep 44: Jessica Lahey on Kids and The Gift of Failure

Jessica Lahey, teacher, mom and bestselling author of The Gift of Failure, is here with tons of advice to help our kids become independent and thrive! We cover homework, bullying, rewards, parent/teacher relationships, the importance of free play and her surprise endorsement from Kristen Bell! Jessica also gives us a sneak peek at the fascinating subject of her next book. You can find Jessica Lahey on her website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and find more info or purchase The Gift of...


Ep 43: Jenn Robertson on the Final Season of Schitt’s Creek

Actress Jenn Robertson (she plays the mayor's wife Jocelyn Schitt on the hit show Schitt's Creek) is answering all our questions about the 6th and final season, as well as talking about her family, favourite things and what's next in her career! Also in this episode: Woman on the Edge by Canadian author Samantha M. Bailey (This was just announced as the February pick for the This Mom Loves Virtual Book Club - come join us!) My Top 10 Blog Posts of 2019 (#1 is closely connected to this...


Ep 42: Money Talk with Kelley Keehn

Financial educator Kelley Keehn is here answering questions about RESPs, online baking safety, why she won't ask us to make a budget, shopaholic strategies, how to talk money with partners and kids and more. Kelley Keehn's website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter For more information or to purchase Kelley's book Talk Money To Me: Save Well, Spend Some and Feel Good About Your Money Also in this episode: Find Your Pleasure: The Art of Living a More Joyful Life by Cynthia Loyst The movie...


Ep 41: The Social’s Marci Ien

Marci Ien of CTV's The Social is here to talk Raptors, race, opening up on national television, her IEN LEE shoe line and more! Marci was my very first Momterview on the blog back in 2010 and has continued to be unfailingly kind and generous in the time I have known her. Case in point: we originally recorded this episode months ago but ended up having an issue with the audio and it was unusable...and Marci did not hesitate to agree to record again! Marci Ien on Facebook, Twitter and...


Ep 40: Holiday Tips Special Edition

The experts are here with advice to help you survive and thrive this holiday season! Caron Irwin is talking holiday parenting, Dr. Sheila Wijayasinghe has holiday health covered, Lisa Orr's taking care of holiday etiquette and Chelsea Montgomery has tips for holiday stress! It's a jam-packed episode that you won't want to miss! Thanks to my editor Lukas Wojcicki!


Ep 39: Dr. Andrea Gelinas, Toronto’s Coolest Dentist, plus Ways To Give Back, DIY Gel Manicures at Home and Suspense Novel Recos

Dr. Andrea Gelinas is a mom and business owner with an eye for design - and she's also been called Toronto's Coolest Dentist! She's here to chat about all of that and more. Also in this episode: ways to give back (you may not have heard of all of them), DIY gel manicures at home and as always, some book recommendations - this time a couple of great suspense novels. For more information on Gelinas Dental Studio, follow them on Instagram and Facebook and visit their website. More details on...