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Bestselling author Annie Grace invites you, without rules, pain, or judgement, to explore the role of alcohol in our lives and culture.

Bestselling author Annie Grace invites you, without rules, pain, or judgement, to explore the role of alcohol in our lives and culture.
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Bestselling author Annie Grace invites you, without rules, pain, or judgement, to explore the role of alcohol in our lives and culture.




EP 194: Reader Question - How do you define alcohol and alcoholism?

This topic….’what makes someone an alcoholic’….is a hot spot for many. One person may label themselves an ‘alcoholic’ while another might be completely offended by this term, despite having no control over their own drinking. So when is it okay to use this the word ‘alcoholic’? And is there such a thing as a disease called alcoholism? Annie Grace dives into the murky water, perhaps giving you a new perspective on these labels. Are you ready for a deep dive into truly lasting change? If so,...


EP 193: Naked Life Story – Tiffany

Think professional people wouldn’t show up to work impaired? Well, think again, because it does happen. Sometimes even the best of the best of them fall victim to addiction that impairs their professional judgment. And today, you’ll meet a nurse who did go to work impaired. Annie talks with Tiffany, a nurse who started her addiction journey with Vicodin – to treat migraine headaches. Coupled with a drinking problem, it was double the fun….until it wasn’t. Join Annie as she walks through this...


EP 192: Reader Question – How can I talk to my husband about his drinking?

When we’ve quit drinking but our spouse hasn’t, it can be challenging to coexist. So, how do we approach this topic with him/her? Annie answers this frequently asked question for us and gives us helpful advice on what do to and what not to do. Are you coming? Because I want to meet you. I would love to shake your hand. I'd even love to give you a hug. Let's be honest, I'm a hugger. And more than that, I want to blow your mind at This Naked Mind Live 2019. We have a handful of tickets left,...


EP 191: Naked Life Story – Raegan

Fancy bars near Capitol Hill. Cocktails with U.S. Senators and Congressmen. Annie welcomes Raegan, who can relate to the drinking culture that permeates not only corporate America, but also politics. How did Raegan go from being a non-drinker in high school and college to daily drinking and using any excuse to drink, subconsciously believing that alcohol was the answer to all her problems….UNTIL she found This Naked Mind. Are you looking to connect with like-minded people? Sometimes maybe...


Ep 190: Reader Question – How to be alcohol free at a wedding?

Summer is wedding season and a summer wedding without booze is unthinkable! Or is it? Find out how to say no to the open bar and champagne toast as Annie gives us her best advice for dancing the night away without relying on liquid courage. Are you looking to connect with like-minded people? Sometimes maybe you feel like you have all this information from doing This Naked Mind or The Alcohol Experiment, but you’re living in a world where people don’t speak your language. That is why I...


EP 189: Naked Life Story – Molly

In today’s episode, Annie welcomes Molly, who takes us on her journey that started with obsessive dieting and exercise. But with life’s curveballs (including motherhood, the market crash, and a hurricane), she began to rely on alcohol as her way to deal with stress. Find out what it took for Molly to realize she needed to regain control of her life – the life that alcohol had stolen from her. Are you looking to connect with like-minded people? Sometimes maybe you feel like you have all this...


Ep 188: Reader Question – Quitting drinking is hurting my relationship. Any advice?

What happens when one person in a relationship or marriage decides to quit drinking? And what if the other person doesn’t have any interest in quitting? How do we avoid a negative impact on our relationship? Tune in as Annie answers this difficult question using advice from some of her readers who have walked through this situation. Find out tips and tricks that can help prevent changing your relationship with those who aren’t ready to give up booze. Are you ready for a deep dive into truly...


EP 187: Coaching Questions with Scott Pinyard

Genetics. Labeling. Marriage. There are a lot of unknowns to navigate through when we venture into a life without alcohol. Scott Pinyard, This Naked Mind’s head coach, gets asked loads of questions every day and today he’s here to answer some of the frequently asked questions. You might even find that you’ve been searching for answers to these same questions. Let me ask you a question. What is better than change? Lasting change, of course. If you've had trouble making change stick, either...


Ep 186: Reader Question – Does Alcohol Affect Your Immune System?

Have you ever felt like you’re coming down with a cold or sore throat on a Friday night, you go out and party pretty hard only to wake up with a full blown illness the next day? Is this a coincidence? Does alcohol really have anything to do with immunity? Annie Grace answers this interesting question using published articles and research. Find out what illnesses you’re more susceptible to when you over-consume alcohol. Are you coming? Because I want to meet you. I would love to shake your...


EP 185: Naked Life – Rachel’s Story

Annie Grace takes you Down Under today with Rachel Hind! Rachel is a wellness coach and the founder of Be Your Best Self and a professionally trained addiction and sobriety coach, as well. Rachel gets real about her history of binge drinking and admits that she was the ‘destructive friend’ of the group – always encouraging her friends to drink to excess. Rachel has taken her hard work and commitment to overcome this and used it for something good, starting her own wellness coaching business....


Ep 184: Reader Question – Does alcohol advertising really work?

From billboards to commercials to magazine ads, alcohol marketing is everywhere. But does this really work? Or is it geared for a certain ‘addictive’ audience? With greater than 10 years of marketing experience, Annie shares fascinating research, crazy statistics, and what the ultimate marketing goals are in this multi-million dollar industry. Did you miss This Naked Mind Live? Do you maybe have a little bit of FOMO? Don't worry. I've got you covered. In fact, I had the entire event...


EP 183: Naked Life - Terrance

Sometimes the journey to freedom from alcohol has a lot of peaks and valleys; curves and turns; and stops along the way. For Annie’s guest, Terrence, this journey began with what seemed to be an ‘incredible romance’ with alcohol that started in Napa, CA. But did the romance wear off? Listen in as Terrence shares his personal journey and find out what speed bumps, twists and unexpected detours he encountered along the way to living a naked life. Have you tried The Alcohol Experiment? Okay,...


Ep 182: Reader Question – Since I stopped drinking I noticed my friends drinking less. Is this normal?

Is it pure coincidence that my friends have been drinking less ever since I stopped drinking? Annie addresses this interesting social phenomenon and gives us startling statistics surrounding social habits that may help explain this “coincidence”. Find out what social contagion means and what role it can play in changing drinking habits and patterns. Are you ready for a deep dive into truly lasting change? If so, you might consider my Intensive Program. It’s a 9-week, self-led program that...


EP 181: What’s Working Now with Katie Richardson

Why would someone who has never touched alcohol want to interview Annie Grace? Enter, Katie Richardson, who hosted Annie as a guest on her podcast “What’s Working Now”. Katie is a personal and business mentor who’s helping others with self-growth and joy! Annie shares her story with Katie and the two of them discuss how Annie’s process can help change any habit. Find out what the ACT technique is and how it can be used to transform your thinking and overcome whatever it is that’s holding us...


Ep 180: Reader Question – How do you deal with family members who still drink?

We can choose our friends, but we can’t choose our family and so… do we deal with this issue if our close family members still drink? Should we just go off the grid and avoid them? Should we insist that they don’t drink when you’re around? Annie answers this question by sharing some of her tools to help avoid the neurological stress created in these situations. Find out her best advice for dealing with the drinkers in the family. Are you coming? Because I want to meet you. I would love...


EP 179: Coaching Questions with Scott Pinyard

Community. It’s such an important part of life and there are a plethora of questions surrounding this topic when it comes to quitting drinking. Join Scott Pinyard, head coach at This Naked Mind, as he focuses on answering questions about how to navigate through those first few months of being alcohol free without losing the sense of community we’ve had for so long. Are you looking to connect with like-minded people? Sometimes maybe you feel like you have all this information from This Naked...


Ep 178: Reader Question – If I'm not drinking do I just need to stay out of the pub full stop?

Anxiety is something that many of us struggle with and when it comes to socializing without our crutch of alcohol, the temptation to drink can become overwhelming. How can we overcome this? Should we just stop socialize altogether? Annie delivers her advice, based on a combination of science and experience, to help us remain true to ourselves in those now-sober (and therefore unfamiliar) social situations. Hey! Guess what time it is! This only happens a few times a year, and right now is...


EP 177: Naked Life Story - Kim

Problematic? Not so much. Social and fun? Definitely yes! Today, Annie introduces Kim! Kim is an energetic 61-year-old who became a proficient, enthusiastic, social drinker and stuck with it for 40 years….until her ‘bell of consciousness’ was rung. Was she on the slippery slope of addiction? Or just a fun-loving party girl? Find out the 5 clues that helped Kim decide it was time to resign from her habit of drinking. Did you miss This Naked Mind Live? Do you maybe have a little bit of FOMO?...


Ep 176: Reader Question – But I love the taste of Bud Light, what can I replace it with?

I know I need to give up drinking and I plan to do this, but I absolutely love the taste of one specific drink! What’s the best way to go about giving this up? Or can I find something to even replace it with that’s non-alcoholic? Annie shares some powerful information on how powerful our minds can be with associating things together. Find out what the American Association of Wine Economists found in a fascinating study done with wine tasting. Have you tried the alcohol experiment? Okay,...


EP 175: "Your Life By Design" with Pleasance Silicki

Ready for something special? On March 20, Annie was the podcast guest of Pleasance Silicki – founder of LOLA Community. Pleasance wears many hats – she’s a mother, an author, yoga instructor, and a health coach – to name just a few. Because that interview was so next-level awesome, it’s a no-brainer that we wanted to share it here too. Pleasance takes us through her decision to quit drinking after reading This Naked Mind and engages Annie with questions and discussion surrounding the...