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What if we spent as much time on our inner healing as we do our outward appearance? In each episode, Emotional Healing Coach, Rebeccah Silence, helps us recognizing the weaknesses and self-beliefs that are keeping us held back from our own greatness. She shares her own personal experiences, guest experiences, case studies and coaching strategies for you to breakthrough so that you can offer more to the world. She challenges us in a loving, but no BS way – to bring it! To bring our limitations and fears to the light, in order to breakthrough.


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What if we spent as much time on our inner healing as we do our outward appearance? In each episode, Emotional Healing Coach, Rebeccah Silence, helps us recognizing the weaknesses and self-beliefs that are keeping us held back from our own greatness. She shares her own personal experiences, guest experiences, case studies and coaching strategies for you to breakthrough so that you can offer more to the world. She challenges us in a loving, but no BS way – to bring it! To bring our limitations and fears to the light, in order to breakthrough.




Gary Spears talks about using breakthrough to support community

Host Rebeccah Silence turns the tables, interviewing big-hearted radio personality “Big Poppa” Gary Spears, usually the guy in the interviewer seat. Gary knows what it takes to be a trusted voice, using his platform on the air to support his community. On the podcast he shares his thoughts on what it takes to be a credible spokesman. Gary’s story will inspire you to believe that you can become a person of influence in your community too. Gary likens experiencing breakthrough in life...


Fall in love with everyone you meet: healing through relationships

We all crave it. We all need it. What is it? It’s cliché, but 100% true, love is the answer. And it wins every time. On this episode host Rebeccah Silence gives valuable insight and practical advice on how love can heal your relationships. If you take away only one truth from this podcast, learn this: others are not responsible for making you feel. Only you control the way you feel. With that knowledge Rebeccah will guide you into falling in love with yourself more deeply—and everyone you...


Dr. Darlene Sampson on committing to practicing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Author, social worker, educational consultant, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) trainer Dr. Darlene Sampson believes that right now, you can be changed for the better by listening to this podcast. Host Rebeccah Silence wants to know what can those who enjoy skin color privilege do to be true allies to those who experience racism? Because, for our fellow human beings who do suffer from racial discrimination, it’s exhausting. As a Black woman Darlene knows how hurtful it can be to...


Angela DeCarlis wants to know do you believe in magic?

When you were a child, free to believe and create without limits, what did you love to do? Does your life currently reflect those loves? Do you experience joy in your work? It wasn’t until Angela DeCarlis asked herself these questions, that she realized she wanted to make changes in her life. Angela’s breakthrough was a “full body experience” and after she let go of what she thought she should be doing she felt free to pursue her dream of being a fulltime artist. Success doesn’t...


Generational healing is possible, and the results are bigger than we are.

Generational healing begins with the person in a family system who bravely decides to break inherited pain patterns passed from parents to children, often without realizing it. For most of us, our parents are our primary teachers, and their parents before them. Cycles of abuse, poverty, or mental illness can continue to negatively impact future generations. The good news? Healing and transformation are possible, and the positive effects are just as far reaching! Host Rebeccah Silence...


Eric Plantenberg celebrates freedom and abundance at last!

Mountaineer, entrepreneur, extreme sports athlete, husband and father, Eric Plantenberg knows the power of breakthrough and living a free and abundant life. He’s summited Mt. Everest. He’s a four-time IRONMAN competitor. He’s launched multiple businesses and done something else not many have done—spent time in a federal prison. But he didn’t let that stop him from living his best life. In fact, he used it to his advantage. At the tender age of 17, as a college freshman, Eric decided he...


Artist Brianna Martray embraces the contrast of light and dark.

Brianna Martray decided in her mid-twenties that creating the life she truly wanted, that of a fulltime artist, was a risk worth taking. As she became successful and demand for her work grew, she realized that one thing needed to change—end her alcohol addiction or die. Brianna chose life and began the process of transforming her life breakthrough after breakthrough, one step at a time. Taking a break from the studio to get sober taught her the power of eliminating negative self-talk...


Hope is always available. Rebeccah reminds us to turn hope on!

What is your relationship with hope? Are you afraid to hope? Are you feeling hopeless? Consider that there is no life without hope. For host Rebeccah Silence staying connected to hope became her lifeline on her cancer journey. She learned from her own experience and from thousands of others that hope brings light and life and when we choose to hope, we can face our fears and decide we have what it takes to win. The outcome may be out of our control, but choosing hope is always within...


Heather Steele, A Breakthrough Life

“Heather Steele shares what it takes to have a breakthrough life.” Heather Steele knows beyond any doubt that she trains the world’s best life coaches. How does she do it? She trains coaches to focus on helping their clients live their best lives. Period. As the founder of Legacy Training International, she uses her holistic approach, rooted in the client’s innate ability to grow, learn and heal to teach people to have a breakthrough life, not just a string of emotional highs or immediate...


Teddy Herzog reminds us to never give up on love.

“Teddy Herzog reminds us to never give up on love.” So, you’ve had your heartbroken. More than once. Maybe you feel like just throwing in the towel. Before you do, listen to Teddy Herzog’s story. He’s a master at remodeling old houses, an author and coach but it took him decades to get his inside to match his outside. Teddy had everything he thought he ever wanted: a great marriage, a daughter, and a successful business. But inside he felt something wasn’t right—he just couldn’t do...


Breakthrough is a Way of Life

In this episode, of Tougher Together, Breakthrough Podcast Rebeccah silence shows us the roadmap for breakthrough being a way of life as opposed to living in survival mode. She also answers questions from listeners and shares stories and personal moments of breakthrough. Rebeccah Silence is raw and real, and this episode is no different. She poses deep questions to all listeners—have you ever worried about looking good? Do you always seem to be waiting for the other shoe to drop? Are you...


Theresa Vee - You Are Supported

Host Rebeccah Silence wonders, “What if you’re never alone because angels are always with you, supporting you, listening to you, and seeing your greatness?” Theresa Vee, angelic channel, and spiritual guide, empowers us to take charge of our own breakthroughs and tune into our own angelic channels. “Can you imagine how many breakthroughs would be happening and how great this world would be if every single person consulted with their angels all the time?” Theresa Vee, world renowned...


Life’s Tough, But We’re Tougher Together – BREAKTHROUGH! “America’s Life Coach” Helps Us to Understand What Breakthrough is and How to Find it In Our Own Lives!

Is Breakthrough always a moment, or can it be a season? Our host, Rebeccah Silence, spends some time with Life Coach Stephen Lovegrove on today's podcast, and they share some insight on the Breakthrough process. Tune in and hear what they have uncovered for themselves and others! Stephen tells us the in the Breakthrough process, something shifts in your awareness… your mindset or consciousness. Sometimes called the soul, your consciousness is the part of you that is alive. When everything...


Life’s Tough, but We’re Tougher Together - BREAKTHROUGH! This Coach and Healer Helps Us Use the Mind-Body Connection to Heal Trauma and Release Weight!

How often do we feel connected to our bodies and aware of our nervous systems? It’s not uncommon to feel disconnected from our own bodies. Achieving weight loss is difficult without breaking down and going deeper to heal childhood wounds to the nervous system. On the Tougher Together Breakthrough podcast, our host, Rebeccah Silence, sat in with Audra Baker to discuss the characteristics that make Breakthrough such a big part of change and growth. Breakdown is where Breakthrough starts....


Life’s Tough, But We’re Tougher together – BREAKTHROUGH! This Wealth Advisor is Changing the Money Conversation for Women!

She had “everything.” She was happily married, had a lovely home, beautiful children, successful career… yet she was unfulfilled. She did all the things a person “should” do. But it wasn’t until she learned to appreciate Breakdown and Breakthrough that she could realize her vision. Join us on the Tougher Together Breakthrough podcast as host Rebeccah Silence and her guest, Anne Mank, talk about Anne’s Breakthrough! Anne couldn’t quite put her finger on the missing piece but knew that she...


Life’s Tough, But We’re Tougher Together – BREAKTHROUGH! Rebeccah Silence Discusses the Dangers of Needing to be Needed!

One of life’s complexities is the need to be needed. You make a common mistake when you need to have a role in other people’s lives. Rebeccah Silence talks about this on the Tougher Together Breakthrough podcast. She lets us know that it’s okay to care and natural to want to help, but it’s a fine line between helping people with what they need, as opposed to making it about you and what you need. When we NEED to be needed, we typically get a result that’s different from our intention. We...


Life’s Tough, But We’re Tougher Together – BREAKTHROUGH! This Successful Attorney Tells Us How to Be Courageous and Take Stock of Our Lives!

Have you ever felt like life was closing in on you? That one aspect of your life was putting the other areas in jeopardy? If so, you won’t want to miss this podcast! Our host, Rebeccah Silence, chatted with attorney Nick Passalacqua on the Tougher Together Breakthrough podcast. Nick shares his story and explains what Breakthrough has done in his life! Nick was leading a stressful life, trying to get his law practice off the ground, with a wife and kids at home. He was always feeling...


Tougher together: Breakthrough - This Healer Reminds Us to Stay Open-Minded and Consider Future Possibilities!

Recently, Rebeccah Silence, host of the Tougher Together Breakthrough podcast, welcomed Dr. Nathan Kennedy to sit with her. They talked about what breakthrough means to him and heard his views on healing. This exciting conversation turned to a discussion of possibilities, resiliency, and being willing to think outside the box! Dr. Kennedy makes the observation that people only look for stuff if they think it’s there. Many people will tell you that something is impossible, but they have...


Life’s Tough, But We’re Tougher Together – BREAKTHROUGH! Rebeccah Silence Explains How Being Blindsided Can Give Us Huge Growth Opportunities!

Control plays a significant role in most of our lives, and we like to think that by planning things out, we can predict and control what happened to us in the future. On the Tougher Together Breakthrough podcast, host Rebeccah Silence shares her experience and observations about being blindsided… something with which she’s had a lot of personal experience. We all like to plan and control our lives. Letting go of control is tough. We have to face the fact that all we can really control is...


Tougher Together: Breakthrough – This Mom of Two Has Overcome Huge Challenges to Become the Best Version of Herself!

When a series of life-changing events happen in rapid succession, it can throw the toughest of us off our game. Throw in a cancer diagnosis, and we’re done! That’s what happened with Erin Angiulli, a recent guest on the Tougher Together Breakthrough Podcast. Erin sat down with host Rebeccah Silence, and they talked about how we can use these events to grow and continue on our quest towards our best selves. When Erin met our host, Rebeccah, she was at a low point in the process of...