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S2 - Episode 8 - I'm Not Present Where I Am

Here's an episode that really stands apart at times, with Marie of the Toronto area tracing a past with Tourette moments that surprise and sometimes startle -- though ultimately we'll all agree Marie is a total delight to hear from and represents a season highlight. Before we get to Marie, we hear listener feedback (and Carson gets an answer). After Marie, at the end of the episode, a little podcast policy update. The research Angie mentioned:


S2 - Episode 7 - The Ecks-Men

Ben is home after a string of airline flights and keeps in theme by talking with Zach, a flight attendant who has Tourette Syndrome. Zach ALSO has been a counselor at Camp Twitch and Shout, a place where kids with TS can do their thing pressure-free. Zach discusses all this and more. Loads of moments and tic connections. Camp Twitch and Shout: And if anyone out there can help Christine or connect her with employment opportunities, here's her...


S2- Episode 6 - Kilimanjaro

Dimi from Australia is preparing to climb Mount Kilimanjaro for Tourette Awareness -- so, yeah, we absolutely had to get him on the show. On this episode, Dimi tells us what led up to this and what he hopes to accomplish for the Tourette community, and we of course rap about his tics and TS experience. Teachers were his biggest bullies? An amazing episode not to miss. Dimi's social media pages:


S2 - Episode 5 - Don't Beat Yourself Up

On this episode we've got Yvette from Alaska. She's got an infectious laugh and drops sharp points about Tourette in the workplace and school as we carve through her history with TS and how people mistake her eye tics for communicative winks. Super enjoyable convo. Solid advice for parents ahead, too. Weigh in with the Tourette's Podcast Facebook Group (join!)


S2 - Episode 4 - Before That Red Light Comes On

Just before Hurricane Florence made landfall, Ben made sure to speak with a meteorologist. Not for predictions or reassurance; Ed Buckner is a TV weather man with Tourette Syndrome. He's an admitted introvert -- so how in the world did he end up in front of a live camera? Ed Buckner, THV11 - Ed on Twitter - "T-Man & Hyperstrike"...


S2- Episode 3 - The Server Room

On this episode we've got Jayde, who, same as Ben, didn't live an open life with TS until the fairly recent past. She has an amazing story of how she got up the courage to open up and own it. Plus: Listener mailbag and ... is there a Facebook group now? Show notes Is procedural memory enhanced in Tourette syndrome? Evidence from a sequence learning task Tweet from Christine Conelea...


S2- Episode 2 - The Little Funny Things of It

This week, we're in Scotland (via phone line, anyway) with Michael, who just came off a tic attack before this interview. It's gotta be exhausting. But he soldiers through, and delivers on a solid story of life with Tourette Syndrome (and the fight for the right diagnosis).


S2 - Episode 1 - 99 Percent of the People

On this episode, we've got Jaleesa, who deals with complex vocal tics, movements and other comorbidities that get pretty much zeroed out by her astounding approach and command. Let's just say she can set a gawker straight -- kindly. Lot of philosophy here. Take notes. First though, we start with a little Dungeons and Dragons.


S2 - Episode 0 - Start Here (Updates and Listener Q and A)

The return! An amazing season ahead. Here we update you on what's happened since the end of Season 1, and we dig in to the listener mailbag.


S1 - Episode 14 - A Metal Drawer, Almost (SEASON FINALE)

It's the finale of Season 1, and we have a highlight guest in Tim Bissell. His past work in the TV industry and current work writing articles for publication all seem to have some thread with Tourette Syndrome, and how could they not? It's such a shaper. Favorite thing about this talk with Tim: he's the first person Ben spoke with who, like Ben, has "visualizations" along with his tics, which really opened a door -- or a drawer, as you'll hear. So many high points in this episode, and it's a...


S1 - Episode 13 - Humanize It

After some (important) talk about Tourette Awareness Month and the easy ways you can back it, we talk with Rosetta, a rising Linux star from the Pacific Northwest who, herself, wants to do more with Tourette awareness and community interaction. Her story is pretty compelling on its own. You'll have no problem welcoming and supporting her. Tourette Awareness Month - 5 Ways to Raise Awareness


S1 - Episode 12 - My Eyes Got Really Big

We've got Jake, a college football player whose path through Tourette Syndrome has found at least one funny coincidence in his earlier school years, a curious "trigger word," and empowerment to help other Touretters around him. Tourette Awareness Month is ahead - Ben's recent appearance on the Podcast Engineering Show -


S1 - Episode 11 - Twitching at Various Geometric Shapes

Huge, major, priceless insights here with our guest Dave Ross, a computer-and-web engineering guy from Massachusetts whose perspectives on Tourette Syndrome are a great pump-up and, we'll predict, will be valuable to recently diagnosed Touretters (and their parents) who see the future like a void. Dave melts down the conversation for reshaping. Dave on Twitter


S1- Episode 10 - It's Symbiosis, I Guess

Jason Grant is on the show, who you won't be able to stop listening to once he gets rolling. There's so much in his experience and perspective, and he's got a gifted ability for telling it. He also runs an excellent website called My Tourette World, where he, among other things, writes a series about kids with TS that everyone will find empowering. Don't miss this episode -- it's funny, heavy and real. My Tourette World -


S1 - Episode 9 - We All Have Something

Chris Fox is a standup comedian who works his Tourette Syndrome into his material as well as motivational speaking. He was also the first person to reach out to this podcast with support. On this episode we hear his story, his tics and his positive force -- after we hear from listeners and talk a little more about "visualisation" with tics. Thoughts? Chris Fox Chris performing at Caroline's on Broadway...


S1 - Episode 8 - A Little Less Weird

Ben returns from a bad cold, and flashes back a few months when he talked with Britney Wolf, who's gained a following on YouTube for Tourette awareness videos and has vivid memories of her earliest tic. On this episode we also get to hear about the first time she brought up TS to her now husband, and what happened at work when she told her boss about it. She's great at building community and fairness across the spectrum. She also has thoughts about how outsiders perceive mild cases of...


S1 - Episode 7 - Not Thinking About Judas All the Time

A video game developer might make a cool interview, yes? Meet Pat, a Touretter who's worked on some popular titles. On the one hand, it's a fun episode to be able to talk to someone who develops video games for a living and works inside a recognizable company. On the other hand, it's a charged-up conversation at times, getting really frank at certain moments, because having a cool job is not to say he hasn't seen his share of on-the-job challenges directly related to Tourette's. Join Tic...


S1- Episode 6 - It Sounds Supernatural

Do you "visualize"? If that's a vague question, it'll make sense after you hear this episode, in which we head to Australia (virtually) to talk with Vaya, a quiz-show question writer and podcaster, and discuss Tourette Syndrome at school growing up, at work in adulthood, the empowerment of the diagnosis, and the totally (?) overlooked quirks of having it. The Neighbuzz Podcast


S1 - Episode 5 - The Full Picture

On this episode: Jonah, a newspaper reporter whose previous voice-to-voice conversations with fellow Touretters have been few to none. But, via his profession and talents, Jonah knows what it is to sort out complexities for mass understanding and, as such, gives a beautiful and incisive conversation about his life with Tourette Syndrome.


S1 - Episode 4 - Your Full Tourettic Self

Christine, known to fans as "Ticking Out Loud," is an amazingly solid voice for Tourette positivity and self-acceptance. She also knows how to call out misguided work or problematic portrayals of what it's actually like to live with tics -- or really anything perceived as either lesser-than or too-much. On this episode, we talk a lot about the TV show that portrayed her Tourette Syndrome across Canada. And we get real when it comes to acceptance standards in the workplace. A massively...