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Tracking Yes: A Guide to Everyday Magic - with Liz Wiltzen, PCC

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Tracking Yes is the art and practice of tuning in to your curiosity, trusting your inner compass and staying connected to possibility when things go sideways. I'm your host, Liz Wiltzen - professional coach, creator and round-the-clock philosopher. Join me and my guests for stories that will inspire you to meet the unexpected—in your biggest challenges and everyday moments—with a wise, adventurous heart.




Tracking Yes is the art and practice of tuning in to your curiosity, trusting your inner compass and staying connected to possibility when things go sideways. I'm your host, Liz Wiltzen - professional coach, creator and round-the-clock philosopher. Join me and my guests for stories that will inspire you to meet the unexpected—in your biggest challenges and everyday moments—with a wise, adventurous heart.




Wild Yoga: Recovering Wholeness in a Fractured Culture with Rebecca Wildbear

Episode Summary: Rebecca Wildbear is the author of “Wild Yoga: A Practice of Initiation, Veneration & Advocacy for the Earth”. On today’s show Rebecca and I explore the connection between mind, body and soul, how to recover to wholeness in a fractured culture, and the path of finding our true place of belonging in the Universe. Join us as Rebecca shares her wisdom on: Mystery and Soul: Navigating Culture / Recovering Self: Wholeness, Healing and Death: Today's Guest: Rebecca...


Collaborating with Mystery

There is more than meets the eye operating in the background of our day-to-day lives. Today I'm sharing a tale of the threads of connection that weave us intimately into the cosmos and that extend well beyond what the practical, logical mind can imagine. It's also a real time story of tracking yes, a journey of abandoning the plan and trusting the clues that are appearing rather than seeking certainty to guide the way. If you struggle with decision making, it almost always comes from the...


Dragons and Power Recast: Farewell to a Beloved Sensei - Leadership Embodiment with Wendy Palmer

Show Notes: Wendy Palmer passed away on December 2nd, 2022. In honour of her passing I’m publishing a recast of the interview we had in March 2022. If you’ve not heard this conversation I know you’ll find it compelling. If you have, I suspect it may land a level deeper on second listen, knowing that her words are now reaching us from the beyond the boundaries of this earthly realm. In this insightful conversation Wendy offers the wisdom she has spent a lifetime embodying. She held a...


Tracking Shadow and Rewilding Your Soul with Brian Stafford, MD, MPH

Dr. Brian Stafford is a former pediatrician and psychiatrist who left his position as an endowed chair in academic psychiatry to rewild and ensoul his own life, and to discover his deeper calling. On today’s show Brian and I delve into the realms of mystery and shadow to explore the magic and possibility that emerges when we’re willing to enter a deeper conversation with the natural world, and leave the safety of the known to uncover and reclaim our wholeness. Brian shares his extensive...


The Art of Emergence with Schuyler Brown

Show Notes: Schuyler Brown left a life of enormous achievement and success by our culture’s standards when a series of events led her to the realization that her livelihood was not in integrity with her soul. Join us for a conversation about the courageous path she followed out of that life, the wisdom of embodiment, the creativity and power of magic, and cultivating the skill of tuning in to the emergent field to perceive guidance about how best to move in our lives. It’s a deep and...


Dragons and Power - Leadership Embodiment with Wendy Palmer

Show Notes: Wendy Palmer holds a seventh degree black belt in the non-violent Japanese martial art of Aikido, and has practiced mindfulness for over 45 years. She is the author of 4 books, including her latest: Dragons and Power, which explores the elements of Leadership Embodiment, a practice she founded and has been teaching to high level leaders for over 30 years. Her process draws on principles from Aikido and Mindfulness to offer simple tools and practices to increase the leadership...


Radical Wholeness with Philip Shepherd

Show Notes: Philip Shepherd is an international authority on embodiment and author of New Self, New World - Recovering our Senses in the 21st Century and Radical Wholeness - The Embodied Present and the Ordinary Grace of Being. This is a specially curated edition of a more extensive interview I had with Philip back in August of 2020. In today's conversation he shares guidance and tools for shifting from the head driven strategies of control and order to an embodied and deep connection...


Trusting the Magic of Curiosity

Show Notes: Brian Pearson recently interviewed me on his podcast The Mystic Cave. His questions sparked a fascinating conversation about the philosophy and practice of Tracking Yes, and touched on things I haven’t named before, so wanted to share it here with you guys. Join us as we explore what it’s like to: Support the show If you love the show please consider becoming a patron with as little as a $3 monthly subscription. It’s an unpaid labour of love and your support helps the show...


Leaving Church and Tracking God with Brian Pearson

Show Notes: Brian Pearson is an author, musician, former Anglican priest and host of the eclectic podcast “The Mystic Cave”. Join us for a conversation about his choice to leave the institution of religion in pursuit of his deepening relationship with wonder. It’s a courageous story of self-trust, bucking the system, tracking God and ultimately walking away from an institution which had become too small for the depth and breadth of his curiosity. Today's Guest: Brian Pearson is an...


Tracking Enchantment: Open Your Heart to Delight - Recast

A little more magic and enchantment is exactly what we need in the world right now. How do we stop waiting for it to appear from outside of us, and bring our own willingness to be enchanted to the very moments we’re currently in? Today’s show explores how we’ve disconnected from our capacity for wonder, and how to get it back. We’re surrounded by opportunities for enchantment in everyday moments but we’re often too busy, too anxious or too lost in our stories to perceive it. In turning...


Improv Your Life with Pippa Evans

Show Notes: Pippa Evans is an award winning comedian, improviser and the author of "Improv Your Life: An Improviser's Guide To Embracing Whatever Life Throws At You". Join us as she shares the wisdom she's gained about bringing the spirit, spontaneity and skill of improv to your everyday life. On today’s show we talk about how the magic of improv can help you to: Today’s guest: Pippa Evans is an award winning comedian, improviser and the author of "Improv Your Life: An Improviser's...


The Wisdom of Heartbreak with Jessica Waite

Show Notes: My guest today is Jessica Waite, author, friend and all around remarkable soul. Jess was my first guest on the podcast last year, sharing a captivating and vulnerable story of losing the love of her life. A year and a half later, she’s back, brighter, clearer and wiser than ever. In today’s conversation we explore: Links from today’s show: TYE1: The Power of Love Beyond Death with Jessica Waite Jessica’s Endless Stories Website Jess’ Secret Book Page John Vervake -...


Coming Home to a Soul-Centered Life with Doug Van Houten

Go to show website: TRACKING YES podcast Show Notes: My guest today is Doug Van Houten, Nature-based Soul Guide. Join us for a fascinating exploration into the ways we've lost touch with our innate, wild relationship with the natural world, and how coming back into that relationship brings us home to our deepest sense of meaning and purpose. Doug shares the essence of nature based spirituality, and specifically the healing and wholing work he does in his role guiding life-altering...


Creating Yes in a Field of No - Using Resonance to Amplify Possibility

Show Notes: Today’s show is a story of magic, and what's possible when you stay in an expansive, curious orientation to the curve balls life’s pitching your way. Resonance is our most powerful tool for navigating the creative field. It's amplified by what you’re thinking and believing, which impacts how you're feeling and responding to each moment, which influences the attitude you're moving in the world with. The magic happens when you choose to create it with intention. Support the...


Romancing Our True Nature - The Art and Magic of Creating Mandalas

Show Notes: On today’s show I’m sharing a practice that’s focused on getting out in nature and having a creative dialogue with it, and how that practice helps you cultivate and nurture an empowered relationship between your ego and your soul, including: I share the challenges, rabbit holes and curious mysteries that have come with a commitment to making Mandalas from things gathered on walks, and how this undertaking is aligned with a powerful teaching on soul and ego by author, wilderness...


Guiding Rage Into Power with Bernard Moss

When Bernard Moss was 22 years old, he was convicted of attempted murder and spent 28 years in San Quentin prison. 23 years into his sentence, he engaged in a year long program called GRIP, which ultimately led to his release from prison and his current career as a facilitator of the GRIP program to men still serving sentences. In today’s interview, Bernard shares a compelling account of his life in the culture of guns and drugs, the continuation of his life of crime while in prison and the...


Trusting the Disruptive Energy of Change: Part 3

Episode Summary: Opening to change and following its urge creates a momentum that takes on a life of its own and leads us beyond what our current perspective can imagine. The conclusion of this 3 part series on initiatory experience explores how to navigate transition with curiosity and trust that there are always bigger forces at work and magic afoot. Show Notes: Today’s show tracks the final phase of the arc of transition, including: Links to things mentioned: Animas Valley...


Trusting the Disruptive Energy of Change: Part 2

Part 2 of this 3 part riff on the cycle of transition explores dropping into the current of change and recalibrating to centre as you navigate its depths. If you can stay present through initiatory experiences, the inevitable waves of anxiety, second-guessing and doubt that arise can lead to clarity, courage and trust in your own inner wisdom. Links to things mentioned: Sarah Kerr Soul Passages Website The Diamond Approach - Teachings of A.H. Almaas Support the show If you love the...


Trusting the Disruptive Energy of Change: Part 1

Disruptive energy is woven into the fabric of our lives. It alerts us that we’re being called away from life as we know it in order to discover something new about ourselves and about this experience of human-ing. Most of us avoid, resist and try to control change, and in doing so we miss the deeper and truer aspect of self that is trying to emerge. Choosing to ride the waves of the unexpected with genuine curiosity--and trusting change as an ally not an enemy--takes us on an adventure of...


The Magic of Creating Your Own Good Luck with Linh Huynh

In November 2014, Linh Huynh, spurred on by her unwavering commitment to crafting a life of daring and wonder, became the 1st Canadian woman to complete the Four Deserts Ultramarathon Series, four 250 km, self-supported, 7 day races through the hottest, driest and windiest deserts on earth. In doing so in one calendar year, she became the 1st Canadian woman and the 8th woman in history to complete it as a Grand Slam. Her marathon adventure started in 2011 when she won a writing contest...