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Podcast by Ming Canaday

Podcast by Ming Canaday
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Podcast by Ming Canaday






Episode 12: Dr. Cheri Blauwet | Physician and Paralympian

We recently had the absolute honor to welcome Dr. Cheri Blauwet onto our Traipsin' Global On Wheels Podcast Hour. Dr. Blauwet is a Stanford medical graduate, an assistant professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation at Harvard Medical School, an attending physician at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital and the Brigham and Women’s Hospital director of the Kelley Adaptive Sports Research Institute. She is a three-time Paralympian, seven-time Paralympic medalist and two-time winner of the...


Episode 11: Anastasia Somoza | Disability Rights Advocate

I had a blast interviewing my superstar friend, Anastasia Somoza. She began her advocacy work in 1993, when, at the age of 9, she had the opportunity to ask President Bill Clinton to help mainstream her twin sister Alba into the New York City public school system. Anastasia is now leading the inclusion revolution as a human rights defender, speaker, and consultant. On the first night of the 2016 Democratic National Convention, she gave a moving speech about her relationship with Hillary...


Episode 10: Bruce Curtis | Disability Rights Advocate and Dancer

Our tenth TGOW episode features our interview with Bruce Curtis. Bruce is an activist, dance teacher and performer who uses a wheelchair. As a disability advocate, Bruce worked for the World Institute on Disability for twenty-two years and served as International Program Director until June 2014. From 1992 to 2004, he worked in Russia and other post-Soviet countries. From 2004 to 2017, he built the capacity of the Coalition for Independent Living in the Republic of Georgia and managed a...


Episode 9: Shantha Rau Barriga | Disability Rights Advocate

For this episode, I had the honor of interviewing my former boss, Shantha Rau Barriga. We worked together a few years ago when I was living in New York City and interned at the Human Rights Watch. She is the founding director of the disability rights division at Human Rights Watch. She leads research and advocacy on human rights abuses against persons with disabilities worldwide. Shantha is a founding member of the International Network of Women with Disabilities, member of the Amnesty...


Episode 8: David Younger | Clinical Psychologist

TGOW was absolutely delighted to have hosted Dr. David Younger on the 8th episode of our podcast series. Dr. Younger was diagnosed with FacioScapuloHumeral Muscular Dystrophy (FSHD) when he was around 4, at the same time that his mother and grandmother were diagnosed. Dr. Younger is a licensed psychologist in Texas and New York with a private practice that is web and phone-based with clients from all over the world. He has been married to his wife for 15 years and they have a 13-year-old son...


Episode 7: Judy Heumann | International Disability Rights Activist

We have a new email! Please send your feedback and stories to: You really want to hear from YOU, our listeners! The world-renowned disability rights activist, Judy Heumann graced us with her presence on the Traipsin' Global on Wheels podcast series. She is a lifelong advocate for the rights of disabled people. Like me, she contracted polio at an young age. Judy began to experience discrimination at 5 years old when she was denied the right to attend school because she...


Episode 6: Kelley Simoneaux | Attorney and Disability Advocate

We had the opportunity to host the fabulous Kelley Brooks Simoneaux on the 6th episode of our podcast! She is a civil litigation attorney and disability advocate living in Washington, D.C. She is also an adjunct professor at Penn State University. Kelley is not only an attorney and a disability advocate, but also a wife and a mother of two adorable children. She shared some great insights about giving birth and being a mother to a son and a daughter as a wheelchair user. Traipsin’ Global on...


Episode 5: Kristin Duquette | Former US Swim Team Captain and Disability Advocate

We welcomed Kristin Duquette to our 5th TGOW podcast episode! She has worked for President Barack Obama, spoken at United Nations Headquarters, and represented the United States on the US Paralympic Swim Team. Kristin is a five-time American Paralympic Record Holder, three-time Junior National Record Holder, and the former Captain of the US Paralympic Swim Team for the 2010 Greek Open. In 2014, Kristin was named the Disability Mentor for global initiatives under the Clinton Global Initiative...


Episode 4: Ralf Hotchkiss | Co-Founder and Chief Engineer of Whirlwind Wheelchair

I had the opportunity to chat with the joyful, warm and welcoming Ralf Hotchkiss for our fourth podcast. Ralf is an electrical engineer, physicist, inventor, and designer, as well as the co-founder of Whirlwind Wheelchair International. He was also an instructor at MIT for about a decade. Ralf became disabled when he got into a motorcycle accident during his junior year at Oberlin University. But instead of his disability slowing him down, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise for so...


Episode 3: Craig Blanchette | Olympic and Paralympic Wheelchair Racer

Our third podcast is with Craig Blanchette, a former Paralympian in wheelchair racing. I met Craig while I was an undergraduate at the University of Oregon and doing wheelchair racing there. Craig's coach, Kevin Hansen, was also my coach at the time. Craig was born with a birth defect called Proximal femoral focal deficiency (PFFD. He was also born with the desire to compete and to get the most out of every experience. Craig was part of Team USA during the 1980s and ‘90s and competed in...


Episode 2: Dana Mathewson | Paralympic Wheelchair Tennis Player

Our second guest for the TGOW Podcast Series is Dana Mathewson. I had the honor of meeting Dana in June of 2014 while I was playing tennis at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in NYC. We’ve stayed in touch ever since via social media. I’ve been fan-girling Dana since that first tennis match I saw her playing in NYC. It’s been so much fun watching Dana grow not only academically, but also athletically. Dana went to Rio de Janeiro for the Paralympics in the summer of 2016. She...


Episode 1: Chris Waddell | Paralympic Mono-Skier and Wheelchair Track Athlete

Traipsin' Global on Wheels had the opportunity to have a conversation with Chris Waddell, a seasoned Paralympian in mono-skiing. In 1988, Chris was in a ski accident at the age of 20 that took away his ability to walk. But less than two months later he was back in college, less than one year later he started mono-skiing, and around two years later, he was named to the US Disabled Ski Team. He competed in four Winter Paralympics, winning 12 medals and three Summer Paralympics, winning a...