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Trauma Hiders Club Podcast where high achievers like you finally reveal what keeps them awake at night, and that no amount of money or recognition will fix. I’m also making it my business to speak with people who get you. Hell! I get you. I AM you! So get your best hiders face, sit down and let you guard down! What’s on the other side of this shit. Will change your life.

Trauma Hiders Club Podcast where high achievers like you finally reveal what keeps them awake at night, and that no amount of money or recognition will fix. I’m also making it my business to speak with people who get you. Hell! I get you. I AM you! So get your best hiders face, sit down and let you guard down! What’s on the other side of this shit. Will change your life.


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Trauma Hiders Club Podcast where high achievers like you finally reveal what keeps them awake at night, and that no amount of money or recognition will fix. I’m also making it my business to speak with people who get you. Hell! I get you. I AM you! So get your best hiders face, sit down and let you guard down! What’s on the other side of this shit. Will change your life.




High-functioning Trauma Hiders and Their ‘Superpowers’ with Toku McCree

Toku McCree is an executive coach. Formerly a monk, Toku lived in a Zen monastery where he vowed to liberate all beings from suffering. Today, as an executive coach, Toku has built a business to do just that. He founded—a platform that works to create enlightened leaders to solve the world’s most pressing problems—and has worked with many brilliant minds, from Zen Habits’ Leo Babauta to the marketing leaders of Pepsi and Nestle. But, to me, Toku is more than just an executive...


Self Sabotage

Despite its name, self-sabotage isn’t out to sabotage us at all—it exists to help keep us safe from potential danger or harm. It’s a protective mechanism created by our psyches to keep us safe, and what’s safe for our psyche is often what’s familiar. So, when we try to change our lives, our psyche triggers the alarm bells inside us, reverting us to our status quo and labeling it as self-sabotage. But if we view self-sabotage with gentleness and compassion, we may be able to turn it from foe...


The Magic that Deepened My Relationship

It’s confession time in the Trauma Hiders Club. One of the thoughts that held me back from healing my unprocessed trauma was the fear that I might end up divorced. I was scared that I might fall apart—shattered and broken—because all my trauma would fly around like the dementors in the Harry Potter books, sucking away all my happiness to leave me a soulless, unloving, and unlovable shell. Who would want to stay in a relationship with such a person? You know what I never thought? That...


Embracing Negative Emotions with Allison Crow

Allison Crow is a life and self-leadership coach for authentic, ambitious women. She has been teaching and coaching since the mid-90s and started coaching full-time in 2007 with Keller Williams Realty, where she established and carried out mentorship and coaching programs for new and existing agents. Today, Allison helps her clients work with thoughts, emotions, and behaviors through her coaching business, Soul-Full Living. In addition to her work as a coach, Allison also hosts the podcast,...


Emotional Armor

If you’ve been listening to the Trauma Hiders Club Podcast for a while, you’ve likely heard the term “emotional armor” on several episodes with multiple guests. As adults, we’ve learned to keep our guards up—to protect ourselves from criticism and judgment. So we don full metal armor to cover our tender selves—sometimes without even thinking about it. I know this first hand because I’ve worn the armor for the vast majority of my life. In this episode, I discuss emotional armor—why we wear...


Joy-Full at the Intersection of Entrepreneurship and Authenticity with Dr. Erin Baker

Dr. Erin Baker is a Doctor of Social Psychology, recovering big tech employee, trauma-informed coach, and occasional podcaster. Before becoming a self-leadership and business coach, Erin previously led the User Experience Research team at Facebook and was part of bringing Facebook Stories to 2 billion people. They were also the Director of User Experience Research & Design at Microsoft Yammer. An internal family systems practitioner and elite certified neuro-transformational coach, Erin...


Parental Protection

I’ve been wrestling with the concept of parental protection lately. You see, when I look back at how I was protected as a child, it appears to me like a confusing spirograph of control, fear, and demands. I wonder if “protection” is something that I imagined or actually experienced. Now, as a parent, I reflect on my role as a protector and realize that I’m a mixture of my parents—and the inner warrior I had to be for myself. In this episode, I discuss parental protection and how I...


Listening, Being, Doing, Creating with Toby Goodman

Toby Goodman is an author, coach, and the CEO of Podcast Network Solutions, a full-service podcast production company. He’s a sick-ass drummer who has traveled the world playing for a Rolling Stone, a Bee Gee, a Spice Girl, and TV talent show winners (and losers). In addition to his work as CEO of Podcast Network Solutions, Toby is the host of the Podcast Business Coach podcast and the creator of The Profitable Pod Method, a course that helps professionals use podcasting to scale their...


The Shadow of the Personal Development World

I’ve been working on my personal development for the vast majority of my life. I’ve also invested significantly in training, certification programs, and my own coaches. Over the last seven years or so, the deeper I have worked on myself, the deeper the work I offer my clients has become. While working on personal development has created some fundamental changes in my life and the lives of my clients, I’ve noticed that our relationship with personal development can sometimes be at odds with...


Truth, Discovery, and Family Lore with Jaimes McNeal

Jaimes McNeal is a researcher, executive coach, and speaker. He is the President and Owner of JDM Coaching 360, a personal, professional, and organizational development company. Jaimes is a Ph.D. candidate for Business Psychology at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, where he also completed his Master of Arts in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. In addition to his work as an executive coach, Jaimes serves as a qualitative researcher at Brandtrust and adjunct instructor at...


Sisterhood and Belonging

I went to a women’s retreat recently. This is huge, considering I avoid women’s retreats: them being specifically for women triggers several parts of me. But by going to this camp cultivation experience— masterfully created and facilitated by my friend and fellow coach, Allison Crow—in Dripping Springs, Texas, I learned so much about my avoidance and how I relate with women. In this episode, I share what I learned from attending a women’s retreat. I describe the first few years I went to...


What a Transformed Life Sounds Like with Joe Ryan

Joe Ryan is the creator and host of It's Not You; It’s Your Trauma, a podcast that tackles trauma, PTSD, abuse, anxiety, and recovery. During his lifelong path of overcoming trauma and shame, Joe has committed to paving the road for others. As a coach, Joe helps people heal and conquer their traumatic pasts through his one-on-one services. In addition to hosting his show and working as a trauma coach, Joe serves as the Director of Operations at HELIX, a premier WordPress hosting service for...


Fear and Freedom

Around a year ago, before the Trauma Hiders Club Podcast launched, I felt like I was in between two worlds. The first world was one of fear; the other world was freedom. The in-between was a clammy, sweaty, dry-mouthed, going-through-the-motion, emotionally-disconnected space—basically, my system’s happy place. I thought, at that time, that one world was an inside game, and the other an external affair. But a year and several intense and meaningful conversations with podcast guests later,...


Meeting the Adult Child with Andrea Ashley

Andrea Ashley is the host and producer of the Adult Child Podcast, the leading and fastest-growing podcast on the impact of growing up in an alcoholic and dysfunctional family. A CPA by profession, Andrea worked in accounting and financial firms before launching her podcast. She has worked in CFGI’s Business and Talent Acquisition team and was a senior consultant for Armanino, as well as an audit senior associate at KPMG US. At the Adult Child Podcast, Andrea and her guests have raw and...


Bon Voyage, Me!

I’ve heard it said that the only trip that you regret is the one that you don’t take. Now, if you’re anything like me, powerful quotes like that get balled up, pushed through the pumper of emotions, and come out on the other side shaped like a big colorful mess of “Oh fuck. There you are, regret.” And in the age of global pandemic and collective trauma, it takes a lot to choose between regret and 15 days of adventure and travel in Europe. I choose unapologetic disruption. In this episode...


Bringing Fierce and Gentle Compassion Into the Writing Process with Heather Doyle Fraser

Heather Doyle Fraser is a publisher and author, as well as the Founder of the Compassionate Mind Collaborative and its parent company, Beyond Challenge, LLC. As a coach and consultant, Heather utilizes compassionate mind skills and strategies to help clients share their voice, whether they are in the boardroom, navigating a career change, launching a business, or developing a book. She is the author of several books, including 40 Weeks, as well as the co-author of Freedom. Heather joins me...


Healing Emotional Disconnection

I recently had a revelation that one of my biggest fears in life is being misunderstood. As a teeny tiny child—the youngest of three born in three years—I was often told to stop being such a baby. I was called an actress—specifically Sarah Bernhardt—because apparently, I was the drama. What I didn’t know then that I know now is that my parents regularly shutting me down was the fertilizer that helped me grow a thriving, flourishing system of emotional disconnection. In this episode, I...


Leadership Trauma and Founder Anxiety with Will Rezin

Will Rezin is a somatic coach and trainer and trauma integration specialist who guides individuals on the journey of waking up to their aliveness. He is the Co-founder of Trauma and Somatics, a program that trains trauma-informed coaches and facilitators. As a coach, Will has served a wide range of clients, from Fortune 500 brand developers, app developers, and Emmy award-winning producers to TED speakers, actors, and NASA engineers. Will joins me today to discuss leadership trauma, founder...


Choosing Feeling over Thinking

Imagine you’re in a conversation, and you’re asked how you feel about your success. Do you reply with “I think I can do more”? How about when you’re asked how you feel about your relationship with your father? Do you say, “I think he’s an honorable man”? Do you notice the pattern here? Each time you’re asked about how you feel, you respond by sharing what you think. In this episode, I discuss why we are inclined to share what we think when we are asked about what we feel. I also describe...


Leadership Trauma and the Value of Grieving with Yijen Liu

Yijen Liu is an entrepreneur of the human potential movement and investor in Observant, a tech & AI start-up. She is an experienced product leader whose career includes serving as the Vice President of Product at, the Director of Product Management for Rdio, and the Head of Mobile Product of Amazon. She also served as a senior financial analyst at Microsoft. As an entrepreneur, Yijen founded Moment Coaching, through which she worked with organizations to develop leadership,...