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Episode 15 | Meredith Miller #CeliacCutie

Episode 15 | Meredith Miller from Celiac Cutie Meredith was diagnosed with Celiac Disease on January 29th of 2016. She remembers this day because it was her sister's birthday and also the first family gathering where she had to figure out what she could eat now that she was celiacs. That day marked the beginning of her journey with an auto-immune disease. She says even with a supportive family how alone Celiac makes her feel at times or just how many times I could be humiliated at a...


Episode 14 Amanda from Smart Flour Foods

Episode 14 Amanda from Smart Flour Foods Back in 2005, Georgia, a local baker and foodie in Austin set out to create a better gluten-free flour blend for her friend Erica with celiac disease. Her mission was to improve the taste, texture and nutrition of all the rice blends on the market. She experimented with Teff, sorghum amaranth and the gluten free blend was born. They decided to create a company around this blend Gluten Free Kneads. A few years later, Charlie pace discovered he was...


Episode 13 Road Trip Gluten Free

Episode #13 Road Trip Gluten-Free Welcome to the Travel Gluten Free Podcast, where you, my friend, listen in on how to lead a gluten-free lifestyle with more fun and ease! This is Elikqitie and I founded Travel Gluten Free for you, yes, you, my listener! I want to be a resource, contributor and support to you my gluten free friend and for our gluten-free community. Hey my Gluten-Free Friend I will be giving a Listener Shout-Out to an Instagram follower in our community each...


Episode 12 Interview with Alice Medrich Gluten Free Flavor Flours gluten-free baking and recipes

Episode 12 | Alice Medrich author Gluten Free Flavor Flours Hello Gluten-Free Friends, this is Elikqitie! Get on your note taking hat because this episode is full of baking techniques which you can apply to your gluten-free baking today! My guest for this show is a culinary expert and a big believer in delicous! Today I'm here with a special guest who has recently hit the gluten-free scene with, what I consider, a book that should be a staple in your kitchen if you are A. Gluten-free...


Episode 11 | Taylor Nakakihara Blogger, Celiac, Spartan Racer!

Episode 11 | GFAF | Taylor Nakakihara Listen in, Gluten-Free Friends, because I'm adding a new Listener Shout-Out to a Gluten-Free Friend in our community each week! If you are a listener who tags Travel Gluten Free on Social media you will get a change to have your social media tag mentioned on the Travel Gluten Free Show! EVERY episode at the end of the show I'll give a shout-out to a Gluten-Free Friend! Tag Travel Gluten Free on Instagram at and I'll give you a...


Episode 10 | Jason Elmore from Find Me Gluten Free

Jason Elmore | Find Me Gluten Free App With a community of over 3 million people, Find Me Gluten Free is the most popular on-the-go-resource for the gluten-free traveler where the gluten-free among us can easily find and read reviews on restaurants all over the United States. My guest today, Jason Elmore, was diagnosed with Celiac's disease shortly after graduating with his computer science degree. He worked on weekends for over a year to create his app, which features finding...


Gem City Fine Foods Interview Final

Episode 09 | Lisa Cox from Gem City Fine Foods Gem City Fine Foods mission: “To build Gem City Fine Foods as the premiere provider of delicious gluten-free desserts.” Gem City Fine Foods began as a small local bakery known as Blossom Fine Foods in Salt Lake City in 2006. After 6 years, Gem City moved into a dedicated bakery facility in 2012. Gem exclusively provides certified gluten free gourmet desserts. They maintain their gluten-free certification with several groups: the...


Episode 08 | Fun Friday GFAF Expo

GFAF Expo Visit the GFAF Expo, where you will try new gluten-free goodies, learn about health and living gluten-free. Find new products and gluten-free foods that your entire family will love! Eat your way through this two day event, June 23rd and 24th in Glendale, Arizona, just 10 short minutes from Phoenix! Check out the link below and use the coupon code provided to get a discount on your tickets. Hurry! Offer ends June 22nd! For as little as $3 a month, become a show sponsor...


Episode 07 | Travel Gluten-Free Outside Your Hometown

Ever have trouble finding gluten-free options outside of the town you live in? Have you skipped travel because of the hardship of finding a safe place to eat? Then this episode is for you! Find out how you can find good, gluten-free food that is safe to eat and delicious! Read reviews from others who also lead the gluten-free lifestyle. Find out which restaurants have wait staff that are knowledgeable, gluten-free menus, celiac friendly and dedicated kitchens. Come by and visit Elikqitie...


Episode 06 | Vivian's Live Again

Episode 06 I speak with Laura Huffman of Vivian's Live Again. We talk about how she started her business (it's extraordinary), her line of vegan pudding (the chocolate and vanilla puddings are my favorite), fun and delicious twists on her vegan whipped topping and how she created her original mushroom soup and her best selling cream of chicken soup. For as little as $3 a month, become a show sponsor through and I’ll mention your name in my podcast as a sponsor, along with...


Episode 05 | Interview with Kate from Kate's Kitchen

Kate Call has truly found her calling in life! She is the owner of Kate's Kitchen, a small, one-woman, grassroots gluten-free bakery. I found Kate at the My Gluten Free World Expo, and we hit it off right away! Listen in our conversation giving you tips on gluten-free baking, how Kate creates her delectable goodies and the origin of her passion for gluten-free baking! Contact Kate through email or see what goodies she's come up with on Instagram or find out what Kate is baking in her...


Episode 04 | Townshend's Tea House

The information in this podcast is NOT meant to diagnose, prescribe or give medical information. The use of herbs in this episode describes the traditional use of the herbs. I must admit that I have a selfish personal tea inception going on in my pantry with 57 different types of tea of which 10percent are directly from Townshend’s tea house. Walking into Townshend’s tea house gives one the feeling of walking into a tea sanctuary where one can find more combinations of tea than one...


Episode 03 | Why Are Some Foods Labeled "Certified Gluten-Free"?

Episode 03 | Why Are Some Foods Labeled "Certified Gluten-Free"? I’d like to thank my very first Patreon supporter Jeff for signing on to sponsor Travel Gluten Free Podcast! Have you ever seen the symbol which contains the letters "GF" in bold with a bold circle around the letters? Or the symbol with a grain of wheat with a line crossed through it? Ever wonder what these symbols stand for? These symbols stand for certified gluten free food, which contains an extremely small amount...


5 Tips for Bakery Fresh Gluten-Free Cookies at Home

Welcome to the Show I’d like to thank my very first Patreon supporter, Jeff, for signing on to sponsor Travel Gluten Free Podcast! For as little as $3 a month, become a show sponsor through and I’ll mention your name in my podcast as a sponsor, along with other great thank-you gifts including access to my private Travel Gluten Free Facebook Group! Your donation helps me cover costs for my show. Five Tips for Bakery Fresh Gluten-Free Cookies at Home: #1 Bake...


Travel Gluten Free Trailer

Welcome to the Travel Gluten Free Show I’m your host Elikqitie and I’m excited to bring you my new podcast Travel Gluten Free I’d first like to start off by thanking my podcasting friends who have supported me in my endeavor: Chris Nesi from the House of Ed Tech podcast for inspiring me to “podcast first", Dave Jackson from Ask the Podcast Coach for his awesome Saturday morning podcasting information and very cool podcasting group and Emily Peck at “The Story Behind” podcast who...