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True to Form is the leading industry podcast that connects you to the people, technology and hot topics that shape the elective medical community -- hosted by Motivational Speaker, Inc. 500 Entrepreneur & Chief Evangelist of PatientNow, Tim Sawyer.

True to Form is the leading industry podcast that connects you to the people, technology and hot topics that shape the elective medical community -- hosted by Motivational Speaker, Inc. 500 Entrepreneur & Chief Evangelist of PatientNow, Tim Sawyer.


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True to Form is the leading industry podcast that connects you to the people, technology and hot topics that shape the elective medical community -- hosted by Motivational Speaker, Inc. 500 Entrepreneur & Chief Evangelist of PatientNow, Tim Sawyer.






Maintain High Standards & Focus on Results

Power couple Michael & Loretta Zanetti, join #TrueToForm to discuss their inspiring journey from active duty military to opening up a successful medical spa in Tampa, FL. Tune in to hear their insight on the explosive growth the industry is experiencing, and how they have been able to differentiate themselves in a commoditized market, including: - How tattoo removal remains to be the foundation of their business & creates a gateway into higher-margin treatments - The importance of...


What's on the Horizon in Regenerative Aesthetics?

Chief Scientific Officer of Suneva Medical, Dr. Brian Pilcher, appears on this week's episode to delve into the evolution of neuromodulators, dermal fillers, and regenerative medicine in the aesthetics industry. Tune in to hear the challenges that come with advertising regenerative treatments on Google, the emergence of patients experiencing 'filler fatigue', and why we are headed for an inflection point in terms of what will drive the industry forward for both provider and patient.


Are Your Vendor Partnerships Setting You Up for Success?

Industry expert and international speaker, Kara Moncrief, shares her journey in aesthetics, drivers behind the current industry surge, plus her advice for choosing the right vendor partnerships to support the best training, technology & patient outcomes in your practice.


Staying at the Forefront of Cosmetic Medicine with Dr. Michael Gold

Dr. Michael Gold returns to the show to share his personal & professional journey to becoming a world-renowned dermatologist. Dr. Gold unpacks why medical professionals should always continue to invest in their clinical & business skill sets, how choosing the right lasers can help differentiate your practice, plus the importance of having avenues for patients to finance higher-cost treatments, yet still get the care they deserve.


Leadership During Times of Change

Pioneer in aesthetics and CEO of Suneva Medical, Pat Altavilla, appears on this week's highly anticipated episode to unpack how the last 16 months has impacted the current state of the industry today. Pat dives into the underserved Millennial & male markets, why your existing patients are the lifeblood of your business, and how regenerative aesthetics will play a key role in the future growth of this industry.


Purchasing & Selling Used Capital Equipment in Your Practice

CEO of MRP, Scott Carson, appears on this week's episode to talk about the current state of energy based devices in elective medicine. Scott dives into how practices can purchase used capital equipment with a reasonable investment, how to manage operating costs more efficiently, plus his advice for providers entering the marketplace & how they can choose devices more effectively for the patients they serve.


Pearls of Wisdom with Dr. Jennifer Pearlman

Internationally recognized medical expert focused in women’s health, hormones & cosmetic medicine, Dr. Jennifer Pearlman, joins Tim Sawyer to talk about the unique business model she's built for her Toronto-based practice. Dr. Pearlman shares how to stay resilient during uncertain times, the importance of transparent patient communication, and why it's critical to be proactive vs. reactive in business.


Operate Your Practice As If It Were For Sale

Partner of OJM Group, Attorney & Wealth Management Expert, David Mandell, returns to the show to talk about the importance of implementing systems & processes to maximize value, how to effectively position your practice for the end goal, and why you should always stay focused working on your business vs. just in it.


Legal Tips 101: Building a Profitable Med Spa Model

Partner at the ByrdAdatto law firm, Brad Adatto, joins #TruetoForm to talk about the velocity of start-up med spas in 2021 vs. years prior, legal tips for getting your practice set up the right way, and the importance of always starting with the end goal in mind.


Using Video to Boost Lead Gen & Conversion in Your Practice

Business partner duo of the Revenue Doctors, Nathan Strom & George Scandalis, join Tim Sawyer on this week's episode to break down how practice owners can grow their business in today's digital world. Tune in to hear some powerful marketing statistics in today's current landscape, how to leverage video to drive patient leads & the importance of keeping education at the forefront in your practice.


Retail to the Rescue

One of the most important lessons learned from the challenging 2020 year was the power of retail in your practice. In this episode, Master Trainer & Director of Education for Dermaconcepts, Candace Noonan, breaks down the importance of having a strong retail component in your business and why branding your skincare the right way will set you apart in this industry.


Maximize Short-Term Stimulus to Create Long-Term Success

Owner of Idaho-based Spa35, Warren Danforth, returns to the show to talk about how stimulus money is driving the patient volume at his medical spa. Hear what specific treatments are in the hottest demand, why your brand positioning should determine your pricing, and the importance of maintaining a strong marketing message in 2021.


An Entrepreneurial Approach to Medicine

Licensed Chiropractor and Nurse Practitioner, Dr. Jeffrey Farrah, talks about his shift from traditional chiropractic to a more focused approach of providing true concierge care. Dr. Farrah unpacks the importance of having strong entrepreneurial acumen, how incorporating BHRT has been a game-changer in his practice, plus his advice for providers looking to transition more towards a cash-based business.


Educating vs. Advertising with the Real Dr. Bae

A leader in innovation, entrepreneurship, and cosmetic medicine, Dr. Jonathan Kaplan unpacks his tips for creating an effective marketing plan for your practice. Learn how to effectively educate to grow credibility with potential patients, the importance of building your internal database, and how to improve conversion through implementing powerful price transparency tactics in your practice.


The Perfect Storm

Internationally renowned and double board-certified facial plastic & reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Andrew Campbell joins us this week on #TrueToForm to unpack how leadership and risk-taking have attributed to his success as an entrepreneurial surgeon. Dr. Campbell also dives into the impact COVID has had on his business and the drivers behind why his practice just experienced their busiest month yet.


Business Boosting Tips with Francis Acunzo

CEO of Acara Partners, Francis Acunzo, joins this week's episode to share the evolution of medical spas into what has now become a recession-proof industry. Tune in to hear his expert advice for increasing revenue this year in 2021, how to properly budget your marketing, and the importance of working capital, especially during today's uncertain times.


What is the Future of the Med Spa Industry in 2021?

One of our most popular guests and successful practice owner, Warren Danforth, returns to the program to share his perspective on what the medical aesthetic landscape will look like this year. Warren dives into how his med spa has been performing, what changes he's seen - plus the impact of stimulus, working from home, and what he believes will drive consumer demand in 2021.


Leveraging Relationships to Build a Thriving Practice

Internationally renowned plastic surgeon & med spa owner, Dr. Stanley Okoro, returns to the show to delve into the driving factors behind how he's managed to almost triple his practice volume this past year, including the vital importance of building long-lasting relationships with your strategic partners to help set your practice up for success for the long haul.


Delivering the Ultimate Patient Experience

Industry insider, Tyler Terry, breaks down powerful ways to shift & adapt your marketing to meet the needs of the modern aesthetic consumer both in & out of the practice, as well as how to leverage technology to deliver the ultimate patient experience.


Planning for Success

Bryan Durocher, Founder of Durocher Enterprises, shares his expert financial tips to plan for success -- including how to maximize cashflow through gift cards & memberships, capitalizing on the retail & e-commerce opportunity, plus the top technology platforms to invest in to boost profitability in 2021.