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Hosted by PatientNow Director of Marketing & International Speaker, Audrey Neff, True to Form is a podcast between leaders making headway in the aesthetic, anti-aging, and elective medical industries. Learn from the experts to discover the secrets to success and the pitfalls to avoid when it comes to growing all aspects of your aesthetic practice this year & beyond.


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Hosted by PatientNow Director of Marketing & International Speaker, Audrey Neff, True to Form is a podcast between leaders making headway in the aesthetic, anti-aging, and elective medical industries. Learn from the experts to discover the secrets to success and the pitfalls to avoid when it comes to growing all aspects of your aesthetic practice this year & beyond.






Challenges Impacting Our Industry: Hiring Qualified, Skilled Nurse Injectors

This week's episode features Tracy Olson, owner of Youthtopia Med Spa and founder of the Aesthetic Injector Academy, a groundbreaking online platform that offers comprehensive training for medically licensed injectors. Audrey Neff and Tracy dive into her journey from a successful career in corporate finance to acquiring an existing practice in Alpharetta, GA -- Youthtopia Med Spa, which now employs five highly skilled injectors. The pair also discuss the prominent issue in the industry around the lack of an official certification for "aesthetics" in addition to the driving factors behind founding the AIA to assist with providing essential education for nurses trying to break into this industry - further helping bridge the gap of the nationwide shortage of trained, qualified injectors.


Part 2: The State of Medical Aesthetics in 2023

Francis X. Acunzo, President of Princeton Medspa Partners & CEO of Acara Partners, returns to discuss the current and future state of medical aesthetics with host Audrey Neff. This episode picks up where Part 1 earlier this season left off and covers all things relating to industry consolidation, partnering with invesment groups, private equity, advice when exiting your business, economic health & potential impacts, plus trends that will continue to mold the future of the $18B medical aesthetics industry.


Stepping into Your Power & Finding Your Purpose

Audrey Neff brings on special guest, Yvonne Dellos, MSN, FNP-BC -- master injector, successful entrepreneur, industry KOL, national speaker, business coach, and founder of Medical Aesthetic Art Institute (MAAI). The pair dive into an insightful conversation around finding purpose, improving mindset, and exiting the comfort zone. Yvonne also shares her inspiring journey of overcoming adversity and how it eventually drove her into medical aesthetics -- where she now dedicates her career to empowering injectors to not only advance their clinical skill set, but to uncover their true potential, create financial independence, and build successful businesses.


Driving Growth: Strategies to Boost Revenue in Your Medical Spa

With over 16 years of executive-level leadership in solo practices, small group practices, and large-scale national brands, Judy Kozlicki, Director of Aesthetics at Skytale Group, appears as this week's guest to chat with host Audrey Neff. This power-packed episode covers so much ground from expert tips around building your team, front desk strategies, sealing profit leaks, rebooking tactics, differentiating your practice, and so much more...


Navigating the Learning Curve: Becoming a Leader

In this episode of True to Form, host Audrey Neff leads a transparent conversation with Heather Allan -- Mom, speaker, clinical trainer, and owner of two-location medical spa, Bright Esthetics & Body Wellness. Heather shares countless powerful pearls and challenges behind becoming an employer and boss, managing a team of ten, plus some of her biggest branding & marketing mistakes she's made along the way in scaling her practice.


The Rise of the VIO Med Spa Franchise

Joe Stanoszek, Founder, and Ryan Rao, Chief Development Officer of VIO Med Spa, sit down with host Audrey Neff on this week's episode of True to Form. Joe and Ryan discuss the journey behind how a Cleveland-based single location practice evolved into a now 28-location medical spa franchise with 75 estimated to be open by the end of 2024. The pair also unpack the major benefits that franchising brings to entrepreneurs including injector recruiting & training, volume pricing, vendor relationships, plus the power behind VIO's strong support community between fellow franchisees to help ensure business success across all med spa locations.


Legal & Regulatory Hot Topics: IV Therapy & Semaglutide

Host Audrey Neff sits down with Chase Howard, attorney at Florida Healthcare Law Firm, to unpack the basis for recent legal action pertaining to semaglutide taken against several U.S.-based practices. Chase also dives into the top compliance issues practices face when either opening an IV therapy clinic from the ground up or when adding IV therapy services into an existing practice model. Thinking of offering these services? This is an episode you don't want to miss.


Bridging the Gap: Empowering Extenders in Aesthetic Medicine

Krystie Lennox PA - industry trailblazer, founder of Lennox Aesthetics, and co-founder of the Aesthetic Extender Symposium - appears as this week's guest to dive into her M.O. behind developing one of the industry's most successful medical conferences tailored specifically for advancing aesthetic extenders' clinical skill sets & business acumen. Krystie also shares her start-up journey since opening the doors to her South Florida-based practice, Lennox Aesthetics, back in April 2023. Tune in to hear Krystie's journey, how she identified her niche, developing a "fresh approach to aesthetic medicine," how she retains patients, and so much more.


The 3 Types of Aging & Maximizing ROI with Energy Based Devices

Kara Moncrief, International Speaker & Director of Clinical Communications for Sinclair North America, joins Audrey Neff to share her expert knowledge around the top three categories of skin aging and how identifying these can dramatically assist your consultation process when building value in long-term treatment plans & combination therapy approaches. Plus - the pair dive into several key topics surrounding capital device investments and discuss what men & Millennials are seeking in aesthetic medicine...


Hiring for Core Values & Mastering the Consultation

Katie Martin, PA-C -- VP of Clinical Operations at Holden Timeless Beauty, Galderma GAIN Trainer, and national speaker -- joins True to Form to break down HTB's unique interviewing & hiring process for providers based on their mission, vision, and core values. Not only that, Katie dives into how to master the non-surgical aesthetic consultation to build lasting relationships, instill patient confidence, achieve better outcomes, and drive lifetime value. This is an episode you won't want to miss.


Mitigating Risk in Your Aesthetic Practice

Patrick Tighe and Kimberly DeOrsey, Founder & President of CoverWell, join Audrey Neff on True to Form to discuss the driving factors behind launching the medical aesthetic industry's first pay-per-procedure insurance offering. Tune into this week's episode to hear a breakdown of how to effectively mitigate risk in your medical spa, adding extra safety nets for both your business and patients, plus how practices can protect themselves against damaging lawsuits related to aesthetic treatment complications.


Building a 10X Mindset in Business & Life

Audrey Neff sits down with Dr. Amanda Holden -- Mom, wife, speaker, trainer, master injector, and owner of 5-location practice, Holden Timeless Beauty -- who shares gem after gem in this power-packed episode all around finding & reaching your true potential both in business and life. Tune in to hear the importance of having a growth mindset, finding your balance, removing negativity, and the power of surrounding yourself with people who are not just unconditional supporters of your ambitions & dreams, but people who are going -- or have already gone -- where you want to go.


All Things KPI's, Sales & Skincare

Audrey Neff sits down with Managing Partner & Owner of L-Aesthetics & Longevity, Josh Iffla, to unpack his journey from corporate America to aesthetic medicine. Josh unveils the most critical KPI's (key performance indicators) practices should be tracking on a daily basis, effective strategies to increase revenue per appointment, why you need to hold your team accountable for hitting sales numbers, plus the pair dive into a detailed discussion around the retail skincare opportunity in aesthetics to elevate patient experiences and practice profitability.


Demystifying Private Equity in the New Era of Aesthetics

As a growing number of practices raise capital in the race to form nation-wide empires, the aesthetic landscape as we know it is changing. John Wheeler, CEO of Alpha Aesthetic Partners, rejoins True to Form to discuss the paradigm shift the medical aesthetics industry is now experiencing as it moves into the consolidation stage of growth. John unpacks the driving factors behind starting Alpha Aesthetic Partners, a private equity backed med spa platform, and shares his expert advice to practice owners in leveraging this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in the new era of aesthetics.


Part 1: The State of Medical Aesthetics in 2023

Audrey Neff sits down with Francis X. Acunzo, CEO of Acara Partners & President of Princeton Medspa Partners, to discuss the past, current, and future state of medical aesthetics. Having successfully launched over 180 medical spas across the U.S, Fran shares the top mistakes aesthetic practices make that hinder growth, opportunities for businesses looking to exit, and predictions on what the industry will see more of as it continues to evolve in 2023 & beyond...


Balancing Motherhood & Entrepreneurship

Owner of Cavina Med Spa and mom of three, Blair Linsley, appears on this week's episode to share her journey from pediatric nursing to entrepreneurship. Blair delves into the driving factors behind opening her own aesthetic practice, how she balances being a Mom and business owner, plus her advice for the next generation of nurses looking to enter the space.


Data-Driven Strategies to Improve Rebooking Rates, Retention & Reviews

Host Audrey Neff sits down with aesthetic industry OG, April Linden, in this week's episode of True to Form. April unpacks her 20-year journey in aesthetics and how it's led her to her current management role at La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre & Medical Spa as Director of Patient Experience. Tune in to hear April's bullet-proof tactics she has implemented in their San-Diego based practice to dramtically improve rebooking rates, patient retention, reviews, referrals & lead conversion.


Defining Your Ethos in Business

John Rodriguez appears as this week's guest on True to Form to discuss his 'ETHOS' behind opening, operating, and scaling Ethos Med Spa, his St. Louis based aesthetic practice. John unpacks the importance of creating a healthy practice culture, how membership programs have increased revenue and retention, plus his expert advice around making the right capital device investments.


A Winning Culture = A Winning Practice

Host Audrey Neff sits down with CEO of 3-location med spa & plastic surgery center, John Wheeler, in this no-filter first episode of 2023. John discusses his unique philosophy in how core values & a family-like culture have become the driving factors in the success of his multi-location practice, Esthetics Center. Tune in to hear his insightful tips around employee retention, motivating staff members, creating a 'culture of collaboration' plus the secrets behind Esthetic Center's impressive social media growth over the last few years.


Opening an IV Therapy Clinic? What You Need to Know

Healthcare attorney & founder of the Florida Healthcare Law Firm, Jeff Cohen, discusses the emergence of IV therapy in the elective medical space. Jeff dives into the crucial need for regulatory compliance, proper business education, and the drivers behind why he started the American IV Association (AIVA) which is dedicated solely to providing this information to IV therapy providers and business owners nationwide.