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054 – Finding Your People with Travis Flores

Travis Flores is a philanthropist and award-winning author. We are lucky enough to know Travis through our mutual friend Shira Strongin from Sick Chicks, featured in episode 045. Travis talks about how he first encountered the disability community when he was eight-years-old, when he first entered the hospital. He was diagnosed as having cystic fibrosis, but at that point, he seemed very healthy. He had trouble relating to other kids in the hospital with various forms of disability, so he...


053 – What Should I Eat? Ft. Dr. Shana McCormack and Donna Marie T. DiVito

We are in Australia right now, connecting with the amazing FA community over here and showing our support for the first Australian rideATAXIA event. We're having a blast and eating more than a few shrimps on the barbie. We're excited to release Episode 053 while we are gone, all about nutrition with our friends Dr. McCormack and Donna. Be sure to check it out! G'day from Melbourne, mates!


052 – Surviving Sepsis Unshattered with Carol Decker

A theme for both this podcast and our lives is to live with urgency; to not be held back by whatever circumstances we find ourselves in. Nobody brings that to life more clearly than our guest this week, Carol Decker. During Carol’s second pregnancy, she was affected by sepsis, a blood infection. She had her baby seven weeks early as a result, and also lost both of her hands, most of her left leg, her eyesight, and she required skin grafts. Carol talks about how no matter what disability we...


051 – How to become a PR Star, with Heather Burgett

Sometimes living beyond your circumstances means spreading the word and reaching out to others; building a following of people to get behind your cause, or idea. Often times that means tapping into media and learning how to make it work for you. Heather Burgett has 20 years of experience in PR. She started her career in tech on the east coast and then moved to LA to pursue an interest in doing PR in Hollywood. Heather started the Burgett Group PR agency when she was only 28. She has worked...


050.Kyle – Sean Interviews Kyle

Who is Kyle Bryant? This episode answers that question. It’s hard to believe we’re on our 50th episode! It’s really an honor to do this and it’s all thanks to you, our listeners. We are releasing this episode in two parts- one in which Kyle interviews Sean; and the other Sean interviews Kyle. Both of these episodes will allow you to get to know us a little better. This is our small gift to you, our listeners. We get real. We get personal. We want you to get to know us better, not just as two...


050.Sean – Kyle Interviews Sean

Who is Sean Baumstark? This episode answers that question. It’s hard to believe we’re on our 50th episode! It’s really an honor to do this and it’s all thanks to you, our listeners. We are releasing this episode in two parts- one in which Kyle interviews Sean; and the other Sean interviews Kyle. Both of these episodes will allow you to get to know us a little better. This is our small gift to you, our listeners. We get real. We get personal. We want you to get to know us better, not just as...


049 – Flying Miracles w/ Little Levi & Mark Brown

In this episode, we are not interviewing a circus act, like Kyle thought. After an update from Sean on how the first hike to conquer the 14 tallest mountains in California went (more info here), we are excited to interview two guests representing the organization Miracle Flights. We talk to Mark Brown, CEO, who tells us about Miracle Flights and the 700 monthly flights it facilitates for families. For 33 years now, their service has provided children facing any sort of illness, the resources...


048 – Finding a Mouse With Luke Rosen,

This week we are joined by former screenwriter/actor, founder of, and 2018 Rare Champion of Hope Honoree, Luke Rosen, who talks to us about the “We Need a Mouse” campaign. Luke and Kyle met at a rare disease event. When Kyle had their picture taken with his phone, Luke noticed the “2 Disabled Dudes” logo on Kyle’s cell phone case and only then recognized that Kyle was part of this podcast, which Luke listened to regularly! (Please remember to check out our merchandise page, because...


047 – Barry Rice, Cycle Ataxia

Barry Rice is a past recipient of the Ataxian Athlete Initiative and the founder of Cycle Ataxia, a bike ride fundraiser in Ireland benefiting Friedreich's ataxia (FA). Barry joins us from his home in Ireland, where he lives with his wife and two daughters. Barry tells us about his diagnosis of Friedreich’s ataxia, the same disorder that the Dudes have. He mentions how finally discovering the name of his illness was both disheartening and a sigh of relief. After his diagnosis, he feared for...


046 – A Conversation With the Dudes

No guests this week; just us two dudes, and we want to get some things off of our chest. First Kyle has some gripes about hotel-accessibility. Anybody has some cheese to go with Kyle’s whine? He should get a stress ball. Kyle shouts about shampoo reachability. And towels too. It’s easy to dismiss this aggravation as a small deal, a first-world problem. But accessibility is a fundamental issue for people with disabilities; without it, we can’t get around in the world. So even though we joke...


045 – Shira Strongin, founder of Sick Chicks

Shira Strongin lives with multiple physical issues but doctors can't seem to put their fingers on them all. She has some gene mutations that make her one-in-a-million but she's been "undiagnosed" for years. She started a blog, writing under the pen name Sick Chick when she was just 11 years old. So many women and girls related to it that it has now become an international organization called Sick Chicks - a support network of strong, chronically ill and disabled young women who choose to...


044 – Francisco Sanchez – A Doctor With SCI Pays it Forward

Francisco Sanchez is a 4th year resident in a Harvard affiliated Emergency Residency program who is about to become the first person to complete residency with a spinal cord injury. He shares his story in hopes that it will connect with others in similar situations. Francisco takes us with him on his journey from a big, 6’2 medical student, who met David Fajgenenbaum (Ep019) at a gym, because he needed a spot. After his injury, he was unable to move most of his body below his chest. In the...


043 – Nic Novicki – Easterseals Disability Film Challenge

Nic Novicki is an actor, comedian and producer who has performed on six continents. He is founder and director of the Easterseals Disability Film Challenge which gives filmmakers – with and without disabilities – the opportunity to collaborate and tell unique stories that showcase disability in its many forms and support Easterseals’ goal to change the way the world defines and views disability, so everyone can reach his or her potential. Nic's television credits include: Boardwalk Empire,...


042 – On Being Savage, with Les Ballard

Today we talk to a 2016 recipient of the Ataxian Athlete Initiative, Les Ballard. Hailing from a town not many people have heard of in Tennessee, Les brings a much needed southern twang to our podcast with two disabled California yuppies. Les has an unspecified version of ataxia, and rode up to his first rideATAXIA event years ago, on a trike built for a child. (Note: Les is not a child.) He recounts for us his first attempt at the 50-mile ride at the rideATAXIA, and how a missed turn sent...


041 – Spring Cleaning of the Mind

**CHECK OUT OUR NEW ONLINE STORE AT:** It's time to clean out our heads. So in this episode we cover multiple topics including: Kyle's recent interview on the Know Ataxia Podcast ( Clinical Trials Goals for the year (including today's release of our NEW ONLINE STORE! #DontForgetTheCrew ( Friedreich's ataxia Awareness Day, May 19. It's a lot in only 40 min. Enjoy!


040 – Breaking the Paralyzed Paradigm, with Arash Bayatmakou

Arash Bayatmakou is author of the new memoir, Little Big Steps. Arash talks to us about his sudden transition to the world of disability, after a spinal cord injury when he was 30 years old left him paralyzed. He was shocked to discover that medical treatment of spinal injuries hadn’t changed in twenty years. Rather than succumb to the paradigm that the medical field sentenced him to, Arash decided to fight for hope. He defines acceptance as the ability to cope with your life in the present...


039 – How to Ward Off Decrepitude with Aimee Lyons

Today we are happy to bring to you a conversation we had with Aimee Lyons, Kyle’s Crossfit coach and the owner of CrossFit King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. Aimee talks to us about the importance of functional fitness - a fitness program designed to enhance our ability. This is the root of her goal as a physical trainer, and it’s essential to those of us with physical disabilities. Maintaining our functionality is key to us living longer and healthier lives - as is the case for everyone! Aimee...


038 – Overcoming Invisible Circumstances with Ilana Jacqueline

We are excited to talk to Ilana Jacqueline - chronic disease patient, advocate and author of the new book Surviving and Thriving with an Invisible Chronic Illness. Living with invisible chronic conditions can be frustrating and overwhelming - you often have to explain “why” in the face of skepticism and doubt - and that’s in addition to managing your symptoms, treatments and therapies. Ilana has two autoimmune diagnoses- PIDD and autonomia. If you are unfamiliar with what those are, you are...


037 – Rare Disease Week On Capitol Hill & The Ataxian

We are excited to bring you the recording of a live panel following the showing of the film The Ataxian, which is the movie both of us are featured in! You probably know about the movie by now- it focuses on our team's journey in Race Across America (RAAM), the world's toughest cycling event, trekking 3,000 miles from CA to MD. This movie serves as a vehicle which introduces viewers to the FA (Friedreich’s Ataxia) community. The documentary screening was the kick-off event for Rare Disease...


036 – Patient Advocacy – Live at Reata Pharmaceuticals

We are proud to present the second half of our interviews at Reata Pharmaceuticals, this time it is all about Patient Advocacy and Patient Voice. Today is also the first day of Rare Disease Week, a US initiative sponsored by Rare Advocates, a week for those in the rare disease community to meet with our national Senators and Representatives in DC. Sean and Kyle are here in DC, along with our two behind-the-scenes dudes Jake and Matt, helping to amplify the patient voice! February is global...