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077 – Thriving Blind with Kristin Smedley

Kristin smedley was a new mother with a dream life when she found out her baby was blind due to a rare disease. Then she was dealt a second "dose of blindness" a couple years later when her second son was blind too. All the hopes and dreams she had for her life were crushed. It took several years but she learned to follow her kids' lead to navigate the world of blindness. And she learned to Set Extraordinary Expectations through her experiences. Kristin's website:


076 – Mothers Day Special – Meet Our Moms

Elaine Baumstark and Diane Bryant join the dudes to talk about how two pains in the neck turned into two really good looking and extremely intelligent young men. Seriously, we are grateful for Moms who continue to be wise and supportive influences on our lives. Happy Mothers' Day everyone!


075 – The Relationship Between the Patient and the Scientist

Understanding the science behind your disease, condition, or challenge is intimidating and many times the question is "Why should I? What's the point?" However when we do make the effort to understand, we may find out that it becomes an incredibly important and empowering part of our journey. The dudes discuss this topic as it relates to them and they try to be smart as always.


074 – Jeff Bell Part 2 – Adversity to Advocacy

In part one of this two part interview, Jeff talked about the challenges OCD brought to his life. In part two (this episode) Jeff talks about how he has used his adversity to create a platform for advocacy for himself and others through "Greater Good Motivation". Links mentioned in this episode: Jeff's personal website where you can learn more, follow, and reach out to Jeff: jeffbellonline.comJeff's Non-Profit, The Adversity 2 Advocacy Alliance - an all volunteer 501(c)3 nonprofit...


073 – Jeff Bell Part 1 – What is OCD?

I part 1 of this 2 part interview, Jeff joins the dudes to talk about his experience with OCD and how it differs from the common perception of the disorder. In part 2 (Episode 074) Jeff talks about how he turned his challenges into an opportunity to advocate for himself and others. Jeff Bell is an author, health advocate, and radio news anchor. He is actively involved with the International OCD Foundation, for which he serves as a board member and national spokesman. In 2011, he co-founded...


072 – The Difference Between a Reason and an Excuse

The dudes discuss the difference between a reason and an excuse based on one's own personal principles.


071 – Photos From the Beginning of the Year

Sean read Kyle's book recently and he had a few questions and discussion points. Additionally Sean and Kyle explore their top three photos of 2019 so far. Check out the photos and listen to the show! Links to order Kyle's book are at


070 – Leveraging Sport for Rare Disease

Rob Long was on his way to the NFL until a massive brain tumor completely altered his life. Rob now serves as the Executive Director of Uplifting Athletes, an organization committed to inspiring the rare disease community through the power of sport. In this episode he shares his personal story and the work of Uplifting Athletes. Sean also talks about his traumatic encounter with a scutigera coleoptrata. (We had to look that up). Click here for video interview referenced in episode.


069 – Things We Like

Kyle's first experience as an Uber driver. And the dudes discuss 3 things each that make their lives better.


068 – James Miller | Lifeology

James Miller is a licensed psychotherapist and the executive producer and host of the nationally broadcasted and syndicated radio show: James Miller Lifeology. James has been in the mental health field for over 22 years. After 13 years in private practice James left his successful practice in the Washington, DC area to follow his own dreams. He created James Miller Lifeology where he globally helps people simplify and transform their spirit, mind, and body.


067 – He’s An Athlete No Matter The Circumstance – Glenn Hartrick

Glenn Hartrick has been an amazing athlete for a long time, setting records as an able bodied triathlete. He was hit by a car during a training ride and was immediately paralyzed. He is now an Ironman para triathlete. His addiction to endurance knows no bounds.


066 – Death March for Ataxia with Mike De Rosa

Kyle starts off with a story about a crash on his trike and then states his intent to become an Uber driver. However this episode is really about Mike De Rosa and his friend Ed Brand as they prepare for the commemorative Bataan Death March to raise awareness and funds for the National Ataxia Foundation. Donate to their effort here:


065 – Opening a 2DD Can of Worms

This started as a simple conversation about the definition of a Hero and a Mentor, but it evolved into a deeper discussion about character and integrity...


063 – Grievances With The Dudes

We all get annoyed at lots of things in life. Laughing about these things can put our circumstances in perspective.


062 – Only You Have the Power to Destroy Your Life

Gabriel Cordell was paralyzed due to a car accident. He became the first person to push his everyday wheelchair across the entire USA. Check out the documentary on NETFLIX.


061 – Just Do It

Getting started is the hardest part. Even if you get started down the wrong path you can start over or correct your direction. Either way, you're still farther than if you didn't do anything. Join the Dudes as they explore this topic and read more thoughts from Sean in his blog post: And don't forget to preorder Kyle's book. It comes out February 26. Preorder at: Amazon: and Noble: a Million:...


060 – What Does Having a Disability Mean to You?

Listener email! Maria Sobotka reached out to us via Facebook ( and she cut straight to the chase, asking four direct and specific questions: What does having disability mean to you?Do you even feel disabled?Are you ashamed or proud of being disabled?Has having FA changed your view about disability? We tackle these questions and share a few resources that have helped developed our own perspectives. One thing we mention is a TEDx talk we’ve both enjoyed in the...


059 – 2019 Goals With The Dudes

The title is pretty self explanatory. One of our goals for the year may be to publish weekly episodes rather than biweekly. So, we would love to hear from more of our listeners. What do you think about this change? Please reach out to us @2DDPodcast on social media and let us know what you think! In this episode, we go through a quick wish list of 5 guests we’d love to have on the podcast, because the difference between a wish and a goal is writing it down, planning for it, and being held...


058 – What did you Enjoy in 2018?

We on the 2 Disabled Dudes team want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! We are excited to be able to give you this episode, our 58th! (to quote Kyle, “Holy cow! I love it!”) We know that we owe a tremendous thank you to you, our listeners, for allowing us to keep going. Without you, this podcast wouldn’t exist! We reflect on what stands out to us in producing this podcast over the past year… Kyle, eager to share his thoughts first, reflects on the two-part episodes that we produced for the...


057 – The Nomadic Dreamer

Online, Sarah Dodd is known as the “nomadic dreamer” -- a “nomad,” meaning that she doesn’t really have a physical home, and a “dreamer” setting her sights on ever higher goals. Her story echoes living urgently, a theme of our podcast. Sarah is not affiliated with disability, but she comes from a family where addiction was common. Her circumstances seemed to be dictating her life as she felt predisposed to this lifestyle. School, then college, then marriage, then kids, then turn 21. Sarah...