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Ep #8 - Build The Body You Want With Jordan Syatt

Everyone wants to get in build the body they want, but they aren’t sure exactly how to go about it. They know they need to train, and eat right but they’re just unsure on how to train or what to eat. You have to learn to fail your way to success. You are going to be making mistakes, but you have to keep refining your workouts and the way you eat. One small mistake is just a blip on the map. When it comes to training with weights does not mean you’re always pushing yourself to the limits...


Episode #18 - Hayden Quinn : How To Balance Your Health And Fitness Even IF You’re Busy

Living a busy lifestyle and trying to manage your health and fitness can seem daunting at time, especially if you’re working a demanding job. Hayden Quinn is no exception to this and his schedule is jammed tight, but that doesn’t mean that his health and fitness ever takes a backseat. When it comes to taking care of your body and mastering your health, learning how to plan your days ahead, avoid wasting time in the kitchen and getting your workouts in every day is a must and Hayden Shares...


Ep #10 - Mark Dhamma: Mastering Your Body and your Brain

Everyone wants to get in shape, and they think that they just have to work on their body. What people don’t realise is the body is only one component of getting in shape. You mind is just as and potentially even more important. You’re going to learn about the AWESOME method that Mark uses to transform your body and your mind. Exercise and fitness needs to have more behind it. Do you want to live longer, be healthier, be able to adapt more? Think about the reasons you really want to embark on...


Ep #16 - Eric Bach: Become The Boss Of Your Body

Becoming the boss of your body and being able to build a lean physique is easier than you think. When it comes to taking care of your body and mastering your health, learning how to make long term approaches work for your body to help you achieve your fat loss goals. There are some consistent things you must be doing everyday in order to get towards where you want to go. On this episode of Tyson’s Fitness Tips we are joined by Personal Trainer and athletic expert Eric Bach. Eric shares with...


Episode #40 - New Year New You

Setting New Years goals are great and they get you excited for the body you desier. But you don't have to w wait for New years to set your goals. Start now and take action because you're more likely to succeed if you start earlier. Need help? Email tyson@tysonbrown.com.au