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We talk to people who work behind the scenes but are also consumers of healthcare. We ask them what they know now that they wish every healthcare consumer knew. Find us on Twitter @UndrTheCoverage or send us a question to podcast@novahealthcare.com

We talk to people who work behind the scenes but are also consumers of healthcare. We ask them what they know now that they wish every healthcare consumer knew. Find us on Twitter @UndrTheCoverage or send us a question to podcast@novahealthcare.com


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We talk to people who work behind the scenes but are also consumers of healthcare. We ask them what they know now that they wish every healthcare consumer knew. Find us on Twitter @UndrTheCoverage or send us a question to podcast@novahealthcare.com







Most members are accustomed to understanding which providers are in-network and out-of-network based on a logo on their insurance ID card. But the marketplace is changing and it’s not the same for every plan member anymore. Some benefit plans offer a national network but others may feature a regional network and a wrap network for out-of-area coverage, reference-based pricing (RBP) without any network or direct primary care (DPC). It’s important to understand which providers are covered with...


I Don't Want a New Drug

Have you ever had a medication , benefit or medical visit denied by your plan? Can you appeal a decision? How do you know ? Join us and learn more about what you can do.


50 Shades of Insurance Grey - Deductible, Copay, Coinsurance and Out-of-Pocket Maximums

This week Jolene and Sara (who is somehow broadcasting from a submarine) are joined by Todd who helps them understand the difference between deductible, copay, coinsurance and out-of-pocket maximum. A deductible is the amount a member must spend out of pocket prior to the insurance plan covering a portion of the expenses. Coinsurance is the portion of the benefit expense the member is responsible for (e.g.: 20% for a service) after the deductible has been met. A copay is a flat fee for...


You See Your PCP? Yeah, You Know Me!

You See Your PCP? Yeah, You Know Me! by Nova Healthcare Administrators


These Boots Are Made for Walking...and They May Have Required Precertification

Precertification and prior authorization. What is it? When is it needed? Who is responsible for obtaining it? In this episode, Charlene helps Sara and Jolene answers some of these confusing questions and Sara is still talking about the problem with her foot!


Grace Periods, Rollover, Carryover and Runout

Welcome to the Land of Confusion. Pro: Your employer provides a benefit plan that offers a reimbursement account and you want to participate. Con: Sometimes the frustration you experience with the plan makes the benefit feel less beneficial and more problematic. Who needs that? We asked Jerame to come back and talk to us about what happens at the end of a plan year. It’s helpful to understand if your plan has rollover or runout and if it includes a grace period.


FSA, HRA, & HSA, Oh my!

Little help, please! There is so much to unpack when it comes to deciding if reimbursement benefits are right for you – and which option to choose. Reimbursement benefits offset expenses by setting aside pre-tax funds to pay for account-eligible expenses. FSAs, HSAs, and HRAs have a lot of rules around them that can make a reimbursement account tricky to use. Jolene and Sara are joined by resident-expert Prisilla who helps us figure out what to ask HR or your plan administrator so we can all...


Bonus Episode: Benefits for Small Business

Looking for guidance on how to build a benefit plan that works for you and your employees? Listen up! In this bonus episode, Jolene and Sara speak to Niko Caparisos of Prosperity Benefits about building a benefit plan for small businesses. You don’t need 1,000 employees to get a plan that works for you.


Babies & Benefit Plans

Life gets real when you welcome a bundle of joy to your world. Part of this new reality also includes assessing health plan coverage and benefits. Pete joined Jolene and Sara to discuss what happens to your benefits when you’re planning for a new addition to the family. It’s smart to evaluate how you think you’ll use your benefits before you pick your plan. And, it’s ok to change plans from year to year. As a dad in the industry, he’s trodden this well-worn path.


Navigating the Perfect Storm

Managing a new diagnosis involves a steep learning curve. Being diagnosed with a chronic condition while pregnant adds a new layer of complexity. And when it all happens at the start of a new plan year...well...we’ll let Jamie guide you through that.


What's Up Doc?

Your body, YOUR information! Requesting your medical records, copies of scans, and test results should be a common occurrence. Armed with this information you can save yourself from unnecessary duplication of services. Your records are also a great way to help a provider fill in the gaps between your last visit or when you transition from a different provider. Join Jolene (who reads her blood test results online at 1 a.m.) and Sara, WebMD (who has a scan of her foot in her office drawer) as...


Feeling 23

If you’re between the ages of 18 and 25 or if you’re the parent of an 18-25 year old, listen up! Carey helps our listeners figure out if and when younger adults should change benefit plans.


The Dirt on Health Care Proxy and End of Life Conversations

Sara and Jolene promised short episodes and this one runs a little longer but it’s worth it. Having conversations around end-of-life planning are not easy and the paperwork that accompanies them doesn’t make it any easier. Teresa talks about the documents you’ll want to have on hand and she shares why end of life conversations are vital to living. In this episode Teresa references two books: Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End by Atul Gawande and Elisabeth Kubler-Ross' book On...


Pregnancy & ER Bills

When we're at the doctor's office, a lot of information is sometimes thrown at us in a short time. We may have questions but hesitate to ask for various reasons. But asking questions can save you some money. Al Lewis shared so many great tips we just kept recording and the listeners win. Al talks about a product through preTRM.com and about managing ER bills. You can learn more about Quizzify at www.quizzify.com/about


There's more than one way to fill a tooth

Have you ever considered Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) as an alternative to crowns or fillings? There may be a silver lining to Silver Diamine. Listen in to learn about a treatment option to ask your dentist about. Al Lewis of Quizzify joins Sara and Jolene to talk teeth. Visit www.quizzify.com to learn more about Quizzify.


Nurse Chat

Nurses are a force. They bring skill, compassion, and commitment to their role – whether they’re in a medical office, a hospital, or an insurance company. Meet Nick to learn why you might benefit from talking to one.


Prior Authorization and COBeasts

Abigail shares what prior authorizations are and how to protect yourself. She also lets us know why you’re being asked if you have “other insurance” which is referred to COB or Coordination of Benefits in the industry.


No News is Not Always Good News

Hello, Nurse! In this episode Jolene and Sara talk to a nurse who also has health benefits. Anita shares how she advises patients she talks to during her workday and the importance of advocating for the patient.


Bonfires & Medical Bills

Read your medical bills like you would any other bill. Billers and coders are human too. And if you’re in a high deductible plan, you become keenly aware of the cost of billed services. And, if you’re at a bonfire, don’t discuss your medical benefits but do talk about this podcast.


Choosing a Health Plan

Does your employer offer more than one health plan? Overwhelmed and need some direction? We get it. Listen in as Carey helps guide you through what you need to think about to make the right decision and pick the plan that’s best for you and your wallet.