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We talk to people who work behind the scenes but are also consumers of healthcare. We ask them what they know now that they wish every healthcare consumer knew. Find us on Twitter @UndrTheCoverage or send us a question to podcast@novahealthcare.com


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We talk to people who work behind the scenes but are also consumers of healthcare. We ask them what they know now that they wish every healthcare consumer knew. Find us on Twitter @UndrTheCoverage or send us a question to podcast@novahealthcare.com






Not in the Coverage

Understanding health insurance benefits Ugh. Obviously, it’s stressful and we often find out we’re learning at the most vulnerable time – when we or one of our dependents are sick or are not feeling well. There’s nothing worse than trying to make sense of something when you are feeling your worst. Tracey joins the podcast to help us walk through how she has learned to get in front of the problem by understanding what’s not covered before the bill comes in!


Literacy Levels Impact Health

Lower levels of literacy, English as a second language, transitioning to the United States from a foreign country – all of these factors make it increasingly more difficult to understand and use medical benefits. Abby Grainge works as a family nurse practitioner at Jericho Road Community Health Center in Buffalo, NY and is also the medical director of Vive, Jericho Road’s shelter for asylum seekers. She joined the podcast to talk about the unique challenges the US health care system poses for those new to the country.


Your Health Plan is Calling

When you picture a nurse, you might envision a hospital or physician’s office. But nurses also work in a clinical capacity for health plan administrators. Lorene wants the world to know she and her team and other nurses in the industry work hard to walk with members on their journey to better health. In this episode she discusses how nurses work to help members, how they help patients who may face barriers to care, and why she what she does.


Understanding the Basics of Your Health Plan

Congratulations, you’re hired! When you get a job offering health benefits it’s important to understand the basics. Where do you go if you’re sick? How much will it cost? Which physicians and facilities are in-network and what does that even mean? Jerame volunteers for a workplace readiness program where he often addresses health insurance questions. And he has some advice for you...


Medical Benefits 101

If there was a course in high school or college to help us understand how medical benefits work and what the terms mean, maybe we’d be better equipped to navigate health care systems. In this episode, Kyla talks to us about the questions she asks providers to avoid unnecessary cost, seeking the most cost-effective treatments for herself, and how she manages conversations around the cost of prescription drugs.


Assembling the Puzzle: Navigating Mental Health Needs and Health Benefits...

When you think of behavioral health and substance use services, you most likely don’t think to call your health insurance company. Here’s a secret: You can. And you should! Did you know there is a team of people working at your health insurance company who can help link you to in-network resources if you’re in need of mental health guidance and support? Registered Nurses, Corrine and Molly share insights on the processes put in place that help members navigate behavioral health and substance use treatment options through the lens of their medical benefit plan.


Becoming an Educated Consumer of Health Care

Helping people become healthy and well is one of Steph’s passions. We second that, which is why we invited him to join us to discuss his background story and shed light on how important it is to utilize your benefits properly. At the end of the day, you’re paying for these services. Leveraging experience and advocacy can positively impact your health outcomes. Listen up!


Health Savings Accounts – A Secret Stash

High deductible health plans with health savings accounts can feel overwhelming. On one hand, the plan cost is usually less than that of a traditional copay plan but then you remember you may have to lay out a lot of money up front before your plan’s copays kick in. Jenelle shares how she started building funds in her HSA a little at a time over time and how she thinks about health care expenses.


The Life of a Medical Claim

You head to the doctor for a routine appointment. A claim is born! In this episode Barb chats with us about a medical claim’s journey in the health care delivery system. It isn’t always a simple process but having a baseline understanding of how a claim gets processed might help you gain insight into industry timelines and requirements.


To Have and to Hold: Benefit Summaries and ID Cards

Do you want to learn more about the hottest couple in health insurance? Getting familiar with your benefit summary and ID card can help you out in the long run. During this episode we chat with Alicia about benefit summaries, ID cards, and walk through three network-related situations you may find yourself in.


Price Comparison Tools & Caveats

Have you heard any chatter around price transparency tools? The average person spends more time reading Amazon reviews before buying a new blender than they do researching how much it costs to get a mammogram or MRI. Access to price transparency tools finally gives the patient access to the information allowing us to make more informed decisions about care that include the actual cost of it! Imagine having the ability to evaluate medical providers and services based on quality, cost, and location. Join us to learn how these tools function and how it will benefit us as consumers...we also share some caveats you’ll want to know.


Logo Land - Making Sense of ID Card Logos

Is your medical network the same as your plan administrator? Do you know what medical network you use and how to find an in-network provider? Do you have more than one network you can use? In this episode we talk to Todd about how you can answer some of these questions just by looking at your ID card. And once you know what these logos mean, you can have better conversations to guide staff at the point of service to be sure your plan doesn’t cause more headaches.


Tiers for Fears (around pharmacy benefits)

We’ve got a fever...and the only prescription is more understanding around pharmacy benefits. Are pharmacy benefits different from medical benefits? What’s a formulary? How can someone save money by requesting a generic version of a brand name drug (if possible)? Carly loves these topics. She enjoys helping others understand the complex world of pharmacy benefits. And we’re so happy she joined us to share insight around this facet of the insurance industry.


Navigating Medical Benefits and Lightning Lanes

New season, new music, new guests and more to learn about medical insurance benefits, ID cards, price transparency tools, and networks. If this sounds like an awful semester of learning, think about it as an investment that will pay you back in spades. Most Americans spend more time researching their vacation than understanding medical plan benefits – and a vacation might happen once or twice a year. Most families use their insurance plan more often than that. Join us to learn what people in the industry know so they get the most out of their benefits.


Understanding Your FSA: It Covers More than Co-Pays and Compression Stockings

FSAs are a “sleeper benefit” - in a world where the price of everything seems to be increasing before our eyes – a medical FSA can save you money on items you’re buying anyway. The key is, understanding what’s eligible so you can take advantage of the savings with as little frustration as possible.



Most members are accustomed to understanding which providers are in-network and out-of-network based on a logo on their insurance ID card. But the marketplace is changing and it’s not the same for every plan member anymore. Some benefit plans offer a national network but others may feature a regional network and a wrap network for out-of-area coverage, reference-based pricing (RBP) without any network or direct primary care (DPC). It’s important to understand which providers are covered with your plan so you can get the most out of your health care benefits. Regardless of the type of health plan you have, perhaps even more important is the relationship and access you have to a quality primary care physician (PCP).


I Don't Want a New Drug

Have you ever had a medication, benefit or medical visit denied by your plan? Can you appeal a decision? How do you know ? Join us and learn more about what you can do.


50 Shades of Insurance Grey - Deductible, Copay, Coinsurance and Out-of-Pocket Maximums

This week Jolene and Sara (who is somehow broadcasting from a submarine) are joined by Todd who helps them understand the difference between deductible, copay, coinsurance and out-of-pocket maximum. A deductible is the amount a member must spend out of pocket prior to the insurance plan covering a portion of the expenses. Coinsurance is the portion of the benefit expense the member is responsible for (e.g.: 20% for a service) after the deductible has been met. A copay is a flat fee for service (e.g. $25 for specialist visits). Short story is that coinsurance is a percentage paid for services and a copy is a flat dollar amount paid for services. Your out-of-pocket maximum is always more than your deductible and is inclusive of all plan spend including copays, deductibles, and coinsurance.


You See Your PCP? Yeah, You Know Me!

You See Your PCP? Yeah, You Know Me! by Nova Healthcare Administrators


These Boots Are Made for Walking...and They May Have Required Precertification

Precertification and prior authorization. What is it? When is it needed? Who is responsible for obtaining it? In this episode, Charlene helps Sara and Jolene answers some of these confusing questions and Sara is still talking about the problem with her foot!