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Join Kenton and Rebecca of ReWild University as we combine mindfulness, spirituality, laughs, and science to Unleash Your Life!

Join Kenton and Rebecca of ReWild University as we combine mindfulness, spirituality, laughs, and science to Unleash Your Life!
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Join Kenton and Rebecca of ReWild University as we combine mindfulness, spirituality, laughs, and science to Unleash Your Life!




Unleash Your Life Episode 22, Shinrin Yoku

More than a walk in the woods, Shinrin Yoku is a moving meditation with a laundry list of benefits -- and hard science to back it up. Here's how to harness the benefits of this health-giving practice. This Episode's Action Point: Just one Action Point this time around. Try out a Shinrin Yoku walk! It can take less than ten minutes. Go for it, and let us know how it feels! Visit rewildu.com to become a patron and support these podcasts! =)


Unleash Your Life Episode 21, Building Your Foundation

We know that foundations are important for buildings, but did you know they are equally important for our minds? In this episode Kenton and Rebecca explore how to build your emotional foundation strong! Here are this episode's Action Points: Meditation Toolbox -- The more meditation styles you have in your toolbox, the more you can adapt your practice to your environment (think anything from a quiet woodland to rush-hour traffic) and your current state of mind. Here are links to two...


Unleash Your Life Episode 20, Foraging 101

Who wouldn't want nutritious, delicious food . . . for free? Foraging is available to people living anywhere from the forest to the country to the city. Come with us as we explore how to get started, hone your skills, and make foraging a life-long adventure! This episode's Action Points: Forage Your First -- Use one of the links or books below to choose an easy first wild plant. Wood sorrel or dandelion are great places to start. Then, go out and find it, and give it a try! New Plant...


Unleash Your Life Episode 19, Rest and Digest

You eat a wholesome diet, you take the time to cook your food in healthy and delicious ways, but you still aren't getting adequate nutrition? Not surprising. In today's stress-filled world, our bodies are shutting down digestion because of over-active sympathetic nervous system activity. Let's change things so we can get the most out of every bite! This episode's Action Points: Skip the TV and other media an hour before and after eating and avoid table trigger topics -- Almost all media is...


Unleash Your Life Episode 18, Movement for Every Body

We love to divide things. One of the divisions that can cause us trouble is "exercise". When we extract that out of our lives, we tend to spend most of our time sedentary and try to balance that with an hour at the gym. But when we reframe things and think of "movement", we literally move through our lives in a new way! The episode's Action Points: One Month Movement Goal -- Set an achievable movement goal and give yourself a month to reach it through intelligent progressions. Whether it's...


Unleash Your Life Episode 17, Spirit of Adventure

Our habitual way of encountering life can feel monotonous, leading us to boredom and sometimes, apathy. Yet infusing our lives with a spirit of adventure is close at hand -- it's just a matter of retraining our brains. Here are this episode's Action Points: Use Tech to Undo tTech -- Technology can help us to use less technology? That's right! Thought it may not create major change, it can help cut back our tech use enough that we then have extra energy to make more paradigm-shifting...


Unleash Your Life Episode 16, The 100% Project

Is shopping at the grocery store inevitable in today's world, or is there another way? In November, two families with kids will embark on a year-long adventure to source all of their food from foraging, growing, fishing, hunting, or buying locally (within 50 miles of source). Come along with us as we go to 100%! This Episode's Action Points: Join the Movement! -- Join us in the 100% Project by choosing your own %. We won't officially launch until November, but you can begin now. Sign up for...


Unleash Your Life Episode 15, Saving the Trees

Think your voice doesn't count? Listen to the story of how two children turned aside an "inevitable" destruction of hundreds of trees. If they can make a difference, you can too! If you want to read the book we reference in this podcast, you can find High Noon in Skivvies by Jeff Alan here! Here are this episode's Action Points: Learn to Distinguish What You Can and Can't Change -- Often, we have more power to change a situation than we've been taught. Think you can't change it? Take some...


Unleash Your Life Episode 14, Dangerous Things

We are scared of lots of things, but often, the things we're scared of aren't as dangerous as we've been taught, and the things we're NOT scared of are ready to kill us! Come along as we explore fear and dangers, real and imagined. Here are this episode's Action Points: Admit Your Fears -- Just admitting your fears brings them out into the open, where you can then begin to transform them. Write them down in a list, and cross them off as you enact that transformation! Educate Yourself -- The...


Unleash Your Life Episode 13, Google Your Brain

Our information culture is awesome. So much knowledge at our fingertips! Yet if we Google everything, we miss out on human-to-human connection and using our creativity to figure things out. This week, learn how to Google Your Brain! Here are this episode's Action Points: Get Your Info From a Book or Person -- Google is easy, but taking the time to read a book on a subject will give you much more in-depth information. And when we go to a person for our information, we also forge a...


Unleash Your Life Episode 12, A Little Housecleaning

As our family moves into our yurt and gives the house to some dear friends, we've been cleaning the house and giving away, recycling, or throwing out a lot of our accumulated stuff. Join us as we "clean house" and discover the benefits of less objects in one's life. Here are this episode's Action Points: Purchase Consciously -- Be aware of the "hidden costs" behind the pricetag. Most items will bear environmental and social costs, as well as upkeep costs and disposal costs, not to mention...


Unleash Your Life Episode 11, Namaste

Beyond our normal human tendencies to judge others awaits the principle behind Namaste. Judge, and we live a life divided -- as individuals, as groups, and as nations. Namaste, and we see that each of us is a unique expression of the same interconnected oneness. Here are this episode's Actions Points: Namaste -- Begin with a single "namaste" per day, or go crazy! When you namaste, give a little bow (it can be real or mental), say "namaste", and recognize the deep interconnection between...


Unleash Your Life Episode 10, Sugar Free

We might imagine that some foods just "taste good" or "taste bad", but the truth is that we are shaping our tastebuds' preferences with every bite of food we eat. Come with us on a no-sugar challenge that turns broccoli into a treat! Sugar Free Sweet Potato Banana Muffins (adapted from: Good + Simple Blog) 1 1/2 cups mashed sweet potato1 1/2 cups mashed banana1 cup spelt flour1 cup oatmeal2 tsp cinnamon1 tsp baking soda1/4 tsp baking powder1/2 tsp salt3/4 cup melted coconut oil (raw virgin)3...


Unleash Your Life Episode 9, Five Books

Someone asked us what books we have on our shelves. Well, there are quite a few! But this week, we thought we'd share five books that have impacted our lives in powerful ways. The books we covered in this episode: -- Zen Flesh, Zen Bones compiled by Paul Reps -- Those of the Forest by Wallace Byron Grange -- The Mayo Clinic Guide to Stress-free Living by Dr. Amit Sood -- A Northwoods Companion (We coverd Fall and Winter but there is also a Spring and Summer) by John Bates -- The Continuum...


Unleash Your Life Episode 8, The Wow of Now

We've all heard that it's important to be in the present moment, but as with much similar advice, it's easy to ignore. Come along on a rollicking ride as we discover the why, how, and WOW of being in the Now! Complete with lightsabers! Here are this episode's Action Points: Doorway Pause -- Most of us walk through many, many doorways during a given day. This practice asks us to stop whenever we walk through one, and take a breath. As we breathe, come into awareness and notice your inner...


Unleash Your Life Episode 7, Passive Outflow

We're taught to be mostly concerned with what is flowing IN to our lives, but what if we equally celebrate what is flowing OUT from us to the world? Join Kenton and Rebecca in an exploration of a concept Rebecca created: Passive Outflow. Here are this episode's Action Points: Smile -- Realize that science is showing that the simple act of smiling releases positive brain chemicals. Try using smiles as an entrance into a happier state of mind, and since they are very "catching", see if you can...


Unleash Your Life Episode 6, Throwing Up

Some things in life we can change through direct action. But many things we can't change, yet we resist and cause ourselves suffering. Discover the positive power of release and surrender in this episode! Here are this episode's Action Points: Breathe -- Find a "count" that works for you (Kenton uses 5 seconds in, 5 seconds out), and whenever you realize you are feeling stress, anxiety, or resistance, stop and take some breaths. Decide on the number before-hand, do your count, and really...


Unleash Your Life Episode 5, Loving Your Life

This special episode is a "transformation" story from our lives. Come along as Rebecca gives Kenton a surprise that doesn't turn out so well, and leads them both to realize how much they already love their life together. Here are this episode's Action Points: Negative Gratitude -- Not for everyone, but if you aren't prone to dark thoughts, this one can work wonders. The basic idea is that you imagine losing the thing that you're irritated with. Feeling frustrated with your husband? Imagine...


Unleash Your Life Episode 4, The Time of Nectar

There is a special time of day when you can shape your attitude, mindfulness, and emotional resilience better than any other time, and most of us sleep through it! Discover the Time of Nectar, and how to use it to change your life from within. Here are this episode's Action Points. You can add any or all of these to your Time of Nectar: Gratitude Practice -- Create an easy-to-implement daily gratitude practice. Devote three minutes (or longer!), and tie it to an already existing event. The...


Unleash Your Life, Episode 3, Everything Changes

Our mind has a desire to pretend things are always the same, even though everything is always changing. If we can not only accept change, but embrace it, our life takes a wondrous turn into curiosity and amazement! Here are this episode's Action Points: Sit Spot -- Find a place to sit (under a tree, on a park bench, even at your window), and spend a few minutes each day just Being and observing. Notice how the mind wants to focus on what feels "the same", but instead, turn your mind to...