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Dr. Sandra Kahn – Jaws: The Story of a Hidden Epidemic

 Dr. Sandra Kahn joins me to talk about a silent epidemic affecting our population, narrow jaws. She discusses why this is such a huge problem, the habits we need to be teaching children in order to develop muscles for healthy jaws and teeth. She also shares why as adults we also need to be chewing and not just drinking smoothies or eating soft foods. Sandra explains her own approach 'forwardontics' and how it differs from the traditional approach to straightening teeth. Selected Links from...


Dr. Lewis Ehrlich – Dental (Oral) Health Week

This week is Australian Dental Health Week and I am joined by my partner in the surgery, Dr. Lewis Ehrlich. Lewis and I bring the dentist to you, we discuss what we are looking for during a general checkup and why it is important for your health. Selected Links from the Episode Dr. Lewis Ehrlich website Sydney Holistic Dental Centre website Unstress episode with Dr. Lewis Ehrlich on oral health Unstress episode with Dr. Steven Lin on the Dental Diet Download the PDF transcription Dr. Ron...


Dr. Rob King – Men’s Health 101

Dr. Rob King, an integrative men’s health physician joins me to discuss a wide range of conditions affecting men. He shares his innovative and effective treatment approaches for some common and not so common health issues. He also discusses the importance of disease prevention and shares his top strategies for doing so. Men aren’t always the most focused on their health, however, I hope after this episode you will be inspired to take control of your own health and make positive changes to...


Dr. Paul R. Ehrlich – Global Challenges: 50 years on

Biologist and ecologist, Dr. Paul R. Ehrlich joins me 50 years following the release of his book ‘The Population Bomb’ to discuss the current state of affairs. We discuss the impact of global agriculture on the population and the impact this has had on our health. Selected Links from the Episode Dr. Paul R Ehrlich books: The Population Bomb The Population Explosion Jaws: The Story of a Hidden Epidemic Jane Mayer's book - Dark Money Unstress episode with Allan Savory on the fate of...


Dr. Thomas Seyfried – Cancer as a Metabolic Disease: Taking Control

 Dr. Thomas Seyfried joins me to discuss cancer as a metabolic disease and shares a surprisingly simple approach to treating it. Previously cancer has been thought of as a genetic condition, but with one in two men and one in three women contracting cancer by the age of 60, there is clearly a big problem going on. Thomas challenges the idea of cancer as a genetic disease through his extensive research and clinical practice. In this episode, he discusses the press pulse treatment, caloric...


Dr. Natasha Andreadis – Integrative Gynaecology and Fertility

 Integrative gynaecologist and fertility specialist Dr. Natasha Andreadis joins me to discuss fertility, menopause and everything in between. We cover issues affecting 18 to 75 years olds, including males and females. Dr. Natasha Andreadis shares her integrative approach to treating her patients, which involves everything from environmental exposures to diet to sleep. Selected Links from the Episode Dr. Natasha Andreadis website Unstress episode with Elizabeth Mucci on fertility Unstress...


Dr. Dominic D’Agostino – Keto Nurition

 Dr. Dominic D’Agostino, an assistant professor in molecular pharmacology and physiology joins me to discuss an approach he has developed to metabolically starving cancer cells through diet and compressed oxygen. We talked about breathing, the ketogenic diet and how we can fuel our bodies to prevent disease. Selected Links: Dr. Dominic D'Agostino website Unstress episode with Patrick McKeown on Buteyko breathing Unstress episode with Rosalba Courtney on breathing Download the PDF...


Dr. Elisa Song – Healthy Kids Happy Kids

Holistic paediatrician, Dr. Elisa Song, joins me to chat about leaky gut, fussy eating, screen time and its challenges, sleep, the importance of community for developing brains, the immune system and inflammatory responses, as well as vaccinations. This is jam-packed with information and Dr. Elisa Song then leaves us with some simple steps to help kids thrive holistically; body, mind and spirit. Selected Links from the Episode Dr. Elisa Song website Dr. Elisa Song 3 Part Facebook live...


Dr. Bruce Lipton – A New Hope: Epigenetics and the Subconscious Mind

Dr. Bruce Lipton joins me to discuss epigenetics and the subconscious mind. This is an incredible episode and one that is so interesting, powerful and multi-faceted that it’s hard, to sum up. There are so many stories and lessons to be taken from it, as Bruce says “our mental and spiritual character is being shaped by the nervous system to express reality. And if we change our mental and spiritual character.. how we handle it... then we change our lives”. What an empowering and wonderful...


Alexx Stuart – Low Tox Life

Alexx Stuart joins me to talk about the low tox life. How we can make small changes that have a big impact on our health and the world around us. This is not the no tox life but about finding a balance and something that is achievable. We chat about personal care products, being a real food rockstar, Alexx's upcoming book Low Tox Life and preconception health plus so much more. I hope you enjoy this empowering and informative chat with Alexx Stuart. Selected Links from Episode Alexx Stuart...


Dr. Lewis Ehrlich – Taking Your Oral Health Seriously

Dr. Lewis Ehrlich, holistic dentist, health coach, personal trainer and former professional footballer, joins me to chat about the Australian Government's Oral Health Tracker and the alarmingly statistics that it showed about the current state of Australian oral health. We chat about taking your oral health seriously, oral cancer, children's oral health, how few Australians are brushing their teeth and why pain is not a good indication that you need to see the dentist. Selected Links from...


035 Annalies Corse – The 4th Trimester

Naturopath and medical scientist, Annalies Corse, joins me to chat about "the 4th trimester". This is a term that we don't often hear but refers to a period of time after having a child when a woman is going through a number of hormonal changes but also the larger family. Annalies explains that period and also gives us some insights on how best to prepare and support a family entering into the 4th trimester. Dr. Ron Ehrlich: Hello and welcome to Unstress. I'm Dr. Ron Ehrlich. Now, when you...


034 Nora Gedgaudas – Beyond Paleo

Download the PDF transcription Dr. Ron Ehrlich: Hello and welcome to “Unstress”. I'm Dr. Ron Ehrlich. In this podcast not surprisingly, we focus on stress and pillars of health. We hear so much about various diets and paleo is certainly up there with one of the most popular and I think with good reason. Autoimmune diseases are also a big issue as you were here in this episode actually even bigger than I thought and I thought there are over 80 autoimmune diseases. Now that is the body...


031 Jo and Isaac Whitton – Life-Changing Food

Jo Whitton and her son Isaac join me to talk about their journey with OCD and anxiety and the impact that the GAPS diet or life-changing food had on their health. This is an incredible story of the power of listening to your body and nourishing it with traditional foods from the perspective of mother and son. The changes that they made a big difference not only to their lives but has also impacted a much wider community on the quirky journey. Selected Links from the Episode Terry Wahls...


030 Leah Hechtman – Our Microbiome Through Our Lifecycle

 Naturopath Leah Hechtman joins me to discuss our microbiome through our lifecycle.


029 Dr. Leila Masson – An Integrative Approach to a Healthy Child and You

Integrative paediatrician, Dr. Leila Masson, joins me to chat about disease prevention through an integrative approach incorporating nutrition and lifestyle. We discuss PANDAS, ADHD, depression, the importance of good nutrition and what that actually means and how we should get out in the sun and play in the dirt. This is an episode for everyone as the principles that are discussed can apply to us all. Selected Links from the Show Dr. Leila Masson Children's Health A-Z for New Zealand...


028 Dr. Steven Lin – The Dental Diet

Dr. Steven Lin, dentist and author, joins me to chat about his new book "The Dental Diet" and it's guiding principles. This is an episode for anyone that has a mouth and cares about their general health. We chat about Weston A Price, one of the most important bits of research that has ever been done, how the mouth is a powerful signpost and measuring point for the body, the microbiome and oral microbiome and the 4 different principles of a dental diet/diet for life. As Dr. Steven Lin says,...


027 Dr. Suzy Green – The Power of Positive Thought

Psychologist and founder of The Positivity Institute, Dr. Suzy Green, joins me to talk about the power of positive thought and her dedication to "a flourishing world". Wouldn't it be nice to focus on using the incredible power of your minds, and more specifically how we thought about things, as a positive force for our health and wellbeing? Not just to talk about it, but with some real strategies about how to approach it. We're familiar with exercising in order to build up strength and...


026 Dr. Mark Donohoe – Chemical Sensitivity, Chronic Fatigue and Compassion in Medicine

"You have to respect the wisdom of the body," says this week's guest Dr. Mark Donohoe. We talk about the importance of understanding why things are happening to give you insight into how it can be improved, the role of antibiotics, how do you react when the body is “stepping down”? Cross-reactivity and chemical sensitivity, the difference between sensitivity and allergy. The rise of childhood problems and why vaccinations have become such a complex issue. Download the PDF transcription Dr....