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Joan Halifax - Defining Moments In Our Lives: Where Fear and Courage Meet

Roshi Joan Halifax is a Buddhist teacher, Zen priest, medical anthropologist, author and pioneer in the field of end-of-life care. Her new book, Standing at the Edge: Finding Freedom Where Fear and Courage Meet, is brilliant. The potential for transformation, she believes, exists within all of us and we often discover this in our most difficult moments.


Daphne Rose Kingma - Love and Relationships Demystified

Daphne Rose Kingma is the best selling author of 12 books on love and relationships. She answers some tough questions on why relationships can be so challenging and shares why (spoiler alert) expecting others to read our minds is a bad idea. She shares her juicy wisdom on navigating relationships, learning to love and on how be a better partner, plus more.


Melli O’Brien - Encore Episode: Live Your Life with More Purpose

Melli O’Brien is a devoted meditation teacher and practitioner from Australia, known worldwide as Mrs. Mindfulness. Her mission is to help us lead more conscious and connected lives, with more peace and purpose. She shares wisdom from her program, The Art of Mindful Living, where she teaches life-changing tools that have the power to transform us.


Gail Storey - Mind, Body and Heart On and Off the Pacific Crest Trail

Gail Storey is the author of I Promise Not to Suffer, a memoir that chronicles her journey hiking the Pacific Crest Trail with her beloved husband, Porter. She shares the dramatic highs and lows of the experience and her very real life adventure on and off the trail as she explores the landscapes of body and heart.


Ben Feder - Busy Exec Takes Bali Sabbatical with Family (his version of Eat, Pray, Love)

Ben Feder is author of the book, Take Off Your Shoes, a memoir that chronicles the story of how this NYC Family jumped off the treadmill to take a sabbatical to Bali. It’s Ben’s ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ story of how he personally found his sense of purpose and ‘center’ and how his family was transformed by the experience.


James Colquhoun - Encore Episode: The Power of Real Food and Meditation to Heal

James Colquhoun is a filmmaker of documentaries Food Matters and Hungry for Change and Founder of FMTV, the “Netflix” of healthy programming. James is devoted to giving people tools to take charge of their own health. He shares the story of how he healed his father’s mysterious illness with real food and a blend of spiritual practices.


Dina Kaplan - Life-changing Conscious Leadership Program

Dina Kaplan, Meditation Expert, Entrepreneur and Co-founder of the Path discusses why meditation has been so life-changing for her. She shares the importance of conscious leadership in our work and personal lives and she explains why the upcoming Mela retreat is so important for leaders who want to lead with more authenticity, awareness and compassion.


Rick Hanson - Inner Strengths to (finally!) Develop Resilience

Rick Hanson, psychologist and best selling author, shares wisdom from his new book Resilient: How to grow an unshakable core of calm, strength and happiness. He shares how to use positive neuroplasticity to develop the 12 most essential inner strengths or resources needed to cope with the challenges we all face at one time or another.


Dr. Anne Marie Albano - Encore Episode: Dealing with Anxiety and Mood Disorders

Dr. Anne Marie Albano is a Clinical Psychologist, an expert on anxiety and mood disorders and author of You and Your Anxious Child. She describes the many different types of anxiety, what triggers it and why so many people suffer from anxiety disorders today. She shares groundbreaking coping skills for kids, teens and young adults


Fred Kofman - Real Leaders Bring Meaning into the Workplace

Fred Kofman is an author and leadership expert and has led teams at Linkedin, advised Google and conducted many workshops around the world. His newest book is The Meaning Revolution, The Power of Transcendent Leadership. He shares why serving a higher purpose at work motivates us much (much) more than any material incentives.


Stefanie Goldstein: A Special Mother’s Day Edition -- On Being A Mom

Stefanie Goldstein is a psychologist and mindfulness teacher and shares some of the wisdom and vulnerabilities she’s learned from being a mom. She believes it’s important to accept and even celebrate both the difficulties and joys of motherhood and shares why taking moments throughout the day to pause and listen to your own inner wisdom can help.


Nathalie Croix - Life-changing Impact of Yoga and Meditation

Nathalie Croix is a yogi, podcast entrepreneur and energy healer. She started meditating and doing yoga when she was 9 yrs old and shares how this has led to many great adventures and stories in her life. Her podcast, Life on Earth, is focused on “celebrating diversity one earthling at a time.”


Nataly Kogan - Stop Chasing Perfection and Be Happier Now

Nataly Kogan is the author of Happier Now: How to Stop Chasing Perfection and Embrace Everyday Moments. She asks us to stop ‘waiting’ for happiness and teaches that true happiness is an ‘inside job.’ If we accept all of our feelings and embrace even our messy emotions, we can change our mindset to be more fulfilled every day.


Brad Warner - Unlikely Punk Rocker Finds (some) Peace in Zen Buddhism

Brad Warner is a punk rocker, Zen Buddhist and author of It Came From Beyond Zen. He’s been asking questions about the meaning of life since he was a child. He shares the practical wisdom (and answers to some questions) he’s gotten from Dogen, the Zen Master he’s studied for over 25 years. His earliest inspiration came from the Beatles.


Elisha Goldstein - Earth Day Meditation: What the World Needs

In this Meditation, Elisha guides us to feel gratitude for all that the planet offers and to appreciate that we are all connected to it and to each other. “Commit to live in a way that expresses deep love for the planet and for all of life and this commitment and connection will invigorate each and every action you take.”


Fran Hauser - Authentic leadership wisdom from "The Myth of the Nice Girl"

Fran Hauser, author of the new book "The Myth of the Nice Girl", discusses how ‘nice' can be a superpower and shares that we can be kind and strong; smart and empathetic; ambitious and likable while achieving careers that we love. Fran inspired the authentic Leadership Collection on Meditation Studio with guided meditations that accompany the book.


Elise Bialylew - Mindfulness as a Tool for Living your Best Life

Elise Bialylew is the author of The Happiness Plan and founder of Mindful in May, a daily, online mindfulness program featuring leading experts, meditation teachers and neuroscientists. She shares why upgrading our inner technology can help us meet the increasingly complex demands of the time we’re living in. Check out Mindfulinmay.org.


Sakyong Mipham - The Lost Art of Good Conversation

Sakyong Mipham is the head of the Shambhala Lineage and the global network of over 200 Shambhala Meditation Centers. In his new book, The Lost Art of Good Conversation, he shares why conversation is truly what connects us to one another and to our common humanity and why it is so important to our emotional and mental wellbeing.


Tanja Pajevic - The Secret Life of Grief and Loss

Tanja Pajevic is author of the memoir, The Secret Life of Grief. She shares the story of how difficult it was for her when her mom died suddenly, and why it is so hard to grieve any loss in our culture. Writing and meditation helped her to ride the waves of grief as they ambushed her well after the funeral ended.


Michael J. Gelb - Why Connection and Relationships Matter (a lot!)

Michael J. Gelb is a creativity, innovation and leadership expert, best selling author and sought-after speaker. He shares the 7 most important relationship building skills needed for leaders, from his new book The Art of Connection. He reminds us why these skills make such a big (and positive!) difference in all of our interactions.