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Real world data, pay for performance or blockchain, Richard Bergström is always ahead of the curve

In Big Data for Better Outcomes, BigData@Heart, DO->IT, EHDN, the EU data Consortia, and yes, even concepts like pay for performance, Richard Bergström has had a hand in their creation. The former Director General of EFPIA, and now the head of health both at SICPA and their joint venture blockchain company Guardtime, Richard is always ahead of the curve. In fact, he's usually the one who makes the curve in the first place.


Better Science, Better Health: ZIN’s Amr Makady wrote the book, LITERALLY, on using RWE for HTA

Many HTAs in Europe are seen as conservative and even reactionary when it comes to innovating or changing their processes. However, Amr's PhD thesis is a 300+ page ‘how to’ manual highlighting RWE best practices and has put him at the forefront of the next generation of EU officials who are trying to move healthcare forward in Europe.


Bettina Ryll: Razor-sharp intellect, scientific expertise, and a conviction to patient access

One of Europe’s most articulate and forceful patient advocates, Bettina Ryll is a cyclone of energy, persistence and vision driven by her own family tragedy dealing with cancer. With a PhD in Biomedical Sciences from University College London, she possesses technical insights in drug development that few European patient representatives have. As well, Bettina cuts through the noise to best represent her members in the Melanoma Patient Network Europe, which she founded.


Better Science, Better Health: BIA’s CEO is the hardest working man in biotech since Brexit

In this podcast, Steve Bates, UK BioIndustry Association's CEO, discusses both the challenges and opportunities of Brexit on the UK’s biotechnology sector, and the need for strong, vital IP supported by private investment. Steve was an advisor to Tony Blair’s government and a founding member of United Life Sciences, a strategic partnership representing over 1000 life science and healthcare member companies internationally. He also sits on the Science, Industry and Translation Committee of...


Pamela Tenaerts - Discussing global research, Belgian endives, and everything in between

Founded in 2007 by the FDA and Duke University, the Clinical Trials Transformation Initiative (CTTI) has as its mission to develop and drive the adoption of practices that will increase the quality and efficiency of clinical trials. Pamela Tenaerts, CTTI's Executive Director, has a broad international perspective given her previous life running large international clinical research at KU Leuven, and we were fortunate to catch up with her at the IMI Stakeholder Workshop in Brussels to discuss...


Better Science, Better Health: The US Chamber's Patrick Kilbride on the Rapidly Changing IP World

Patrick Kilbride is vice president of international intellectual property for the Global Innovation Policy Center (GIPC) at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Over the last several years, there has been a growing chorus of voices internationally that have begun to question the role of IP in drug development. In this podcast, we separate fact from fiction around the role of IP in developing new biotech products, the changing global landscape for innovation, and what we need to do to ensure that we...


Better Science, Better Health - Stirring the IP Pot

Emil Pot was one of the founders of ActoGeniX, which was successfully acquired in 2015 by Intrexon. Emil outlines the ingredients Europe needs to build a company from scratch, and leverage home-grown Intellectual Property.


Good Going with GetReal - Elaine Irving on the Future of IMI's RWE Champion

With a continuing series of educational courses, several functioning web platforms to harness real world evidence, and now, an extension of project funding for two years, GetReal is regarded as one of the Innovative Medicine’s Initiatives true success stories. Duane speaks with Elaine Irving of GSK, who has been Driving the GetReal bus for three years, avoiding potholes, and keeping the wheels turning as the project’s coordinator.


Luca Pani - A Renaissance Man in Miami

Luca Pani is one of the global thought leaders on using real world evidence to evaluate medicines. In this podcast, we discuss his latest book, “PHARMACEUTICAL RESILIENCE – How to Govern the Evolution of Treatments” as well as innovative approaches he's developed in partnership with economists Sylvain Chassang and Erik Snowberg to model the value of new medicines with uncertain outcomes. For 5 years, Luca was the head of the Italian Medicine’s Agency, and successfully implemented the world’s...


Better Science, Better Health: VIB’s Johan Cardoen, An EU Biotech Success Story.

Better Science, Better Health: VIB’s Johan Cardoen, An EU Biotech Success Story. For the first podcast in our series investigating the impact and importance of IP on European biotech and innovation, we have an in-depth discussion with Johan Cardoen of VIB, Gent’s life sciences research institute in Belgium. VIB has been called by Reuters, “part of the success . . . to Belgium’s distinct approach to biotech start-ups.” Given that a VIB spin-out Ablynx was recently acquired by Sanofi for $5...


Hans-Georg Eichler - EMA's Senior Medical Officer Undaunted in the Brexit Age

Dr. Eichler continues his global efforts at the forefront of promoting new and innovative approaches to both regulatory approvals and science in the face of a torrent of change at the EMA. In this podcast we discuss the impact of Brexit, the movement towards increasing international collaboration to improve the way we evaluate medicines, and how the response complexity of many new indications such as CAR-T is impacting the benefit risk and reimbursement landscape for regulators and payers.


Can Elin Haf Davies Solve Pharma's Billion-Dollar Crisis?

An adventurer, a child health advocate, a former Female Welsh Rugby side member, a Phd researcher, and now a healthcare entrepreneur, Elin Haf Davies is truly a force of nature. Her health-tech start-up company Aparito was recently written about in a gushingly positive article by Forbes who asked, “Can Aparito's Wearable Tech Solve Big Pharma's Billion-Dollar Crisis”? We try to answer that question, and many more, in this Vital Health Podcast.


Steve Rosenberg, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Oracle Health Sciences

Steve Rosenberg, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Oracle Health Sciences, discusses with Duane Schulthess of Vital Transformation many of the cloud-based solutions for clinical trial management, patient-reported outcomes, and advanced analytics which are industry standards today that Steve has personally had a hand in developing. We also pull out our crystal ball to guess where the industry is headed, and who will be the winners and losers going forward.


Nikolai Brun, CMO Danish Medicines Agency

Duane Schulthess of Vital Transformation sits down at the DIA Global conference in Boston, for a one on one discussion with Nikolai Brun, CMO Danish Medicines Agency.


Jeff Allen, Friends of Cancer Research

Duane Schulthess of Vital Transformation sits down at the DIA Global conference in Boston, for a one on one discussion with Jeff Allen, CEO of Friends of Cancer Research from Washington DC. Washington DC’s Friends of Cancer Research is an advocacy group that has had a profound influence on how we bring new cancer therapies to market. Friends played a key role establishing the FDA’s breakthrough designation, and their president and CEO, Jeff Allen, is now focused on harnessing Real World...


Italy’s Game-Changing Pay for Performance of Medicines a podcast with Luca Pani

Duane Schulthess of Vital Transformation sits down for a one on one discussion with Luca Pani, the Director General of the Italian Medicines Agency, to discuss his new book “Sustainable Innovation: Medicines and the Challenges for the Future of our National Health Service”. This 30 minute podcast recording at the AIFA digs into Italy’s very successful outcomes based reimbursement system launched by Prof Pani, as well as the implications and needs of an open data system for improving health...


Podcast with Nashville.Bio – Putting the REAL into RWE

Nashville Biosciences and Vital Transformation are collaborating on a ground-breaking project to measure the impact of CAR-T on the total cost of treating cancer by harnessing RWE. The CEO of Nashville Biosciences, Leeland Ekstrom, sat down with Duane Schulthess in an open discussion on how to use RWE to improve drug development, reduce costs, cut time to market, and have an honest understanding of what is actually happening within our healthcare systems. You can register to attend their...