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A weekly podcast dedicated to the dental laboratory industry

A weekly podcast dedicated to the dental laboratory industry


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A weekly podcast dedicated to the dental laboratory industry




135: The Voyage of the Bad To The Bone Dental Vessel: Allen "Patch" Garcia and Dr. Jack Bell

We hear about dental offices having a in-office dental lab, but what we don't hear enough is a dental lab in a dentist office doing what they are doing at Family Dental Associates (http://www.dralexbell.com/) in Georgia. Dr. Jack Bell is sailing the vessel as Patch Garcia (Excel Dental Lab (http://www.dralexbell.com/excel-dental-lab)) is the crew that every successful dentist needs. Together they are leading the digital workflow and providing top-of-the-line restorations to the "land...


134: A True Measurement of Dental Laboratory Passion with Josef Kolbeck

Voices From the Bench is all about showcasing people that love what they do, show true passion for it, and do everything they can to share it with our community. Not many people do this more than Josef Kolbeck. Josef came into our industry through jewelry and has not stopped learning and growing since. His passion is strong and he wanted to educate others what he has learned. He developed the OMP, the Phi tool-guide, and takes education one on one with the "Webinar-in-a-box". Find out why...


133: The (Virtual) Reality of Our Future: Vincent Silva and Jed Archibald

Dental Technicians, learn about a possible career path. This weekend is the National Denturist Association Virtual Conference - October 16-17, 2020 (https://nationaldenturist.com/). CHECK IT OUT! Vincent Silva is a technician that saw a need for computers being built specifically for dental CAD/CAM systems. Jed Archibald is a mega technician with experiences most of us could only dream of having. Putting these two together, we end up with a very exciting new format for dental laboratories to...


132: Coast to Coast with Denturism: Eric Hansen and Patrick Allen

Denturism is a great way for a dental technician to take their career to the "next level". It's really the best of both worlds. Maybe you don't think you can do it? Maybe it's not regulated in your state? On this week's episode the president of the National Denturist Association Eric Hansen and past guest Patrick Allen talk about running their practices during COVID, working with states to become regulated, and their annual conference that is being held virtually this year and how it is a...


131: Altering the Future of Dental Education with Professor Daniel Alter MSc, MDT, CDT

We love it when we have a guest on and we get surprised with all the amazing things they do. Daniel Alter did just that. We knew he was a teacher at the New York City College of Technology (http://www.citytech.cuny.edu/restorativedentistry/) restorative department and did something with IDT magazine (https://www.aegisdentalnetwork.com/idt), but as the conversation unfolded, Daniel's passion for our industry was strong. Daniel talks about learning the craft and opening a lab, taking that...


130: Ordering One Taco Supreme: Gary Iocco from Apex Dental Laboratory Group

BEFORE September 27th order a Voices From the Bench: The Face Mask. (https://www.bonfire.com/voices-from-the-bench-the-face-mask/) His friends call him Taco. His enemies call him Taco. But the industry tells him thanks. Gary Iocco from Apex Dental Group has been a promoter and supporter of our industry for a long time. As he starts his "semi-" retirement, Gary reflects back on the early days of getting into the industry, opening his own lab, and getting with other technicians to start a...


129: Family is the Gold Worth Refining: Leonard Hoffman from Aurident

### Order a "Voices From the Bench: The Face Mask" today! (https://www.bonfire.com/voices-from-the-bench-the-face-mask/) We welcome Leonard Hoffman to the podcast. Leonard took over his family's business, Aurident (https://www.aurident.com/) in 1983. Since then he has had to adapt the business to the digital needs of the industry. He talks about the early days with same day delivery, getting into zirconia and digital scanners, and making sure that customer service still remains number one on...


128: Growing the Lab Through Burs: Greg Everett & Nick Alonge with Sierra Dental Tool

Happy Labor Day 2020. I think most can agree that we deserve a day off. But let's talk about a little tool that has taken a lot of the manual labor out of dental labs over the years. As digital workflow grew and expanded, mills became a necessary piece of equipment. But inside these workhorses are the true "laborers'', the burs. These small, yet crucial pieces allow most labs to do what they do all day long. Greg Everett and Nick Alonge with Sierra Dental Tool...


127: Puck It, Let's Mill Gold with Scott Mappin from Strategy Milling

With news of LMT Lab Day Chicago being pushed back to May, this is a great time to stay connected with the industry though the podcast. Like us on Facebook and Instagram, share the episodes with your friends, co-workers, vendor reps, and doctors. Leave us a review and send us an email at info@voicesfromthebench.com. We want to hear from you! Every lab looks for a partner that they can align with that allows them to have a better workflow and a better restoration. Scott Mappin from Strategy...


126: When Everything is in a Roe: B.J. Kowalski from Roe Dental Lab

Roe Dental is known for being on the cutting edge of just about everything in our industry. If you ever got to hear B.J. Kowalski speak, you would know. Elvis and Barb had a chance to chat with B.J. a few weeks ago to find out what goes on in the mind of Roe's owner. B.J. talks about getting into the business, being a early adopter to the digital workflow, getting into guided surgery, using a system to control implant parts, bringing in a dentist to provide dental care to all his employees,...


125: Paul, Paul The Science Guy: Paul Cascone from Argen Explains Zirconia

Most dental technicians have a little nerd in them. You know, that desire to learn more about what we do. The most used material on the fixed side of our industry is Zirconia. Introduced in the mid-2000's, it has taken over as the "go to" restoration in dentistry. But what exactly is Zirconia? How does it get from the earth into a mill? Paul Cascone from Argen (https://www.argen.com/#/) comes on the podcast to explain all of this in terms that Elvis and Barb can understand. Everything from...


124: Teeth and Taxes: R&D Credit with John Beasley & Tracy Lustyan from alliantgroup

Three things in life are constant. Teeth, teeth, and taxes. Yay, taxes! Are you excited for taxes yet? You should be, because there is an amazing tax credit you or your lab could be getting right now. Tracy Lustyan from the alliantgroup (https://www.alliantgroup.com/) comes on the podcast with John Beasley from Classic Craft Dental Lab in Savannah Georgia to talk about how Tracy took John through the whole process of getting the R&D tax credit...


123: Learn. Educate. Unite. Digital Dental Craftsmen with Jeffry Tobon & Sander Polanco

There are many online groups for dental technicians. Very few of them have had a profound impact in such a short amount of time. Jeffry Tobon from DesignLab Dental (https://www.designlabdental.com/) and Sander Polanco from FMR Prosthetic Center (https://www.fmrlab.com/) saw a need for good quality education for all technicians no matter what software or systems they use. That is when they created Digital Dental Craftsmen (https://www.digitaldentalcraftsmen.com/), an online platform that...


122: Hanging Out A Shingle for Denturism: Vallan Charron & Melissa Brulotte

We welcome to the podcast two Denturists from Washington State. Vallan Charron and Melissa Brulotte, both rich in family history, talk about the early days of getting Denturism recognized, going through the school, running a practice during and after COVID, and how other states can start the processes of bringing Denturim to their state. National Denturist Association (https://nationaldenturist.com/) American Denturist School (https://americandenturistschool.com/) Bates Technical College:...


121: Failing Forward with Lou Azzara: CEO of Dental Services Group

Elvis and Barb are excited to bring you a conversation they had with Lou Azzara, the CEO of Dental Services Group (DSG) (https://www.dentalservices.net/). Lou started in the industry with Captek and now he oversees 40+ labs across the United States. He talks about how DSG handled COVID and their predictions for life after COVID. Lou explains his inspirations and why it is extremely important to him that each lab, each technician, and each patient gets treated with the care they deserve. It’s...


120: You're Only As Good As Your People: Jim Caruso from Ottawa Dental Lab

When a non-dental individual thinks of Ottawa, Illinois, they probably think of 4H and quilt shows. (Two things on the town's main page). But if they ever hear this episode they will know that a great dental lab started in this small town and has grown to be well respected in the area and in our industry. Jim Caruso's grandfather opened Ottawa Dental Lab back in the 30's and now the operation is 4 labs in 2 states. Jim talks about coming into the family business, the logistics of running...


119: An Alien To Believe In: Saro and Raffi Hatzakortzian from Alien Milling Technologies

Elvis and Barb talk to the guys that run Alien Milling Technologies (https://www.alienmilling.com/). These two brothers, after leaving their dad's lab, opened up a milling center in California that does design and milling all right here in the US. Saro and Raffi Hatzakortzian talk about how they got into the milling business, what's it it like running a milling center, what exciting things they are working on, and how Alien Milling can be a partner for any lab. BEGO™ Varseo XS 3D Printer and...


118: The Removable Kaizer of Connecticut: Jerry Kaizer CDT

Barb loves a good lab story about taking over a parents lab and then passing it on to their kids. Jerry Kaizer from Murray Kaizer (https://www.murraykaizer.com/) is just one of those tales. Jerry talks about starting in the lab, working with his brother and sister, becoming a leader in the removable business, bringing all his kids into the lab, and what we can do as the current generation of technicians to make sure the next generation understands the fundamentals. Also the last collection...


117: Getting On Board with NBC & The Foundation: Dennis Urban, Sean Siegel, Shawn Nowak

June is CDT and Dental Technician Appreciation Month. There is no better way to celebrate than talking to a couple of people who have volunteered their time to help promote, educate, and strengthen our industry. First up is Dennis Urban CDT from Dental Services Group (https://www.dentalservices.net/) who is also the Chairperson on the National Board of Certification (NBC) (http://nbccert.org/homepage.cfm). Dennis talks about getting his CDT, finding the motivation to get on the board to...


116: Marching to a Beat of a Different Drum: Peter Pizzi

There are names in our industry that almost everyone knows. One of those names is Peter Pizzi. Maybe you have seen him speak? Maybe you read his articles in the IDT magazine (https://www.aegisdentalnetwork.com/idt), that he is editor-in-chief of? Elvis and Barb had a fantastic casual conversation with Peter as he tells them about the early days of getting into dental technology, who was his influencers and where he picked up his skill. They also talk about how he puts his lectures together,...