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Allowing the Mind, Body and Spirit to Thrive

Allowing the Mind, Body and Spirit to Thrive
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Allowing the Mind, Body and Spirit to Thrive




Waking Up With Esateys | #99 | Using The Gift Of Fear To Get What You Want

Let's face it, we all have fear and we have varying degrees of it. There isn't a human on the planet that doesn't have fears, whether you're conscious of it or not. You need to realize that fear is a signal. It’s what tells you something’s not working. Fear is always about a thought or […]


Waking Up With Esateys | #98 | Managing Self-Expectations And Trusting The Process Of Life

We all have expectations. It's easy for us to have expectations of other people, but what happens when we have expectations of ourselves? Our self-expectations most probably came from someone else along the line. Many times, we have not lived up to our own expectations, so how do you go about managing expectations? You have […]


Waking Up With Esateys | #97 | Self-Confidence: Getting Past Hi and Hello

When meeting new people, are you one of those who can’t get past hi and hello? You may think it is because you’re shy and you lack self-confidence, but it really is because you're all about you. You're all about how you feel and what is going to happen to you. You don’t like what […]


Waking Up With Esateys | #96 | Entrepreneurism: Be Your Own Boss

Are you enjoying where you are in your life? Are you feeling down and struggling for a long time and yet still not doing what it takes to make the shift? We all get into little routines and follow structure, and we become dead boring. Come out of the old little boxes that you've been […]


Waking Up With Esateys | #95 | FB Live | Six Steps to Getting What You Want at the Highest Level

Most things in life are not always so easy. That's called growth. It's the game that we play. Sometimes, you’re not getting what you want because you don’t think you deserve it. Do a little introspection and, if need be, get some support. Do whatever it takes for you to be clear about what you've […]


Waking Up With Esateys | #94 | FB Live | How To Change The World In Less Than Five Minutes

We're all interconnected, many times people can feel what other people feel. You can walk into a party and you find yourself in the energy of whatever's happening and we respond to that energy. It makes you think what would the world be like if everyone felt good about themselves? It would not be the […]


Waking Up With Esateys | #93 | FB Live| The Deeper Meaning Of The Eclipse

Hi everyone, this is Esateys. Today I’m going to speak about that lunar eclipse that’s about to happen on August 21st, and it is going to be something that is quite phenomenal. I’m sure you all know that this event is something that hasn’t happened for 99 years, and the world is really prepared. […]


Waking Up With Esateys | #92 | Why I Would Never Do Network Marketing Again

Hi everyone, this is Esateys, and I’m going to speak about something that some of you probably know a little bit about. Some of you may know a lot about, and some of you may go, what is that? Well the name of this little talk today is “Why I said I would never, […]


Waking Up With Esateys | #91 | Secrets To Creating A Magical Day

Hi everybody, this is Esateys, and I am very excited to be here with you today. I’ve had several people ask me about how do I stay in my center? How do I stay in such a mood all the time? Of course, it depends on how you ask, but I actually think I […]


Waking Up With Esateys | #90 | What I Learned At The Biz Expo – It May Surprise You

Hi everyone, this is Esateys. I missed you last week. We were really out and about last week, and one of the things that we did is we went up to Seattle to a small business expo. This small business expo is put on by Bill Walsh and the Power Team International, which is […]


Waking Up With Esateys | #89 | Why You Don’t Get What You Think You Want Part 2

Hi everyone, this is Esateys. This is part two of Why You Don’t What You Think You Want. Now, hopefully you’ve watched part one already, which was done about a week ago. You can scroll up or scroll down, or however it is that you scroll, and you’ll see that. And that’s a good thing […]


Waking Up With Esateys | #88 | The Only Way To Know True Freedom

Hi everyone, this is Esateys. The only way to know true freedom, happy 4th of July! I am so excited to be here with you today. We have a gorgeous day in the world, well at least in my world. And I am very, very delighted that you’re taking a moment on this incredible […]


Waking Up With Esateys | #87 | Why You Don’t Get What You Think You Want Part 1

Hi everyone, this is Esateys. Today I’m going to speak about why you don’t get what you think you want. And this is part one because there’s going to be part two, and the part two is going to come after I do the 4th of July celebrations. So, it will be about a […]


Waking Up With Esateys | #86 | Why Is Money Important To You

Hi everyone, this is Esateys. I really appreciate you taking the time to be here with me today. I know that if your life is a tenth of like mine, you are really, really loaded with a lot of things that are going on. And for you to take the few moments that you […]


Waking Up With Esateys | #85 | How to Sell Steaks To A Vegetarian

Hi everyone, this is Esateys. Have you ever tried to sell a steak to a vegetarian? Well let me tell ya, I’m gonna speak about that today and how you can actually do that. Now, you may think that this has to do with sales. Well, it does have to do with sales, but […]


Waking Up With Esateys | #84 | Forget The Doctor Get A Pet

Hi everyone, this is Esateys. If you saw me flashing by a little while ago for about five minutes, it was not a figment of your imagination. We just had some technical difficulties, so we’re starting over. So, the first part of this, you may see again but I have some very exciting stuff […]


Waking Up With Esateys | #83 | Amazing New Health Monitoring Tech

Hi everyone, this is Esateys, day three! I’ve been trying to get this, so you could actually see this all the way through. But I’m still excited and what I’m excited about is this amazing health monitoring technology. Are you interested in bettering your health and taking care of yourself? And what about those that […]


Waking Up With Esateys | #82 | Why Think Bigger?

We have a winner for our shares! Nannette Cooper, yay! I’m very excited and appreciative of you sharing my videos so much, and I appreciate all of you who do that. So, Nannette, what I would like you to do is private message me your e-mail address and I will be happy to send you […]


Waking Up With Esateys | #81 | Memorial Day Paradox – I LOVE MY LIFE

Hey everyone, this is Esateys. I’ll tell you what, I’m doing something I haven’t done before so in addition to having my Memorial Day attire because I just wanted to be festive today, I’m outside because it is a gorgeous day. And I am loving what’s happening here. So, what I’m speaking about today is […]


Waking Up With Esateys | #80 | How To Have Fun And Be Productive

Hi everyone, this is Esateys. Today I’m going to talk about something that’s very exciting to me. And the name of this talk is: How Can I Become Wildly Productive While Having Fun? Well, I work with a lot of people as you know, and I’ve been having people really talk about how their time […]