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PTSD, Jesus and Me There is much stigma to mental health issues in America and in the world. It is, perhaps, the most overlooked healthcare issue in society today. However, when we choose to address it and surround ourselves with people who refuse to let us ignore it, there IS healing and there IS Hope. #PTSD #Anxiety #Depression #MentalHealthMatters

PTSD, Jesus and Me There is much stigma to mental health issues in America and in the world. It is, perhaps, the most overlooked healthcare issue in society today. However, when we choose to address it and surround ourselves with people who refuse to let us ignore it, there IS healing and there IS Hope. #PTSD #Anxiety #Depression #MentalHealthMatters


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PTSD, Jesus and Me There is much stigma to mental health issues in America and in the world. It is, perhaps, the most overlooked healthcare issue in society today. However, when we choose to address it and surround ourselves with people who refuse to let us ignore it, there IS healing and there IS Hope. #PTSD #Anxiety #Depression #MentalHealthMatters






PTSD Jesus and YOU: Moving Beyond The Wreckage (The Body Keeps The Score)

Special guest Lindsay Tozer bravely tells us about a moment that changed everything. She describes her life as a "line" in her life as "before and after" that day. Twenty years have elapsed and she wanted to tell her story as part of her own healing process as well as an intense desire to help others. Lindsay's story does not get tied up in a nice bow, her body has recorded the events of that day and yet she still has Hope. She still gets up in the morning, and has dedicated her life and...


PTSD, Jesus and YOU: Shattered Safety

Because we believe that HEALING PEOPLE HELP PEOPLE Season 2 debuts with the first guest of the season sharing her story of a night that changed everything. The second season of Wednesdays With Watson highlights the crooked roads of trauma that lead to hope and healing. That road is not always an easy and nobody's road is the same, so we are here to tell you stories that help you know a story of Hope can be yours too. So, we are here to continue to give Hope to PTSD patients and those that...


PTSD, Jesus and YOU Trailer: Hope For Crooked Roads Of PTSD

This is the trailer episode for Season 2 of Wednesdays With Watson, PTSD, Jesus and YOU! This episode contains clips and a recap of some of season one's most impactful episodes. Additionally, we jump forward to the mission of season two: featuring stories of other people's journey with PTSD, and their own roads to Hope and healing. They can be and often are crooked roads of healing, but chances are they are roads you recognize. You do not have to live in defeat, you can victoriously live...


PTSD, Jesus and Me: Pastoring Through A Pandemic--Remembering Joy

This final bonus hiatus episode brings Dr. Charles Reed to the podcast. This interview was recorded in September of 2020. Dr. Reed brings insight to pastoral struggles during a global pandemic and what it means to pivot as a church, pastor, father, and friend. As the world continues to navigate a "new normal", people of faith leaned on church leadership for their needs whether those needs are spiritual or physical needs. Pastors worldwide began speaking to empty rooms and red blinking...


PTSD, Jesus and Me: Healing That STILL Doesn't Make Sense

In this reboot of the pilot episode, listeners get the first peek at the story--the one where an author with a full time job decided to start a podcast. For such a time as this. After 18 episodes, revisiting the very first one, the one that started it all is surreal, and worth listening to again. We healed, we learned, we evolved, and most of all, we highlighted the Star of all of our stories. This is the Healing Zone. So, don't press play if you don't want to hang out in a place of Hope...


PTSD, Jesus and Me: Helping In The Trenches & Beyond (Season Finale)

The inaugural season finale of Wednesdays With Watson, features two special guests. Cheryl Rice and Christy Waulk join us to conclude the season and help highlight the message of the entire season. We know that there is Hope, and want to tell you about it. Cheryl Rice brings 37 years of ministerial experience as she has served alongside her husband Dr. William Rice, senior pastor, Calvary Church, Clearwater, Florida. She holds her BA in History and English from Samford University. Christy...


PTSD, Jesus and Me: Processing Fear

Unscheduled. Unscripted. Unedited. Undone. Jesus, the microphone, and me. This unscheduled, unscripted, and unedited solo episode was recorded on November 9, 2020. This real time fear processing may help some on the other side of the recording, as listeners ascertain for themselves what it looks like to gain victory over paralyzing fear. PTSD patients start this process way behind the starting line, the work is hard. It is exhausting. It is worth it. "I chose to take this road called...


PTSD, Jesus and Me: Facing Fear

Special guest Crissy Loughridge is back to help us navigate PTSD, Anxiety, Depression and fear. She also helps us understand her own journey with fear and navigating the waters of 2020. This is simply a conversation between two friends and it is our desire to help those, who like us, may be struggling with fear. Fear doesn't look the same for everyone and Crissy helps us understand how it looks for her.. Fear steals logic, especially from PTSD patients, and we share candidly how that has...


PTSD, Jesus and Me: Forgiving Trauma Makers, Special Guest Autumn Victoria, Pt 1

This episode features trauma survivor Autumn Victoria. Autumn is a survivor of domestic violence and childhood abuse. She walks us through parts of her story and shares how she has been able to forgive those who harmed her. She beautifully describes how the weight of withholding forgiveness literally affected her entire being. Listeners will appreciate her practical approach to forgiveness and even those who do not share her (my) faith can find hope in her message. The message and the need...


PTSD, Jesus and Me: Forgiving Yourself, Special Guest Autumn Victoria, Pt 2

As we continue the conversation with trauma survivor and special guest, Autumn Victoria, we learn more about her healing and how she had to learn to forgive herself as well as those who harmed her. Oftentimes, we are our own worst enemy and if we are not careful, guilt and shame can rule us. Autumn is candid in this episode and her story demands attention, it demands that we continue to realize our value to God and to people. The story demands that we evaluate our inability to forgive...


PTSD, Jesus and Me: Forgiving Trauma Makers

This solo episode is about forgiveness. This episode continues Amy's journey with PTSD and the important component of forgiveness. This often misunderstood (and necessary) step in healing is imperative to long term restoration. What does forgiveness mean? What doesn't it mean? How can we get freedom from all the pain of the trauma? This episode is raw and real and it addresses domestic violence and child abandonment. But it also tells the story of an important component to successful...


PTSD, Jesus and Me: Special Guest Dr. Thomas Petit, Trauma Certified Therapist, Part 2/2

This episode of Wednesdays With Watson, PTSD, Jesus and Me special guest Dr. Thomas Petit returns to help us understand PTSD and its treatments. Part 2 immediately picks up on a candid discussion about PTSD. This episode helps listeners understand treatments available and Dr. Petit also provides tools for immediate relief of symptoms of PTSD and anxiety. Dr. Petit walks the listener through exercises to calm fight or flight responses, to settle down anxiety attacks and to give you Hope in...


PTSD Jesus and Me: Special Guest Dr. Thomas Petit, Trauma Certified Therapist

This episode of Wednesdays With Watson, PTSD, Jesus and Me features special guest Dr. Thomas Petit. This episode brings expert explanations of trauma, why and how it affects us and how all of us have experienced trauma in 2020. Dr. Petit has worked with Amy for 12 years and has been instrumental in her healing as well as establishing effective CPTSD/PTSD coping mechanisms. This has been accomplished by traditional talk therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, EMDR, RRT and TIH. BEST OF ALL,...


PTSD Jesus and Me: Because I Matter Too (Eating Disorders)

In this introspective episode, Watson addresses PTSD and her own struggle with an Eating Disorder connected to a lifetime of trauma. After spending most of the podcast season encouraging listeners that they matter, this episode chronicles Watson's own journey to realize that she matters too. There is Hope and this episode journals real time PTSD healing and restoration of years that the locusts stole. We have a God who leaves the 99 to find the ONE, and you are the ONE! Scripture...


PTSD Jesus and Me: You Matter, Worth Dying For (Substance Abuse)

Opioid addiction is more than an epidemic. It is a default mechanism for coping with trauma and emotional pain. In this episode, Watson is candid about her own struggle with narcotic pain medication, and guest Crissy Loughridge joins the discussion bringing an important perspective from a family member. It should not surprise anyone that substance abuse and PTSD is a phenomenon that is well understood. Continuing the mission of dishing out Hope for those who's stories may look like hers,...


PTSD Jesus and Me: You Matter, Not Too Broken To Fix

The first "You Matter" podcast has one goal. To remind you, or perhaps maybe to teach you for the first time, that you, in fact MATTER! Continuing our conversation about PTSD, Watson begins to discuss unfavorable behaviors often seen in patients with PTSD. These behaviors are often rooted in an inability to understand our value as humans and that, that, is a human condition, not just a PTSD condition. Heads up, it's about to get real. This podcast isn't for everyone. It is raw, it is real,...


PTSD Jesus and Me: Memory Keeper, Part 3

In the final "Memory Keeper" segment special guest Crissy Loughridge returns for a candid conversation that took an unexpected turn; the captured audio tells the story, and Watson is more dedicated than ever to get the word out that there is Hope for PTSD! This is a candid conversation and begins to introduce some negative, and often relationship ruining behaviors often seen in patients with PTSD. Loughridge stresses the importance of loved ones and caretakers also seeking outside help. Join...


PTSD, Jesus and Me: Memory Keeper 2

In part 2 of this 3 part conversation, Crissy Loughridge continues to share from her perspective some of the events and traumas that she has witnessed. This episode is particularly powerful for those of you who love someone with PTSD as the conversation is candid and a light shone on the need for loved ones to take care of themselves and to get help themselves. Drop-in on part two of this precious conversation where friends are talking about darker days but the continued faithfulness of God.


PTSD, Jesus and Me: Memory Keeper

In this, our 5th episode, we welcome our first guest to Wednesdays With Watson. Oftentimes, patients with PTSD struggle with memories, often combining memories or forgetting them completely. In this episode, Crissy Loughridge, who has been mentioned in almost all the podcasts, and a close friend is our guest and lends her voice to some memories shared in previous podcasts. Also in this episode is a little of the science behind jumbled memories that may serve to encourage patients of PTSD and...


PTSD, Jesus and Me: Hospitals and Courtrooms

In this episode of PTSD, Jesus and Me, Amy continues her journey through Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Her story is often one of heartbreak and loss, yet filled with Hope provided through the church, community and trauma informed counseling. This particular episode contains portions of Amy’s domestic violence journey; but more importantly a fight for the survival of her faith in Jesus, the star of any story. Also in this episode are practical and personal explanations of a hallmark...