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Welcome to Well and Worthy Life, the podcast for women navigating the beautiful, complex journey of midlife. I’m Deanna Pizitz, your host and Menopause Health and Wellness Coach. On my podcast, I share the highs, lows, and everything in between that this transformative phase brings. In our cozy corner of the podcast world, we dive deep into the real stuff. Everything from perimenopause and menopause insights, rediscovering your purpose, to the everyday challenges of nurturing your well-being. No clichés here, just heartfelt conversations and expert wisdom tailored to you. By subscribing to "Well and Worthy Life," you're not just tuning in; you're stepping into a sanctuary of understanding, support, and endless possibilities. Here, we don’t talk about thriving through midlife; we live it, embrace it, and celebrate it together. Don't forget to join our growing community on Instagram too. Click that follow button, cozy up to listen in, and join our podcast community. We're here to celebrate your extraordinary midlife journey 💖


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Welcome to Well and Worthy Life, the podcast for women navigating the beautiful, complex journey of midlife. I’m Deanna Pizitz, your host and Menopause Health and Wellness Coach. On my podcast, I share the highs, lows, and everything in between that this transformative phase brings. In our cozy corner of the podcast world, we dive deep into the real stuff. Everything from perimenopause and menopause insights, rediscovering your purpose, to the everyday challenges of nurturing your well-being. No clichés here, just heartfelt conversations and expert wisdom tailored to you. By subscribing to "Well and Worthy Life," you're not just tuning in; you're stepping into a sanctuary of understanding, support, and endless possibilities. Here, we don’t talk about thriving through midlife; we live it, embrace it, and celebrate it together. Don't forget to join our growing community on Instagram too. Click that follow button, cozy up to listen in, and join our podcast community. We're here to celebrate your extraordinary midlife journey 💖




Recalibrate with a Digital Detox

Episode Overview Today we're getting real about the need for a digital detox as we gear up for the new year. We'll break down why taking a step back from our screens is crucial, share some practical tips for a successful detox, and discuss the impact it can have on our overall well-being. So, if you've been feeling overwhelmed by the constant digital noise and want a reset for the upcoming year, you're in the right place. Let's dive in and talk about why a digital detox might be exactly what you need. Questions Answered Action Items Be part of the digital detox and download the PDF for reflection questions to bring intention to this time. Check out the books referenced in the episode: Forever Strong: A New Science-Based Strategy for Aging Well and The 4:8 Principle: The Secret to a Joy-Filled Life Revive Now MembershipReset to Energize Key Moments in the Conversation [2:37] There's so many different reasons why we turn to food for comfort. [4:13] It's (digital detox) an opportunity to step back, recalibrate, and create space for real-life experiences. The benefits include improved focus, reduced stress, better sleep, and a chance to reconnect with your passions. [13:37] What can I do that is small, manageable, and consistent that will lead me to improve an area of my health? [14:51] We all have different goals and different things that we want but think, are these goals realistic and achievable in your current lifestyle or do you have to change things up? [22:43] Let's have some great ideas of how we're going to make 2024 great. We're going to set our goals using the MASS method. Remember, it's manageable, attainable, sustainable, that equals success.


Jingle All the Weigh: How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Episode Overview This week, I'm bringing you into a Revive Now members call on what we can do to avoid holiday weight gain. We're discussing why we gain weight during the holidays, identifying triggers, uncovering our motivation, and the power of planning ahead. It may be helpful to have your pen and paper and write down your goals as if you're on the live call. Let's dive in! Questions Answered Action Items Revive Now MembershipReset to Energize Key Moments in the Conversation 3:27] There are so many tempting foods and drinks everywhere and you don't want to feel deprived. Then there are the social pressures that throw us off our game. [6:52] A key component is to be mindful about stress eating and emotional eating. We have to pay attention to our hunger cues and follow them. [8:36] Prioritizing your protein is a must because your protein will keep you full longer and it will keep you satisfied. [14:50] How are we going to deal with our setbacks and stay motivated? Number one, we're not going to beat ourselves up if we overeat or over-drink. [16:12] This is the biggest thing right here, motivation comes from action. We have to take small steps each day to move closer to our goals.


The Freedom of No: Crafting a Life Aligned to Your Values

Episode Overview Welcome back to another solo episode of Well & Worthy Life podcast! Today we’re discovering the liberation found in the art of saying no. Over the years, I have learned the power and freedom of no so I could say yes to everything else that was important to me. In a world often characterized by constant demands and obligations, our ability to confidently say no becomes a key catalyst to a life harmonized with our deepest values. Join me as we explore practical insights, share stories, and provide actionable strategies to help you navigate the delicate balance between saying no and aligning with your authentic self. Questions Answered Action Items Revive Now MembershipReset to Energize Key Moments in the Conversation [1:16] Sometimes we have to say no to something so we can say yes to our mental health. [1:59] It was becoming too much pressure on me and I am trying to protect my lifestyle. [7:49] I want you to look at your calendar in the next couple of weeks and look at the things that maybe you could say no to. [9:59] I think our mental health starts with our mindset. And then that follows through to our physical health. [16:24] When we are done with our digital detox, we'll get back on another Zoom and talk about how it felt. What we were able to do. How it cleared our mind, and how it set us up for success in the new year.


5 Tips for Midlife Fashion

Episode Overview Are there rules to fashion as we age and what are they? In this episode, I'm answering those questions and offering 5 tips for midlife fashion. Questions Answered Action Items Like to Know It PageAmazon PageSubscribe to Deanna's weekly newsletterRevive Now MembershipReset to Energize Key Moments in the Conversation [1:53] To be honest, what I wear is not necessarily a part of my health journey, but I definitely am more confident when I'm more put together. [7:40] We tend to dress for others so much and we really need to dress for ourselves and how we feel the most confident because it will come across in the way we talk to people. It will come across in the way we carry ourselves. It will come across in our actions. [10:37] Make sure if you’ve gained or lost weight you have a few things that fit you that you feel very confident in. [26:42] I don't think there should be rules about clothes. I think it's whatever makes you feel your best at this stage of your life.


5 Things I Would Tell My Younger Self

Episode Overview Consider me your big sister (or maybe mom!) in this episode where I’m breaking down 5 things I would tell my younger self! I have learned so much from those who are further along on the journey than me and I want to impart wisdom I’ve gained over the years to any of you that are younger than me. For those of you around my age or older, what would you add to this list? Share your wisdom in the comments! Questions Answered Action Items Forever StrongJoin the Revive Now Membership - Enrollment is open anytime!Reset to Energize Key Moments in the Conversation [3:31] I always say this, if I had known then what I know now, I would have done things so differently. [8:50] Life goes on and you realize how resilient you are. You realize you keep going forward. [15:24] I'm really trying to change things up and not do things the way I did before. Now I’m really focused on lifting heavy things because that's the way that muscle increases and we have longevity. [18:03] We know that a lot of processed food is inflammatory food and inflammatory food causes us to not look and feel our best. [24:26] Listen to your body. You know what is best for you. Nobody else is living your life. Listen to yourself and know what's right for you.


Aging Powerfully: Why Aging is Good

Episode Overview Aging hasn’t always had the best connotation. In our youth-driven culture, we often seek to avoid aging. Today’s guest, Karen Viesta, is reframing the conversation on why aging is good and how to age POWERFULLY! Karen is a certified health and lifestyle coach who works with women in their forties and fifties who want to transform their bodies and their lives. She is the founder of Wellegant Women Coaching and host of the Well Egant Women Podcast. After going through her own midlife reinvention, Karen helps women in midlife to age powerfully, create extraordinary health and vitality, and make each new decade even better than the last. Questions Answered Action Items The Midlife Glow Up GuideWellegant Women PodcastwebsiteInstagramFacebookRevive Now MembershipReset to Reenergize Key Moments in the Conversation [3:51] There’s an expectation that we should figure out this midlife thing and just once and for all be done with it. [13:40] I wasn’t willing to resign myself to feeling terrible. There was a part of me that thought, “no, I’m not buying that. I’m going to figure this out.” (regarding words from doctors around perimenopause) [14:04] Your over-40 body is different from your under-40 body and you have to support it differently. [28:34] I think a lot of women in midlife find themselves in that place where they’re looking ahead to the second half of life and questioning what they want it to look like and more importantly who do they want to be.


Friendship, Faith and Fasting

Episode Overview My dear friend, Melanie, is back with me today and we are talking through topics that all of you wanted to hear more about - friendship, faith and fasting. Questions Answered Where are some of the best places to make friends once you become an empty nester? What is the point of fasting and why do Deanna and Melanie choose to do it? If someone still has their cycle, what do they need to know about intermittent fasting? Action Items Fast Like a Girl by Dr. Mindy Pelz 6 Intermittent Fasting Protocols for Fat Loss, Mood, Energy and Improving Your Overall Health How to Create Healthy and Sustainable Eating Habits Staying Balanced Through the Holidays LMNT Instagramwebsite Revive NowReset to Reenergize Key Moments in the Conversation [4:50] At this stage of our life, we can pick and choose who we spend our time with and we want to find people who are into the same kind of things we are. [19:48] I was a 911 Christian. I connected only when I needed him in desperate situations. Now it is a surrender, asking, “what do you want from me Lord today? How can I use this trial to glorify you?” [20:49] This is one of the first times in my life where I really am seeking God and trying to get to know Him when everything is good in my life. [28:25] In our rough patch as friends, we stayed with it because we knew our friendship was more important than anything. [31:47] Not all women should be fasting alike. There are so many different ways to fast.


Brain Longevity: How to Live a Brain Healthy Life

Episode Overview Brain health is something we can easily avoid thinking about until it's too late. Ed Parks from Neuroreserve, is back with me today sharing why midlife women, specifically, should not ignore brain health. He's offering tips that we can start implementing today that will support brain longevity. This is one you don't want to miss! Questions Answered Action Items NeuroreserveRelevateInstagramFacebook The Benefits of Intermittent Fasting for Brain Health Ed Park Founder of Neuroreserve Talks Brain Health and the Gut-Brain Connection Key Moments in the Conversation [8:44] Two-thirds of all Alzheimer's dementia cases are women. That should not necessarily be something that scares women, but it should be a motivator. If you pay attention to this you can set yourself up really well for great brain health, great memories, and great living. [11:51] For the brain in particular, it's dark, leafy green vegetables that are key. [23:27] The thing people should know from a brain and cognitive standpoint, is that obesity in midlife is a big risk factor for mild cognitive impairment, which is called MCI. And that's usually the leading point of Alzheimer's disease.


Lose Weight and Keep It Off (The French Weigh)

Episode Overview The struggle in many midlife women is how to lose weight and keep it off! Today, Karen Gombault is on sharing her unique perspective on the topic. As an American woman who has spent the last 30 years living in France, she shares her insight to "The French Weigh". She is a certified coach who helps women adopt lifestyle changes that foster healthy aging which in turn helps them lose weight and keep it off! You're going to love this one! Questions Answered Action Items free guideInstagram Key Moments in the Conversation [7:43] There's so much more to do in terms of prevention and healthy living and I felt my place was coaching women. [14:25] As we get older, we have to be in touch with the signals the universe is sending us. [16:21] I don't diet. I hate dieting. I've learned slowly to adapt my habits and tweak them over the years and to be very in tune with my body and see what's working and what's not. [30:25] Eating becomes pleasurable when there's variety and stimulation, but not false stimulation from a dopamine hit. That variety just helps keep it interesting. Navigate peri and post menopause with renewed energy, boosted confidence, and optimal wellness to feel & look your very BEST! Join the Revive Now Membership


Why Food Labels Are Important [and how to understand them!]

Episode Overview We’ve been misguided when it comes to reading food labels. In this episode, Jen Smiley is joining me sharing why food labels are important to understand for your overall health! Jen is an expert food coach and has created Wake Up and Read the Labels out of her own health journey. In this episode, we hope to bring a little awareness to everyone who's listening and help somebody else be able to eat the foods they love and finally feel good! Questions Answered Action Items Free Morning GuideJen on Instagram Key Moments in the Conversation [10:37] We have been taught that these things are healthy when in fact they're not. The most important message here is there's always a swap. [15:51] America is sick. Our food is toxic and people are now dying slow and living short instead of living long and dying short. [19:06] We've been taught the wrong way and it's only failing us and getting us deeper, sicker, and more inflamed. It’s time to take three steps back, reevaluate and do something different if we want to feel different. [31:29} A lot of people don't even realize how great they can feel until they start cleaning up what they're eating. My new Program, Revive Now, starts September 1st. Get on the waitlist and be part of the first group!


Where to Find Community in Midlife

Episode Overview If you're wondering where to find community in midlife with like-minded women pursuing a life of vitality, look no further! In today's solo episode, Deanna is sharing about her new program, Revive Now, to get you back to feeling your best self! She's also discussing a few other topics that have been on her mind recently. Like how to prepare for empty nesting, her thoughts on weight loss drugs, and what happens when you stop making excuses and step out of your comfort zone. Questions Answered Action Items Revive NowReset to ReenergizeEmail Deanna Key Moments in the Episode [9:42] For so many years I have made excuses and I have been missing out. [12:05] As things evolve I see a need for something more comprehensive, more affordable, and more actionable which is why I created the Revive Now Membership! [15:49] Community is where we make the change. [18:57] We pour into our children, we pour into our husbands, we pour into our careers, but who's pouring into us? If we don't pour into ourselves we can't keep going.


How to Process Being an Empty Nester

Episode Overview In this heartfelt episode, Deanna processes being an empty nester, the role of mothering adult children, and preparing herself as her youngest son makes a big move across the country to start a new beginning with his wife. Questions Answered Action Items "A Point of View From My Son - The Boomerang Kid" Update on my boomerang child and what I learned Discovering what is next when you become an empty nester Making the most of the empty nest stage Reinventing yourself Key Moments in the Conversation [4:45] The beautiful and hard truth is we raise our children to go off and live on their own and have their own lives. [9:11] The job of being a mom never ends and there are many feelings we have along the way. As they leave home it’s like this emptiness all at once. The good news is I know it passes. [9:55] One of the best things I have found is to get out in nature and go for a walk when the emotions get strong. [11:54] We're supposed to raise these kids to go off on their own and have a great life. And that's all I want for my sons. [19:26] It's never too late to explore anything you want to explore and try new things.


Setting Sustainable Health Goals with Deanna

Episode Overview Deanna is back and the next few episodes will be solo conversations. In this one, Deanna is sharing about her post-menopausal journey and how she’s caring for herself in this season. Today, she’s getting vulnerable and sharing her experience with the InBody Test. The discoveries from her InBody results are guiding her in setting sustainable health goals to see the results she is looking for. In 12 weeks Deanna will circle back to share about the follow up results! Questions Answered What goals Deanna is setting for herself over the next 12 weeks to work towards a leaner healthier version of herself? What is an InBody test and what is it measuring? Action Items get on the waitlist Key Moments in the Conversation [3:29] I’m focusing on building muscle because our muscle helps us to maintain that metabolism so we can eat food without gaining weight. [12:28] I don’t ever want to share this information with you and you start measuring yourself off of me. We just have to go by what our goals are and how we feel. [20:30] I really believe I have to be consistent, I don’t have to be perfect.


Healing a Diagnosis with Functional Medicine

Episode Overview Health is much more than the absence of disease, it's about optimal function and Dr. Jenn Simmons is on today to share all about her experience. She started her professional career as Philadelphia’s first Fellowship trained breast surgeon. After 17 years as Philly’s top breast surgeon, her own illness leads her to discover functional medicine. Enamored with the concept of creating health rather than killing disease, she left traditional medicine and founded Real Health MD with the mission to help women anywhere along the breast cancer journey to truly heal. Her story of healing a diagnosis through functional medicine is a powerful testimony of hope and empowerment to find the care to help us live our lives optimally. Questions Answered harderaren't Action Items Instagramwebsite Key Moments in the Conversation [3:47] Functional medicine was the bell I couldn't unring and once you realize that there's another way, you can't ever go back. [9:37] One of our biggest problems is that we have become so disconnected from our bodies, our health, nature, circadian rhythms, and the sun and the moon. We've lost our health in translation. [13:15} What I was doing as a surgeon was just delaying the inevitable; cutting out the tumor is not the solution. [27:46] It's the environment that has the greatest influence on a person's health. [28:56] In functional medicine, we know that there's a spectrum of health and what we're looking for is optimal.


Sustainable Weight Loss Using Functional Medicine



Consider Glucose Monitoring for Weight Management

Episode Overview If you're tired of fad diets, restrictive eating, and the overall frustration of trying to lose weight in your menopausal journey, it's time to consider glucose monitoring for weight management. As I always say, we are all different and we need to find unique ways to care for our individual bodies. Heather Davis, a dietician with Nutrisense is on with me today. She believes in a deeply customized approach to discovering what works for each person and encourages creative and sustainable changes that enable long-term success. Enjoy the episode! Questions Answered Action Items Glucose Goddess Nutrisense free weightloss ebook: Guide to Weight Loss PlateausNutrisense's personal dieticians3 favorite quick and easy recipes for balancing blood sugar levels. Key Moments in the Conversation [7:34] A lot of people struggle with all kinds of symptoms for a while like fatigue, afternoon lulls, brain fog, irritability, mood swings, etc. Sometimes we're made to feel like it's in our heads but it's a very biological thing and glucose is one big piece of the puzzle for a lot of people in that way. [11:16] I'm here to put minds at ease because fluctuation in glucose is totally healthy and normal. We are not striving for a flat line. [22:01] As estrogen levels start to decline through that transition, it can shift how we respond to insulin and glucose. It may mean that there are some dietary and lifestyle tweaks that you can do. [25:56] Instead we have to get out of this over-restrictive mentality and nourish our bodies with the nutrients it needs.


The Fashion Influencer to Follow Today

Episode Overview Whether you’re a fashionista or in serious need of style support, Susie is a fashion influencer to follow! She loves guiding and inspiring women while creating practical versatile stylish outfits. Putting all her knowledge and passion in one place and sharing it brings her so much joy. Her blog, So Susie, combines many years of expertise as a stylist with a desire to make recommendations that help women put together the perfect wardrobe. The work she puts in the world is informative, beautiful, and inspiring. Tune in to find out which of her classic pieces I’ve had my eye on for years! Questions Answered Action Items FashionphileInstagramwebsite Key Moments in the Conversation [4:30] The cool thing about this little journey is that everyone has a lane and we're all doing our own spin on something and there's room for everybody. [11:21] I think there comes this stage where our kids get a little bit older and we have to do something for ourselves. I’ve got 30 or 40 more years and I don't want to just lose my brain! [25:39] If you want to get good jeans online, stick with the best-selling brands and fits. They're best sellers for a reason, they fit nine out of ten women. [30:28] I think adding in a few trends and adapting them to your style is a way to make your wardrobe more interesting and it keeps us more current. Before I wrap this up, we’re launching the next round of Balance Movement Method starting May 31st! Get on the waitlist today.


Declutter Your Home, Declutter Your Life

Episode Overview I'm thrilled to introduce you to Corinne from Grid and Glam. Her mission is to teach you how an organized home will change your entire life by helping you make changes that last, so you spend less time playing catch up and more time living. How good does that sound? Are you ready to declutter your home so you can declutter your life? Enjoy the episode! Questions Answered Action Items Grid and GlamInstagrambootcamp, organizing the main bedroom Key Moments in the Conversation [11:04] I love the calm of a clutter-free space more than I like things. Every time I buy something, no matter how small or big, I ask myself, where in my house is it going to go? [11:59] In terms of what we hold onto, I say you should only keep the things that you use, that you need, and that you love. [20:54] On the other side of the structure comes all of the flexibility that you need to get to the other side. The structure will provide the breathing room and freedom that you want. Otherwise, you're constantly in chaos or fighting or tension. [24:11] There is a connection between living in a clutter-free space and the positive impact it has on our mental health. [33:54] The little incremental changes you make will have a huge impact on your life. Before I go... Learn more about the power of incremental shifts that can lead to lasting change through our balance programs.


The Time to Increase Bone Health is Now

Episode Overview Did you know we start losing bone at the age of 30? And after menopause, women lose 2% of their bone every year. Knowing that it's time we take our bone health seriously before a crisis occurs. One way I care for my bone health is through membership with Osteostrong. Ashley Laird and her husband Matt opened an Osteostrong in the Birmingham area just over a year ago and I'm so grateful they did! In today's episode, Ashley is sharing some of her personal stories of being a busy mom of 4, homeschooling, and helping her husband launch Osteostrong. Give this episode a listen and discover the incredible benefits that come from Osteostrong. Questions Answered Action Items Osteostrong location near youOsteostrong locationimportance of bone health for menopausal women Key Moments in the Conversation [17:40] I've seen firsthand what stress can do to the body and it's not good. [27:55] Everybody starts losing bone at the age of 30. At Osteostrong we are trying to educate people not to wait until they have a diagnosis. [28:06] After menopause, women start losing bone at a rate of up to 2% a year. [28:39] The premise of what we do is to strengthen the skeletal system. Bones adapt under the pressure that they’re put under. At Osteostrong, we put pressure on your bones in a very safe way that emulates impact and causes your body to naturally respond and grow bone. In the meantime, it also strengthens the tendons, ligaments, and joints which helps with knee and back pain.


The Power of Saying Yes to Your Heart

Episode Overview There is incredible power in saying yes to your heart, especially in the face of fear and Marcella's journey is the perfect example of that! She has become a dear friend to me in such a short amount of time and I'm delighted to introduce her to all of you. In this episode, Marcella is sharing her story of how she has reinvented herself after some major life changes and went on to write her first book! You'll hear the power of sitting in silence, listening to the voice of your heart and what can happen when you step out in the face of fear. May you be as inspired as I was by her story! Questions Answered Action Items Notes from the SoulInstagram Stay Young Doing What You Love Stop Over Fixing Life and Find Joy Key Moments from the Conversation [5:21] There are a lot of times in our lives that we feel the nudge to move towards something, whether it be space or silence and we don't often listen to it. [7:23] It was sort of this tug of the head and the heart and eventually the heart took over and I was on a journey. [11:11] I had an identity crisis asking myself, "Who am I?" I am still a mother, but that role has shifted as my kids are living independently and happily. I'm no longer a businesswoman, which I was most of my life. It was like a wake-up call where I started thinking, "What am I doing here with my life? [28:29] It's a constant journey and there are constant ups and downs, it's just part of being human.