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The Well & Worthy Life Podcast, hosted by certified Health Coach Deanna Pizitz, aims to inspire and encourage you to become the best version of yourself you can possibly be. Each week Deanna and a guest invite you to listen in as they discuss strategies to improve physical health, mental health, spiritual health, and everything in between. Let's find the way to your best life together.

The Well & Worthy Life Podcast, hosted by certified Health Coach Deanna Pizitz, aims to inspire and encourage you to become the best version of yourself you can possibly be. Each week Deanna and a guest invite you to listen in as they discuss strategies to improve physical health, mental health, spiritual health, and everything in between. Let's find the way to your best life together.


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The Well & Worthy Life Podcast, hosted by certified Health Coach Deanna Pizitz, aims to inspire and encourage you to become the best version of yourself you can possibly be. Each week Deanna and a guest invite you to listen in as they discuss strategies to improve physical health, mental health, spiritual health, and everything in between. Let's find the way to your best life together.




Finding a New Path in 2021

On this episode we’re welcoming Juanina Kocher. She is a yoga teacher, holistic health coach, and creator of Flex and Flow Wellness, launching on January 27th. Flex and Flow is a wellness website that offers subscription-based yoga, breath work, and meditation, as well as health coaching services and recipes. Join us as we discuss finding a new path in 2021. Juanina’s recipes are short and sweet, and so are most of the subscription services she offers. Her focus is on accessibility and...


Moving Forward and Getting Unstuck

Lindsay Peirce is back for a second time on the Well and Worthy Life podcast talking about moving forward and getting unstuck. She chats with Deanna about grieving and divorce. Among the many other things that she does, Lindsay founded Enough Wellness where she coaches women to help them become more present, grounded, and whole. Lindsay can relate to her clients in many ways, including feeling stuck. The most interesting thing about being stuck is how comfortable it can be - for many,...


Living Your Best Life Every Day

Suzanne Smith, the blogger behind Crazy Blonde Life, is speaking with Deanna in this episode about living your best life every day. Crazy Blonde Life is an inspirational blog that covers a variety of topics including fashion, food, fitness, and more. The goal of her blog is simply to inspire women to live their best lives every day. After her youngest daughter left for college, Suzanne wanted to learn something new in her spare time. She decided to start her blog and also enrolled in yoga...


Creating the Life You Desire Without Excuses or Regret

In this episode, we’re joined by Tammy Stokes, the Founder & CEO of Cafe West Express and West Coast Workout. West Coast Workout is a lifestyle fitness studio, while Cafe West Express is a cafe that caters to those looking for healthy, nutritious food. Tammy emphasizes creating the life your desire without excuses or regret. During the podcast, Tammy shares about her personal health journey. Watching the differences in her parents as they’ve aged has played an important role throughout it....


Real Talk with So Heather - Heather Anderson

This week I have some real talk with So Heather - Heather Anderson. Heather is a fashion blogger, influencer, and YouTuber. In this episode, we discuss divorce, marriage, and remarriage, blending families, becoming an influencer, staying healthy, and aging gracefully. Heather got into blogging almost ten years ago. Before passing, her father encouraged her to become a Personal Stylist or Wardrobe Consultant. This inspired Heather to start her own business, and the blog followed. She...


Meal Planning and Traveling with Francie Kaufman - Fairway Finds

In today’s episode, we talk about meal planning and travel with Francie Kaufman - Fairway Finds. Francie is 27 years old and has loved cooking since a very early age. With the changes brought on by the pandemic this year, she has found herself in the kitchen more than ever. She is here to share tips on her go-to meals, using up the ingredients in your fridge and planning ahead. Francie’s husband is a professional golfer, so previously, traveling often was a large part of their lifestyle....


Jeff's Story - How He Saved His Life

In this episode, we are joined by Deanna’s husband, Jeff, who is sharing a life-changing recent experience with us. About 6 months prior to this episode, Jeff was playing tennis. Suddenly, he felt dizzy. The dizziness faded and he decided to head home. This is Jeff's story of how he saved his life. Halfway home the dizziness returned, followed by some chest pressure. The chest pressure was not severe, but he wanted to check it out before going home. He decided to stop at the nearest fire...


Get Your Health Back On Track

Christmas is right around the corner, and so are New Year’s resolutions. Deanna hears a lot of people say that they’re not going to worry about getting back on track right now. They say that they will wait until after the holidays because they know they’ll indulge. However, Deanna says that the holidays are when we need to feel our best. Don’t wait until the new year to get your health back on track. A while back, Deanna put together her 3 Pillars of Good Health. She is going over those in...


Let's Focus on the Positive this Thanksgiving

In today’s episode, Deanna is sharing some advice on how to focus on the positive this Thanksgiving. We all really do have so much to be thankful for, and realizing this thankfulness drastically improves our overall mindset. If we have our mindset right, we can then tackle so many things we want to do in life. Deanna speaks to the importance of having a morning routine, and how this too can put our minds in the right place. We hear about some things that will be different for Deanna’s...


Why the All-Or-Nothing Approach to Diets Doesn’t Work

Deanna has Meredith, AKA The Peachie Spoon, as her guest in today’s podcast. Meredith is a holistic life coach and certified personal trainer. Her aim is to help others have a healthy relationship with food. Today’s discussion is about learning to approach food and your body in a healthy, positive way, and why the all-or-nothing approach to diets doesn’t work. Everyone is looking for a quick fix to lose weight, but those quick fixes don’t work. Meredith tells us about creating a solid...


Finding Balance In Your Life - With Sandy Kruse

In today’s episode, Deanna is joined by Sandy Kruse. Sandy is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist that aims to help you in finding balance in your life to feel your best. Today’s discussion is about what a holistic nutritionist does and the importance of balance in every aspect of your day-to-day life. After both her young daughter and herself went through serious health issues within a year of each other, Sandy came to a realization. The realization that you can control some things, like...


Letting Yourself Feel Vulnerable with Sandra Daniele

Deanna is welcoming Sandra Daniele in this episode. Sandra is a confidence coach, helping women feel their best through her Wish on Wildflowers program. Today’s discussion is about letting yourself feel vulnerable, letting go of what doesn’t serve you, and learning to be authentic to you. After trying coaching at a crossroads in her life, Sandra realized that it was an experience she wanted to share with other women. It is difficult to be vulnerable, but that vulnerability is what can help...


Can You Drink In Moderation?

In today’s episode, Deanna is joined by Jenn, AKA Sober Sis. This is Jenn’s third visit to the podcast and we are so happy to have her back. Today’s discussion is about alcohol moderation and if it is possible, conquering the psychological addiction to alcohol, and the importance of making intentional decisions. One drink can often lead to more. Jenn tells us how moderation can fail because, if a little is good, surely more must be better? It is about making conscious, present choices. If...


What is Health? Talking With Jenny Mire creator of the Thinkfit Method

In today’s episode, Deanna is joined by Jenny Mire. Jenny is a former social worker turned positive fitness coach whose mindset-focused approach to fitness is inspiring people to love themselves fit. Today’s conversation is about the importance of having spiritual health alongside body health, making conscious eating decisions, and how to repair and replace negative behaviors. Growing up, Jenny was never the healthy kid. But, after the birth of her third daughter, she discovered a love of...


Why We Should All Advocate For Our Own Health - Kimberly's Story

Deanna is joined by her friend of 10 years, Kimberly Morgan, who was once a Pure Barre owner. Kimberly is a mom of two boys, ages 2 and 4, and she lives in Memphis, Tennessee. Having owned 3 Pure Barre locations for 8 years, Kimberly took a step back when her children were born. Reflecting on being a business owner, she says being a stay-at-home mom is definitely more of a challenge. Kimberly works from home as a blogger and influencer, and she felt compelled to share products she loves to...


Real Talk about Life And Encouraging Women with Lindsay Peirce

Join Deanna in this episode of Well & Worthy Life as she welcomes Lindsay Peirce, owner and partner of Pure Barre in Birmingham, Alabama. Today’s episode will cover life, women, and what’s in store for Lindsay’s future. Deanna goes over her first impressions of Pure Barre and her thoughts on the exercise program. Lindsay was 24 years old when she first opened Pure Barre. She goes over how she got involved in opening a gym at such a young age and her intention on how to make women feel...


Shifting Your Mindset - You Get To Choose Your Mindset

In today’s episode, Deanna shares a Facebook Live conversation she recently had with her two friends. Amy Ramsey, fellow health coach, and Petra Kolber, speaker and educator on positive psychology, are here to discuss shifting your mindset during these crazy times. Listen to this episode with an open heart and an open mind. In case you’re interested in watching the Facebook Live video, you can find it right here. Retail therapy? Eating all day? These are some of Amy’s go-to fixes when she...


How To Pivot In A Pandemic - Whitney Abraham - A Business Coach

Deanna is joined again today by Whitney Abraham, fellow FASTer Way to Fat Loss coach. The conversation in this episode is about coping with the pandemic, understanding and accepting the lack of control, and reinvention. Many people have lost their jobs due to COVID-19. Whitney suggests taking this time to find out what lights your fire and refocusing on it. You need to diversify your income stream, so take this opportunity to plan the next move that is right for you. Now is the time to look...


The Health Benefits of Going Alcohol Free

Deanna is joined in this episode by her friend Jen, also known as Sober Sis on social media. Jen has previously joined Deanna on Well & Worthy Life and they talked about going alcohol-free. This time around, Deanna and Jen discuss Deanna’s experience going through one of Jen’s programs, the 21-Day Reset. We hear about the health benefits that this program can have on your mind, body, and life. When you have your first experience of drinking alcohol, not too many people love the taste and...


Knowing Your Worth

Carol Bevil, a close friend of Deanna’s, joins today’s episode to discuss knowing where your worth comes from and how to embrace your womanhood through religion, wellness, and self-reliance. Carol is a personal trainer as well as a nutrition and cycling coach who has been in the wellness field for over thirty years. She is also a wife and mother of four. Deanna talks to Carol about her newly released twenty-one-day devotional “I Am His,” aimed to help women find their sources of strength,...