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A group of swell gals in LA chronicle their experiences when one of them gets diagnosed with breast cancer.

A group of swell gals in LA chronicle their experiences when one of them gets diagnosed with breast cancer.
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A group of swell gals in LA chronicle their experiences when one of them gets diagnosed with breast cancer.




Sick Dick with Ryan Gillis & Katie Thoma

It's always a fun time with swell folks & ole Florida pals, Disney TV director Ryan Gillis & Sculptor Katie Thoma (from episode 2)! They join the gals on the eve of Danielle's PET scan to discuss what it was like finding out about Danielle's cancer, their own personal family history with cancer, & also have a great time reminiscing about ole Florida. Tana explains what a PET scan is while Danielle opens up about the challenges of being public with her breast cancer. Also in today's ep...


Failing Up! w/ Eden Dranger

She's a writer, comedian, podcaster, chef, consumer of foods, breather of air, & more! She is the V swell and hilarious Eden Dranger, & this week she joins the gals to discuss her experience losing both her parents to cancer as an only child. She also thoroughly walks everyone through her process of getting a preventive double mastectomy, plus gives tons of other great advice from insurance brokers to genetic testing to tv & film pitches! Also in todays episode masturbation and who's YOUR...


Gastric Adenocarcinoma's a lot of Words w/ Steven Kopacz & Spencer Henson

"Gastic Adenocarcinoma?! That's a lot of words!" - Danielle Hernandez. This week the gal's are joined by power couple Steven Kopacz (wedding videographer extraordinaire & former drummer for Go Radio) and Spencer Henson (stylist extraordinaire & swell as hell guardian angel gal) to walk us through their incredible experience discovering, treating, and beating (spoiler alert) Steve's stage 3 stomach cancer, and all over the course of about 1 year, AND packed with twists, turns, and...


#HEALTHSPAN with Dr. Nathan Riley

He's back and he's graduating from vagina school (aka his medical residency)! This week the gals are reunited with OBGYN extraordinaire / swell guy Dr. Nathan Riley from episode 31, "Mama Needs Her Sauce". The gals and Dr. Riley continue their conversation going futher in depth about palliative care, the ketogenic diet, and issues in Western medical culture. Dr. Riley also provides his 10 lifestyle principals to remind us of the simple and instinctual ways we can increase our HEALTHSPAN,...


Tana's Got a Boob on Her Neck

Danielle opens up about the breast pain she's recently been experiencing & her fear of relapse. She also goes more in depth about her hot flashes & the side effects of Tamoxifen. Heather tells the tale of her latest gyno adventure, & Tana tells the tale of a cyst on her neck (sorry Tana). Also in today's ep, the gals get ready for a trip to NYC for swell gal Hailey Keen's wedding, Danielle & Tana DISH about their adventures in dating, & everyone touches their boobs!


Beyond the Pink Ribbon w/ Emily Garnett

Blogger ("Beyond the Pink Ribbon"), mother, and fellow metavivor, Emily Garnett, joins the gals to discuss her experience also being diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer last year. Like Danielle, Emily is in her early 30's, hormone receptor positive, and HER2 negative. Despite the similarities in their diagnoses, Emily and Danielle compare their differing treatment routes. Emily also opens up about metastatic motherhood, the loss of her fertility, and adjusting to her new...


Nipple Tuhttoos w/ Erin Raeman

This week the gals are joined by Erin Raeman, an incredible human being and tattoo artist who gives free areola tattoos to breast cancer patients every month! Erin shares how she came to be a tattoo artist, and the obstacles she's faced along the way. She also opens up about the loved one she lost to ovarian cancer, how it affected her family dynamic, & the disturbing dreams it's given her. All this plus a tale about "my perfect murder"?! Check it out, and follow Erin on Instagram...


June Babies/Doughboys Recap

The gals show you what it's like when you and your best friends are born in the same month and it's friggin wild! Also, upon reflection of their previous episode with the Doughboys, the gals unpack their disappointment towards a "close friend" who hasn't reached out to support Danielle. Can you say DRAMA?! This isn't the CW this is real life, so you can bet these gals are going to have pretty reasonable, & honest things to say that you don't want to miss! Happy Birthday June Babies!


Doughboys! with Mike Mitchell & Nick Wiger

This week the gals are joined by the hosts of the awesome Doughboys Podcast, Mike Mitchell (Love, Birthday Boys) & Nick Wiger (Comedy Bang Bang, The Sopranos: Road to Respect)! They dish about how they got involved in comedy in LA, the origin of Doughboys, & unpack their concerns over eating a lot of fast food for their podcast. Mitch also opens up about his dad's battle with pancreatic cancer and the challenges of losing a father, while Danielle recalls the details of going through chemo...


Cute Little LA Boy with Luke Kelly-Clyne

He's an executive producer at Big Breakfast, he's the host of the podcast "I'm Still Right", & he's an all around swell guy! This week, Luke Kelly-Clyne joins the gals to open up about losing his cousin to cystic fibrosis, and how he copes or doesn't cope. They discuss how parents deliver bad news to kids, the impact of losing a child, and so much more. Luke also shares his journey of moving to LA! Also, in today's ep are V hot topics like, Von Dutch hats, N*Sync, & corn rows so you know...


3 Friends, 2 Boobs, 1 Survivor with Lauri Levine

Today the gals are joined by SURVIVOR, Lauri Levine, who takes them through the saga of her recurrent breast cancer. We talk estrogen festivals, mastectomies and mourning the loss of your breast(s), and SO MUCH MORE. If you'd like insight into the unique gamble of treatment options then this episode is for you, as Lauri reminds us, "You have to be confident that the choice you're making is the very best one with the information you have". There's also great advice for loved ones of cancer...


Mama Needs Her Sauce with Dr. Nathan Riley

Danielle recaps her latest gyno tale from Ep. 31 because the gals are joined by V special guest, THE Dr. Nathan Riley! Dr. Riley shares how he came to be an OBGYN, his next steps with palliative care, and drops some serious knowledge. They discuss the pressure on doctors to be perfect, the potential societal distrust in medicine, the ketogenic diet, and so much more! Danielle recalls her experience with her first oncologist, Heather bonds with Dr. Riley over the loss of their fathers, and...


Mmmhops with Rachel Chapman

Writer/actor/comedian/cat mom AND fellow amazing Florida gal, Rachel Chapman, joins WTS this week to open up about her dad's battle with colon cancer, and the power of Disney's annual pass. The gals all bond over who their favorite Hanson brother is, the importance of crying (it's science!), and share some of their own dad stories. There's a lot of real talk in this one especially when it comes to Disneyland snacks and space shuttle romances, so you know you don't want to miss out! For...



The gals get their learn on and go in depth about THE BRCA GENE, aka the "reason" Danielle has cancer. Danielle goes over the process of getting genetic testing, as well as the process of going to the gyno UNKEMPT. The gals also tackle the tough topic of fertility. Tana asks too many questions, and Heather realizes shes Phoebe from "Friends"!


Compassion Gals with Benita Robledo

This week the gals are joined by the multi talented director slash actor slash compassion fashion influencer, Benita Robledo! Benita shares an incredible amount of insight from the transition to directing from acting to her blog, Compassion Fashion, and schools the gals on sustainability and how to be a more conscious consumer! Benita also opens up about her earliest memory facing cancer, her personal struggle with OCD, and her general distaste for neck tattoos. Tana opens up about her own...


Fat Kid Sauce with Vanessa Borroto

Danielle's BFF4Lz, Vanessa, calls in from Miami to chat with the gals about how she felt finding out about Danielle's breast cancer, and to reminisce about the pre-social media days where you had to steal your parents camcorder to make "content". Vanessa also schools the gals on the inner workings of Zumba, the importance of finding a job you like, and most importantly, the woes of damaged floors. Also are there aliens in Palm Springs?!


Dirty Chicken Mcnugget Toes with Raiza Licea

Actress Raiza Licea joins the gals and reminisces with Danielle about their time growing up together in Miami! She also opens up about her own personal hardships, and how she copes. The gals discuss how cancer among "young" people doesn't feel uncommon, as well as the current options for testing. Also in this ep mean nuns, Cuban Vegetarianism, and Mr. Kluth! Be sure to catch our ride or die, Raiza, playing basketball with the #LucilleBallers AND hosting her monthly UCB show, Spanish Aquí...


Boobs: An Origin Story

The gals share their experiences hitting puberty and developing their BOOBS. They also get ready to shred the gnar because their Big Trip to Big Bear (in honor of Danielle's year since being diagnosed) is coming up! Danielle also talks about how accommodating her job still is, and her fluctuating energy levels, while anticipating an upcoming PET Scan. Heather reveals her stint in the pageant world, and apparently Tana knows how to cheer everyone up!


Woman Scouts with @badcomixbyanna

The gals are joined by writer, actor, comedian, Anna Salinas, who is also the talent behind @badcomixbyanna (look her up on IG!). Anna is a great friend of the gals who is also Heather's comedy partner (they go by John Baxter Comedy and host a show at The Clubhouse in LA called the Pickle Hour AND are the current champions of UCB's Sketch Showdown - shameless plug forgive me!). Anna comes on to share her own personal experience of when her dad was diagnosed with cancer. Danielle talks...


Nate Get the Bottle!

Swell Mama Toni joins the gals this week to talk pregnancy, birthin' babies, & of course BEWBZ! Danielle opens up about wanting children, and her fears surrounding her genetics and fertility. Toni shares her own experiences of loss. Tana discovers new found appreciation for her mom. And Heather tells the tale of how she landed her first Bob! This episode is jam packed with bravery, vulnerability, and rumors about Elvis Presley - you won’t be disappointed!