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Nervous for Back To School? Ways to Ease Anxiety in Your Child & Teen!

As your kids head back to school, regardless of the age, nerves and anxiety can run high. On this weeks show, join Lucia as she speaks to, Licensed Independent Clinical Social Work, Kelly McAdams, on SIMPLE & REAL LIFE ways to help ease some of your child's anxiety, find out what types they could be experiencing and ways you can help. With an estimated 1 in 5 teens, experiencing anxiety and 1 in 8 children* in their lifetime, today's show is a must listen show as school approaches! Listen...


NO CURE: One Woman's Journey Through & Towards Finding The Secret to Life!

According to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, Metastatic breast cancer, also known as stage IV cancer, is not a specific type of breast cancer, but rather the most advanced stage of breast cancer that has spread to other organs in the patients body. It is also known as the least understood type of cancer and has no cure. On today's show we speak to Krista Lawrence, a mom, friend, fierce advocate and person living with stage IV Metastatic breast cancer. Krista will share with us more about...


The Massage Technique You Don't Know & NEED To: For Chronic Pain & Emotional Distress

We all know that massage can help reduce physical stress, but did you also know that it can help with emotional pain as well? And ONE technique specifically is changing and healing chronic pain and emotional wounds in patients worldwide. Myofascial release is a massage technique that claims to not only help with chronic physical pain, but targets emotional pain and trauma that may be causing physical distress. What is this technique? Who can benefit from it? And how can you give it to...


The Healing Powers of Nature & Adventure

Stacy Bare is an Army Veteran that after experiencing the wreckage of war, returning home and not feeling like himself, decided to do something about it. In an effort to recreate a more positive experience with the war torn countries he fought in, and knowing about the healing nature of the outdoors, Stacy decided to head back to war torn countries to experience them in a new light and help others do the same. What started as a personal journey has turned into a project called, Adventure...


Re-Kindle & Re-Spark Romance With This SIMPLE Advice

Are you in a marriage or long term relationship that needs some SIMPLE and REAL LIFE ways to rekindle your romance? According to a recent Reader's Digest article that you can find here, 15-20% of married couples are in sexless marriages. There are many reasons we can be in sexless marriages, stress, lack of time or lack of emotional connection and intimacy are some of the leading reasons. In this episode, Family Life Coach & Founder of the website Blended & Black, Naja Hall, joins us to...


Stress-Free Summer For Parents

Summer isn't as always as stress-free as we all hope for, especially for parents. No matter your situation, (married, single, working, not working,) summer with kids can sometimes be even more stressful than the school year. On today's show Lucia talks to Licensed Clinical Social Worker and parent, Jillian Dominick about simple and accessible ways to have a summer that is less stressful and filled with more fun, health and happiness. Join us NOW on WellSeekers!


Yoga's Not For Everybody

Yoga has so many benefits, but also some serious mental and physical side effects. On today's show, Lucia is joined by guest Jen Thompson who was a licensed yoga practitioner for 11 years and is a licensed sports trainer to talk about how Yoga is not for everybody, who it's for and what the true meaning of Yoga is all about. Join us now on WellSeekers.


Night Eating: What it is & How to Stop Overeating at Night

Licensed Clinical Therapist Kristin Young, (LICSW) joins Lucia to talk about night eating! This common habit overeating and bingeing at night is something that can cause intense emotional distress and weight gain. So what is night eating disorder and what are some real life ways we can combat it? Join Lucia now and find out!


3 SIMPLE Ways to Work Meditation Into Your Day

Meditation Guru Swami Varadan joins Lucia to talk about why scientifically meditation works and gives us ALL three simple and real life ways you can add meditating to your life, no matter how short on time you are. Get calmer, reduce stress and add more peace to your head, heart and home with these simple and accessible tools Swami bring us.


Depression in Men: Ways to Help Your Loved One & Yourself

Licensed mental health counselor, Paul White, joins Lucia and gives us some of the signs and symptoms of depression in men, how they look different in men vs. women and what we can do if we have a loved one with depression to take care of them and ourselves.