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Creating a safe and supportive space for moms to listen in to encouraging conversations about ditching mom guilt in order to live whole, healthy lives. Here, we chat about topics including, prenatal & postnatal exercise, healthy eating habits, intuitive eating, self-care, body positivity, and of course, mom life. Join the community and lets thrive, friend!

Creating a safe and supportive space for moms to listen in to encouraging conversations about ditching mom guilt in order to live whole, healthy lives. Here, we chat about topics including, prenatal & postnatal exercise, healthy eating habits, intuitive eating, self-care, body positivity, and of course, mom life. Join the community and lets thrive, friend!


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Creating a safe and supportive space for moms to listen in to encouraging conversations about ditching mom guilt in order to live whole, healthy lives. Here, we chat about topics including, prenatal & postnatal exercise, healthy eating habits, intuitive eating, self-care, body positivity, and of course, mom life. Join the community and lets thrive, friend!






Finding Pleasure & Passion After Birth Trauma W/ Lindsay Umlah

Birthing babies. It leaves you open and vulnerable no matter how you do it. And you can have the most beautiful, planned out birth, yet STILL have emotional trauma because your whole world suddenly changes. In this episode of the Moms Pursuing More Podcast, we have a conversation with Lindsay Umlah, co-host of the Momgasm Podcast. We talk about her journey healing from a very unexpected trauma, after childbirth, and how her pleasure and passion did come back...but only after she gave...


Create A Positive Impact On Your Kid's Life By Pursuing Your Passion

Taking time to pursue your passion, as a single mom? I used to feel guilty about it every day! But, who am I without my passion? Who am I without what brings the creative side of my heart out to play? Who am I without taking action on the ideas that light me up? ...a woman who gave up herself to be what society says is a "responsible mom". The truth is that the permission we give ourselves is the permission we reflect on our kids. And I want my son to feel confidence in himself to pursue...


SCREW THE #NAPTIMEHUSTLE To Find Real Balance W/ Heather Hartman

We've all seen it! Those entrepreneur moms posting all about their #naptimehustle and all you can think is..."HOW?! My kid only sleeps for 30 minutes!" The thing about the "balance" between mom-life and entrepreneurship that we see on the internet is that most of the time, they're forgetting the most important part...THE INNER BALANCE. Today, we are chatting with Heather Hartman about what balance actually looks like for her as a mom with an 8-month old baby, running a successful...


Eliminate Stress Through BREATHWORK

This breathwork method has come into my life, changed it completely, and I can't wait to tell you about it! Today, we chat about what the heck breathwork is, what it does, and how it can help you eliminate the stress that you're feeling, so you can feel clear and balanced in your mom-life and pursuing your passion. P.S. Stick to the end to actually try it with me during this episode!!! Resources Mentioned: Samantha Skelly's PAUSE Breathwork Certification @pausebreathwork Schedule...


Intentions, Alignment, & Trust

In this episode, of the Moms Pursuing More Podcast, we are talking about how focusing on your alignment can deepen your trust in God & in yourself, AND give you a smoother, easier balance between mom-life and pursuing your passion. We dig into what alignment is, in my view as a Christina mom, how to get into alignment with God's purpose, and how to stay in alignment. We also celebrate the name change of this podcast and set intentions for it, moving forward. I'm so excited for you to...


BREAST MASSAGE To Open Your Heart & Lead Authentically W/ Missy A. Garcia

I'm so excited to bring this lovely guest to you, today! We are talking with Missy A. Garcia about how breast massage can open your heart, so you can lead your passion and your family from an authentic and vulnerable space. This is such an important topic, and if you've ever felt like you were struggling to show up for your passion or your family in the way that you wanted too, were struggling to connect with your partner or your kids, or have felt like you've lost yourself in...


Pursuing Your Passion Despite Divorce, Raising 2 Kids, & Pregnancy W/ Rachel Felt

How do you keep pursuing your passion, when your mom-life feels like it's falling apart? How do you still invest time, energy, and money into you and your dreams when you're trying to keep life stable for your kids? On this episode, we talk with Rachel Felt from Mom Strong Fitness in VacaVille CA, about how she built her gym from the ground up, while doing the same thing with her life. She tells how she used divorce, money problems, and her pregnancy to build fire within herself, and...


You're Not Crazy To DREAM BIG, Mama!

So much of the time, as moms, we don’t allow ourselves to dream. How full out do you, actually, want to pursue your passion? What life do you, actually, want to create? We simply don’t allow ourselves to go there! In this episode of the Whole Healthy Mom Podcast, we do go there! This is your permission to dream big, Mama! Resources Mentioned: 1:1 Mentorship. Work with me 1:1 to learn how to pursue your passion on brave levels, without overwhelm or mom-shame. Chat with me, here!


The Power Of Making MONEY Off Of Your Passion With Kat Mclead

We’ve all felt it. “Am I enough to make money off of my passion?” “Should I really be charging for what I do?” This episode clears it up for you! In this episode of the Whole Healthy Mom Podcast, we sit down with Kat Mclead to chat all things monetizing your passion and how powerful it can be for you, as a mom. We talk logistics and mindset shifts- what you need to know in order to take brave action in pursuing your passion, while being a mom. Kat Mclead is the creator of the Stay at...


How To Use Your Emotions As Empowerment

False empowerment is energy-sucking to the mom trying to hold it all together. Can you relate to this? Today, we dig into what true empowerment actually looks like and how to use your emotions to access it inside of yourself. Disclaimer: The information in this episode does not replace any kind of mental health care. Please consult your doctor if you are experiencing any signs of anxiety, depression, or extreme emotion. In this episode, we talk about: Resources Mentioned: The Vibrant...


Creating Clarity In Your Heart

It’s so easy to let the anxiety of “how’s” and “what if’s” take over when having a desire for more on your heart + all of the motherhood stuff. During this episode, I chat about one of the actions that I took, that created clarity in my heart and allowed me to keep pursuing my passion when expansion felt scary. You can have it all, Mama! Resources Mentioned: The Visionary Village The Whole Healthy Mom Tribe Facebook Group


Single OR Married Mom, This Relationship Advice Is For You

Being married or attracting a partner, as a mom who is pursuing her passion, can feel sticky. It can bring up all kinds of guilt and second-guessing your growth journey. Today, we are talking with the amazing Kayla Beck, about how to attract a relationship that supports your growth, whether you’re a single mom or already married. Kayla is a single mommy to her daughter, in Northern California. She is an intuitive life coach who helps women rise up into their power and become the Queen...


That Momlife + Work Life Balance

Everyone talks about it, yet everyone struggles with it. How do you have balance between mom life and pursuing a passion that’s outside of motherhood? Today, we dive into my keys to doing so, so that you can do both, momlife AND work-life full out! While it may not be always daisies and roses, what I’m about to tell you is going to, absolutely, change the way you are able to be present in both parts of your life! In this episode, we talk about: +The 3 keys to balance momlife & pursuing...


How To Stop Looking For Outside Validation & Find REAL Support

Today is a solo episode about how to stop looking for outside validation and get the real support we crave as women and moms. When you are taking action on your self and your passions while being a mom, it takes trust, BUT, it also takes having nourishing support. Sometimes, this support can’t come from the people we are currently closest too. Sometimes, receiving the support we need to take brave action, as moms, requires us to open ourselves up to support outside of our bubble of...


Morning Routine OR Time Sucker- How To Create A Fulfilling Morning Routine

Let’s be real! Morning routines feel like time suckers when you have a million and one things to do around the house, in your business, and everywhere else, before your kiddo wakes up. I felt this way too. Join me in this fun (and super freaking real) episode, today, as we chat about how to have a morning routine that flows with your day-to-day needs and life as a mama, so that you can set your day up for success no matter the amount of time you get to spend on it. In this episode we...


How To Stay Authentic To You & Mom Like A Boss W/ Carly Brecheisen

I have such a fun episode for you, this week! This week we welcome Carly Brencheisen a.k.a. “Carly Parties” to the Whole Healthy Mom Podcast as we talk how to stay authentic to you, your passions, your needs, and simply what feels good to you AND mom like a boss. Carly is a dance fitness instructor in Utah and is a fierce advocate for loving your jiggle! In this episode, we talk about: +Moving your body to feel good +Getting out of your head, into your body, and living in the...


Not Your Average Mom

Today, we are digging deep, girlfriend! Today, we’re claiming our purpose and talking about how to ditch the guilt of wanting and pursuing more for yourself. As moms, feeling unfulfilled and wanting more for ourselves can feel shameful. And when you’re stuck in mom guilt, you can feel frozen in the act of wanting more. It doesn’t have to be a constant push-pull. You CAN want and pursue more for yourself with confidence AND be a great mama. Reclaiming connection with your body and God is...


Your Desires Are Your Body's Roadmap

Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist or doctor. Please consult your health professional before changing in habits or ways of eating. In this episode, we dive into a conversation about how your wants and desires are actually a good thing, why you should follow them, and how they are connected to God’s intentions on how you are supposed to feel as a mama and woman. Eating healthy was not made to feel bland, forceful, or be done out of obligation. By following the desires that are aligned...


How To Only Eat What You Love (EVER!!!)

This episode is brought to you by my online class, Always Eat What You Love Transformation Class. To register, go to http://taylorbehringer.com/onlyeatwhatyouloveclass Disclaimer: I am not your doctor or nutritionist. Please talk to your health professional before making any changes to your eating habits. What we are about to chat about is one of the most popular questions I receive! “Taylor, how do I only eat what I love, without binging on sweets or restricting myself to foods I hate?”...


Stop Settling For Cold Coffee (and all areas of your life)! Mom Motivation

Sweet friends! This is a necessary listen for you, today. We have all done it- settled for that cold cup of coffee because we are too exhausted to warm it up. This is your motivation to stop settling for cold coffee (and all areas of your life) and start fueling your life to its fullest potential! Want more motivation, coaching, and community? Join the Whole Healthy Mom Subscription. Come hang out with...