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The Surprising Pattern of Weight Loss When Eating Low Carb High Fat - Ep. 20 Pt. 3

Eating a low carb diet has been found beneficial for weight loss but the pattern of the weight loss may surprise you and it’s really great to be aware of this ahead of time. Kym learned about this at the recent Low Carb Down Under Conference. https://dietitiandownunder.com/lowcarb2018/


How A Low Carb Diet Can Affect Type 1 Diabetes (In A Good Way) - Ep 20 pt2

Did you know that a low carb diet has been found beneficial for some with type 1 diabetes? Learn about some of this latest research being done from the Low Carb Down Under Conference with Kym Connolly, the Dietitian Down Under. https://dietitiandownunder.com/lowcarb2018/


The Sliding Scale of Insulin Resistance, Prediabetes and Diabetes (Type 2) - Ep20 pt1

Learn how diabetes is defined and how important it is to be aware of pre-diabetes, how it’s affecting you and why this sliding scale is important to know. This is part one of the Low Carb Conference podcast. Show notes: dietitiandownunder.com/lowcarb2018


The Sliding Scale of Type 2 Diabetes Measurement, Low Carb for Type 1 Diabetes and Low Carb Weight Loss Patterns (Notes from Low Carb Down Under Conference)

Kym attended the Low Carb Down Under Conference and came back with great information about type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes and insulin resistance markers, how a low carb diet affects those with type 1 diabetes and how weight loss is achieved over a 12 month period while eating low carb. Dietitiandownunder.com/lowcarb2018



News on what's happening with the podcast, us and the future.


Why Fermented Food Is So Important in a Vegan Diet + Ingredients To Avoid

Fermented food is great for everyone but very important in a vegan diet. Find out why it’s important, which methods of fermentation are vegan friendly, what’s not and a the great variety of fermented food you can make or enjoy. https://dietitiandownunder.com/veganfermentation


The 13 Nutrients At Risk in a Vegan Diet (& How To Get Them)

When we think of nutrients at risk in a vegan diet, we usually think of B12 and calcium. But there are 13 nutrients that really need focus when eating strictly plant-based. We go through what they are, how much you need and which foods they are in. Note that we talked about iron and protein in the last episode so we’ve got 11 left here. Be sure to download the free Vegan Nutrient Checklist to measure how you’re doing at this point. http://dietitiandownunder.com/vegannutrition


Vegan Nutrition Guide: What’s Blocking Your Nutrient Absorption? (Part 1)

Vegan diets are heavy in plant-based foods and many of these foods contain compounds that block nutrient absorption. We address these anti-nutrients and what to do about them as well as talk about the at-risk nutrients in a vegan diet, iron and protein. www.dietitiandownunder.com/vegan1


Taking Action Against Autoimmune Diseases With Sheryl Cook

Sheryl Cook, Functional Nutritionist & Lifestyle Practitioner talks about autoimmune diseases, her autoimmune story,leaky gut, vitamin D, supplements, probiotics and lifestyle factors associated with autoimmune diseases. Thyroid and hashimoto syndrome is specifically mentioned in this podcast. www.dietitiandownunder.com/autoimmune


How We Can Shift Our Inner Stories To Transform & Empower with Iris Bar (Ep. 15)

Iris Bar, narrative counselor, talks to us about how our inner stories affect the way we view ourselves and our ability to cope with life circumstances. In this podcast episode we learn about the questions we can use to shift these stories, training our minds, and how our inner stories can even affect our weight. http://dietitiandownunder.com/iris


Australia’s Dirtiest Produce, How To Reduce Pesticide Residue & When To Choose Organic

On this episode of the podcast we talk about the chemicals used as pesticides, which ones are hazardous and can be found on our Dirty 8 List, the cleanest fruit and veg, how to wash food that has pesticides on it, when to buy organic and tips for buying organic. dietitiandownunder.com/dirty8


Pesticides: What We Know, What We Can Never Know & What That Means For Us

Pesticides have been around and used for years but do you know how organizations have determined how much is acceptable for you to ingest? And what that’s based on? What is the ADI, long-term effects and how is the honey bee collapse important in all this? Kym Connolly lets is into the science behind pesticide use and human health of episode 13 of the Women’s Mind.Body.Health Podcast. https://dietitiandownunder.com/pesticides


The Week I Lost Weight (instead of gained) & Why

There was a week April changed what she was eating and after 1 week, noticed her clothes were looser! She tells you her story of what changes she had been making to her diet as well as her daughters and how this affected mood, weight, and more. She’ll also tell you what she was eating for breakfast and how she dealt with avoiding the sweet stuff. https://dietitiandownunder.com/aprilsweek


Using & Directing Negative Emotions + Procrastination in Business with Liana Allison

Fear, anger, anxiety and other negative emotions are featured in this podcast where Liana Allison talks about why these emotions exist and how we can use them to inspire creativity, passion and purpose. Hear her story and how she views and works with negative emotions. We also cover the topic of procrastination for women in business. http://dietitiandownunder.com/liana


The Essential Nutrient for Brain and Heart Health That You’re Probably Deficient In

Learn about the mineral that is essential for life and often silent in letting you know that you’re deficient in it. It can manifest when disease becomes chronic and serious, especially when you comes to your heart and cardiovascular disease. We talk about this nutrient, what happens when you don’t have enough and the best ways to get it into your diet. dietitiandownunder.com/magnesium


Low Carb Diet: What to Eat, What Not to Eat and How Low is Low (Ep. 9)

On this episode with talk about low carb diets. What is low carb, how many carbs should you eat, which foods are high carb, how to get the most benefits from low carb diets, do you need to be keto (ketogenic)? We’ll also talk about sample meal plans and address the biggest criticism of low carb diets. This episode continues on from our talk about insulin resistance as well (insulin resistance diet). Women’s Mind.Body.Health Podcast episode 9! Show notes can be found at...


21 Factors That Can Cause Your Body To Store Fat (Insulin Resistance) - Episode 8

Do you think that weight gain can only be caused by food and what you eat? Today we address this issue by talking about the hormone insulin, what it does and it’s function in the body. We move on the insulin resistance and what that is. Then we talk about the 21 factors that may contribute to insulin resistance which in turn provides us with poorer health and weight gain. If you’ve struggled to lose weight and aren’t sure why, be sure to have a listen to this one. Show Notes:...


Workplace Bullying, Challenging Conversations and The Manager with Marie McAneney from Heart of Nursing

Marie McAneney is a nurse who experienced bullying in the workplace. On this episode, she talks to us about feeling unappreciated, undervalued and not having a voice in the workplace. Then she gives us some tools and strategies to have difficult conversations in the workplace and how to show appreciation for others on your team. Marie now coaches others who have had traumatic bullying experiences at work. http://dietitiandownunder.com/mariem/


Could You Have Insulin Resistance & Why It’s a Problem If You Do

Do you know what insulin resistance is? Could you have it? Do you know of all the diseases it’s associated with? Today we will cover all of that starting with what insulin is and does, why you may be having serious trouble losing weight, the 3 common markers indicating you could be insulin resistant and more.


How To Choose Packaged Food Wisely, Nasties to Avoid and Understanding Food Labels

There are times when we need to buy packaged food but understanding food labels and ingredient lists can be a bit of a minefield. Kym teaches us about nutrition panels, the additives and preservatives that are important for many to avoid, how to be a detective when it comes to understanding added sugar and deciphering the different names of bread. Show Notes: http://dietitiandownunder.com/labels