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Showcasing the Best Rehabs in the World. Handpicked and vetted on success rate, treatment modality, therapeutic environment, facilities, cost and value. These are The Worlds Best Rehabs. Delivering ultimate personalized treatment, with the goal of complete recovery.

Showcasing the Best Rehabs in the World. Handpicked and vetted on success rate, treatment modality, therapeutic environment, facilities, cost and value. These are The Worlds Best Rehabs. Delivering ultimate personalized treatment, with the goal of complete recovery.


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Showcasing the Best Rehabs in the World. Handpicked and vetted on success rate, treatment modality, therapeutic environment, facilities, cost and value. These are The Worlds Best Rehabs. Delivering ultimate personalized treatment, with the goal of complete recovery.




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Remedy Wellbeing - The Most Exclusive Rehab in the World

Rehabilitation for substance abuse and other mental health issues is often more complicated for the world’s elite, especially if patients want as much anonymity as possible so that no one knows they are seeking treatment. However, access to money means that they have access to the most exclusive rehab facilities in the world. To many, the most exclusive is synonymous with one name: REMEDY Wellbeing. Remedy Wellbeing is rehab for the rich and famous. It is the world’s first $1 million-plus...


Rehab in Norway | Find, Research and Understand Rehab in Norway

Rehab in Norway Norway is home to many hundreds of successful rehab treatment centers, spanning a range of budgets and treatment modality, from those traditionally employing the established 12-Step approach, through to those that take a more holistic and therapeutic approach to uncovering and treating the traumas associated with addiction and co-occurring mental health...


Where do the wealthy in Tanzania go for Rehab Treatment?

Rehab in Tanzania Drug abuse is a major issue in Tanzania. In 2019, the drug control commission (which is dealing with drug abuse issues) reported that the number of people struggling with addiction issues ranges from 350,000 and 650,000. In Tanzania, there are numbers of rehab centers and sober living facilities in different regions, which provide treatment and consultation to individuals and families...


What You Need to Know About Rehab in Saudi Arabia

Rehabs in Saudi Arabia Are there any drug and alcohol addiction rehab treatment centers in Saudi Arabia? Saudi Arabia does not have any rehab treatment centers. Saudi Citizens travel abroad for treatment. One of the most popular treatment facilities for those in Saudi Arabia is Physis Recovery, which has a dedicated, award-winning program, treating just one client at a time in sublime opulence. The...


Rehabs in Finland *The Luxury Rehabs in Finland Worth Talking About

Rehab in Finland Individuals and families seeking rehab treatment in Finland tend to travel abroad for their care. Finland does have a number of rehab clinics, yet these the success rates of these facilities is low when compared to leading clinics such as Physis Recovery. Physis Recovery delivers the type of care that is lacking in Finland. Mental disorders are often closely linked with biochemical imbalances and neurotransmitter issues in the body and...


The Banyans Rehab in Brisbane, Australia * Rehab Review

4/11/2022 The Banyans is a luxury rehab retreat located in Brisbane, Australia. It is a world away for clients seeking recovery from their addictions and disorders. The setting and facilities guests are offered at the Banyans is second to none. Visitors are provided a beautiful resort-like home to spend each day of recovery living in. The grounds of the Banyans are well-manicured and guests can explore the natural surroundings. The five-star luxury rehab...


Rehabs in Australia

Rehab in Australia Residential Rehab in Australia takes a long-term approach to treatment and strives for a lifestyle without alcohol or drugs. A drug rehab or drug rehabilitation program is a professionally-led treatment plan to help you recover from a drug addiction or addiction. Make sure your drug rehab program is based on proven methods of drug addiction treatment and recovery. The goal of drug rehabilitation is to break the cycle of addiction...


Volition Luxury Rehab

Volition Luxury Rehab Founded in 2019 in Sydney, Australia Volition Luxury Rehab provides treatment to clients suffering from a range of health issues, substance abuse problems, and much more. The institute was founded by leading recovery specialists to provide expert, accurate diagnoses to physical and mental health issues that allow for effective treatment. Volition Luxury Rehab is available in several prestigious locations around...


Company Showcase – Wired for AddictionTM

Company Showcase – Wired for Addiction About Wired for Addiction Wired for Addiction is an exciting new DNA analysis company which aims to give treatment centers the information they need to provide targeted evidence-based Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) for addiction. Wired for Addictionwas co-founded in 2021 by an addiction expert with 28+ years of experience and a former Congressional staffer to the architect of the Smarter...


Brookdale Premier Addiction Recovery Review

Brookdale Premier Addiction Recovery, Scotrun, Pennsylvania, United States Brookdale Recovery resembles a quaint outdoor vacation destination rather than a luxury substance abuse treatment facility. However, looks can be deceiving. It is this charming look and feel that makes Brookdale Recovery different than its rehab contemporaries. The resort-style substance abuse rehab isn’t just about aesthetics. It provides...


The Orchard on the Brazos Review * Know Before You Go to Orchard Recovery, TX

The Orchard on the Brazos Review The Orchard on the Brazos is a luxury residential substance abuse treatment center located in Wallis, Texas. The inpatient rehab center treats men and women seeking recovery from the effects of drug and alcohol abuse. Founded in 2020, the Orchard has quickly grown a reputation for providing high-quality rehab care to clients from around the globe....


Help Me Stop Outpatient Addiction Treatment Center (Podcast Review)

4/5/2022 Help Me Stop review Help Me Stop is a growing UK-based rehab provider that promises ‘rehab in the real world’. Their centers offer a model that is sometimes described as intensive outpatient rehabilitation or ‘dayhab’. With two centers in London — and more opening — and an online offer, Help Me Stop promises a practical option for those who are struggling not just with addiction, but also securing rehabilitation. The value of dayhab Inpatient...


Sanctuary Vancouver Island Rehab Review

4/5/2022 The Sanctuary Vancouver Island is an individually tailored treatment destination specially curated for VIP and luxury clients. Vancouver Island is a remote getaway that offers a serene environment where healing can be your number one focus at this therapeutic retreat and rehabilitation program. The Sanctuary Vancouver Island is a part of The Sanctuary World Family of treatment centers, known for high-quality luxury healthcare...


Hawaii Island Recovery (Review Podcast)

Hawaii Island Recovery Hawaii Island Recovery was founded by John Hibscher. Hibscher is highly experienced in the addiction rehab realm. After gaining a Master's Degree and Doctorate Degree from Northwestern University, he worked at his own private practice in Milwaukee. In 1997, Hibscher moved to Hawaii to work with individuals suffering from addiction. In more than 35 years of...


Hills and Ranges Private (HARP) Rehab in Australia * Know Before You Go to Hills and Ranges

Hills and Ranges Private - Rehab Feature on Worlds Best Rehab Magazine Original Feature: Hills and Ranges Private provides continual support and guidance to individuals on their journey to addiction recovery and sobriety. Hills and Ranges Private is a luxury voluntary rehabilitation center located in Melbourne, Australia. With luxurious facilities in a quiet Melbourne location, Hills and Ranges Private offers one of Australia's most...


Houghton House Rehab in South Africa

3/30/2022 Apparently, statistics say that only 1% of drug addicts ever recover. Nothing could be further from the truth. The reality is that 60% of the patients at Houghton House are positively impacted by their treatment experience and go on to find lasting recovery. Research confirms the longer an individual stays in structured professional health, the more likely they are to benefit from that...


Why Do I Keep Relapsing in Addiction Recovery?

Why do I keep relapsing? Full relapse, or the risk of relapsing into drugs and/or alcohol use is a part of the journey to full recovery. Addiction takes time to end and it may take several rehab experiences to finally overcome your addiction. There is a common misconception amongst people who have never been to rehab that...


Exploring Eating Disorder Rehab Treatment

3/25/2022 Eating disorders are not uncommon and are not limited to one gender or age group. Anyone is susceptible to developing a difficult relationship with food, their body, and exercise. Some people may be more prone to this because of other mental health conditions, but everyone has things they do not like about themselves...


Understanding the link between pornography and depression

3/25/2022 According to the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT), pornography can neither be classified as an addiction nor as a mental health condition. However, people have tried to link it with several addictions and mental health conditions over the years - some have even tried to link it with depression. While others are convinced that the former leads to the latter, others swear that the...


The Worst Case Effects of Pornography Addiction

3/25/2022 The term ‘porn addiction’ is likely to raise a few eyebrows and more than a few giggles from people who hear it. Yet, porn addiction is a real issue that affects millions of people – many of whom are men – around the world. With the availability of pornography on the Internet, illicit sexual images are more available than ever before at the touch of a smartphone or tablet. Medical professionals consider porn addiction as a...