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Tune into Your Therapy Doctor hosted by Mental Health Specialist and Licensed Professional Counselor, Dr. Pauline Belton.




Fall Into Courage: Courageous You

In this episode of Your Therapy Doctor featuring Dr Pauline Belton, the Mental Health Specialist, we discuss what it means to be a courageous you. We will discuss the mental, physical, emotional and behavioral aspects of living your best life. Single, married or committed... are you doing what's best for you? are you living your best life? do you know what it means to encourage yourself from the inside out? Courage is difficult to muster up sometimes, so we will talk about the best ways to...


Encore: Life and Legacy with The Griffin Firm

In this episode of Your Therapy Doctor hosted by Dr Pauline Belton, the Mental Health Specialist featuring Attorney Aimee Griffin of The Griffin Firm PLLC. Do You Have a Plan that Creates a Legacy for Future Generations? To Provide for Your Family? To Protect Your Personal Property? The Griffin Firm empowers people and groups to create and protect wealth in order to leave a legacy for their family and community. Have you ever wondered after working hard in life to provide for you and your...


Fall in Love with You

It's officially fall season and even though it's one of the most transitional time of nature with it's beautiful changes of color; many transitions happen in human nature, seasonal affective disorder, major depression, anxiety and low energy levels. Fall is also the time of year to intentionally and purposefully fall in love with yourself; self-compassion, self-care, internal work in relationship with you. Join the conversation, like, share and subscribe to give yourself the boost you need...


Encore School and College Readiness

New Episode Monday August 29, 2022. Schools and Universities are gearing up to receive students all over the country from Kindergarten through College. In this new episode of Your Therapy Doctor, Dr. Belton will discuss resources, tips and strategies parents and students can use to ensure a good school year. Are you concerned about your child's emotional intelligence or ability to manage all that comes with being a student in 2022? Do you know the strategies and tips needed to look out for...


Family Matters

Monday 9/12/2022 at 12PM EST YourTherapyDoctor speaks on Family Matters. Are you concerned about your family or just want to hear more about how to continue growing a healthy family dynamic? Let’s talk about family dynamics, structure, resources and what families need to ensure everyone is growing in a healthy way. That includes: The Anchor: Adult Caregiver, The Build: Children, The Bolts: Extended Family, Friends, Sources Family Matters and is critical to the ability for our communities to...


Working Through the Mental Building Blocks to Wealth

Ever wonder why you start a budget, do great the first few weeks then fall off the ledge! Why building a healthy relationship with money sounds good yet is a struggle. In this episode of Your Therapy Doctor hosted by Dr Pauline Belton, the Mental Health Specialist, we will be talking with Letania Gonzales, PMP, M.P.A. Housing Outreach Coordinator for Freddie Mac. We welcome back Letania Gonzales to share with our listeners resources and tips on the Building Blocks to Wealth as Your Therapy...


College Ready

Your Therapy Doctor hosted by Dr Pauline Belton will be speaking with Dr Nikki Poindexter Ham. Currently working as the Associate Director of Clinical Counseling and Field Experience at Bowie State University, in the Department of Counseling Department, Dr Ham will be sharing valuable information for Getting College Ready. August and September are the two of the busiest months of the year. They also have the most transition happening... children are going back to school and those former...


Mental Health and Wealth Building Series 1

In this episode of Your Therapy Doctor hosted by Dr Pauline Belton, we're talking to Mr. Wesley Watkis of the W&W Group LLC. Wesley Watkis is the Managing Partner and Financial Advisor working with individuals, couples and families to build generational wealth. Have you ever thought about what holds you back from building your generational wealth? Have you ever thought about what steps to take when building generational wealth? Have you ever thought that what you think and how you feel and...


The Power of Resilience

In this episode of Your Therapy Doctor hosted by Dr Pauline Belton, Mental Health Specialist, Resilience is being explored. Resilience embodies a person's ability to snap back and persevere through difficult and stressful situations. Do you struggle mentally, emotionally and physically when things don't go the way you expected? Do you find it difficult to carry on when life deals you a bad experience? Do you know how to get build your mental, emotional, and physical stamina for life? Your...


Mindset II: Getting Comfortable with The Process of Growth

Many people have a difficult time or even feel challenged when growth occurs (the process of growth). I use the word growth however most would consider an alternative word change. When something, someone or situations change most of us become uncomfortable and a range of thoughts, feeling and behaviors are influenced by the process of change (growth). Your Mindset has a lot to do with how you view, process and approach the process of growth. Join the conversation with Your Therapy Doctor...


Mindset Is Everything

Did you know that your approach to life and anything you do in life has to do with your Mindset? What you think, believe and embrace plays a major role in how you move in life. ---from how you approach your day to how you build self-esteem and confidence in everything you do. Join Your Therapy Doctor in discussing how Mindset Matters. According to Psychology Today, people often find themselves thinking with either a “growth mindset” (the belief that a person’s capabilities and talents can be...


Health and Wellness in the Workplace

This episode speaks to Health and Wellness in the Workplace. A healthy employee is a happy and productive employee, and that is a goal. Join Your Therapy Doctor featuring Dr Pauline Belton, the Mental Health Specialist on the importance of your health and wellness in the workplace. Are you creating a healthy, well-rounded routine for balancing your work life and personal life? Work- life balance is essential to reduce stress, ensuring both individual and company success. The stress...


Managing Life When You Don't Feel Like It

This episode of Your Therapy Doctor featuring Dr Pauline Belton, The Mental Health Specialist explores and reflects on managing life when you don't feel like it. Mental health is so important in our everyday life that most often we miss the subtle effects of Hurt, Pain and Tolerance. When we feel hurt and pain, we often have a lower tolerance to deal or even manage life. We become unbalanced and intolerant of the people, places and things around us. Yes our thoughts, feelings and behaviors...


An Intimate Relationship Connection

On a deeper level, most people want to have an intimate relationship connection with the person of their dreams; you know, the one that only dreams are made of. Well, in this episode, Your Therapy Doctor talks about the components of a healthy relationship that leads to such an intimate relationship connection as well as those components that stop that connection dead in its tracks. Join the conversation with your host Dr Pauline Belton. We all want a relationship that feeds us, supports us...


Your Therapy Doctor - May 23rd, 2022



Emotional Intelligence: A Deeper Dive

Emotional Intelligence is a highly critical topic to discuss. How are you able to handle your emotions, behaviors and thinking in stressful situations where you are not the only one involved? It's amazing how we react or respond when things don't go the way you expect. This is where your emotional intelligence is revealed; not only to others to. Join the conversation as Your Therapy Doctor featuring Dr Pauline Belton takes a deeper dive into Emotional Intelligence and how we cope on...


Children and Emotional Intelligence

Children are an important part of our society and families. They add value and purpose to our lives in a variety of ways and ranges. Teaching children social-emotional skills early are essential for connecting with others! They help them learn, understand and manage their emotions, build healthy relationships, and feel empathy. Do you know that teaching babies social-emotional skills is just as important? Let's join the conversation; children and social-emotional intelligence with Your...


Let's Talk Self-Care

In today's society and with everything that goes into a single 24 hour day, who has time for self-care? Well in this episode Your Therapy Doctor featuring Dr Pauline Belton, we will discuss the importance of a self-care routine and if you don't have one or know what self-care means; you will know it all. Tune in because a good self-care routine is critical to your mental health wellness and your life.


Couple's Therapy: Effective Communication and Relating

In this episode, Your Therapy Doctor featuring Dr Pauline Belton (LCPC, BCHT, Mental Health Specialist) is joined by the Relationship Boosters, Dr Kia James (LCPC), Monika Cope-Ward (LCSW-C), and Carol-Ann Trotman (LCPC). We will be sharing effective communication and relationship tips, insight and resources to help our listeners to think about ways you can improve or simply enhance your relationship. Life happens and there are times, life gets in the way of how we relate to our significant...


Trauma: Parents, Children and Families Part II

We are continuing the conversation...Trauma is not always recognizable, and it is definitely not predictable. The impact trauma has on the mind, body and emotional system can be debilitating (it can stop everything about you). In this segment, we will explore parenting out of trauma, how trauma affects children and how trauma affects family. Many people do not even recognize that they live part, most and even all of their life from a trauma lens. Your Therapy Doctor will address Trauma so...