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Every new mother hears that breast is best. Many decide to breastfeed so their baby has the best

Every new mother hears that breast is best. Many decide to breastfeed so their baby has the best


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Every new mother hears that breast is best. Many decide to breastfeed so their baby has the best




Encore Breastfeeding in Emergencies: A Matter of Survival

Natural disasters can happen anytime, anywhere. Around the globe, families can find themselves facing a flood ... hurricane ... forest fire ... or another catastrophe.


Baby Head Shape: Easy Innovative, Options You Need to Know Now

Plagiocephaly (flat-head syndrome) affects as many as 47% of infants. If you’ve seen babies wearing helmets, you know how common this condition is.


Traumatic Birth Experience: The Impact and Healing

Can someone have a scary birth experience? Oh yes. And can that scary birth experience lead to post traumatic stress disorder? That’s a distinct possibility.


Celebrating IBCLC Day: Three Personal Journeys To Certification

Have you thought of becoming an IBCLC? Have you wondered what that journey might be like? What if you’re already a nurse? What if you’re a licensed professional, but not a nurse? What if you have no healthcare background whatsoever?


Encore Pregnancy and Breastfeeding: Turning Points for a Mother With Anorexia

Eating disorders affect as many as 30 million people in the United States. And, although they have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness, eating disorders are seriously undertreated. Tragically, among those who seek treatment for anorexia each year, 1 in 100 will die; up to 20% will die within a year as the result of complications from the eating disorder, or suicide. In today’s episode, Marie talks with Jacklyn Novatt, who nearly became one of those statistics. Luckily, she got...


Real Food In Pregnancy: Truth About Growing Your Baby

Join Marie and her guest, Lily Nichols RDN, CDE, author of Real Food in Pregnancy. Find out how Lily’s approach to prenatal nutrition differs from conventional information that we’ve heard for years. What are some of the number one foods that pregnant or breastfeeding mamas should eat, and why? What mistakes do most women make about nutrition? What are some of the biggest myths about nutrition in pregnancy, and why are your prescribed prenatal vitamins less than ideal?


What You Need To Know About The New IBLCE Guidelines

Are you thinking of becoming an international board-certified lactation consultant (IBCLC)? Or are you already an IBCLC, and you need to recertify? Are you aware of all of the changes in expanded eligibility requirements, changes in how clinical hours will be calculated, changes in the recertification process, and changes in the exam schedule and upcoming deadlines? Don’t rely on what your friends tell you, or what you’ve read or done in the past. Get the latest information so that you can...


Encore Soy and Your Baby: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

If you’ve been in a store’s baby section lately, you’ve probably noticed the formula. It’s hard not to notice it—there are more kinds of formula than ever before, and they take up a lot of shelf space.


What You Need To Know About Exercise In Pregnancy

Join Marie and her guest, author Linda E. May, PhD, as they discuss the results of over 700 studies that address exercise during pregnancy. Be prepared for several surprises! You’ll learn about how exercise does and doesn’t affect the pregnant mother, her baby while in utero, and the long-lasting effects it can have on the infant or child.


Facts About Mothers' Feelings: What Research Actually Says

By now, nearly all parents and professionals understand: Breast is best! And, breastfeeding is natural! Unquestionably, these statements are true. But those lines of logic and encouragement are aimed more toward milk and babies. What do mothers think? What do mothers feel? How might those feelings continue into those first few weeks after going home from the hospital?


Encore Baby Cafe's Peer to Peer Support Model

We all agree on the importance of support for breastfeeding mothers. But how can we get—or give—that support? You might not need a one-on-one appointment and expertise of an IBCLC.


Encore A Quick Guide to Cue-Based Feedings for Preterm Infants

We all know that a “cue” is a signal for someone to do or to say something. But what, exactly, is cue-based feeding? Is cue-based feeding the same as demand feeding?


Encore: Coping with Unsupportive or Critical Relatives at the Holidays

Admit it. There’s a tiny part of the holiday season that you dread. You’ve got a few relatives who always poke their noses into your parenting business, and you never know exactly how to handle their comments. Should you just put up and shut up?


How Can Preterm Infant Massage Benefit You and Your Baby?

If you’re the parent of a preterm infant, you probably feel stressed and worried about your baby. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could use a simple, free, noninvasive technique to help your baby—and help yourself at the same time? And wouldn’t you love to confidently touch your baby, even as he is tethered to so many tubes, leads, and lines?


Sure-Fire Guide For Military Doulas: How To Find One Or Be One

You may have already figured out that having a new baby during military service brings up some issues you would not have encountered in civilian life.