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Co-hosts Lisa Thorp, John Biethan, Lisa Victoria, and Kim Shea discover and share new alternative health tools and resources from alternative healthcare practitioners and experts. Produced by Heard Not Seen Media, Inc.

Co-hosts Lisa Thorp, John Biethan, Lisa Victoria, and Kim Shea discover and share new alternative health tools and resources from alternative healthcare practitioners and experts. Produced by Heard Not Seen Media, Inc.


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Co-hosts Lisa Thorp, John Biethan, Lisa Victoria, and Kim Shea discover and share new alternative health tools and resources from alternative healthcare practitioners and experts. Produced by Heard Not Seen Media, Inc.




131 A Genetic Testing Model To Help People Fight Illness and Mental Conditions with Dr. J. Dunn

Dr. J Dunn was suffering from depression and debilitating chronic fatigue. After her father died from lung cancer, she learned about genetics and the related predisposition to diseases, prompting her to explore the links to her own physical and mental health problems. After healing herself, Dr. Dunn devised a genetic testing model that can help people optimize their potential to fight illness and mental health conditions. Links Website: MyHappyGenes Book: Perfect Health in...


130 Helping Men Enjoy a Healthier and More Enjoyable Shaving Experience with Douglas Smythe

When Douglas Smythe left Massachusetts to live in a hammock in Costa Rica, he had no idea that he'd begin a career of caring for skin. The biting sand fleas he encountered every evening prompted him to create two popular products to repel insects and treat itchy bites. When he returned to the US, he developed a product line to help men enjoy a healthier and more enjoyable shaving experience. Douglas shares with co-host Kim Shea how the daily ritual of wet shaving can lead to better skin and...


129 Creating Supplemental Products and Superfoods to Dramatically Improve Her Well-being with Shauna Reiter

At a young age, Shauna Reiter was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, parasites, and leukopenia. The challenges of dealing with her condition as a teenager, propelled her to change academic course and explore Eastern medicine in addition to traditional modes. Although she made great strides with her health, motherhood took a new toll on her body, and she created supplemental products and superfoods to dramatically improve her well-being. Contact Shauna website: email:...


128 Leanne Naylor: Can’t Sleep - Won’t Sleep

I'm Lisa Victoria a holistic health coach and one of your co-hosts who’s located in the U.K. Today we're talking about “can't sleep, won't sleep” where we're joined by the wonderful Leanne Naylor who's a clinical lead at the National Health Service (NHS) in England. I know many people who have had sleep issues or challenges in the past and may be going through that now. We're going to talk about sleep myths, quality versus quantity, and why sleep is so important, and how it underpins our...


127 Darshana: Ascension Meditation

Today we’re joined by the wonderful Darshana. Her given name is Christina Walker but as an Ishaya monk, her name is Darshana. Darshana is a reflexologist, celebrant, and an Ascension meditation teacher. And if you're asking yourself, “What is Ascension Meditation?”, you’ll certainly find out listening to this episode. She is a part of an organization called The Bright Path which offers easy meditation techniques for experiencing life beyond limitation. The techniques bring you to a direct...


126 Maria Spears: The Love Map

Visit for more information Today we are joined by the wonderful Maria Spears and we’re talking about finding your soulmate and love. Maria is a professional life coach and specializes in love and helping people find their right partner. She also became an EFT practitioner after overcoming decades of heartache and now she helps other people do the same. Maria is from Chicago across the pond from me here in the U.K. Topics Cover Today -Common...


125 Darren Curtis: The Awakened Parent Challenge

Visit for more information Darren Curtis is an accredited Life coach, Youth coach, and author of The Awakened Parent Challenge, How to Strengthen the Connection with your Teenager in Just 7 Days". He studied neuro-linguistic programming, hypnosis, Broadband Consciousness, and Shamanism while trying to help find a solution to his wife's depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and suicidal thoughts. In the last two decades, he has gone on to use what...


124 People and Pets Energetics with Mark Hernandez

Visit for more information When Mark Hernandez was studying energetic healing in Taiwan, he had an opportunity to work with cats in a cat hotel. This ultimately became the focus of his work as a holistic practitioner, although Mark works with people, too. Mark joined co-host, Kim Shea, to explain the Emotion Code, the Body Code, and Advanced ASHwork techniques. He has a lot of insight into how pets are influenced by their owners, the pandemic, past...


123 Weight Loss - It’s a Mindset with Heather Moreno

Visit for more information “They know how to lose weight. They know what to eat, what not to eat, how to exercise. And for whatever reason, they just can't get themselves to do it consistently. They can have a good run at it then BAMM, something happens and everything goes to hell and they think ‘what's wrong with me?’” ~Heather Moreno Today co-host and co-producer John Biethan interviews in a conversation style Heather Moreno from WEIGHT...


122 Reverend Elivia Melodey explains the Science and Application of Crystal Singing Bowls

Visit for more information Today's episode begins and ends with the sound of crystal singing bowls by the clairvoyant medium spiritualist, Reverend Elivia. Elivia Melodey, her given name, was interested in metaphysics in her 30's, and she explored many modalities. But she was not able to love wholly enough at that time to go further with her studies, and so she burrowed into a corporate job that took up most of her time and energy. In 1998, she...


121 Breaking Cycles that No Longer Serve Us

Visit for more information Today we’re with Lindsay Banks talking about breaking cycles that no longer serve us. Lindsay Banks is a channeler intuitive, author, YouTuber, and co-creator of the universe. Additionally, we're looking at the mother-father wounds, healing, and what needs to be healed physically, emotionally, mentally, inside ourselves and also the others around us. We're also going to look at some past life cycles and end with a gift...


120 Jake Steiner: Reversing Myopia Completely Without Surgery

Visit for more information Jake Steiner was diagnosed with myopia, a genetic condition, he was told. But Jake decided to do research on myopia and found that corrective vision is an enormous industry and might not be an accurate diagnosis in most cases. He developed a thorough understanding of the condition and reversed his myopia completely without surgery. Driven to get his methods to the world, Jake spoke with co-host Kim Shea about the science,...


119 Diáne Mandle: Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing

Visit for more information Today our co-host and producer Kim Shea had the privilege and pleasure of speaking with Diáne Mandle. Diáne is a sound healing practitioner and the “International Book Awards Winner” for her book “Ancient Sounds for a New Age.” Diáne owns the “Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing School.” Diáne is from a French and American family and was brought up bilingual, crossing back and forth to the South of France. At a young age, she was...


118 Uki MacIsaac: The Benefits of a Psychic Reading

Visit for more information An internationally acclaimed speaker and intuitive counselor, Uki MacIsaac, has the gift of clairvoyance or seeing messages from guides and angels. In this episode, Uki talks to Kim Shea about the deal she made with God while recovering from a serious illness. She has suggestions on a ritual for the New Year and shares why a spiritual reading can be a great guide to anyone open to receiving information. Book: Women of...


117 Stacey Simms: Diabetes Connections

Visit for more information Stacey Simms is a writer, podcaster, speaker, and diabetes mom. Her podcast show, Diabetes Connections’s first episode was launched in May 2015. Stacey along with co-hosts John Biethan and Kim Shea cover the path that took Stacey from diabetes mom, all the way to being a successfully sponsored podcaster for the last 5 years. We’ll cover many topics about diabetes, including the little known...


116 Scott Sensenbrenner: Digestion Is The Key To Our Wellness

Visit for more information According to Scott Sensenbrenner, the CEO of Enzymedica, our digestion is the key to our wellness. Digestion is a foundation of our being alive, and he has devoted his career to finding nutritional aids to make our foundations stronger and healthier. He and his team have developed a line of enzymatic products that, Scott says, can make you feel better literally within seconds, and make the everyday act of eating more...


115 Mark Edwards: Mental Wellness for Men (and Women)

Visit for more information In this episode, Mark Edwards and I look for mental breakthroughs covering Men's Mental Health and what specifically we can do to keep mentally fit. Often we focus on our physical fitness but sometimes we overlook our mental fitness. We look at what our diet is, what we’re snacking on. And we're not just talking about food, we look at things such as Social Media comparison and the importance of sleep and exercise for...


114 Kara Lynne Maldonado: CryoSkin Non-invasive Fat Loss Technology

Kara Lynne Maldonado discovered the secret to relieving herself of chronic pain that kept her bed-ridden for years. Once she discovered CryoSkin, a soothing healing method, she lost 60 pounds along with the pain. Kara regained the energy and vigor that she had forgotten, and wants to share the technique with everyone. She explains the details of how it works and tells success stories to co-host, Kim Shea. A few mentions Les Brown Tony Robbins Contact Kara Kara L. Maldonado | Founder -...


113 Julie Kramer: What You Need To Know About Dying

Produced by Heard Not Seen Media, Inc. dba Julie Kramer worked in the corporate world for twenty years before deciding that she wanted to follow a more spiritual path. For Julie, a new direction meant living from her heart and her soul as a hospital and hospice chaplain. In her new role, she learned how to communicate in a more valuable and healing manner with the dying and their families, ultimately discovering what the dying need most from their loved ones. Join...


112 Tanya Collins: Golden Nuggets of Managing State

Produced by Heard Not Seen Media, Inc. and And I'm your co-host Lisa Victoria from the UK and today we are talking about golden nuggets on managing state. We are work with the wonderful Tanya Collins transformational coach. I'm so excited about today's session. We're going to be talking about harra and energy. We're also going to be looking at peripheral vision and the impact that this can have on our stress response. We’re also going to look at language and...