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An hour of medical questions, answers, debate, dialogue, discussion, & health in the news.

An hour of medical questions, answers, debate, dialogue, discussion, & health in the news.


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An hour of medical questions, answers, debate, dialogue, discussion, & health in the news.






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2018-12-09: Wide variety of health news topics and answers to your questions from KSCO show 10-6-18

Study shows that Alternative medicine approaches to cancer help but should not replace conventional treatment; The problems with nanoparticles in sunscreens; Can I do anything to reduce floaters in my eyes? Interpreting common blood tests to predict recurrence of cancer; Saw Palmetto and Chinese herbs are more natural alternative to drugs for urinary problems; Treatment details for medications to fight a MRSA infection; Measure estradiol to monitor cancer risks associated with estrogen...


2018-11-18: Diverse topics discussed from months of guest appearances on KZSC, Santa Cruz, CA

Functional MRI shows that crocodiles hear music like mammals; Dark chocolate with more than 70% cacao is a serious brain food! Functional Medicine approach to medicine is defined, e.g., pain control without opiates; Nutmeg helps prevent liver damage from toxins; Drinking baking soda is anti-inflammatory and activates stomach acid; Why health care billing takes 7 times as many employees compared to other businesses; The effect of childhood trauma on pain thresholds later in life; Natural...


2018-10-07: A lesson on tumor development and cancer treatment, plus email and caller questions

Details of the various stages of tumor development and various approaches to treatment of cancer; Dealing with antibiotics for C. difficile infection after diverticulitis; A form of niacin helps many diseases and has anti-aging properties; A conversation about heavy metal toxicity and the best ways of measuring and treating heavy metals; Muscle cramps are a common side effect of statin drugs -- take CoQ10; Over-prescribing a heavy immunosuppressive drug for a minor condition; Weight gain...


20198-09-02: Wide-ranging discussion of the microbiome, epigenetics, Alzheimer's disease and cancer

Probiotics to use with antibiotics; Neurocognitive effects on children with lots of antibiotics during infancy; Association with asthma and obesity; Bad health side effects of antibiotics; Does removing a tumor cause the cancer to spread? New Alzheimer's drug reduces amyloid plaque but has side effects; CBD helps with pancreatic cancer; How to reduce allergies in children


2018-08-05: Promise for hair restore drug and a test for Autism top health news. KSCO show 7-7-18

New wound dressing uses Vitamin D; Treating a urinary tract infection in someone with MRSA; New treatment for phenylketonuria; Treatments for scabies such as neem oil; The drug WAY-316606 failed for osteoporisis, but it stimulates hair growth; Titanium dioxide in sunscreen; Antihistiamines will probably help a case of itchy skin; More about doses and the beneficial effects of Vitamin D; More about the new drug for hair growth and how new drugs are developed; Why taking biotin should also...


2018-07-18: Discussions of EMF health risks from cell phones and WiFi. KSCO Show from 6-2-18

Avoiding deep venous thrombosis, colds and other advice when traveling in planes; FDA approves a new continuous glucose monitor; Conservative changes in the Health and Human Services department policies; Discussion of EMF health issues such as cell phones and WiFi on airplanes; Another caller discusses WiFi health issue; More about new HHS policy and discussion of CA euthanasia law; Laparoscopic surgery and the rise in diabetes in children; Radiofrequency surgery for spinal nerve pain may...


2018-06-03: Pain control education, insect-borne diseases and medical advice from KSCO show: 5-5-18

Dr. Dawn teaches the Functional Medicine approach to pain control to Army doctors at Walter Reed Hospital; Baby wipes linked to increase in food allergies in babies; How to deal with kidney cysts; HEPA filters will protect against fine particles from smoke pollution; CDC report details rise in insect-borne disease because of climate change -- how to avoid them; Premature menopause is cured by stem cell therapy; The effects of frequent Ibuprofen use on the gut and how to protect against it;...


2018-05-06: Shingrix vaccine, probiotics, heartburn, MTHFR mutation and more. KSCO Show: 3-3-18

New shingles vaccine Shingrix does not have many risks of the old vaccine; The benefits of the probiotic bacteria Akkermansia muciniphila; Review of Dr. Dawn’s advice for heartburn; More about avoiding proton pump inhibitors -- the case of erosive esophagitis; Using methylated B12 and folate vitamins to treat thrombocytosis; The effects of the MTHFR mutation on health and what to do about it; Acupuncture is often helpful for tinnitus; Fish oil is shown to help kidney disease and diabetes;...


2018-04-08: All email show answering diverse health topics from afib to cholesterol and microbiome

Is there a link between my constipation and heart rhythm problems? Very interesting exposition of the epigenetics of food and effects of diet; Probiotic imprinting before birth and much more about the complexities of the microbiome; Numb toes is a symptom of small fiber peripheral neuropathy -- the role of toxic metals; A vegan asks about cholesterol and vitamin B12; Atrial fibrillation in a very athletic 70 yr old man -- physiology explained and device security discussed; Analyzing...


2018-02-25: Promising medical research such as male contraception and Alzheimer's prevention

Finally - A male contraceptive gel; How to verify if ingredients in supplements are accurate; Eating lots of greens such as spinach is shown to help prevent Alzheimers disease; Ketogenic diet can help lose weight reverse diabetes; The causes, symptoms and diagnosis of spinal stenosis; A discussion of Barrett’s Esophagus; What to do about vertigo and ringing in my ears? Getting off of blood thinners used for atrial fibrulation


2018-01-28: Wide-ranging discussions of cancer, diet and the flu from KZSC show on 1-17-18

Fast food diet increases inflammation and activates the immune system; Surfers have a higher amount of drug-resistant bacteria in their gut compared to swimmers; Melanoma is a dangerous cancer that is hard for the immune system to detect; Definition of obesity via the BMI calculation; A question about alkaline issues and cancer, and fighting inflammation; Perthes disease is a rare bone disease that disables the hip joint; How to measure carotid artery plaque and diets to reduce it; What...


2018-01-07: Medical research news and answers to emails from Alzheimer's to Lyme disease to vaccines

Methylphenidate, Ritalin, may help with apathy and depression in early-stage Alzheimer's disease; Research supports that lowering inflammation helps treat Alzheimer's disease; A guide to researching medical information, such as effects of a supplement or herb on detoxification; Why do I feel faint during long overnight plane flights? Algal oil oil is a good alternative to fish oil for vegans; Advice to individualize the approach to childhood vaccines; Cyber security issues with pacemakers...


2017-12-30: Health news and advice from email and callers on KSCO show on 12-02-17

Placebo-controlled study shows no long-term benefit from cardiac stents; Long-term use of bisphosphonates for osteoporosis actually increase fracture rates; Lions mane mushroom for menopausal hot flashes won’t register on illegal drug test; Getting off proton pump inhibitors used for a hiatal hernia; The healing and life-prolonging properties of dogs; A probiotic species, Lactobacillus murinus, helps lower blood pressure; More discussion about proton pump inhibitors -- plus chronic fatigue...


2017-12-03: Variety of health advice from email and callers on KSCO show on 11-04-17

Tattoo pigments degrade into particles that are detected in lymph nodes; Understanding stem cells role in psoriasis may lead to new treatments; Safe recommendations for hemorrhoids and advice for hydration; What is ashwagandha used for? The importance of sleep; Tryptophan and a probiotic that helps the immune system fight irritable bowel syndrome; What are the benefits of apple cider vinegar? Caller’s suggestion for using apple cider vinegar; The health benefits of walnuts for diabetes,...


2017-11-12: Microbiome and probiotics highlight the live show on KSCO from 10-02-2017

The opiate addiction crisis lets insurance companies restrict valid prescriptions for chronic pain; More warnings about cardiac side effects from chronic use of proton pump inhibitors; Probiotics for diarrhea and many other purposes -- consumers need to push for probiotics in hospitals; Can I get enough probiotics from food? Short review of Dr. Dale Bredesen’s work on Alzheimer’s disease; Iridology claims that patterns in the iris tells things about your health; The role of the microbiome...


2017-10-29: Analysis of new but expensive drugs, plus a variety of health news and advice

The Clostridium difficile problem in hospitals is a side effect of antibiotic use; Who should get the new very expensive Hepatitis C drug? A new expensive heart disease drug; Curcumin is more bioavailable from turmeric powder if taken with 10% black pepper; Migraine headaches are explained and how to help prevent them; Another new very successful but expensive treatment for childhood leukemia; An electronic glove that translates American Sign Language into text; High definition ultrasound is...


2017-10-07: Live KSCO show from 8/5/17: Discussions of Alzheimers, toxic metals and much more

New methods to make jellyfish palatable will help future food shortages; Moderate drinking linked to good cognitive health in old age; A diabetes drug is found to help with Parkinson’s disease; Sunscreen made from DNA works better the longer it is used; Black widow spider bite might have long-term nerve damage -- general advice for neuropathy; New perspectives on Alzheimer's disease by Dr Dale Bredesen; Many possible causes of chronic fatigue syndrome or, more acurately, chronic inflammatory...


2017-09-04: Answers to many emails on a variety of topics with a theme of the microbiome, probiotics

Discussion of new single-payer healthcare bill being considered in California; Melatonin helps reduce frequency and duration of chronic migraines compared to other drugs; Steroid therapy for poison oak, pain etc. has substantial risk of sepsis, embolisms and fractures; Using fecal globin test to avoid overuse and side effects of colonoscopy; Cherries and avoiding sweet sodas are a good ideas if you have gout; Review of gut-brain connection -- using probiotics to help with depression; Use an...


2017-08-13: From the microbiome to anti-oxidants and cancer, health news and advice are discussed

The genetics of cognitive empathy; Supplements like resveratrol, curcumin and green tea are good nutritional approaches to fighting cancer; More support for connections between the gut microbiome, probiotics and the brain; Epigenetics explains how adverse childhood experiences greatly increase the risk of depression and many other diseases; The problem of pharmaceutical sponsorship of Continuing Medical Education for doctors; The promise of stem cell therapies also have tumor risks; The...


2017-07-23: Diverse topics from Zika to cancer, kidneys, depression and various digestive problems

New information about the Zika virus; prostate cancer screening; Diet and cancer; Anxiety medication and non-drug solutions; Norovirus; Irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive issues; Hydration in elders with kidney problems