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Specialist and mainstream audiences alike rely on the Health Report to bring clarity to health and medical issues from social, scientific and political points of view.

Specialist and mainstream audiences alike rely on the Health Report to bring clarity to health and medical issues from social, scientific and political points of view.


Sydney, NSW


Specialist and mainstream audiences alike rely on the Health Report to bring clarity to health and medical issues from social, scientific and political points of view.




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COVID vaccine trials for young children; COVID's mental health toll on Indigenous communities; should bilateral cataract surgery be done on the same day?; and the link between bone loss and cognitive decline

Right now overseas, several covid vaccines are being trialled in children as young as babies 6 months of age. So how long will it be until younger kids can get vaccinated? How pandemic prevention measures have been particularly tough on the mental health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Cataract surgery can and is sometimes done in both eyes on the same day. But what does a review of the data tell us about whether this is best? And a puzzling link between two things that can...


Managing resources in the pandemic; review of COVID research; low value care; and how to prevent kids misusing alcohol

What's the best way to manage finite resources in the middle of a pandemic and what can Australia learn from other countries; what a review of COVID research exposes about waste and missed opportunities; low value care has little or any benefit and a new study finds patients agree; and what does research tell us about preventing alcohol and drug misuse in kids?


Growing COVID crisis in NSW; the origins of COVID; vaccine protection for people with blood cancers; and can exercise help those with poor sleep quality?

What does modelling tell us about what it will take to bring the NSW COVID cluster under control; scientists try to settle the debate about the origins of Covid-19; how can people with blood cancers stay safe in the pandemic; and can exercise help counter the toll poor sleeps takes on our health?


The pathway out of the pandemic; the harms of alcohol in pregnancy; supporting pregnant women with SUDs; and is low carb always best?

While NSW is still trying to contain COVID cases, the Prime Minister last week outlined a four stage pathway out of the pandemic. Singapore is already underway with its plan that uses a layered public health response including high vaccinations rates. Is this the path out of the pandemic? Just how dangerous is even small amounts of alcohol in pregnancy? Research shows it can set children up for unusual behaviours with alcohol while still very young. What help is out there for women with...


COVID threats emerge across Australia; trial shows promise for managing diabetes and hypertension; could a new class of drugs help prevent end stage kidney disease?; and the harm of long working hours

Around the country, the threat of COVID has emerged again. What does the modelling show about where this is heading? The World Health Organisation finds it's the biggest workplace hazard - long working hours. And it says long hours can be deadly. UK research finds type 2 diabetes might be reversible without drugs for some people, as well as the other conditions that often come with it. Also on diabetes, could a new class of drug slash the number of people who go on to need dialysis or kidney...


Alzheimer’s drug has experts divided; rising ICE use in Australia; the disappointing results of a study aimed at improving ovarian cancer survival rates

This week, the first of a new series on substance use and what you need to know about ICE - crystal meth. Does early diagnosis of ovarian cancer through screening make a difference to survival rates? And the search for an Alzheimer's disease treatment is as controversial as ever. The US Food and Drug Administration has approved the first drug for Alzheimer's disease in nearly two decades, but not everyone is welcoming the decision.


Navigating the pandemic: Dr Anthony Fauci

From the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, one expert came to the fore as a trusted voice, not just in his home country of the United States, but around the globe: Dr Anthony S Fauci, the director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.


Australian atlas of healthcare variation; dangerous sunburn; targetted radiation therapy; antibody testing for vaccine efficacy

Australian atlas of healthcare variation; dangerous sunburn; targetted radiation therapy; antibody testing for vaccine efficacy


Spend less time sitting; cumulative weight gain; ancestors and our microbiome; new look biobanking

Taking a look at how long we spend sitting, and what to do about it; assessing the cumulative affect of yearly weight gain; the oral microbiome and our ancestors; aiming for a brain biobank; and Q&A


Modelling vaccination plans; development of preterm babies; bronchiolitis in infants; Q&A

Modelling COVID vaccination targets to achieve pandemic prevention and control in Australia; the developmental outcomes of preterm babies is becoming clear; a study on who has followed over 4000 of these kids to the age of 5; and treatment in hospital of a common respiratory condition of babies.


Effectiveness of paracetamol, cannabidiol over the counter, the health of Australians in 2030, and depression in people with dementia

An Australian research group has undertaken a wide study on paracetamol to see what evidence exists for its use in different types of pain. We also ask whether medicinal cannabis is we would like it to be as a pain reliever; and if antidepressants are effective be in your elderly relatives with dementia.


Firearms regulation; multiple sclerosis and a new approach, Italian findings about schizophrenia, the ongoing health of cancer survivors

Gun policy and regulation; new approaches in treatment for multiple sclerosis; Italian findings about recovery for people with schizophrenia; the continued health of cancer survivors.


Urinary tract infections | heart disease differences | cancer prognosis tool | Australia and U.S. COVID-19 comparison

What's best for urinary tract infections; heart disease differences between men and women; online tool for cancer patients; differences between the U.S. and Australia for COVID-19


The day I lost my mind

If you mention Transient Global Amnesia – TGA – chances are that nobody has heard of it. When Dasha Ross lost her memory for a day she was diagnosed as having experienced this mysterious ‘neurological enigma'. It affects over a thousand Australians a year, and Dasha was determined to find out why it happened and what caused it.


Historical pandemics - their past and future; and assessing prediabetes

One of the sessions at the recent World Science Festival was The Pulse of the Pandemic with Michael Osterholm, who spoke about pandemics past, present, and future. He's researched them for most of his career and was one of the first to warn that the current one was going to be bad. Plus recent research on pre-diabetes - which sometimes does not lead to diabetes.


Testosterone and exercise; veracity of people with mental health difficulties; and doctors' comments curtailed

Recently the issue has been raised about the credibility of people with mental health issues - what does psychiatric research and evidence tell us about the issues? And concern from doctors that their capacity to comment on COVID-19 vaccines is being reduced. And a West Australian group of researchers has looked at whether testosterone can really do all we think it can.