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Ep 32 - Ivy Felicia: Managing Energy & Recognizing Intuition

We are quickly approaching the heart of the holiday season! It's easy to neglect our intuition (and energy) during this time of year due to all the commitments that come with the holidays. On today's show, Ivy Felicia, of Me, My Body & Love, and I discuss what intuition is and what it feels like in your body, that we have options (whether we like to think we do or not), and how to manage our energy and levels of stress. Ivy Felicia is a Certified Holistic Wellness and Body Image Coach with...


Ep 031 - Dr. Rozman: Heart Intelligence & You

On today's episode I have special guest Dr. Deborah Rozman of HeartMath. Personally, I hadn't considered the heart having any intelligence except to pump blood; however, Dr. Rozman explains that the heart has much more intelligence than we give it credit for. Tune in to learn more about: * What heart intelligence is * The information that is received from the rhythmic methods of the heart * How the heart receives information from our environment * How thoughts and feelings affect our...


Ep 030 - Tim Doucette: The Legally Blind Astronomer

On today's episode I speak with Tim Doucette, a legally blind amateur astronomer, about his family's journey on opening North America's first UNESCO Starlight Tourist Destination, Deep Sky Eye Observatory. Tune in to learn more about the events that reconnected Tim to his cosmic passion, and how Tim's story resonates with those of us that struggle to pursue our passion. Tim Doucette, a legally blind amateur astronomer, resides beneath the dark skies of Nova Scotia where he lives with his...


Ep 029 - Sharna Langlais: Reiki, Distance Reiki & More

On this episode of the Lana Simmons Show, its all about Reiki! Join me and Reiki Master Sharna Langlais of Seek, Spark, Shine as we discuss: * Sharna's journey to finding Reiki * What Reiki is * If distance Reiki really works * How distance Reiki works Sharna Langlais works with clients internationally, helping them uncover the source of wounds and blockages so they can live freer, fuller and brighter lives. Using Reiki, meditation, and energy therapy, she facilitates a holistic journey...


Ep 028 - Robyn Frampton: The Gnomist

On today's episode I have special guest Robyn Frampton who was featured in the critically acclaimed short documentary, "The Gnomist". Tune in to learn: * what inspired Firefly Forest * how soon people responded when she added the first door to Firefly Forest * the heart breaking note Robyn received and her response * how the cycle of life is played out in Firefly Forest ​ * how our creativity heals (no matter what that looks like) Robyn is the creative force behind the mystery of...


Ep 027 - Emily Ladau: Demystifying Disability

How many of us live with, or know someone who lives with, a visible or invisible disability such as Autism, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, etc? In today's episode I have special guest Emily Ladau, of Words I Wheel By. Tune in to learn more about: * The "D" (disability) word and why many in the disability community are fighting to reclaim it * Does disability equal "I can't"? * Inspiration Porn: what is it and why it doesn't help a situation * Why...


Ep 26 - Ros Place: Guardian Angels & You

Angel Communicator, Ros Place, is back! Join me today as I talk with Ros, a Clairvoyant Angel Communicator, about: the difference between a Guardian Angel reading and an Angel/Spirit Guide readingthe difference between Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides, Archangels, etc.if your Guardian Angels get bored hanging out with you all dayhow Guardian Angels look to Ros and what the different colors and band within the Guardian Angels mean Ros Place is an a Clairvoyant Angel Communicator, author,...


Ep 025 - Dianne Bondy: Yoga For All Bodies

On this episode of the Lana Simmons Show, I have trailblazer, visionary, and yoga activist Dianne Bondy on the show! Tune in as we talk about diversity (or the lack there of) in yoga, how Dianne feels about "getting your body back" after having a baby, how consent play an important role in yoga, and ways yoga teachers and students can create a more inclusive yoga environment. Dianne Bondy is a celebrated yoga teacher, social justice activist and leading voice of the Yoga For All movement....


Ep 024 - Samantha Fey: Psychic Teachers

On today's episode of the Lana Simmons Show, Samantha Fey, of the popular podcast Psychic Teachers, and I talk about her journey on becoming a full-time psychic. She answers questions such as: Samantha Fey is an intuitive medium and Reiki Master. She writes for Beliefnet and co-hosts PsychicTeachers which can be found on iTunes. Samantha is passionate about crystals, chakras, healing and teaching people how to be their own psychic. Connect with Samantha at


Ep 023 - Jeff Santos: Paranormal Investigations

Do you watch shows such as Ghost Adventures or Dead Files and wonder what happens behind the scenes of paranormal investigations? How does one conduct a paranormal investigation? Do you need to be psychic, or gifted, to investigate paranormal phenomena? Do entities, spirits, or ghosts follow you home after doing an investigation? Join me today as I talk with Jeff Santos of Virginia Paranormal Investigations about how he was introduced to the paranormal, the equipment that his team uses to...


Ep 022 - Eileen McKusick: Healing with Vibrational Sound Therapy

Does sound affect the body? How does your body react to loud alarms or an ambulance? Do you tense up or does your heart beat a little bit faster? How do you react to soothing music, rain, or the sound of the ocean? What physical reactions happen within your body when you hear this? Join Eileen and I as we discuss how sound can affect us, in positive ways, more than we know. Eileen explains how she discovered sound balancing, how vibrational sound therapy can help heal the body, and where...


Ep 021 - Ivy Felicia: Can You Be a Fat Healer?

Do you have strong intuitive abilities but feel that because you don't look or act a certain way you can't possibly be a healer? What does a healer look and act like? On today's show, Ivy Felicia, of Me, My Body & Love, and I discuss our preconceived ideas of what it means to be a healer. Why is one's weight seen as something to be healed? Are you considered more spiritually evolved if you are thin, white, and able-bodied? Ivy Felicia is a Certified Holistic Wellness and Body Image Coach...


Ep 020 - Kelley Carboni-Woods: Mindful Parenting & How Yoga Connects Us to Life

Are you a square peg trying to fit into a round hole? Do you question why you find yourself trying to live up to society's standards? On this episode my guest, Kelley Carboni-Woods of I Am Infectiously Happy, dive into the non-conforming choices that projected her life in a whole new direction. Kelley also gives a great deal of insight on what mindful parenting looks like for her, and how yoga helped her stay connected with herself through life-changing moments. Kelley is a yoga teacher,...


Ep 019 - Ros Place: Guardian Angels & Oracle Decks

Do you believe we each have a guardian angel? If so, have you ever wondered what your guardian angel looks like or what their name is? Join me today as I talk with Ros Place, a Clairvoyant Angel Communicator, about angels, when she first experienced angels, how Oracle Decks can help you connect to your guardian angel & more. Ros Place is an a Clairvoyant Angel Communicator, author, teacher and founder of Angel with Ros. She is also a real life woman, a mummy to two boys and a wife. Real...


Ep 018 - Mallorie Dunn: SmartGlamour

Are you a plus-size human who would like to shop in the same place your straight size friend does? Are you searching for an affordable basic fashion staple? Have you have a bad shopping experience because of your size? Would you like to shop in an empowering body positive space where the size range is XXS - 6X+?? Join me as I talk with Mallorie Dunn of SmartGlamour - an affordable, fashionable, and customizable ethical clothing line for people of all shapes, sizes, heights, ages,...


Ep 017 - Jamye Price: What is Light Language?

What would you do, if while sitting while praying, meditating (or having a quiet moment) your hands started moving in a gentle way? What if you also had this desire to speak in a language you didn't know or understand? Would you tell anyone? Would you want to hide what was happening to you? Join me in this very fascinating episode of The Lana Simmons Show as I talk with Jamye Price about her reaction to this very situation. Jamye and I discuss her non-psychic childhood, opening up to her...


Ep 16 - Brett Ray: Truths from a Trans Christian

Join me in a fascinating interview with Brett Ray. Brett is an author, speaker and activist within the LGBTQ and Christian community. His recent book, "My Name is Brett: Truths from a Trans Christian", does not come out of thin air but is the product of life in the Church, a theological education, and years as a trans man. In the last five years Brett has worked in multiple United Methodist churches as a pastoral intern, earned a bachelors degree in Religion from Simpson College, and...


Ep 15 - Alisha Brignall: Unschooling Homeschooling

What is learning? Is learning remembering facts and being able to recite them? Is learning applying a concept in several different situations? Join me today as I talk to Alisha Brignall, a passionate advocate for homeschooling, as we discuss the event that changed her entire life. Find out more about: *Unschooling *What is intrinsic learning and why is this powerful in the learning process? *How the new generation of homeschoolers looks very different from the past and how YOU may be a...


Ep 014 - Woken Up By Spirit, Vivid Dreams, Soul Memories & More

Tania is back to answer questions about intuition, being woken up in the early hours for no reason, picking our parents, soul memories and more! Tania Thomas is a Mom, Grandma, Inspirational Speaker, Life Coach, Author and.... Spiritual Medium. Find out more about Tania on her Website Visions N' Voices:


Ep 013 - Tania Thomas: Spiritual Medium & Developing Your Own Intuition

Tania Thomas is a Mom, Grandma, Inspirational Speaker, Life Coach, Author and.... Spiritual Medium. Join Tania and I as we talk about her gift and she answers a LOT of my questions such as: Find out more about Tania on her Website Visions N' Voices