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Public Cervix Announcement

This is a Public Cervix Announcement! Did you know the cervical cancer screening rates amongst LGBTI people with a cervix are much lower than our non LGBTI peers? 1 in 5 people Victorians with a cervix who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, same sex attracted, transgender, or who have an intersex variation have never had a pap test (the previous cervical cancer screening method) That's where the P{ublic Cervix Announcement comes in. This campaign produced by the Cancer Council Victoria in...


One year since YES: how marriage equality has impacted our LGBTI health

Acknowledging the one year anniversary since Australia voted YES for marriage equality, Cal Hawk invites Lee Carnie from the Human Rights Law Centre and longstanding LGBTI community advocate Jamie Garner back into the studio to reflect on the impact of achieving marriage equality on the health and wellbeing of our LGBTI communities. Plus, the 2018 Victorian State Election is underway and the announcement of a national election is anticipated in the coming months. If we're to harness the...


LGBTI Priorities – Education

Across every education setting there are children and young people who identify as members of the LGBTI+ Communities. Tex and Renee discuss the recent document around LGBTI priorities in the lead up to the state election on November 24. Felicity Marlowe from Rainbow Families and Dale Park from the Victorian Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby contributed to the "Education" priorities document chat about what they believe is important going forward. In our final segment, special guest Georgie Gorman...


HIV Election Priorities

Priorities for HIV & AIDS for the Victorian State Election It has been 35 years since Australia’s rst Human Immunode ciency Virus (HIV) diagnosis. It was a time when fear was pervasive, knowledge of HIV was limited, and initial treatment, once developed, was relatively ineffective. Little could be done to prevent the progression of HIV toAcquired Immunode ciency Syndrome (AIDS) and AIDS-related illnesses, yet faced with fear anduntold misery, we rallied. Community members, volunteers,...


Keep The Vibe Alive

Adam and Renee from are joined by Jeremy Wiggins from QUIT Victoria and Trent from Quitline. They discuss some of the research undertaken on LGBTIQ folks and smoking. Some of the stats are alarming as Jeremy talks about the formative research with regards to different sub-communities and reasons why they smoke. Hear about the emerging campaigns coming from QUIT, Thorne Harbour and Minus18. QUITLINE : 13 78 48 www.quit.org.au/articles/keep-vibe-alive


LGBTIQ Youth Homelessness

LGBTIQ Homeless Youth LGBTIQ (trans & gender-diverse) youth homelessness is real and it doesn’t get anywhere near enough attention as it should. The statistics around homeless youth are astounding whereby LGBTIQ youth are twice more likely to experience homelessness than their heterosexual peers. The layers of disadvantages and intersections that affect the health and wellbeing of LGBTIQ youth is a complicated one. These contribute to poorer mental health outcomes whereby LGBTIQ youth are...


Northside Bizarre

Northside Bizarre is upon us! The much-loved Northside Bizarre has been called 'a mini-Folsom Street party fundraiser' for two of Melbourne's biggest LGBTI community organisations - JOY 94.9 and Thorne Harbour (FKA VAC)'s David Williams Fund. Hosted by The Laird, the event has expanded over the years to take over the neighbouring Collingwood Masonic Hall and the section of Henry Street that runs between the two iconic venues. This all-day event sees over 1500+ attendees come through and it...


Travelling with HIV

Travelling with HIV This week on Well, Well, Well, Tex and Jessie are joined by David Menadue as they discuss his experience of travelling as a person living with HIV. The discussion covers issues around carrying medication on board, what to disclose to whom, the importance of having insurance and much more. He gives some very compelling insights and practical tips around how to best manage your health when jet-setting around the world. David shares his personal experience of when he...


Housing Plus

Housing Plus On this week’s episode, we focused on homelessness amongst people living with HIV. We look at the intersection between homelessness, being LGBTIQ and HIV. We explore different social and cultural factors that influence homelessness in people living with HIV and discuss how homelessness ties into mental health, physical health and overall well being. Claudia Validum who heads the Housing Plus Program at the Positive Living Centre joins Jessie and her volunteer co-host Martin to...


Performance and Image Enhancing Drugs

Steroids, hormones, peptides - performance and image enhancing drug (PIED) use isn't just the realm of bodybuilders and elite athletes. In fact, PIEDs may even be more commonplace in our LGBTI communities than you think. For this episode of Well, Well, Well, Cal talks to Dr Renae Fomiatti and Emily Lenton from the National Drug Research Institute's Social Studies of Addiction Concepts Program at Curtin University. With a discussion around who is using PIEDs and what are some of the serious...


Bisexual Health and Visibility

Bisexual health and well-being is in focus this week due to#BiVisibilityDay coming Sunday September 23. Michael and Renee focus some attention on the 'B' in LGBTI in the lead to the day. We talk to Triple Bi-Pass and Melbourne Bisexual Network's Ruby Mountford about what visibility means for bisexual people. We chat about events and resources available to support bisexual, pansexual, and multi gender attracted people. We'd certainly be remiss not to talk about the most noteworthy celebrities...


End of Hate & ElectroGirl

Today the Human Rights Law Centre released End the Hate: Responding to prejudice motivated speech & violence against the LGBTI community. Cal Hawk sits down with HRLC's Lee Carnie to unpack the issues surrounding hate crimes, hate speech, and hate conduct alongside recommendations for how we can improve things for our LGBTI communities. To read up on the report, head to: hrlc.org.au. Later in the show, Lainie Chait chats about ElectroGirl here one-woman show on as part of the Melbourne...


STI Testing Week

STI Testing Week In the past decade, the number Chlamydia cases have doubled and the number of Gonorrhoea cases are nearly eight times what they were. Wow! This week's show kicks off just before the start of STI Testing Week, which officially runs from the 9th to the 16th of September. The overall aim of STI Testing Week is to increase testing rates amongst all sexually active LGBTIQ individuals by encouraging them to test as well as reducing stigma around STI Testing. Jessie along with her...


Purple for LGBTI Youth

Friday 31 August means Wear it Purple day nears in Australia as we dress in purple to show solidarity for our LGBTI Youth. But Why? Renee and Jacinta from Thorne Harbour Health (FKA VAC) chat with Brock Galway from Wear it Purple, Dr Karen Hallam senior research fellow at YSAS and clinical psychologist working with young people and Garth Parkhill from Thorne Harbour on the new YouTH program recently launched to unpack what wear it purple is about and what we can do as part of the day....


Tribute to Jim Hyde

For the recent Legacy Series on Well, Well, Well, Cal Hawk talked to a handful of living legends about the community response to HIV and AIDS in Australia. Sadly, the community lost one of those legends with the passing of Jim Hyde. While a portion of Jim's interview was included in the legacy series, additional content never went to air — until now. This Jim Hyde tribute episode features clips with Jim about coming to Melbourne in the height of the HIV/AIDS epidemic, community leadership,...


Cervical Screening for LGBTIQ Folks

Renee and Rachel from Thorne Harbour Health catch up with Judy Slape from Cancer Council Victoria. they discuss all things cervical screening and cervical cancer for LGBTIQ folks. Listen in to hear what cervical screening is, who needs one and how often they're required. Understand what cervical screening looks like, what they test for and how to be in control of your next experience.


A Week Of Leather

Gear up for community, and A Week of Leather! Michael and Jessie are joined by two amazing guests to discuss the intersections of the leather community and women living with HIV. Every year the sash bearer of the Laird Hotel's coveted Laird Leatherman title is given a community platform to host events, and promote community connectivity, and often raises awareness and funds for some worthy causes. Over the past 12 months, the current (and soon to be outgoing) Laird Leatherman, James...


AIDS 2018 Conference – Part II

AIDS 2018 - Part II The International AIDS Conference occurs every two years somewhere around the globe. This year AIDS 2018 is held in Amsterdam. Many people may recall Melbourne hosting the event just four years ago – AIDS 2014. Our latest episode marks the closing of AIDS 2018 in Amsterdam, and Michael and Cal wrap up on some highlights from the conference. The conference offers an opportunity for the international HIV and AIDS community to gather to find out the latest developments in...


AIDS 2018 Conference – Part I

AIDS 2018 - Part I The International AIDS Conference occurs every two years somewhere around the globe. This year AIDS 2018 is held in Amsterdam. Many people may recall Melbourne hosting the event just four years ago – AIDS 2014. Our latest episode marks the opening day of AIDS 2018 in Amsterdam. The conference offers an opportunity for the international HIV and AIDS community to gather to find out the latest developments in the global response to the epidemic. Well, Well, Well's Cal was at...


LGBTIQ Women’s Health Conference

Kia Kaha - Stay Strong! This episode begins with poet Gabrielle Journey Jones rapping about the things that make conference delegates feel resilient. Renee is joined in the studio by Kayla Larson, together wrapping up the recent Thorne Harbour Health led LGBTIQ Women's Health Conference. What a time to be a Queer woman! Kayla coordinated the conference on July 12/13 where Thorne Harbour saw the biggest attendance yet, with around 500 women from all around Australia over two days. Renee and...