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Cervical Screening for LGBTIQ Folks

Renee and Rachel from Thorne Harbour Health catch up with Judy Slape from Cancer Council Victoria. they discuss all things cervical screening and cervical cancer for LGBTIQ folks. Listen in to hear what cervical screening is, who needs one and how often they're required. Understand what cervical screening looks like, what they test for and how to be in control of your next experience.


A Week Of Leather

Gear up for community, and A Week of Leather! Michael and Jessie are joined by two amazing guests to discuss the intersections of the leather community and women living with HIV. Every year the sash bearer of the Laird Hotel's coveted Laird Leatherman title is given a community platform to host events, and promote community connectivity, and often raises awareness and funds for some worthy causes. Over the past 12 months, the current (and soon to be outgoing) Laird Leatherman, James...


AIDS 2018 Conference – Part II

AIDS 2018 - Part II The International AIDS Conference occurs every two years somewhere around the globe. This year AIDS 2018 is held in Amsterdam. Many people may recall Melbourne hosting the event just four years ago – AIDS 2014. Our latest episode marks the closing of AIDS 2018 in Amsterdam, and Michael and Cal wrap up on some highlights from the conference. The conference offers an opportunity for the international HIV and AIDS community to gather to find out the latest developments in...


AIDS 2018 Conference – Part I

AIDS 2018 - Part I The International AIDS Conference occurs every two years somewhere around the globe. This year AIDS 2018 is held in Amsterdam. Many people may recall Melbourne hosting the event just four years ago – AIDS 2014. Our latest episode marks the opening day of AIDS 2018 in Amsterdam. The conference offers an opportunity for the international HIV and AIDS community to gather to find out the latest developments in the global response to the epidemic. Well, Well, Well's Cal was...


LGBTIQ Women’s Health Conference

Kia Kaha - Stay Strong! This episode begins with poet Gabrielle Journey Jones rapping about the things that make conference delegates feel resilient. Renee is joined in the studio by Kayla Larson, together wrapping up the recent Thorne Harbour Health led LGBTIQ Women's Health Conference. What a time to be a Queer woman! Kayla coordinated the conference on July 12/13 where Thorne Harbour saw the biggest attendance yet, with around 500 women from all around Australia over two days. Renee and...


Introducing Thorne Harbour Health

At their 35th Anniversary event on Saturday 7 July, the Victorian AIDS Council (VAC) announced they have changed their name to Thorne Harbour Health. As Australia's oldest HIV/AIDS charity and one of the country's largest LGBTI health organisations, this change has prompted a lot of interest from our gender, sex, and sexuality diverse communities. Thorne Harbour Health's President Chad Hughes along with longstanding LGBTI community advocates and fellow Thorne Harbour Health Board members,...


NAIDOC Week & The Yalingwa Exhibition

Tex and Jessie open up the conversation around NAIDOC Week with guests, Hannah Presley, Allison Toby and Peter Waples-Crow. The Victorian NAIDOC Week was held one week before the National NAIDOC Week - "This is good for us, because we get two weeks of celebration!" Hannah, the curator of the new Yalingwa Visual Arts Initiative which will be delivered in partnership between the Australian Centre of Contemporary Art (ACCA) and the Tarrawarra Museum of Art in the Yarra Valley, shares with us...


PrEP on Demand

PrEP isn't just in demand in Victoria, it's now On Demand! Michael chats with sexual health physician Dr. Vincent Cornelisse about Australia recently updating their guidelines to not just recommend PrEP be taken daily, but also 'on demand' or during events or periods of risk. On Demand PrEP can be taken as a course of 2 pills, 2-24 hours before sex, another pill 24 hours later, and a fourth and final pill 24 hours after that. Keeping up? That's just 4 pills to prevent HIV. If you're not...


The Political Landscape of HIV and AIDS (VAC Legacy Series)

For this third episode in the VAC legacy series, Cal continues this look back on the community-led response to HIV and AIDS in Victoria and how our community navigated the political landscape to see action. Who were are our political allies and how did the creation of the Gay Men's Community Health Centre come into being? From anti-testing policies and 'safe sex', bold decisions were made and sometimes adapted in response to the changing landscape of HIV and AIDS into the late 1980s and...



HTLV-1 It's been reported as the cousin to HIV affecting remote communities in Australia, with up to 40% of some communities affected. So why don't we know as much about HTLV-1 as its distant relative, HIV? Michael talks with Damian Purcell, the Head of Molecular Virology Laboratory, The University of Melbourne at the Doherty Institute to unpack exactly what this virus is, how it relates to the HIV epidemic here in Australia, and what we need to consider. We unpack the epidemiology of the...


Couldn’t have done that with a hangover

ReThink the Drink is a new project that seeks to inspire alcohol culture change among lesbian, bisexual and queer (LBQ) women in Victorian regional and rural areas. Studies* have shown that some LBQ women enjoy a few too many drinks, enough to cause a hangover (from time to time) and we think it's time we did something about it. Renee Speaks with Rachel Cook to find out about the campaign and the upcoming LGBTIQ Women's health conference in July. More info vac.org.au/rethinkthedrink


Activism & Advocacy (VAC Legacy Series)

As Victoria started to address the HIV/AIDS epidemic of the 1980s, the advocacy and activism of the Victorian AIDS Council (VAC) was complemented by the rise of groups like the AZT taskforce and the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power - ACT UP. In this second episode of the VAC Legacy Series on Well, Well, Well, Cal Hawk talks with longstanding HIV/AIDS and LGBTIQ activists Jamie Gardiner, Chris Gill, Phil Carswell, Colin Batrouney, and Alison Thorne to take a closer look at the community...


PARTI Project: Knowing Your Drugs and Staying Safe

This week on Well, Well, Well, Jessie chats to the PARTI Project about the Melbourne party scene, recent events on Chapel Street and explore some of the recreational party drugs commonly used. The PARTI Project (Peer Advocacy Response Training Initiative) is a joint project between STAR Health and VAC. It was initially formed in response to the deaths and several hospitalisations due to drug overdose that occurred on Chapel Street in early 2017. The PARTI Project aims to work with...


Positive Voices Panel

In an age of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and understanding that an undetectable viral load means HIV is untransmittable (U=U) — what does it mean to be living with HIV in Australia today. This week Cal Hawk talks to Daniel and Anth (two members of Living Positive Victoria's Positive Speakers Bureau) about their experiences living with HIV for a "Positive Voices" episode. Whether you want more info about U=U, want a better understanding of HIV stigma, or what to hear from other members...



In the lead up to National Volunteer Week,Michael talks with Jack and Daniel from VAC about their respective roles as Partnerships Manager and Volunteer and Student Coordinator, and how they work to accommodate and recruit volunteers to assist with operations and events at VAC. We talk about the LOVE (LGBTI Organisation Volunteer Event) shining the light on volunteers that make up our LGBTI organisations, and how we all contribute! Looking to get involved as a volunteer? Head to...


Smoking in LGBT Communities

Adam and Renee chat with Dr Sarah White, Quit Victoria Director about smoking rates among LGBT populations.


Activism in the lead up to HIV in Australia (VAC Legacy Series)

As the Victorian AIDS Council (VAC) nears its 35th birthday, Cal Hawk kicks off the series of episodes looking at how our LGBTIQ communities came together to respond to HIV and AIDS in Australia. Cal talks with longstanding LGBTI activists Phil Carswell, Alison Thorne, Chris Gill and VAC Director of Health Promotion, Policy and Communications Colin Batrouney to look at the landscape of LGBTI activism in the late 1970s and how that played an important role in the community's ability to...


Re-wired Therapeutic Group: Change Your Methamphetamine Use

This week on Well, Well, Well, Tex & Jessie explore methamphetamine use in the community and talk about the Re-wired Therapeutic Group run at VAC. Methamphetamine use seen in the gay community looks different for everyone and each individual may choose to address it differently. This week, we have guests Garth Parkhill and Mark from the Alcohol & Other Drugs Services Team to discuss the concept of addiction, substance misuse and the Re-wired Therapeutic Group. Re-wired Therapeutic Group is...


PrEP Approved for Australia’s PBS and Victoria’s Hep A Outbreak

On Friday 9 February 2018, Australia's Pharmaceutical Benefit Advisory Committee (PBAC) recommended pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) to be listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) — making this game changing tool for HIV prevention accessible across Australia. Cal Hawk and Michael Whelan speak to Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations (AFAO) CEO Darryl O’Donnell to discuss what this means across for those seeking to access PrEP across the country. And after, they're joined in...


Sexual Assault and Beat Violence

This week on Well, Well, Well, Michael delves into beats, sex on premises venues, sexual assault and beat violence. Flying solo? Hardly. Along for the ride is Craig Bascand from the Sexually Adventurous Mens Project at VAC, Leading Senior Constable Gabby Tyacke, Melbourne's full-time GLLO LGBTI Liason officer, and Shane Gardener from Melbourne's sex on premises venues Wet on Wellington. Gabby and I talk about beat and cruising legalities, and the GLLO portfolio at large. Shane and I chat...