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Health and HIV information

Health and HIV information


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Health and HIV information




Movement and Relationships

Following on from last weeks back and neck pain show, Michael and Cal catch up with movement coach Ian Blamey in supporting our physical health and wellbeing. We also sit down with Roz Bellamey from Archer Magazine and ARCSHS about the upcoming Are We Still Connected? online relationships workshop being hosted by Thorne Harbour Health Thursday 9 July from 7pm. This show originally aired Thursday 2nd July 2020. Grab this and other podcasts from the Well, Well, Well team on iTunes | Spotify |...


Back Health

With so many of us working from home in less than ideal spaces for our jobs, or just changing our day to day lives we are looking at the health and wellbeing of our backs. Cal and Michael are joined by Dr Sébastien De Potter from Prahran Chiropractic Clinic to talk about the chiropractic modality. We are later joined by Dr. Stephen Morgan from Northside Osteo to find out how an osteopath may treat your niggling neck and back aches and creaks. This show originally aired Thursday 25th June...


Religious Discrimination Bill Update

This week Cal and Michael are joined by two amazing guests to religious discrimination. First, Ghassan Kassisieh Legal Director at Equality Australia dials in to catch us up on the Religious Discrimination Bill, the current anti-discrimination laws already in place, and the impacts on LGBTI communities. Freedom from discrimination statement for the workplace Lookup and contact your MP via the Parliament of Australia website Later, Cal and Michael speak with Luke Beck, Associate Professor at...


PrEPMe, Government LGBTIQ Strategy, and Therapeutic Services

Michael and Cal are first joined by Commissioner for Gender and Sexuality, Ro Allen. Ro speaks about the new whole-of-government LGBTIQ strategy, and weaving in equality through various government portfolios. Judy Armishaw from the Alfred's new PrEPMe service joins us to talk about medicare ineligible MSM accessing PrEP for free. Finally, Venetia phones in to talk about changes to services at Thorne Harbour Health , and how our community is keeping well as we look to exit isolation. Michael...


Sex Work, PrEP, and Community Events

Michael and Cal sit down with two Fiona Patten, leader of the Reason Party representing the Northern Metropolitan Region in Melbourne. We discuss the Review Into Decriminalisation Of Sex Work. We also sit down with Max Arion to talk about the current state of sex work during COVID-19, after we caught up together at the beginning of the pandemic. Michael and Cal also talk about new announcements about PrEP for people without Medicare, and the state of play for community events on the horizon....


STI Check Update – Part Two

Cal and Michael are back to cover STIs second part of our two episode series. Before we dive back in with Nurse Practitioner Daniel Sankar - we chat with PRONTO! Lead Test Facilitator Esh. We chat about the service opening back up, and a few changes to the way the service will run as restrictions begin to lift. Then, we're back in the studio with Daniel to get the basics of a few more (and perhaps lesser known) STIs. We discuss how they are transmitted, and how we can look after ourselves by...


STI Check Update – Part One

Cal and Michael sit down with Nurse Practitioner at Thorne Harbour Healths Centre Clinic, PRONTO! and Equinox Daniel Sankar to cover the basics of sexually transmitted infections. This week we're covering the big hitters including HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhoea and syphilis. We're getting down to the basics of each STI to discuss how they are transmitted, and how we can look after ourselves by testing and treating them if they pop up. Tune in next week on Well Well Well for some of the lesser...


National Volunteers Week & AIDS Candlelight Memorial

This week Cal and Michael dial in with Phil Carswell, the inaugural President of the Victorian AIDS Council (now Thorne Harbour Health) to discuss the very first AIDS Candlelight Memorial - and the importance of understanding and remembering our HIV history. We take a moment to reflect on Patti LaBelle's Oh, People. The memorial will connect us digitally on Sunday 17th May 5-6pm. Head to Living Positive Victoria's website for more details Later, we connect t with two Thorne Harbour Health...


Rainbow Carers

Michael and Cal sat down to chat with Stephanie Worsteling - General Manager Carer and Community Services at Carers Victoria. We discuss hoe people in caregiving positions are navigating COVID-19 restrictions. Stephanie highlights how PLHIV and LGBTI people make up the ~700,000 carers in Victoria, and the unique challenges for queer carers. Some things we discussed this week: Carers Gateway Support for Carers 'Conversations With Carers' Zoom videocast Carers Victoria + LGBTI Carers...


Cyber Safety

Michael and Cal chat with Security Engineer Al Weddell about the new COVIDSAFE app, and cybersecurity as we increase our digital presence in virtual times. Signal app Using Technology during COVID-19



It's that time of year! Radiothon is an integral part of keeping Well Well Well on air each and every week to discuss the sexual health, mental health, and general health and well-being of our LGBTI communities. More from This week we connect with some JOY volunteers and presenters from other programs to discuss the importance of LGBTI media - particularly in these unprecedented and uncertain times. Sign up or renew as a JOY member, donate, or subscribe now by heading to joy.org.au/radiothon...


Flu Season and Reducing Social Isolation

As we creep into the cooler months, we're thinking about what the current COVID-19 climate means for our upcoming flu season. How to the flu and COVID-19 interact, and when should you get vaccinated? Associate Professor Joe Sasadeusz, Infectious Diseases Physician with the Peter Doherty Institute and the Royal Melbourne Hospital joins Michael and Cal this week. We talk the flu vax, coronavirus, pneumonia, and....eggs? Later we are joined by Thorne Harbour Health's Director of Services...


The Great Indoors

Michael and Cal talk about keeping social, keeping active, and keeping entertained in isolation. We talk with Bowie Stover from Fearless Movement Co about ways to keep physically fit and healthy while in lockdown. Next, Dean Arcuri joins us to talk about ways to keep up social engagement with queer online events. We also chat with Spiro Economopolous - Program Director for Melbourne Queer Film Festival about staying entertained while staying in. Some stuff we talked about Tubi TV (free)...


Mental health and wellbeing while distancing

Michael and Cal are back with you this week as we continue our exploration of sexual health, mental health, and the general health & wellbeing of our LGBTI communities. As we move further into practicing good physical distancing - we're taking a look at how we can look after ourselves and each other while we're at home. We check in with Thorne Harbour Health CEO Simon Ruth about how the organisation has been responding to communities concerns about what COVID-19 means for us. We touch base...


Trans Day of Visibility

Trans Day of Visibility is coming March 31! Our communities have our minds all over the place at the moment, but we're taking the time to ensure this day doesn't get lost in the sauce - and our community takes the time to be visible. Michael And Cal talk with JOY mainstay Michelle "Mama Mish" Sheppard and Anastasia Le from Trans POV on JOY. We're highlighting what Trans Day of Visibility means to both as visible (and audible!) trans women on JOY. We touch on the topical subject of employment...


Sex, Intimacy, and COVID 19

We are keeping our distance this week! How do we keep up active and healthy sexual lives in the midst of the current climate? First up, we chat with Bryony Cole from Future of Sex about tech solutions for physically isolating, but remaining socially and sexually connected at this time. We're chatting with sex worker Max Arion about the impact of COVID-19 on our sex worker populations, and how innovative tech can support everyone in our community. Lastly - we touch base with Associate...


Coronavirus and People Living with HIV

As the world comes to grips with the expanding climate surrounding Coronavirus, and particularly what it means for people living with HIV. Michael and Tex talk with Doherty Institute Director Professor Sharon Lewin and Living Positive Victoria's CEO Richard Keane about Coronavirus and HIV. for support contact joy.org.au/support Call Switchboard 3pm-midnight on 1800 184 527 Coronavirus Health Information Line on 1800 020 080 Coronavirus information from Victoria Info for PLHIV at Living...



From teledildonics to virtual reality porn and so much more, The Future of Sex CEO Bryony Cole joins Cal Hawk in the studio to talk SexTech. The $30 billion industry of SexTech is forecasted to grow exponentially over the next few years. Bryony and Cal talk about why SexTech is taking off as well as some of the innovations already out there. Bryony also discusses SexTech hackathons and how new ideas are becoming innovative new products. The possibilities for new products are out there are...


LGBTIQ Inclusion in Sport at IGLA 2020

The 2020 International Gay and Lesbian Aquatics (IGLA) Championships get underway in Melbourne this week. Cal Hawk talks all things LGBTIQ inclusion in sport. IGLA ambassador and US national swimming champion in butterfly, Tom Luchsinger, talks about the upcoming IGLA events and coming out during his international swimming career. Mervyn from Brisbane Tritons Water Polo Talks whats got him in the pool. 90-year old Dorothy talks about the handful of swimming events she’ll be competing in....


25 Years of Marching for Community Wellbeing

This week Cal talks to an array of organisations and individuals who have participated in Melbourne's Pride March throughout its 25-year history. Including: Dykes on Bikes President Jo Bangles and the Pillions for Pride fundraiser Switchboard's Ada Castle from the Out and About Program - bringing LGBTIQ seniors to Pride March Victoria Police Inspector Mark Keen from VP Pride (the LGBTIQ Employee Network at VicPol) Mother Lateral Thinking from the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence At the start...