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16. Tha Tour, Pt. 1 Tribute and 03 Greedo's Wolf of Grape Street

Happy fourth anniversary to Rich Gang: Tha Tour, Pt. 1! My Birdman impression came out like Barrack Obama? I'm now thinking of what we can do for the 5th anniversary, I think it can be huge. After the tribute, we get into Wolf of Grape Street from 03 Greedo, the best crip rapping today. Even though he disrespected Tupac by saying that All Eyez On Me (Benny Boom, 2017) was so bad that Biggie rolled in his grave hard enough to drill over to Tupac's grave and beat him in an undead rap...


15. Grab Bag: the Chicago Special: Rico Nasty, Bbymutha, Valee, Vic Mensa

Lots of singing on this, the second Stitch Gang grab bag; you have to wait till the end to hear Tyrone sing though. Listen to the tracks on our Youtube playlist. [3:30] // "Trust Issues" - Rico Nasty p. Kenny Beats [10:45] // "BBC" -Bbymutha p. Rock Floyd [15:50] // "Juice & Gin" - Valee p. Rio Mac + "Dim Sum" - Valee and Vic Mensa p. Apex Martin w. Mike Dean and Cubeatz


14. Reel Viewz: Black Panther (la di da)

Kendrick Lamar's "Inspired by Disney/Marvel Studio's Black Panther" album! We go over "King's Dead," T'Challa's jui-jitsu, who we're generally sick of in this hip hop game. Also Tyrone's Nature World Night Out review. We didn't cover the music in depth too much, but when we actually hung out in Albuquerque a couple weeks ago the only song we played in the car was "King's Dead," so... Subscribe on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts and book DJ @Drinkmaaan for your...


13. Navihaters Unite: Drip Season 3 by Gunna ft. George Potter aka @yayodancing

After discussing Gunna's "Almighty" in Part 11's grab bag, we discuss his latest full-length, Drip Season 3. We are joined by George Potter aka @yayodancing, founder of the original No Jumper site [keywords no jumper podcast adam22 podcast lil yachty lil pump] and pillar of rap tumblr in its heyday. Somehow I'm still not into Max B after all these years so I will never be one of the cool kids. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen and tell a friend! Follow us on...


12. cupcakKe: Finding the Creamy Center ft. David Drake

We welcome Chicago's David Drake aka @somanyshrimp to discuss the new album from cupcakKe, Ephorize. A very meta convo where we get into where she's at and where she's going as pinpointed and shadowed by this new record. I forgot to say cupcakKe reminds me of KRS-One, that would've sounded smart. Read David's interview with cupcakKe and his piece on cupcakKe and irony. Also read this profile by Myles Tanzer in the FADER that I should have read before recording this show. Subscribe...


11. Grab Bag: Drake, Genasis, Lil Pump, Gunna

Tha first ever Stitch Gang Grab Bag. This is like a pit stop, I guess. Let's check in with *Joe Budden Voice* The Culture. I promised a DJ Trilly Ocean mix, but again the Southwest's hottest new DJ did not come through. You will have to go to Albuquerque at this point. Listen to this episode's playlist on Spotify. [2:32] Drake - "Diplomatic Immunity" [15:12] OT Genasis - "Too Blessed" [19:38] Lil Pump p. Carnage - "i Shyne" [27:24] Gunna f. Hoodrich Pablo Juan p. Turbo -...


10. Rest in Peace Lil Peep

We review the work of Lil Peep (1996-2017), the prolific rapper/singer who put out five full-lengths in two years before passing away in November. We discuss his vision, his potential, and what could have and would have been, as well as my realization that he would have have ushered in my long-anticipated return of mainstream rap-rock. We mostly talked about Hellboy and "The Song They Played (When I Crashed Against The Wall)". We call him emo and pop punk, sorry Lil Tracy. I couldn't get...


Part 9: A. G. Cook Chef Knife, Pop 2 by Charli XCX ft. Meaghan Garvey

Our Charli XCX coverage continues as we are joined by Pitchfork contributor Meaghan Garvey to review Charli's newest tape, Pop 2. Topics include a review of Takashi 69's yah mon sandwiches, Pop 2 vs. Number 1 Angel, Farrah Abraham, the past, present, and future of PC Music, and how many times we cried listening to the record (Tyrone didn't for the record, cold). Sorry I couldn't think of a better title. Read Meaghan's review in Pitchfork and her Pitch article on PC Music. Follow her...


Part 8: Big Sean's Detroit Metro Aria ft. Al Shipley

We bring out musician and freelance writer Al Shipley (real-life music critic!) to discuss the collalbum from Big Sean and Metro Boomin. We examine the phenomenon of Big Sea, his self-care routine, and my top three least favorite rappers! Al's daughter also makes a cute cameo you won't want to miss! Al's Twitter: @AlShipley, Metro Boomin playlist by Al on Dowser's, his 2017 Top 20 Radio Hits. Here's a link to the interview we reference, with Big Sean and Metro.


Part 7: Tha Tour Hits New York y la Raperia Indígena de Nitty Scott

I said this is Part 8 but it's 7. I was faded off Legal Lean I'm sorry. Tyrone visited me in NY, where the hottest rapper is--WHO!!? We danced awkwardly and didn't catch Nitty Scott but here we talk about her new album Creature! Here's a video of her performing on Chris Gethard, not sure if this is what Tyrone was referencing. As always, support our sponsor Legal Lean by pouring up a deuce and queuing up tha Stitch! Please contact us for sponsorship opportunites, esp. if you're a...


Zone 6: The Stitch vs. Radric Davis

Stitch Gang Tha Book Club. We discuss The Autobiography of Gucci Mane, published September 19, 2017. We also discuss UFC 218 (holy shit) and, briefly, UFC 100 yay MMA! For the record my favorite Guuci Tape is the Burrrprint 3D The Return of Mr. Zone Six and Tyrone's is Chicken Talk (he shares this opinion with Gucci, actually). As always thank you to our sponsor Legal Lean. It will not leave you constipated for years on end. Pour up a deuce and queue up the Stitch! Hit us up on...


Part 5: Piss Brown, Shartbreak on a Full Moon

Listen along (or not) as we go track by track on the double-disc epic Heartbreak on a Full Moon by Piss Brown, awful man. Please torrent the album. I had to go do something with my day other than listen to this we only did 40 songs and not the 5 bonus tracks. I was drinking mimosas and I thought I didn't feel that drunk but in editing it seems I was. Tyrone was geeking as well. I apologize if the editing is messed up at points, huge chucks of my audio were cut off so I had to do a lot...


Part 4: Pitchfork WILL Regret Giving "Number 1 Angel" a 6.3!!

Very low energy show for me, I did not not convey my love for this release, Charli XCX's "Number 1 Angel." Woman of colour YASSSS. I forgot to discuss race at all actually, which would have been interesting. Anyway check out this fucking record!! Here's the Pitchfork review which is reasonable actually:


Part 3: Roll in Pieces

We go long covering the latest release from "Bodak Klack" and the discography of "Sex Temptation", two of the most problematic bastards in rap today. Bodak recorded his best song after getting off a flight from another state where he'd been indicted on a rape charge. Vin Diesel Tentación serially abused and battered his girlfriend and I think assaulted a pregnant woman. On top of that he tags his songs on SoundCloud as "alt-rock" unironically. We also go over John Wick(s) and get into...


Part 2: Two Pump Chumps

We discuss Lil Pump's self-titled debut mixtape. We recorded a whole MMA segment on UFC 217, which I attended live. But I forgot to hit record lol. Suffice it to say I screamed my throat raw. Re: raps we get into this tape, veteran rappers doing the job, a live report from a Pump concert Tyrone attended, zans, lean, how we haven't done any of that, $3000 Gucci pants??!? We describe the tape as [spoiler follows] "good." If any editing sounds weird it's because I had to edit out "audio...


Part 1: Thought Breaker

Stitch Gang Tha Tour Part 1!! The concept overall will be discussing rap and MMA, but we cut out the MMA part this episode, which is why we never come back from the break. But we do discuss one of my albums of the year and a comeback for the ages, Chief Keef aka Chief Sosa aka Chief Turbo's Thot Breaker. Moo moo moo moo.


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